Wednesday 30 April 2014

Hey, Big Spender!

It was recently my birthday - see 'what I got' birthday post here. With birthday's, come's money (usually) and gift cards, now I've ended up with a collective haul that includes more nail polish - addiction is out of control!

At time of purchase ASOS had a sale on, I of course took advantage by ordering a few, much needed tops. I hardly ever purchase clothes so these were well deserved.

The first top is from New Look, it's a lace yoke panel t-shirt and cost me £6.00.

A little boring but vest tops are simple and easy, look great in Spring teamed with jeans and fantastic in Summer with a pair of shorts. I'm loving mint shades now and even though this top is sheer it was great value at just £3.50 and is ASOS brand.

Competition | Be Stylish This Summer With Styloko and Reiss

Tuesday 29 April 2014

Be Stylish With Rotary

One piece that is a classic in both women and men's life's when it comes to accessories is a watch, there are so many on the market and it's easy to spend a lot of time deciding exactly which one you're going to go for - whether that's one for best, casual or one you can wear whatever the occasion. In come Rotary with a selection of simple yet stylish, sophisticated watches.
L-R; GS02624-03-DD: £119 (mens) LS02652-41: £135 (ladies)

Monday 28 April 2014

Manicure Monday #18 | Rawr For Leopard Print

I'm so obsessed with leopard print at the moment even more so since getting my hands on the set of Barry M nail art pens that are available. For the last few Mani Monday's I've been doing leopard print and this week it shows again.

Sunday 27 April 2014

Whispers & Wishes by Hollie Westring | Review

About the book

Eliza Monroe has been traveling the United States for three years, immersing herself in the towns she visits as she searches for the mother she’s never known. She hopes returning to her grandmother’s inn in Sage Springs, Mo., will provide the break she needs to evaluate her lonely life.

What Eliza isn’t expecting is to have two men enter the picture, not making her decision to stay or leave any easier. One has been her foundation, while the other is as comfortable as she is hopping from city to city. Throw in a kooky grandmother, a cheerful best friend, a sarcastic guest, a town where residents and spirits interact like neighbors, and Eliza has little time to contemplate her future.

Friendships grow, webs are spun and lies are revealed before Eliza comes to terms with what she wants in life and learns what's really important.

Friday 25 April 2014

Easter Break

What a way to start Easter break then a fabulous Easter win. A hamper from Lindt Lindor, in almost every Christmas, Birthday, etc, post you'll see at least one box of these chocolates, I'm such a fan. Lindt Lindor is just so deliciously mouthwatering and if you haven't already tried their chocolate I urge you too. I entered the #Momentofbliss app on Facebook where you show your moment of bliss mine being my Lindt Lindor brownies that you will have seen mentioned before on A British Sparkle. I didn't expect to win and certainly not all this chocolate. I've since shared some, but still have loads left but come Friday I'll be cooking up a storm with more brownies for family visiting this weekend. 

Thursday 24 April 2014

FlopZ Introduction

 I don't know about you, but for me personally I've always had a love hate relationship with flip flops. Yes, they are practical, you can find stylish one's and they go with absolutely anything you wear, but at the same time they can also hurt your feet, especially between your toes. Introducing Flopz, the new flip flops brand on the scene that specialize in anything to do with, well you heard it, flip flops.

Wednesday 23 April 2014

Makeup Revolution | Nail Polish Review

Being the nail polish fanatic I am, I was very please to see that new brand Makeup Revolution had over 40 shades in their nail polish collection and that's not even including the glitters that are available to buy. For just £1.00 they don't break the bank, are very affordable and you're getting a decent amount of product. The bottles are pretty basic with sticky labels, but who are we to complain at just one pound a pop.

Monday 21 April 2014

#Bloggersdoitbetter | Bloggers Do Bargains Better

I am currently taking part in 'bloggers do it better' this is a challenge given to us by Gemma from blog, Touch of Belle, we are given subjects every fortnight, usually a subject from a magazine and we make it better with our suggestions as bloggers. This is number two, I had a hectic few weeks around the time of post one and was unfortunately unable to take part. This weeks topic is bloggers do bargains better.

Sunday 20 April 2014

Saturday 19 April 2014

The Folly Boutique

Loren Hope - Lyra Necklace here.
If there was ever one thing missing off the rental market then it was definitely somewhere to rent Jewellery, in comes The Folly Boutique and that's all changed, whether it's for a fancy do or something more casual there's a statement piece for everyone. The Folly Boutique is dedicated to designer statement pieces and costume jewellery, though some pieces are expensive the great thing about The Folly Boutique is not only can you buy their fabulous jewellery, but also rent for a fraction of the retail cost for 3 or even 6 days, giving you the opportunity to try the most extravagant, beautiful, statement jewellery and not break the bank. 

Friday 18 April 2014

Crackin' Deals with

The holiday season is upon us, people are booking their holidays left, right and centre, whether that's a stay-cation or going abroad. This Easter Jet2 are here with a treat, not only to help you book your holiday but also to help you save money, in comes crackin' deals. Crackin' deals see six chicks live on camera hatching, every time one hatches another deal is thrown in to the deals of all deals, including; 15% off return flights, £100 off all flights, 50 free flights, 20 free holidays, buy one get one free 22kg baggage and £50 off - the twist is, you have to be quick these amazing offers will only last a few hours. If you've already heard of crackin' deals you'll know chick number 6 has already hatched, yesterday, live on camera and 15% off returned flights has already been and gone. 

Thursday 17 April 2014

Summer Treats With Leisure

Easter is only a few days away and Summer is not far off, with Leisure Cooker you can really spring into thing's and create some divine cuisine, it's the perfect kitchen companion. Scrumptious starters, mouth watering mains and tasty deserts, the perfect way to entertain as well as spend time with loved one's through food. With the help of Leisure Cooker, we've put together some really fantastic, tasty treats for you to try yourselves. 

Try the menu of crab cakes with sweet chilli lime mayo for starter - divine with a sweet kick followed by tender roast garlicky lamb with boulangere potatoes for main, with all the trimmings and a tasty sweet treat rhubarb, orange and almond cake for desert.

Warner Bros. UK | Harry Potter Studio's Haul

You may or may not of seen my post about Harry Potter studio's it's self, if not you can do here
I purchased a few goodies some for myself and a cuddly toy each for my children. I wanted to give you an idea of what you can get in the gift shop for your money, I must say it's a typical tourist attraction with typical not your toy shop in town, prices.

First up is ButterBeer.

Wednesday 16 April 2014

Warner Bros. UK | Harry Potter Studio's

When my partner got me Harry Potter tickets for my birthday I was beyond ecstatic. I'm a huge fan of the franchise dating back to my childhood, I was all about studying Harry Potter in year 6 English and making slippers with Harry's scar on in arts and crafts at primary school, even going to watch the first film on a school trip which happened to be my first cinema experience. And even thinking back to my ten year old self and how much of a fan I was of the books and films, not much as changed, only now is that I now have two potter mad children, after I introduced them to the franchise, I felt excited not just for myself but for my children who also love the films and me getting to introduce them to one of my biggest childhood memories and loves was fantastic. An experience we'll never forget.

We drove five hours down to Watford where The Warner Bros. Harry Potter studio is based. Due to the long drive we stayed in a hotel the night before, I didn't get much sleep but the room was lovely and the breakfast spread was fantastic. On arrival we were shown our parking area and once parked up and after eating our lunch we made our way to the entrance of the studios. Inside we were greeted by hand prints from the main stars of the film Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) and 
Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe).

Monday 14 April 2014

Easter Giveaway (Closed)

In advance; Happy Easter everyone, I hope you all have a chocolate filled day with movies or a lovely walk in the country side, either way I hope you're having a good one (when it comes). To celebrate Easter I've put together a great giveaway with some fabulous goodies up for grabs from Makeup Revolution, Revlon and StyleLux.

Saturday 12 April 2014

Naked 3 Vs Iconic 3 | A Dupe

I'm all about high street finds that match those expensive higher end beauty products. Cheeky? yes, but my bank card isn't complaining and nor am I. There's a few brands dotted around that have a cheaper alternative, so when I saw a palette that was a match for my beloved Naked 3 I was beyond happiness. With Naked 3 coming in at £37.00 it's not the cheapest of palettes but definitely one that attracts my eye and many others with it's soft gold pink tones and pretty neutrals. In come's Makeup Revolution once again to save the day and deliver Iconic 3 a cheaper alternative to Naked 3, a much cheaper alternative at just £4.00 - a whole £33.00 cheaper that is.

Thursday 10 April 2014

Makeup Revolution | Salvation Intense Lip Lacquer

Makeup Revolution are a fantastic, new affordable brand with great quality products. I introduced the brand in a post here, along with some swatches of some really awesome products - please check it out. It's not often you come across a lip gloss that's not only affordable but great quality, that all changed when Salvation Intense Lip Lacquer came into my life and I've been loving it ever since.

Tuesday 8 April 2014

Sleek | Lipstick in Russian Roulette - Review

Lip swatches weren't done due to not feeling comfortable at time of

I was very fortunate that Boots had a deal on where they were offering this for free along with the purchase of any Sleek product. I was a newbie to Sleek at the time and was happy to try a lipstick from the brand along with a palette.

Sunday 6 April 2014

My Birthday

There's nothing I love more then birthday posts, seeing what everyone's getting for their birthday are some of the top posts I love to read. It's over a week since I turned 23 and thought it was time to put together my own birthday post and show you what I got. I did get so spoilt and ended up with goodies I didn't expect getting, I'm ever so grateful though. I also included in this post what I got for Mother's Day.

It wouldn't be a birthday without cake, even though I didn't have any on my actual birthday due to a big tea, but I had my heart set on this Asda princess cake and got it. My twin niece's got me these gorgeous flowers and a pair of pj's - I love my nightwear. 

My laptop is on it's way out so I thought about getting a tablet, about a week before my birthday and surprise, surprise I got the Nexus 7 off my Dad. This was totally unexpected but truly appreciated. I'm on my laptop now, have been all day, just mega shocked it's managed this long. It does work, the fault being the connector inside for the electricity, unfortunately.

Yes I'm a mega Gleek, I have all the box sets but unfortunately don't have Sky to watch the episodes, so rely on the box sets when they come out. I'll probably cry watching this knowing it was Cory's last season. 

I've been waiting a year and finally it's going to happen, this weekend (tomorrow). Harry Potter studio's, eck! I'm so extremely excited being the Harry Potter fan I am, my partner is going to get me extra birthday presents by treating me a lot in the gift shop. I got the package with the digital info and the book for keepsake purposes. Expect a huge review on this, probably next week.

I got these amazing Ciate kits off my sister, one neon where the nails are glow in the dark and the chalk board nails, which I was after for ages. These are unbelievably cheap at Fragrance Direct and still full price at Ciate and Selfridges so it's worth a look. My sister also got my a birthday girl lolly which my daughter used as a hammer and now it's in little pieces and not photograph worthy. 

I got a voucher for Boots and some cash, I spent some on a hotel in London Sunday night (30.03.14) I'll probably spend the remainder on Harry Potter Studio's and maybe a few bits from Makeup Revolution.

Yes, another Paul Boutique bag. If you saw my freebie March post you will have seen that I won a PB bag recently too. This one is the Bridget bag, it's very spacious and can be either a grab bag or thrown over the shoulder. The shade I chose is classic beige and retails at £70.00 and available in five other shades. I was originally going to get a suede bag but changed my mind, this one is easier to clean.

Ever since seeing this swatched I've been in love. The shades are absolutely stunning and I'd wear them all. This as become a beauty staple in my collection and I'm not disappointed. The UD Naked 3 is my favourite palette right now.

If you saw my Birthday wishlist post, you'd of noticed the pink/nude Ted Baker makeup bag on there, again I changed my mind. I fell in love with the bag and the design is just so pretty, they have matching shoes to - serious shoe envy. This is the smaller bag at £22 but I can't help wish I'd asked for the wash bag for an extra £3, this is a decent size but it's just big enough for the basic everyday look therefore there's a minimum of what to bring on weekend away or holidays. It's definitely not Naked 3 friendly, but still pretty non-the-less. It's on sale at asos for £15.00 the other day they wete also doing an extra 10% off - subject to change.

I got this purse, new bag new purse and all that. This is the lizzie neon gradient leopard print purse and valued at £35.00. I love it, it is big to what I'd usually get but easy to find in my new big bag.

I also got the Lindor chocolates for my birthday and the tiara is obviously off my cake.

For Mother's Day (opened on April Fools due to two day away) I got TVD seasons 1-4. I've wanted this for so long, I love it, I'm addicted. I also got more beautiful flowers.

Thursday 3 April 2014

Rare London | Clothes I Simply Can’t Live Without

I think everyone as clothes they simply can't live without, one's they wear time and time again - Me being one of them. Rare London got in contact with me to enter this fabulous competition to showcase my favourite piece, and be in with a chance of winning a £200.00 voucher - I hardly ever buy clothes so this would really come in handy.

So, I've wore this dress on a number of occasions; at Christmas, my partners parents 50th anniversary wedding renewal and the Divergent Premiere, to name a few. All pretty special occasions, events that hold memories and will keep close in my mind, forever. It's not about how many times you've wore it that makes it a special piece in your wardrobe, but when you wear it, how you wear it and how it makes you feel. If you don't feel confident within what you wear, it shows, but if you feel confident then you can guarantee that piece of fashion with become your new favourite piece. This dress makes me feel better within myself, girly and glamourous (something as a parent you don't get to feel much) and it'll be a dress I go straight to on special occasions that come round in the future, again and again. 

Dress - Madam Rage
Tights - George
Shoes - New Look
Bracelet - Warren James
Earrings - Internationale

You can enter here at Rare London too - You'll find all guidelines here.

I nominate
 +Laura Pettitt @petitmoi_laura
 +Beautyqueenuk @beautyqueen_UK
 +Jade Wiggins @jadew09

 Ends April 30th.

Divergent Premiere & London - March 2014

I have been blown away with good luck in the last few weeks of March, great win's, makeup launch and Divergent premiere invite and two days in London, plus it was my birthday too. I entered a competition to win Divergent tickets, but didn't. Laura from petit moi big world managed to get tickets and invited me as her plus one which was absolutely lovely of her, we'd never met before but spoke so much on social media sites and bonded over blogging and so on. I booked train tickets with the help of my Dad, Laura booked the hotel room which we went halves on and we made our way to London. We we're pushing for time, since the premiere was starting at 1.30 and we wouldn't be arriving in London until between 11.30 and 12.00, neither of us came dressed for the occasion and we got lost on more then one occasion but it was completely worth it and I had a blast.

Not the band I would of chose but it was the only one left due to us being late. We got a free tee too. 
 When we arrived a Leicester Square, we found the ticket weren't all what they were suppose to be, hundreds had these same tickets and we found we wasn't, like we thought we were VIP. Still we got to walk the red carpet and saw Veronica Roth the author of the Divergent series still chatting to fans on the red carpet, unfortunately the rest of the stars had disappeared. The que was huge but went down fairly fast. I was feeling a little disappointed at the turn of events, I'm not a crazy fan girl but I love the whole celebrity culture and I'm really into it. Thankfully our wishes were met and once sat down, the stars of the movie, director and author included came on stage and said hello to us all and they walked straight past us twice (we we're on the back row). So without further a due, here are snaps from the event.

Just want to say I was entirely grateful for the experience regardless of the turn of events. I just expected to walk the red carpets straight away and felt disappointed I hadn't seen the stars. I still had a lovely time and a fantastic experience and hopefully the opportunity arises to go to another premiere in the future, regardless of whether I do walk the red carpet with the stars or not. To be part of something that will probably be once in a life time for myself was amazing and I was so very fortunate to attend.

L-R: Director Neil Burger, Ben Lloyd-Hughes (Will), Kate Winslet (Jeanine), Shailene Woodley (Tris), Theo James (Four), Author of  Divergent Veronica Roth

Click photo's to enlarge.

The movie is as close to the books as it possibly can be, there is the obvious little changes but nothing to dramatic but it's definitely what completes the film. I loved it, and the chemistry between Four and Tris is perfect. I really think it's a film for everyone, there's plenty of action and romance. I'm on the second book now and I'm honesty really looking forward to completing it and then watching the next movie later on next year. Roll on the launch of the DVD, I want to watch it again already. Movie out in cinemas 4th of April - I urge you to see it, you won't be disappointed.


The next day me and Laura both went to Makeup Revolution launch event which you can see here we then went and did a little sightseeing.

I had such an amazing time.

Divergent book review coming soon.

Tuesday 1 April 2014

A Makeup Revolution Introduction

A good few weeks ago, I was very kindly invited to the launch event of Makeup Revolution, which took place yesterday. Makeup Revolution being the newest, purse friendly brand to hit online - Superdrug launching 9th of April, you can buy here at their online store too. Makeup Revolution are bringing some of the hottest looks to one of our favourite high street chains, so you can experiment at home, Makeup Revolution are bringing us intense statement colours to everyday neutrals and more. With prices ranging from £1 - £12, it doesn't break the bank and will have you creating up-to-date looks everyday, there's something for everyone with an impressive collection of different shades to suit everyone's skin tone.

Me and Laura (Blogger of Petit Moi - Big World) arrived together at a very posh hotel, of course it was just standard to me, because I go to hotels like that all the time - obviously ;). We were warmly greeted and shown around by a lovely lady, who explained all the products to us in great detail. We met some of the team and I was my very quiet self, I'm not really quiet (as the saying goes until you get to know me). I'm a thinker, not a talker, I process the information and it was a LONG two days. Anyways, I was very thankful to be invited being one of the teeny bloggers in this huge world of them and meeting some people that I've felt like I've known for ages. And I'm still coming up with my plan to steal Blondie the Makeup Revolution pooch, too cute! - This post is photo heavy.

I'm seriously impressed with the collection and the choice of shades to go with each products. One of my favourite products from the brand is The One Foundation, this is available in an impressive 16 shades going from extremely light to very dark, I don't think it's just me who believes this has been lacking from the high street, a lot of brands lack a good choice of shades. You won't be disappointed by the formula either, it's thin and light as a feather, you don't need a lot of product either and it blends out very well - £4.00  
(Please note: Swatch was only done on the hand)

The guest were very kindly given a bag of Makeup Revolution cosmetics.

The Matte Effect foundation is available in 8 shades for just £2.00. The shade I was given was Natural Beige, I was a little wary of this shade at first but it blended into my hand beautifully, whether it does on my face is another story but again like The One Foundation, it was light and lovely in texture.

If there's anything I love in the land of beauty it is nail polish. Makeup Revolution have an amazing collection of normal and glitter nail lacquer in over 50 shades, retailing between £1-£1.50 each, impressive right? I got the shade Trust Me which is a gorgeous teal (Which I love). It did take four coats to swatch this but I imagine it would apply with two on actual nails, the finish is out of this world, very smooth. I'd like to see Makeup Revolution, up their game when it comes to nail polishes and create some exciting nail polish ideas - I have a good few in my head.

I know exactly what you're thinking. Wow, right? I thought exactly the same, in reality this is actually a beautiful, wearable palette. Think straight off the catwalk of all makeup looks. This palette, Acid Brights is perfect for those not afraid of colour and makeup artists, with this you could potentially create some beautiful makeup art. Inside are 12 beautiful, bright statement shades, each are buildable for an intense look or great for a softer more wearable look. Some shimmer and some matte, it's just one of many palettes available from Makeup Revolution and retails for just £4.00.

Now this beauty is Awesome metals foil finish. I love these, completely 'awesome'. The pigmentation is incredible and just look at that beautiful shimmer. These retail for £5 each but come with a little pan and some primer. My shade is Magnificent copper and these are available in five shades.

I'm in love with the Salvation Intense lip lacquer, the pay off is incredible when it comes to colour. This swatch is just one swipe, for a lip gloss that is pretty groovy. What's even more groovy, these are only £3.00, THREE POUNDS!!! And come in 7 shades. They also have these in Matte, again available in 7 shades. My shade is A Love Like That.

I love this too, the vivid baked highlighter in peach lights - just £3.00. It's a hard one to swatch, but looks beautiful on (I went to the event with fellow blogger Laura and she had a makeover and the finish of this product looked amazing on her). Not only does it look pretty, the shimmer is gorgeous. Can see this selling well.

Who would of thought, a lipstick can brighten your day not just in shade but in quote. Shade being, Life Is What You Make It - so true. This is a power duo, lipstick on one side and a lip gloss on the other. The lipstick is creamy and buildable for an intense look whilst the lip gloss makes it fun and girly with added shimmer. Again fantastic value at £3.00 and available in 6 shades.

Vivid Baked Bronzer is just £4.00. This shade is golden days. Fab for giving a natural summer glow all year round, can be used for subtle softer look or buildable for a more dramatic look.

Amazing lipsticks, are very amazing affordable at £1.00 and incredibly creamy with a lovely pigmentation. Shade I got was The One. There are 30 shades available in every colour you can think of.

Also given was Amazing Lengths Mascara this retailing for £1.50 available in 4 shades. I got the clear which will be interesting to try out, having never used a clear mascara before. Happy to see that the mascara brush isn't at all bulky.

I think it's clear to see after first impressions how much I'm loving the brand. Everything is so pretty and been well thought of before going through the build up process. The packaging is great considering the price, yes it's pretty basic but the rose gold lettering is pretty.

Image source: Makeup Revolution
 Click images to enlarge.
Reviews coming soon.