Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Christmas with Kate ♥ Collaboration with Toxic Fox

 This is probably the most excited I have been about creating a gift guide so far. I love nothing more then a personalised gift. Personalised gifts are the one's that take the most time, the biggest effort and are definitely the most meaningful. Introducing Toxic Fox the ultimate online gift retailer and royalty of fabulous personalised gifts. When Toxic Fox messaged me about a Christmas gift guide collaboration I was so thrilled, they have a wide selection of great gifts to choose from, there's experience days, alcohol gift sets, cheeky gifts and so much more. Toxic Fox have recently undergone an online makeover which makes it so much easier to navigate from product to product using laptop, tablet or mobile device. Everything's easy to find in sections for Christmas and so on, with Youtube video's available to make finding the perfect gift even more easier.

Wedding Inspiration with

When getting married the main focus is always on the Bride and the gorgeous dress they've chose to wear on the most special day of their entire life. There's a whole list of focuses for the Bride themselves, accessories, makeup, shoes and making sure they don't trip at any stage throughout. I've collaborated with the gorgeous people over at to bring you makeup products you can use to create beautiful looks along side one of my favourite dresses from their website. Weddings are something I think about every now and again - after all every girl dreams of the day they get to dress like a princess and marry their prince. I've been in a relationship since I was 17 and not come close to planning a wedding. I'm not even engaged! The idea of a wedding fills me with dread to be honest. Don't get me wrong it's definitely something I want to do, but the thought of all eyes on me makes me want to have a panic attack nor matter how close I am to these people. I'd rather go abroad and have a small ceremony, followed by a get together on our return, and preferably by the time I'm 30 else I'm never getting married. Haha!

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Christmas with Kate ♥ Makeup Revolution

Image Source: Superdrug
 Makeup Revolution have gone from strength to strength since launching at the beginning of the year with numerous new releases that are keeping every keen beauty lover talking. Not only are their products super affordable but they have the quality of a product worth much much more. Recently they launched their exclusive Christmas gift sets into Superdrug, with seven to choose from there's something for everyone. Not only are they marked down at the moment but each set is so affordable they would make great stocking fillers or a present alone, depending on your budget.

Latest in Beauty - The #BBBDreamBox2

 Jane from British Beauty Blogger recently teamed up with Latest in Beauty to bring the #bbbdreambox2. This is Jane's fourth box but only the second with Latest in Beauty. When Jane's first box with Latest in Beauty came out I didn't sit down in anticipation with debit card in hand waiting to order before it went out of stock. I wasn't that interest in beauty boxes - being a relatively new blogger and not knowing much about them. I'd recently signed up to She Said Beauty, the box that is now no-more and that was it. It was afterwards the posts started popping all over my newsfeed and I knew I'd really missed out. When I saw on Twitter another was coming, I waited until that big day and were one of the first to order, before Jane (move over Kim Kardashian) broke the internet, or us just going crazy for these boxes.
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