Tuesday 18 March 2014

Magnitone Pulsar | Review

A good few weeks ago an email popped into my account, offering me the chance to buy the Magnitone Pulsar with a huge discount off in exchange for a review. I, of course jumped at the chance, I've been wanting the magnitone pulsar for a while now and was thrilled to be able to finally get my hands on it. Originally, I was suppose to be taking part in the 7 day challenge but decided I wanted to thoroughly get my use out of it before doing a detailed review. Firstly, I did a introduction post on the magnitone pulsar which you can check out here, if not here's a little recap.

The magnitone pulsar is a daily cleansing system for both face and body. This claims to offer youthful skin and silkier smoother arms and legs in just 7 days. The technology gently cleanses you skin whilst effectively removing the impurities that normally get left behind.

The magnitone pulsar will set you back £129.99. The quality of product is very good, it doesn't look cheap at all. You can use this in the bath/shower too, so the rubbery feel is easy to grip and allows it to be slip-free. In the box comes a few appliances including a charger, holder and two brush ends. One for the face (which is a little softer) and another for the body (which is good for exfoliating and a little rougher in texture). 

There are four settings, though, magnitone pulsar advise you to start with sensitive for the first few days there's something that will suit everyone's skin condition. Pulselift massage mode is good for using rather then sensitive mode, this is used for those areas that require special attention. It also helps blood flow to the skin; helping to reduce wrinkles and fine lines whilst lightening and smoothing the skin tone and firming up the skin texture. Exfoliate using an exfoliate product on the body followed by a Deep clean.

I've mentioned numerous times about my skin being up and down, especially my facial area. Kind of like the weather up and down, it's really took a beating and my skins had fantastic breakouts. Before the magnitone pulsar came into my life, my skin was completely down, now I'd saying it was on it's way to being healthier looking. Have my spots gone completely? No, but they've certainly improved or completely gone in some areas. Yay! My skin feels so smooth and hydrated too. I haven't used this everyday, but most days, sometimes twice a day and I had noticeable results within the 7 days. Though, you may think twice about the price I urge you not to, for £129.99 your getting a good quality product. Think of the facial treatments you get at the spa, this in the long run will save you a lot of money even when buying the brush ends every other month. I've not tried it much on my body but the times I have, afterwards my skin just felt lovely, very silky smooth. I'm very impressed and so happy I had a chance to get my hands on one.

Prices vary amongst the web and you can pick them up in places for less then £100. I advise you to go to Magnitone pulsar website to find the stock list.


  1. This sounds really interesting. I love anything skincare related so I'll probably try this out at some stage. It's so pricey though!

  2. I want it but the price does put me off. I also wonder how it'll be like on the eczema I suffer from, xoxo.

    1. I'm not sure, I don't suffer from eczema or any skin condition. Sorry I couldn't be more useful. Maybe you could Google it and see what the benefits and disadvantages are, if there is any xx

  3. I've been reviewing this too, you should use it twice a day, I went from getting 1-4 new spots every day, to only 1 a week, apart from my period week! It's worth not skipping the days to see what this can really do =) I've posted some pictures of before and after over the 4 weeks if you want to check it out!

    Corinne x

    1. I can be so lazy sometimes when it comes to skin care. If I'm not using this I do use a face scrub though. I'll definitely check out your post and up my antics with the Magnitone x


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