Wednesday 31 October 2012

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula

Palmers cocoa butter formula is a lovely smooth creamy cream enriched with vitamin E, it's an advance moisturiser that softens, smoothes and relieves dry skin. Also helps smooth and blend unattractive marks and scars. An excellent after tanning butter. Widely recommended for stretch marks during and after pregnancy.

Palmers cocoa butter formula is a lovely creamy mixture enriched with vitamin c and perfect for pregnant woman. It's a fantastic body moisturiser that smoothes marks/scars and gives the skin a more toned feel. It doesn't make you not have marks/scars on the skin completely because that is nature taking it's cause when blessed with a little one. But it does smooth them out and gives them a more faded appearance. It feels really great on the skin, leaving it very smooth and soft and not at all sticky. The smell isn't my most favorite, but it's not horrible either. This is one of my favorite all over body creams for making the appearance of marks/scars less visible. I went through loads of this when pregnant. For good results you need to use daily. This is available at most retailers £3.77 at Boots.

You can also buy small travel bottles of Palmers cocoa butter formula, perfect size for traveling.

*Disclaimer - This was sent for review. Has always the opinion is 100% my own*

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Trick or Treat (Definatly a treat) - Competition

Happy Halloween girls. Since it's Halloween and this is my 100th post, i have decided to do a give away. This is my first give away and hopefully one of many that are to come.

I am going to be completely honest with you, the prize i am giving away is something i actually won myself. The BeautyUK paint for life trio, which i personally am forever wearing and completely love (Don't worry this is a new set, completely untouched) This came in the post yesterday along with a few other goodies and will be the third set of paint for life trio's that i have won. So a few weeks ago when i actually won this competition i didn't know what i was going to get but decided if i did get this again, i would run a competition. 

*Picture taken from BeautyUK*

This is what is up for grabs, along with a few surprise bonuses but the winner won't find out what they are until it comes through there letterbox. I love nothing more then a surprise. These i will buy with my own money.

I am using the rafflecopter, the competition is running until 8th of December and only open for uk residents. Sorry but it's my first competition and i will see how it works out before making a competition international. I know that may sound like a long time, but the end maybe brought forward depending on how fast you lot help my blog reach 100 followers, so remember to spread the word.

Please check out the terms and conditions that are involved on the rafflecopter. And Good luck.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday 29 October 2012

Nail Post

Bet your getting fed up of me lol. This is like my fourth post today, not like me at all to do more then one in a day. I did my nails today has my last lot chipped to quickly, so it was off with the old in with the new. I really wanted to paint my nails with something that would last and very hard to come off. So what better polish then the wonderland polishes from models own, there glittery, full of sparkles and hard to come off. Very hard, even chipping. So i did all nails southern lights this is a purple glitter with flicks off blues/silvers and some slight golds. I used three coats for the coverage and on one nail i used one of the pinks from my paint for life trio from beauty uk cosmetics, the pink i used i don't use often but have taken a real liking to it all of sudden since using it today. Its a very pretty pastel pink i used this more has a base colour for my blizzard polish. I used two coats for the pastel pink and three coats of blizzard. For base coat and top coat i use 3in1 models own clear polish. Here are the results -

 No Flash

Vaseline Lips

I am such a huge fan of Vaseline Lips, for the last at least five years have had one tin in my handbag at all times, too me this is a beauty must have. I had only ever used the original Vaseline (Blue Tin) until last christmas, when i received not one but two big tins of vaseline each containing four pocket sized tins of vaseline in all different colours. My family know me well. It lasts such a long time, i already had one tin open when i got this which i very kindly gave my sister to use at prom. So i decided on using the Rosy lips (pink tin) for the first time this contains Rose & Almond oils. There isn't much difference in texture between the original and rosy lips has they both contain Petroleum jelly. This can make the lips very slippery but i don't mind because the glossy effect you get is amazing and compares to most glossy lip glosses, as well has it being amazingly fantastic for the lips during winter time. I love the original but i love the rosy pink just as much, on application it contains a lovely tint of pink which gives the lips just a slight tint of colour. I really am looking forward to trying the other two the brown tin contains cocoa butter and the green one Aloe Vera. All which are great little pocket sized lip therapies. There are a few other vaseline lip therapies out that i really need to purchase soon including creme brulee and pink bubbly, which is limited edition. And any other that is out there, that i have missed i would love to try. 

Vaseline is so amazing, i just love it. 
And its amazing value for money, it just lasts forever.
I can't Fault Vaseline, i really do love everything about the lip therapy products.

*Pictures are taken from Google*

Hurricane Sandy

I would just like to say, to anyone who comes across my blog that is from new york or even america. Any where, that the Hurricane sandy may affect... My deepest thoughts are really with you. I am from the uk, and watching it unfold on tv. The hurricane has not hit yet but, it looks dreadful the weather and the sea looks really dangerous as well. I hope the after math isn't bad and everyone from over the pond stays well. I wish you well and you truly are all in my thoughts.


Perfume Samples

This afternoon - yes that's when my postman now decides to come. I got a parcel from the perfume shop, i have ordered my boyfriend some lovely aftershave for Christmas so i hope he likes it. I know i do. And i also received four samples of perfume in the sample. This is one of the reasons i love The perfume Shop, also gives me the chance to try something new and share with my lovely followers. Happy to report i have never sampled any of what i received so it was a treat for me also.

Here are the perfumes i received;

Vanitas Versace - This is only available in 50ml at The perfume Shop for £41.99 currently with a saving of £7.01 this is also available at Boots in smaller/larger sizes.

What the pros say - The encounter between vanity and beauty is revisited in a luminous light scent, which evokes the delicate floral smell of white blossoms in the breeze. Fresh and sheer facets of rose petals and freesia.
I quite like the scent, you can really smell the roses. And it really gives you the smell of spring/summer, when the flowers are growing and the grass is getting mowed. How ever it's not something i would buy, personally i think this will cater more for a middle aged to older lady. 
Euphoria Calvin Klein - Prices of different sizes available here at The Perfume Shop. 

uphoria by Calvin Klein was introduced in 2005 as a fun, enticing scent for women. The beautiful fragrance starts off with pomegranate, persimmon, and a lovely lush green accord. The heart then blends into a sensual lotus blossom, black orchid which then finishes off with amber, violet, cream and woods.
I love this one sniff and it blows me away. I think this could be one to go on my wish list, it defiantly as a mixture of floral smells and exotic fruits. It's not to much and is blended perfectly to create a lovely smell. I can see why sexy is in its title.

Viva La Juicy La Fleur - Prices at The Perfume Shop.

Viva la Juicy La Fleur is a veil of Viva la Juicy’s modern floral gourmand structure — a luminous bouquet with juicy accents. The bright eau de toilette combines a sparkle of mandarin and wild berries with a hedonic blend of dewy honeysuckle, gardenia petals and jasmine. Signature creamy gourmand notes, reminiscent of the original Viva la Juicy, linger in the background as the sheer scent envelops your skin.

The Viva La Juicy are one of my fave ranges i have the original viva la juicy and this is the second one i think in the viva la juicy range. I like this one just has much as the first, you really smell the forest fruits as well as the jasmine. There isn't a huge difference in the original to this one but it still smells gorgeous. 

I just loved the packaging of the Moschino Pink Bouquet, so i couldn't resist taking two shots for you all to see. I love the detail of the sparkly heart shaped circles.

Moschino Pink Bouquet - Prices are here for The Perfume Shop.

This fragrance is a radiant medley of notes: the senses are captured by the explosive freshness of bergamot and pineapple sorbet, delightfully awakened by peony and romantic pink lily of the valley, intensified by mystical jasmine.

The floral heart is exquisitely laced with gingerbread and mouth-watering peach, for a sweet addiction. In the base cosmone, an intense and elegant moss, gives the composition a smooth texture.

This again is a new favorite of mine. You can really smell the pineapple sorbet and fresh fruits. I love, love, love it. I need it in my life!!

Sunday 28 October 2012

No7 Nail Polish - Rose Truffle

Thought had do a quick nail post before i turn in for the night, yes i am still awake i must be crazy when i have two tots to get up for in the morning. Currently 00.38am, so already Sunday; on the plus side clocks go back at 2am which means a extra hour in bed. I think clocks going back/forward only happens in the uk, for them who don't know this is so it's lighter when the kids walk home from school, defeats the object of walking in the dark because it will be darker on the way to school lol. Anyways that's my little chatty mouth going on, lets get down to the real reason i am writing this post.

No7 Nail polish in Rose Truffle, have had this post for ages got a set of five for Christmas about two maybe three years ago. I didn't realize just how much i actually do paint my nails and how long i really have been into painting them until i got this out, one that i haven't used for at least a year if not more and found hardly any in it. But i did manage to get 1 coat on each nail may of been able to get more but it was getting late and becoming a bit of a blag, with it being slightly on the empty side. It's turned out okay though. I love the no7 range which is available at boots, the polish is great value for money but feels expensive and good quality on the nail. Could do with some more because i am running out. The rose truffle name makes if feel as though it could be a pinky/brown colour. I agree it's got some small tones of pinks but its more a orange/red/brown tones to it, i think its more of a burnt orange look to me. But i think the colours orange/red and brown are perfect for autumn hence why i chose to use this colour. I also did one nail using models own wonderland snowflakes this has flakes of gold which again another perfect colour for autumn, i used models own 3in1 top coat to seal the flakes more and give the rose truffle polish a lovely shiny glow. Here are the results -

Sorry pictures are funny again.

Saturday 27 October 2012

Embarrasing Skin Problems

Everyone suffers from the odd break out, whether that is spots or blackheads. Nobody likes spots, personally i hate it when i even get an odd one, never mind a couple in one hit and blackheads can usually be a right pain. But there is know need to suffer there are so many products out there to fight against the newest breakout of spots or blackheads. I personally have not used the product i am going to feature, but i was recently told about Dr. Dawn Harper from c4 embarrassing bodies waiting to highlight the issue of blackheads and what products are best to use to prevent them that are on the high street. With Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub from Neutrogena being one of them.

Currently in the 3for2 section at Boots or £4.69
During research Dr Harper found -

72% of young women said that they’ve suffered from blackheads for over 3 years
       31% described their skin as ‘blackhead prone’
       And yet 48% have never used a specific product that targets blackheads.
         Many girls (43%) feel like they are left with unattractive large visible pores even when they do get rid of blackheads and a massive 67% use make up to try and cover up the problem.

     Disclaimer - I have never used the above product. This information was given to me by another, via email. I was not paid in anyway for using the information given for this post and decided to share it with you out of kindness but also for the many people who are prone to blackheads. This information can be useful lol.

Friday 26 October 2012

Be a winner with clean & clear - A chance to meet Little Mix


Be a winner with Clean & Clear the uk's number #1 selling facial wash.
Clean & Clear, have teamed up with the one and only Little Mix, winners of xfactorUK 2011 to offer 50 pairs of V.I.P tickets to meet the girls plus 100 x signed Little Mix albums and 20 x £50 H&M vouchers to be won.
How awesome is that, i know i am a fan of Little mix. If you are, you really don't want to miss out on this amazing opportunity.

The fact that Little Mix have teamed up with Clean & Clear to offer these amazing prices is a added bonus considering there the number #1 selling UK facial wash. Seems like we aren't the only ones to love Clean & Clear, see what the girls of Little Mix have to say about them.

Little Mix say: “Stage make up can be tricky to get off. Cleansing followed by a good exfoliating wash always gives skin a good glow after you have been performing.”

“As a band we stand for confidence and nothing gives a girl more of a boost than clear, healthy skin so a skincare routine that works is vital. Together, Little Mix and Clean & Clear are the perfect mix!”

“We know each other inside out. How well do you know your best friends? Check out the Little Mix game on the Clean & Clear Facebook page to find out.”

To enter this fantastic competition is very easy, go to the Clean & Clear UK and Ireland facebook page and play there game to see how well you know your best friend, by clicking here. Remember to like Clean & Clear facebook page. Good luck, you could be one of the lucky ones who get to meet Little Mix or win a fabulous prize.

I leave you with Little Mix and there new single DNA - I love this song.

The CLEAN & CLEAR® perfect mix promotion is open to all residents of the UK and Republic of Ireland who are aged 14 years and over (subject to parental permission for under 16s). The Closing Date is 23:59 on 17th December 2012. The Little Mix Tickets may be for either the London concert (held at London Hammersmith Apollo on Wednesday 13th February 2013) or Manchester concert (held at Manchester 02 Apollo on Wednesday 6th February 2013). The Main Prize does not include accommodation, travel or subsistence. Little Mix ticket winners under 16 must use their second ticket to be accompanied by an appropriate adult. For full details please see Terms and Conditions

Monday 22 October 2012


I Haven't done a post in a few days now. I like to give you all something to have a little glimpse of. So it's nails again. I have once again used the hot pink from the trio of three from the beautyuk paint for life, collection has well as some from the wonderland collection. I am in love with these colours at the moment. There not very autumn, in fact i am looking forward to christmas just so i can experience new colours. I am not one for going out and just buying new stuff if not necessary because i have two kids. So hurry up christmas lol. Here are my nails -

Natural Light

I used the same colour on all nails hot pink from the beautyuk paint for life trios. I coated all nails except thumb with jack frost, this does make the nails go a slightly different shade of pink, but i love it. I had to show you my thumb on it's own with half and half using southern lights from models own wonderland collection. I love this look and may even try it on all nails. I know the wonderland collection is more christmasy then anything, but in my eyes there is nothing better then lots of glitter and sparkle and in my opinion can be used anytime of the year. I love it :)

Friday 19 October 2012


Has you all know beautyUK are doing a magnificent thing by raising £50,000 with sales of there paint for life trio of pink polishes, £1 going to cancer research uk. Yes its breast cancer awareness month but there are also many other cancers that effect many people in the world everyday. So lets unite stand up to cancer and donate, to give £5 text FIVE or £10 TEN to 70404. Or call 0300 123 4444 (have your card ready) or go online to

Thursday 18 October 2012

Ombre Nails (Thumbs) Re-Done & My Win.

Last night, extremely late last night i thought it would be a good idea to do my first attempt at ombre nails, of course they were alright i guess for a first timer. But i have seen better A LOT better!! I am such a perfectionist and if it's not right or perfect in my eyes its straight off lol, this morning as soon as i woke up i decided to try again but decided just to do it on my thumbs. Which have turned out better but not brilliant. I used again paint for life trio of pinks by beautyuk cosmetics, only two of the colours a hot pink and a baby pink. I also used wonderland northern lights and jack frost on the other nails by models own. I painted the other nails in the hot pink.
These were the results -

No flash.


Think it's pretty obvious i love glitter and anything that sparkles with the amount of posts i do with glittery nails.

It would of looked better with the hot pink further down the nail. Won't be doing a nail post for a week or so because when this as chipped i need to give my cuticles/nails a break.

Also i wanted to share with you my superdrug win that came this morning. Was quite a surprise because superdrug never email to say you have won so if you win its just in the post and you find out when the post man as given it to you. I expected it to be another win i won the other day. Which i will share with you when i retrieved it.

So i won some goodies by clean and clear which is great have used a clean and clear product before, in fact i think it was the deep action cream wash but can't be 100% sure. This is great because it gives me something new to try as well as saving me some money. Because if i like them i won't after go out and purchase some more face products until these are all used up. I am currently on nivea face wash which i love so this as got some serious competition in my eyes. (If you want me to review the products from this range, let me know) And also a little mix single which is completely amazing because it's signed to, i have been a fan of little mix since they were on x factor UK last year. The single as wings on it, the original version and radio version. So on that note i will leave you a youtube vid of there song, in case you have never heard of them.


Wednesday 17 October 2012

A Treat For My Followers

Not that long ago i reviewed some products for kkcenterhk < which you can read there. As a treat there offering all my followers 10% off your order which ends the 31st of January 2013. All you have to do is enter the code sparkledust-beautyuk at the checkout.

You can also click on the picture direct from my home page on the blog, which will take you straight to the website.

Ombre Nails

So tonight i decided that i would try ombre nails for the first time. I bought some make up sponges especially for the occasion. I decided on the colours, baby pink/hot pink and coral. This is my first time and in all honesty there a bit crap, so crap i tried to add a bit of wonderland to give them some added bling. But as i said they are my first attempt so will try again in the future, the polish i applied to much so it's fairly thick so will end up chipping quickly. But again that is my own fault. It's also a bit time consuming as well as using a lot of polish again down to me using to much and very messy. I am half tempted, to take it off tomorrow and try again. So will let you know how i go.

with wonderland.

Tuesday 16 October 2012

More colours, More wonderland

This is for sure the last post i am going to do on the wonderland polishes with a different colour. In such a short space of time lol. I wanted to show you all how different each wonderland polish looks with various colours and i think have come to the point where i have sort of achieved that. I will how ever be doing more posts on wonderland as a top coat over coloured polishes i have not used in the future, but not be blagging to much about wonderland collection as a whole. Even thought i am totally insanely in love with them. I just want to mention my christmas presents, yes theres that word again christmas its only around the corner halloweens coming up and so is bonfire night. Its insane how past the years gone. Anyways i purchased about 18 models own polishes in the sale on behalf of my boyfriend for me for christmas, i also on top of that got a mirror ball collection off my mum and 30 nail art pens, nail dotting tools and nail art brush set and a few other polishes, i will be reviewing all my new polishes one by one lol. So that is something to look forward too. I won't be doing nail art pens one by one don't worry they will just pop up every now and again on a nail art post when i get into the swing of nail art. My mums let slip on some stuff she makes a great secret santa. Not!!

Here are my nails with wonderland, once again -

This is with flash. For some strange reason on close up it darkens the back of the picture slightly. I can't wait to print my pics off my decent camera at present i am using mobile one. Blag!!

I use No7 betty blues, again. With this colour red by avon, have mentioned this before if you look on my earlier blog posts you will find the name. On my thumb is wonderland southern lights a change to northern lights, it's practically the same texture as northern and needs three coats but is a purple/blue colour. I used one coat for no7 and two for the avon red.

This is what the results were after applying the blingy top coats. (Wonderland) I did apply a clear top coat of models own clear polish that comes in the box set.

It is really annoying when you upload a pic the right way and it ends up this way and i seems to be unable to find away of turning it. Bare with me, sorry guys.
I thought i would be fun to have a different back ground for my fingers and chose characters from The Muppets. Kitchen tissue, classy lol.

This polish is Blizzard i decided to team it with red for a christmas inspired look i think it's perfect for christmas. 

Again red this time with Wonderlands snow flake, also a christmas inspired nail, this as colours of gold and silver. Gold and red are just spot on for the christmas season.


No flash.
No7 betty blues with jack frost from wonderland. This is a perfect as a mermaid look or even for halloween. I love the colour for autumn and have been wearing it a lot recently. 

So that's it for wonderland, for now. What are your thoughts on these pretty polishes? I think it's obvious how much i love them.
To buy wonderland or any other polishes then do so here. Boxsets are also available and work out cheaper, but depends on what colours your into. Happy Shopping.

Help raise money for cancer. It's october breast cancer awareness month, but all cancers are deadly so please help raise money for cancer by purchasing the paint for life pink trio gift set for just £5.99, £1 will go to cancer research uk. Not a lot of money but will make such a difference. Beauty UK need your help to raise £50,000. Together we can make a difference x