Monday 31 March 2014

Rimmel | Sweetie Crush

Rimmel have come out with a new release in their ever extending nail polish collection, this time in the name of sweetie crush. Sweetie crush is a textured nail polish and compares it's self as sparkling sugar in nail polish form and I couldn't agree more. The finish is a little in comparison to Barry M' textured nail effect with the slight feel of grit to your nails, the difference being, these come with plenty of pretty sparkle thanks to the sparkling sugar effect, finish. Available in just five shades, each one being perfect for Spring. There's Sherberts Sweetheart (yellow), Candyfloss Cutie (a warm toned pink), Fizzy Applelicious (turquoise greeny/blue), Violet Swizzle (light purple) and Blueberry Whizz (blue). All retailing at £3.99 each.
Shade - Candyfloss Cutie. Two coats.

 Sorry for the state of my nails at the moment - they are so short.

I just love the sparkly finish and the fact they dry harder then a normal polish, I can see them staying put on the nail for a lot longer then your typical polish. Don't get me started on the bottle, I loving the candy shop look and the names to match, it's almost like a carnival fair feel going on. Definitely going to pick up Sherberts Sweetheart, it's such a pretty colour. Rimmel have done it again, I'm impressed.

Sunday 30 March 2014

Book Takeover Sunday | Gotcha By Christie Craig

Image source - Goodreads.
At time of purchase Gotcha was Free on Amazon for kindle.

Macy Tucker was just five when her grandad died in a bowl of spaghetti he was eating, her dad upped and left too and her engagement was broke off and relationship over, due to her partner being unable to keep it in his trousers. Macy has an issue and that issue being men, she's so over them, and instead, wants to concentrate on law school, work and paying her bills. But plans made, are never plans that go right, and sexy detective Jake Baldwin is soon in her life thanks to her brother, whose on the run from jail with some crazy killer, who just happens to be the ex boyfriend of Macy' brothers, new girlfriend, he'll stop at nothing for revenge, with people getting injured and shot dead along the way.

My Thoughts

What a great novel. It was fun, entertaining, romantic and witty all rolled into 335 pages. The story was sprung between several characters, really going into depth of the story line which is a crime, but in a sexy somewhat humorous way. I found the relationship to be somewhat predictable but not in a negative way (who doesn't want to see, the two main characters, together?), Macy and Jake totally belong together, yes they fancy each other so quickly, and Jake loves shutting up Macy with a kiss, but their banter which really shows in the book, really makes you want them to just get in on and make it work. And Jake is such a romantic. When it was sprung onto the other characters, I did find myself wanting the spotlight to be back on Macy and Jake. Macy does what she wants, when she wants and along the way is a stubborn fool who does get herself in danger but her wittiness and sense of humour, makes her a very likeable character and this story a fantastic read. Score 4/5.

This is the first novel in series Tall, Hot & Texan - I'm definitely going to be downloading the second.

Happy Mother's Day ♥

Thursday 27 March 2014

Freebie March

Hey everyone, 

So, I thought I'd introduce a new post each month called freebie, followed by the month it is (example: this months title). I'm not necessarily going to do this each month, just months I manage to get some freebies worth mentioning. This will include competition wins, etc. 

First up, I managed to get my hands on this set of Barry M goodies in partnership with Fabulous, fabulous being the free magazine you get with The Sun newspaper. Gifted inside this small makeup bag are four regular sized Barry M products, none of them are labelled with a name, but it was a lovely freebie. A perk from The Sun perks.

The other week Paul Boutique ran a competition for international women's day. Basically you had to comment on their blog the perks of being a woman and they would choose three winners, to win a bag of their choice from the SS14 collection. I think, because it's my birthday next week (march 25th) some luck was blown my way, considering I had a Paul Boutique bag on my wishlist, the one I wanted wasn't in the SS14 collection, but it doesn't matter cause I chose this beauty. The maisy handbag is one of PB's bestsellers and rightly so, mine is a new design/shade from the new collection (Maisy contrast panel cream), and is £70.00. It's quite big and very roomy. I told my Mum she needn't bother buying me another, but she has done, we decided not to go with the one I originally wanted due to it being fully suede - I don't want it getting dirty. The one above got a little suede on it, unfortunately for me I got some bad luck and the dye off my new jeans seems to have rubbed again it, dying the suede. Must remember to clean that!

Over on Twitter @ReallyRee was having a Twitter giveaway to win over a £100 worth of beauty goodies, I didn't have any idea what was going to be in the goody bag, and my, what a goody bag it was. I've not tried any of the products, except the Revlon balm stain. It was a total surprise to win this and I didn't in the slightest expect too. It's not often you win a twitter competition.

I got this gorgeous fragrance by Benefit, my place or yours Gina. This is a really feminine, quite grown up scent. Retailing at just short of £30.00 for 30ml.

My first ever butter London polish, always happy to get a polish, especially if it's glitter. The shade is west end wonderland.

Never tried any Nip & Fab goodies, but always happy too, especially with what I hear of the brand. Not quite there with the wrinkles yet but it's always a good idea to start early.

I have one balm stain which just happens to be in this shade, crush. I've not used it much, but it's a great Autumn/Winter shade.

I got two single eye shadows from Nars, both my first products from the brand, these retail at £18.00 each. Kamchatka is a navy smokey blue and Bavaria is a teal with slight shimmer. Both are from Autumn/Winter 2013 collection.

I got some sample sized Lancome creams, again a brand I've never tried. 

I have to say, I'm rather impressed with the beauty goody bag and I'm really looking forward to having a more thorough look into everything and getting some use out of them. Safe to say I've been a very lucky girl.

Look out for my Birthday post next week!

Tuesday 25 March 2014

Barry M | Aquarium Collection in Mediterranean & Treasure Chest

Hi everyone, today's my Birthday. I've been so spoilt and having a great day so far. For my Birthday post, I thought I'd share with you two of the beautiful nail paints recently released by Barry M, as part of the Aquarium collection.
Image source: Barry M. See more swatches here.

The Barry M, aquarium collection is my favourite release of the year from Barry M, so far, with some potential polishes being an almost dupe for the beetle juice collection from Models Own. I picked up (L-R) Treasure Chest - A chunky glitter top coat with gold and pink flakes and my favourite Mediterranean - a duo chrome polish, almost like a sunset on your nails with pinks, golds and a slight tinge of orange all in one and dries with a beautiful shimmer. Almost like a sunset on your nails. 

The collection is made up of six nail polishes. Four duo-chrome and two chunky glitters and retail at £3.99 each.

Mediterranean is so hard to photograph, but, it looks stunning in sunlight and in person. Treasure chest and Mediterranean look perfect together. Med is quite sheer and the formula is a little thinner then other Barry M nail paints, even though you can get away with two, just, I'd definitely apply three for a better coverage.

Sunday 23 March 2014

Book Takeover Sunday | A Girl by Any Other Name By MK Schiller

Image taken from Goodreads.
At time of purchase, this book was a freebie download from The Sun perks.

Caleb Tanner meets new next door neighbour, Sylvie Cranston when their both just ten. After a few years of a no-go friendship, their friendship blossoms when Caleb teaches Sylvie how to fish. By fourteen hormones are raging and Caleb finds himself falling for Sylvie but is somewhat rejected. At sixteen, she's gone, died!

Or so he's told. But Cal doesn't believe it. Caleb was connected to Sylvie heart and soul, he'd know if she had died. It's 9 years later and over the 9 years Cal has had flings, but never found a soul mate and never gave hope of finding his Sylvie. He's a teacher now, teaching English at a community college far away from his home town. And there's a girl, a girl who looks just like Sylvie, except her names Sophie Becker and Cal is drawn to her in away he thought wasn't possible and he's determined to get to the bottom of this girls story because deep down he knows it's none other then Sylvie. 

My Thoughts 
This is a good read, it really shows the depth of never giving up and always having hope. Along the way, this novel, had twists and turns and at times I thought, like the rest of the people in cal' life, he was losing the plot. I couldn't have been more wrong. I enjoyed the relationship rekindle, even if it was ever-so-quickly and the fact they had known each other for such a long time - was quite cute. I did find the rekindling, at times, to be very fifty shades for some reason, I think has a character Cal had a very Christian Grey feel about him, that came across as quite domineering. Score 3.5/5.


Revlon Fire & Ice Super Lustrous Lipstick | Review

Fire and ice originally hit the scene all the way back in 1952, it was one of Revlon' first ever lipsticks and the advertisement was one ironic beauty launch of all time with the ad being one of the first to be printed in colour.

Image taken from Google Images.
 My swatches don't show the colour at it's full advantage but this is truly a bold statement lipstick and very 50's style. I was fortunate enough to get a trio of products from this collection including the polish seen above which I already owned but was happy to get my hands on another bottle. Fire and ice is a gorgeous statement, bold red. It's a dream to apply and glides effortlessly on with barely any effort, with a gorgeous creamy moisturising finish.  Due to it's creaminess it doesn't last as long as a matte lipstick would (only drinking and eating), but you can pass judgement on the staying power because of how gorgeous this shade is, you don't need to top up to much maybe once throughout the day, especially with eating and drinking.

Revlon have such a luxurious feel about them and from the packaging to the feel of the products, which is why even though they are high street and slightly more expensive compared to the likes of Sleek or MUA they are well worth the price for quality alone and are fairly priced at £7.49 each.

Thursday 20 March 2014

Barry M | Silk Nail Effect

The silk nail effect collection is available to buy in six shades, blossom, pearl, truffle, mist, heather and the one I own, meadow. You can purchase all shades for £3.99 each.

The silk collection is available in six, stunning, pastel shades. They have a matte finish, that look somewhat pearly and have a slight shimmer to them. The collection is great for pastel loving Spring, considering the shades are inspired by nature. I got my hands on Meadow, though, I am totally wanting Blossom too. Meadow is a fresh in take on a mint green, slightly faded, shabby chic looking, but for nails. They apply beautifully and have a lovely smooth finish. 

Wednesday 19 March 2014

The #BloggersDoItBetter Challenge

Hi everyone,

So the lovely Gemma over at 'touch of belle' here, came up with a brilliant idea of #BloggersDoItBetter. A bloggers challenge giving you the chance to go out of your comfort zone and talk about topics you wouldn't generally talk about, things that will inspire you and posting something you wouldn't normally post about.

Gemma is hoping to start the challenge on the 1st of April and this will be set up fortnightly, with topics being emailed in advance. The topics will be based on what is read in magazines.

Anyone can get involved no matter what you blog about. It's a fun way to meet new people, make new friends and enjoy reading new blogs. Join today by emailing Gemma at with your blog name/url, email address and name and remember to check out Gemma' blog, where you can see more information on this challenge. 

Much love
Kate x

Tuesday 18 March 2014

Magnitone Pulsar | Review

A good few weeks ago an email popped into my account, offering me the chance to buy the Magnitone Pulsar with a huge discount off in exchange for a review. I, of course jumped at the chance, I've been wanting the magnitone pulsar for a while now and was thrilled to be able to finally get my hands on it. Originally, I was suppose to be taking part in the 7 day challenge but decided I wanted to thoroughly get my use out of it before doing a detailed review. Firstly, I did a introduction post on the magnitone pulsar which you can check out here, if not here's a little recap.

The magnitone pulsar is a daily cleansing system for both face and body. This claims to offer youthful skin and silkier smoother arms and legs in just 7 days. The technology gently cleanses you skin whilst effectively removing the impurities that normally get left behind.

The magnitone pulsar will set you back £129.99. The quality of product is very good, it doesn't look cheap at all. You can use this in the bath/shower too, so the rubbery feel is easy to grip and allows it to be slip-free. In the box comes a few appliances including a charger, holder and two brush ends. One for the face (which is a little softer) and another for the body (which is good for exfoliating and a little rougher in texture). 

There are four settings, though, magnitone pulsar advise you to start with sensitive for the first few days there's something that will suit everyone's skin condition. Pulselift massage mode is good for using rather then sensitive mode, this is used for those areas that require special attention. It also helps blood flow to the skin; helping to reduce wrinkles and fine lines whilst lightening and smoothing the skin tone and firming up the skin texture. Exfoliate using an exfoliate product on the body followed by a Deep clean.

I've mentioned numerous times about my skin being up and down, especially my facial area. Kind of like the weather up and down, it's really took a beating and my skins had fantastic breakouts. Before the magnitone pulsar came into my life, my skin was completely down, now I'd saying it was on it's way to being healthier looking. Have my spots gone completely? No, but they've certainly improved or completely gone in some areas. Yay! My skin feels so smooth and hydrated too. I haven't used this everyday, but most days, sometimes twice a day and I had noticeable results within the 7 days. Though, you may think twice about the price I urge you not to, for £129.99 your getting a good quality product. Think of the facial treatments you get at the spa, this in the long run will save you a lot of money even when buying the brush ends every other month. I've not tried it much on my body but the times I have, afterwards my skin just felt lovely, very silky smooth. I'm very impressed and so happy I had a chance to get my hands on one.

Prices vary amongst the web and you can pick them up in places for less then £100. I advise you to go to Magnitone pulsar website to find the stock list.

Thursday 13 March 2014

Revlon Colorburst Balm | Lacquer & Matte

The Revlon colorburst balms have been really hyped about since the release not so long ago. Are they worth the hype? definitely. I got one of each from both the lacquer and matte range in elusive (Matt) and vivacious (lacquer). 

Both collections have ten shades each and are available from most drugstores (Boots, Superdrug) for £7.99 each. If your lucky enough, you'll maybe, be able to catch offers scattered around.

Each balm comes with a twisty bottom to reveal more product, once you start running out.

 The packaging, is made to suit each individual shade and texture. With matte being matte and Lacquer coming in a shiny, glossy looking tube with the colour matching the product inside.

These are typical balm in texture with a beautiful pigment of colour. 

They also have the minty scent, it's not to strong.

Elusive (matte) is a beautiful cool-toned light to medium pink. This lip swatch does it no justice what-so-ever (look at arm swatch above please). I can only describe this shade as a peach nude pink, it's such a summer toned pink that will look fantastic with or without a tan. Defines the object of this being a matte shade, but I applied a clear lip balm before applying elusive on top for a glossy look. Doing this, doesn't show the shade to it's full potential and in all honesty, it look's so much better off just to show off the shade more. No matter how you wear it, elusive is a best selling shade and swatches show why, it took me a week before I could purchase this - my local Superdrug was out of stock. If you suffer from dry, cracked lips, a balm is a must else the matte will look flaky. But I mustn't stress how beautifully moisturising the matte shades are, so if your lucky you will probably get away with it. Applying wise, I find with the matte you need more product for a good coverage. Fantastic for wearing during the day.

Vivacious (lacquer) is a more pink then red, with a hint of red. A hot pink, maybe? It's ultra moisturising balm with a glossy shine and a beautiful swipe of colour. Vivacious comes with a slight shimmer, that's not to noticeable nor can you feel it when worn. Staying power is fantastic, considering it's a balm and stays on quite well once you've had lunch but anymore drinks later on and you'll be left with a slight, lip liner looking appearance and more then definitely will need to re-apply. Saying that I'm very impressed with it's staying power, for a balm. I'd say the matte was the same when used with a balm, but when worn alone it does last longer, so does vivacious, they both dry to the lips and aren't noticeable or drying in the slightest a hour or so after applying (Hence why I feel it's almost like a lip stain). You can apply more layers so it's super pigmented then swatch above. Fantastic for night time wear, but definitely can get away with wearing it during the day if you like a pop of colour or a bold statement lip.

Overall I'm so impressed, I can't decided whether I like the matte more then the lacquer. I love the feel of a glossy lip, but love the shade of the matte. Applying wise lacquer I feel is better, it just glides on effortlessly where the matte takes a little more effort. They are, though, super beautiful lip products and I urge, if you haven't already, to go out and purchase at least one of each.

Monday 10 March 2014

Manicure Monday #17 | Glitter is a Girls Best Friend

In today's mani I used lots of Barry M. Two nail paint's from the foil effect range in gold and silver. My beloved glitter in yellow topaz and two from the Gelly hi-shine range, blood orange and lychee. 

And I created with the nail art pen, leopard print, again.

I don't tend to go for nude colours but I thought this looked super effective against the gold and silver and more definitely the bold red shade. 

Sunday 9 March 2014

Book Takeover Sunday | Killing Memories by Tatiana Moore

Image taken from Goodreads.
At time of purchase Killing Memories was free on Amazon for Kindle.

Estela Ramos isn't looking for love or even a fling for that matter, and she thinks there's nothing wrong with that. But ask her best friend or mother and they'd tell you different, they think Es fears rejection and keeping her virginity for that reason, at 26 Es thinks that she'll be a laughing stock because she's not skinny like her model best friend Moo and can't look a man in the eye for even a minute, but she's quite content with her life right now, putting everything into work. That is until her meddling mum sets her up with her doctor, that same doctor that changes her life forever. He's a stalker, with a medical problem and hasn't been taking his medication, he won't leave Es alone and does what he can to split a potential partner (moo's photographer and a male she finds herself finally warming too) and herself up, with his crazy behaviour including some tyre slashing, camera planting and possible poison sandwiches, Es wonders if she's ever destined to live a normal life, in a normal relationship or destined to be alone forever.

My Thoughts 
When I started reading this, I was a little in doubt about whether it would be a great read for myself personally and I hold my hands up and admit, I was completely wrong. It started off somewhat slow, but once it going into the jest of things, I really didn't want to put it down. Full of laugh out loud moments, witty comedy and a pesky stalker, it really had you stood on the tip of your toes, wondering what would happen next. Though at times I felt a little frustrated by Es and her willingness to take things further, when she really wants too. There is a second novel in the Killing Memories series and I seriously want to buy it, I can't help but think there's more to her and Caleb, then meets the eye, though, that may just be me thinking to much into it. And then there's Caleb' twin brother, whom Es seems to get on better with, I see chemistry and banter with them two, more then I do with Caleb and there's John also (Caleb's twins friend). Lets just say there's a lot of scenarios going on in my head. Score 4.5/5

Friday 7 March 2014

Fashion Friday | Hop into Spring With Ted Baker

Ted Baker, goes all out when it comes to spring/summer, his flattering pieces, scream this coming season, with pretty pastels, floral prints and bold statement fashion. Which is why this Fashion Friday, I'm heading into Spring with Ted Baker.

Image source: Ted Baker
Nistee Skater Dress - £129 / Fluno oil painting cross body bag - £109 /
Adilina gladiator heel sandals - £110

Mistey cut out collar top - £49 / Filicsh metallic suit shorts - £139.00 / Alyisya curved hem blazer - £165 / Bandook small bow tote bag - £179 / Luceey metal tip printed court - £120.00

Image source: Ted Baker

Annna wax finish skinny denim - £89 / Chasity lace detail top - £99 /
Saamsa electric daydream biker jacket - £179 / Maceey colour block heel - £120 /
Ruelles mini exotic clutch bag - £129

Alys contrast fold top - £89 / Diemond oil painting trouser - £119 / Haillie floral printed tote bag - £159 / Neevo pointed court shoe - £110 / Ellsie curved hem jacket - £165

My Top 5
  1. Fluno oil painting cross body bag - £109
  2.  Alyisya curved hem blazer - £165
  3.  Annna wax finish skinny denim - £89
  4. Chasity lace detail top - £99
  5. Luceey metal tip printed court - £120.00

I've gone all out by pairing statement prints with bold colours. Softer shades with trendy floral prints. But one thing I'm sure we'll all agree on is how gorgeous everything is. 

Wednesday 5 March 2014

Nuxe Pamper Hamper `Spring´ Wislist

Nuxe have a fabulous competition for us bloggers. All you have to do is create a Spring wishlist featuring your must-have products. Once done, tweet the link to @Nuxeuk, #NuxePamperHamper or to to be in with a chance of winning a luxury hamper worth £250.00. Entries must be in by 10th March 2014. Me being the blogger I am, loves, like many other bloggers trying new stuff and this is my excuse to hopefully indulge in a little TLC (if I win of course). For more info click here.

1. Crème Fraîche de Beauté Mask - Come spring, the weather is starting to get warmer, the sun is starting to make an appearance. Of all our body parts, the face is one area that never gets hid away and for that reason gets hit by sun rays, which can be harmful to skin, but also, dry skin out. I like to look after my facial area with different skin care products. Crème Fraîche de Beauté Mask not only hydrates the skin it also reduces discomforts, such as burning sensations and redness, which can be quite common at this time of year. Plus it benefits my complexion leaving me looking radiant. 

2.  Gentle Exfoliating Gel with Rose Petals - Looking after your skin is important all the time, especially exfoliating to get rid of any blemishes and dryness. With the weather forever changing and always back and fourth, it's important that my skin is getting the much needed TLC it craves. With many benefits the gentle exfoliating gel, seems to be just what I need come Spring.

3. Rêve de Miel Hand and Nail Cream - With the weather being up and down, and some days we experience every weather possible, hands can pay the price. I don't usually suffer much dryness apart from my face occasionally but lately, I've found my hands needing just has much TLC as anywhere else. My hands are so dry especially on the knuckles. I really want to try this and with being a frequent nail painter which can be sometimes brittle, I'm glad to find this also has nail benefits in too. 

4. Teint Éclat Prodigieux - since I'm a paley, half the time I look ill, unless of course I'm wearing makeup. It be great to wear less come spring/summer and let this product do all the talking. This tinted moisturising cream will give me the healthy glow I desire. 

5. Rêve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm - I'm a self confessed, lip product addict. I don't need anymore but one more won't hurt. Right? The fact one of these sells every 28 seconds throughout the world tells me I'm really missing out. Lip care is very importance (hence the many lip products I own) and I'd LOVE to try this for myself. It's got many benefits, including repairing the nasty chapped lips or in my case preventing it - I've never had chapped lips in my life. 

So there you have it, my five that I'm hoping to try. I hope you take part. Good luck to all who do.

Tuesday 4 March 2014

My Not So Fashion Friday Post | The Oscar's 2014

The award season really has been upon us, my last three fashion posts being about numerous awards. This one, is the biggest celebrity event of the year. And today, I'm sharing the best gowns/wear of the night.

Image source: Glamour Magazine. 

Sandra Bullock, wowed the crowd in this statement navy gown from McQueen. Even her hair was bang on trend with a side sweep of gorgeous curls.

Lupita Nyong'o is the woman of the moment, and definitely shines in this powder blue pastel dress from Prada. 

A little different. Charlize Theron, shines in this Dior gown.

Channing Tatum' wife and 'step up' star Jenna Dewan looking amazing in this ruffled feather gown by Reem Acra. 

Penelope Cruz in Giambattista Valli gown. I love this very feminine, girly look.

Miss O looked amazing. This white Badgley Mischka gown, works wonders for her body shape and really shows her curves off beautifully, the added gold, lace cape really completes the look.

The Vanity Fair party & Elton John aid foundation

Julia Roberts niece, Emma Roberts stands out from the crowd at the Vanity Fair party.

J-law looks amazing in this Tom Ford dress, in comparison to her Oscar dress which I felt looked to old for her years. 

Not sure about you, but, Kim Kardashian rocked this dress. Her makeup ware more subtle with neutral shades and a bold, statement lip. And rather then her figure hugging dresses we're use to seeing Kim in she went for something a little (lot) more formal and she works it very well.

Oh la la! Kate Beckinsale look's hot to trot in this Elie Saab Couture gown. The attention to detail and all the glitz and glam makes this dress, stunning. Can you believe Kate is only 40?

Kristen Bell in Zuhair Murad

Image source: Glamour Magazine.

There you have it, my best dressed.