Thursday 22 June 2017

The Forbidden Corner | Family Time

It's been a couple of months since I went to The Forbidden Corner and I thought it was time I shared my experience with you. I first visited The Forbidden Corner when I was about 14 years old and thoroughly enjoyed it enough to want to go back many moons later with my own children and family. It's a few hours drive from my home, but very scenic and full of beautiful countryside from A to B. They advise you to book online prior to visiting to guarantee a good experience, entry and obviously room for your car in the car park. 

Tuesday 6 June 2017

One Love Manchester | The Concert

Terrorism in this county has really hit home these past couple of months and not only been very upsetting but quite alarming too. Being a northern girl myself and Manchester being quite close to home and Manchester Arena being somewhere I've attended several concerts at over the past 12 months was quite frightening for myself, although not anywhere near that of those who were at the Ariana Grande concert when tragedy struck that night. Victoria Station (locatated underneath the arena) was somewhere I went with my baby girl a mere 9 days before and only 4 weeks previous had I attended the Ed Sheeran concert at Manchester Arena it's self. I feel fortunate that it wasn't one of those events that were struck when I attended myself but heartbroken and saddened by the tragedy that unfolded and for the victims, the injured, the families, friends and tragically the 22 that lost their lives. I call them Manchesters 22 and would like to just taken a moment to remember those who so tragically lost their lifes and were taken way too soon. To thank the emergency services that responded so quickly and to the police that are still continously patrolling the streets. I'd also like to take a moment to remember those killed and think of those seriously injured and fighting after the terroist attack in London just a few days ago.

Thursday 1 June 2017

#GirlCrush Box Opening | April Edition

 I received my first #GirlCrush box back in March and I was rather impressed by the contents alongside how much I paid and the value of the what was inside overall, however, March for me was the month I signed up purely down to the fact it was my Birthday and I thought it would be a nice treat and something a bit different, like a box full of surprises. Having been impressed with March I then decided to carry on my subscription and see what April would be all about and I wasn't disappointed nor ecstatic about the contents although it still was a good selection. They were changes made to the website which led to everyone's subscription being cancelled and those who subscribed to #GirlCrush were emailed and told to resubscribe and I decided not to on this occasion but I'm certainly intrigued to know what the May and June edition will entail and I may resubscribe soon! You can see the March box here.