Tuesday 31 December 2013

What I got For Christmas - Part 2 | Sale Haul

For Christmas I was fortunate to be given some incredible gifts and along side that vouchers and money. On Christmas eve I spent some of that money at Boots in the sale, then found on Christmas day I did in fact have a Boots gift card - which meant more Boots shopping in the sales. I was also gifted some Love2shop vouchers and spent one yesterday. I thought I'd share with you, what I managed to pick up.

I didn't pick up this calendar in the sale but it was pretty cheap on Amazon with most (of the same calendar) going for around £10-£15 this was less then five! I'm a little obsessed with The Mortal Instruments since reading the book's and watching the film that this ended up being my go to calendar this year, I tend to go for Eeyore every year because he's my favourite and thought I was due a change. This is such a good film and the book's are amazing too, I've can't wait for the DVD release at the end of January.

I picked up this Champneys exotic retreat collection in Boot's - which is full of decent sized mini's. It was only £6.00 in the sale. I also picked up these Barry M nail art pens in pink and white to complete my collection (was a bit gutted to find the pink one had been opened and tampered with once I got home, but I can't exactly prove this) and if you spent £6 or more you got this limited edition nail polish. Nail art pens are £4.99 each.

I've heard a lot about Katy Perry' Killer Queen perfume that I decided to pick up the gift set, I paid less then £12.00 for this. I also kind of fell in love the Charles Worthington volume and bounce shampoo and conditioner, I was fortunate enough to go to the Charles Worthington cinema event where we were given goody bags with the new collection in and I just loved it so finding this little beauty amongst the web for just £8.00 was the icing on the cake for me and look at the size of them bottles, absolute bargain! I picked up another Baylis and Harding shower gel set this was only £2.00 and I mainly got it to qualify for free in store delivery. I then picked up this Sanctuary hand wash duo which was down to £5.00 from £10.00 - I really love sanctuary. Yesterday I picked up some slippers from Tesco for just £5.00, (it must of been fate because these were the last pair available and also in my size, when getting a photo online - because I can't photo them nicely - I found they were actually marked at £10.00 because they are in fact new stock) I am more of a slipper sock, fluffy sock kinda gal but my obsession and it is an obsession is so crazy that if I buy one more pair, I'll have to buy new drawers too, it made sense to go for some slippers on this occasion though I had to drag myself away from the sock section despite the slippers being in my basket. I also picked up these jeans from internacionale for only £9.99 using a Love2shop voucher. My town isn't great for shops, so I couldn't get much else therefore will have to go out of town to spend the rest.

I said to myself, I don't need anymore bath sets and I went out and came back with one bath set. My Boots didn't have much left in the sale that I was interested in buying and the Champney's set had one of my favourite scents in the set. I will NOT be making any Body Shop orders in 2014 (new year resolution alert lol) - I really own that much bath stuff! Come end of Jan and I'm going to get my hands on The Mortal Instrument, Glee Season 4 box and probably a few others.

Have you managed to get any great bargains in the sale? Drop a comment and let me know!

Hope you all have a fab night and a happy new year ♡

Sunday 29 December 2013

Fifty Shades | A Book Review

I've read them so much, they've seen better days!
I may of mentioned these in a post way back when this blog began and when I say mention I mean nothing to much in detail. The trio of Fifty Shades books, are amongst some of my favourite reads and I want to tell you why. It doesn't come by surprise that this trio of books have caused quite some controversy amongst the public and it doesn't just stop at the books, it's also the film too. I love nothing more then my favourite reads being made into a film, seeing such good books come alive in front of me (for me personally) is a fabulous, if somewhat geeky book nerd experience. And Fifty Shades is no exception. I didn't see Dakota Johnson or Jamie Dornan being cast for the part because I'd never heard of them. Does that mean I'm going to go into possible meltdown and refuse to see the film? No it doesn't. I loved the books and I'm willing to give the film a chance...

For me Fifty Shades is much more then the obvious (sex), yes it pops up a lot but if you look past that, these stories are so much more. Fifty Shades is exactly what it say's in the title, Fifty Shades. Fifty Shades none other then Christian Grey, sir!  Christian is a deeply insecure, tortured young man, who see's the world in a different light to everyone else around him. He doesn't want to be loved, he doesn't feel the love around him and wants to be in control - so he doesn't get hurt again. This is a man, a gorgeous man by the sounds of it who has so much, yet so little. He keeps himself to himself, doesn't get attached to woman, keeps his family at a distance and has a line of women for submissive purposes the size of an arm. That's all until Anastasia Steele comes running, falling into his office one day. It's a ticking time bomb in his head, that he can't get this young woman out of his head, he goes in search for her and is soon leading her on a path that is totally new to her. (She's a virgin therefore never experienced anything of submissive nature or even sex!) It's then Christian see's light through anothers eyes, he dotes on Ana, get's feelings he's never felt before and it's like life flashes before his very eyes and he wants more too. Of course along the way they face a lot together, Christian introducing Ana to his world, her learning the way of his erotic nature, gray tie and all. It's a beautiful story about a man who is fifty shades, he's been abused, neglected, loved (though he doesn't know this) and damaged. He need's control, he's bossy and will do anything to protect those around him, whilst helping others. He starts to experience feelings and changes the way he once was in the name of love, but that's not without it's problems and getting over things that lie much darker inside of him.

There is so many emotions in these books and it runs much darker and deeper then the obvious. People should look past the obvious and concentrate on what is a deep, romantic yet troubled love story, that is in  my eyes just beautiful and touching.

Fifty Shades of Grey coming to a cinema near you 13.02.15

Friday 27 December 2013

What I Got For Christmas - 2013!

I really lacked in Christmas spirit in the build up to Christmas and really wasn't my excited self. It wasn't until the big day it's self that I started getting into the swing of things - I just love watching others open their gifts and after that the atmosphere was joyful, happy and merry plus the food was delicious. Over the last two days it's actually been sunny but cold up North and now (Friday 27th) we're back to lovely wind and rain, I'd actually settle for some winter snow about now because it's not Christmas without the white stuff, we've had a bit but since it's the UK I expect to see it in Feb or maybe even March which will end up disturbing my trip to London! The last two day's have been so amazing and I've really enjoyed spending time with my family, now it's kind of back to normality until New Year and then a few day's later I'm off to Newcastle. I knew a few of the gifts I were going to get for Christmas but I didn't quite expect to get so much because me, my mum and step dad had agreed on a rather expensive gift to me, so I ended up being rather shocked and surprised but also entirely grateful for just how much I got off them. Not just off them, but everyone else in my family.. I love Christmas hauls and thought I'd share mine with you along with my OOTD over the last two days (Christmas and Boxing day) and what we had for Christmas dinner.


The two boxes of Thorntons are joint, the rest is mine, but I'll share I promise ;)
I told you in my last post I was a chocoholic and wanted to cut down for my New Year resolution and look what happened I got so much and this isn't even including the tin and box I bought when shopping pre-christmas.

I was fortunate to be gifted some gorgeous bath sets, I love Soap & Glory and Nivea. The Nivea soft cream I use everyday, I love it and thrilled I've got a back up. I was really happy to find a Bomb Cosmetics Christmas gift set in my presents, it seems like ages since I mentioned I'd like to get my hands on some products from the brand.

I got a whole bunch of makeup related products including two sets of Real Technique makeup brushes one being Sam's picks. The Sensationail set which was completely unexpected from my parents - I was actually with them when they bought my sister this set and I remember my step-dad saying he was going to go to the bank to get some money out and told us to go into New Look and he went and bought this and I had absolutely no idea, sneaky!. I also got this fifty shades mug and keyring - thanks mum and just to let you know I'm not waiting for any Christian Grey type billionaire to sweep me off my feet (money means nothing to me). I got some really amazing beauty goodies from Barry M, Korres (I own this but almost out), TRESemme, Mac and Dior. Plus I got some money which I've spent some in the Boots sale on Christmas eve and lots of vouchers too from love2shop and Boots. Your probably wondering why I've got the Highway Code book, well this is my most exciting present, my mum and step-dad have agreed to fund some driving lessons for me, I'm so excited. 

I got a new pair of jeans from New Look and this gorgeous top from Quiz.

I'm entirely grateful, I've been so spoilt. It's the one day a year where everyone goes completely overboard!

OOTD - Christmas

This was my Christmas outfit, simple yet a little dressy.
The top/dress is suppose to be a dress but I'm far to tall to pull it off so it's a tunic style top on me.

Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner all courtesy of my Step-dad - It was so delicious. I had a you've been framed moment and managed to empty a full-bottle of salt all over my dinner lol. 

OOTD - Boxing Day

My Boxing day outfit. I decided to wear my wedges again. We enjoyed the day with more extended family and my step-dad and mum put on a buffet type spread - again great foods and I ate too much!

I had such a great Christmas, I hope you did too.

I'll show my Boots Christmas haul soon. Me and my boyfriend got one another a selection of gifts to open but decided we'd treat other in the sales too. I want a couple of DVD's and a box set so will be getting them soon.

Wednesday 25 December 2013

♥ Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ♥

Hi everyone, you may have noticed I haven't wrote a post since Monday that's because I decided to have some time out from blogging and spend time with my family over the festivities. In fact I wrote this post in advance (Sunday) to go live on the big day it's self. This year has gone unbelievably fast and I hope next year is a little slower, I can't believe how life is passing before my eyes so quickly and now that I'm older I understand more why people say life is to short because it really is. Even though the year when by far to quick for my liking I've thought about the future a lot, what I want to do, what I'm passionate about, etc etc. If you have a dream I strongly believe you should try and make it a reality. So with going into the New Year next week I've thought of some New Year resolutions and I'm going to come back to this post and cross them off when/if they have happened.

  • Write, write and write. Blogging but more importantly, my novel.
  • Do more Exercise - I want to be more toned!
  • Cut down on the munchies (chocolate and sweets) 
  • Learn to drive
  • Go to London in March (This will happen, I need to go Harry Potter Studio's)
  • Hope my family are happy and healthy.

Have you got any New Year resolutions? 

I'd just like to say a huge thank you to everyone for following me via GFC, Google+, Bloglovin' and Twitter since I started the blog and for anyone who ever took the time to read what I have to say. I'll be back soon, with more reviews, the usual and a Christmas haul (I love reading Christmas hauls). I hope you have a lovely Christmas and a happy new year.

Monday 23 December 2013

Manicure Monday #12 | Christmas Edition

I won't lie and pretend I'm the best at Nail art because I'm really not. I mainly used Barry M along with dotting tools and nail art brushes, all done by hand. When I want something to be perfect my hand goes all shakey lol. Have you got any Nail art ready for Christmas? Leave your links I'd love to see.

Saturday 21 December 2013

Motel Rocks | My Top Sale Picks & Discount Code

It's that time again, Christmas is just day's away and the sales are beginning. Motel have a fantastic sale with up to 70% off. There's something for everyone and not every piece in the sale is necessarily for winter. There's stunning pastel pieces, skinny jeans and lots of crop tops that will see you well into spring and straight into summer. Above are my top picks from the sale that stood out to me. Students are entitled to 20% off but with my code katem anyone is entitled to 20% off - this is on all sale items and full-priced items too. Grab a bargain in time for Christmas because any UK resident is entitled to next day FREE delivery!

Grab a bargain or a gift for a loved one with my code katem

 Shop here.

All prices mention are sale marked prices, the additional price is with an extra 20% off using the code katem. Prices are subject to change and also whilst stocks last. If you order today please bare in mind it's the weekend and your clothes will be delivered Monday. Also that it's Christmas and busy time for delivery companies.


Friday 20 December 2013

Fashion Friday - Quiz | Getting Ready For Christmas

Is it bad that I'd never heard of Quiz until I went shopping in Manchester the other weekend? I don't know how long quiz have been an established brand but I know you can find them in Debenhams. I have literally died and gone to fashion heaven, everything in that store is exactly where my style lies, something that I've been looking for my whole life because though my fashion choices have spread and I'm more into taking risks, my whole life I've grown up hating it, not liking the fashion I saw and then bam! Quiz hits me in the face just before Christmas. Don't worry I like many other brands and stores now a days but Quiz just don't put a foot wrong after looking online and in store. I'm having a 'confession of a shopaholic' moment, and I'm really thinking about placing my bank card in a cup of water in the freezer before I go wild!

If your more of a casual queen you'll find there's plenty of alternatives to my getting 'dressed up' picks online, so check them out. How gorgeous are my picks though? perfect for over Christmas and into new year or a night out. - Currently drooling at the mouth over the black lace embellished shoe boots.

Happy Shopping!

Images have been taken from Google & Quiz!

Thursday 19 December 2013

My Beauty Compare is every beauty lovers best friend, with a platform of 1500 Brands there's a product that will suit everyone. My beauty compare covers a whole bunch of products, from skin care, makeup, body, hands & feet, hair and fragrance. All you have to do to get started is create a profile, you inform the site of your skin type, hair type then they'll help put together a list of products that will suit you - no more unnecessary products that won't work for you with my beauty compare doing all the hard work, so you don't have to.

Beauty compare help you interact with others who share the same beauty interests with a fantastic forum. You can also help others with beauty advice of hair colour, a great night wear scent and more. You can read their blog, that will give you fantastic advice (improving your skin through what you eat and the vitamins you could add throughout the day, etc) and that's not all, beauty compare have fantastic video tutorials too, from applying false lashes to ombre nail art.

They offer a fantastic selection of different products that you can find by clicking the product reviews, you'll share reviews with others and find what suits you too - you can also add your own thoughts on what you like or dislike.

Click a product, read what others think and then get the best price for the product in question before you make a purchase. Looking around for the best and cheapest price is important to me and the fact you can do it all in one place is just amazing.

Beauty compare have high street and higher department store brands, so there's something that meet's everyone's budget.

Website - here.
Twitter - here.
Facebook - here.

Will you be joining?

Beauty compare got in touch with me via email to do this post. 
Please follow me via Bloglovin' and Google+.

Wednesday 18 December 2013

Another Body Shop Haul

Confession of a shopaholic or confession of a shopaholic when it comes to The Body Shop, since I'm not a shopper. I think my hauls of 2013 have been mainly filled with body shop products, considering I only bought a few goodies two weeks ago and since then I've made another order. I blame body shop and their emails showing me never ending fantastic deals and sales, free delivery over £5.00 and free gifts worth £10.00. The current sale is a fantastic 50% off, I was only going to spend £5.00 because I wanted a couple of the newly released Muslin cloths that retail at £2.50 each or £1.25 in sale, but I left it to late (a night) and by morning they were all out of stock, boohoo! So it's just an excuse to send the other half in store tomorrow and buy one. I was kind of naughty and ended up buying some stuff anyways, I stuck within reason to products I wanted to buy until I saw free gift on orders over £10.00 *Gulp* 

Tea tree facial wash £5.00 - I've recently tried Nivea and Simple facial wash and decided I'd try something different again. This is a 250ml bottle and I only paid £2.50 which is very good value. My skin has been in really bad condition with constant break outs and it really does put a damper on my insecurities, hopefully this helps in some way since it's suppose to help blemished skin - fingers crossed.

This Viatamin E moisture cream was the free gift, it's a good 50ml size and worth £10.00. We can only hope this helps my skin too, especially since it's starting to dry out and get patchy due to the cold weather. 

I decided to get the Aloe calming toner for absolutely no reason, I just did. It's a travel size at 60ml and is worth £3.00, I got it for £1.50. I got my sister for her birthday (19.12) the best selling seaweed toner, maybe we will do a join post on that.

Next up is this facial brush £4.00 - The reviews were really good on this and I'm happy to give anything a go that will improve my skin. I was shocked to see just how small it is, at least it will get it to those creases. I'm glad I paid only £2.00 for this though.

I got this born lippy pomegranate lip balm - full price £1.50, I paid £2.00. I got this because it was pomegranate and was instantly reminded of the korres lip butter and I thought maybe this will be the same with a lovely colour in balm form. I have tried it on and it smells amazing, but I didn't notice any hint of colour, whether it's buildable or not I couldn't tell you. So maybe I'll let you know in the near future.

I'm all about trying to improve my skin and bought another facial buffer after winning one in a giveaway. I love this and happy to have a back up when my other gets some wear and tear.

I picked up this Almond shower gel for just £1.00. £1.00 for 250ml of product (that's with 50% off by the way) I picked this up cause one of my favourite bloggers Laura, loves almond and it reminded me of her and I thought I'll try some nutty product too. Wasn't going to say no for a £1.00. 

And there you go all these goodies for £10.50 including free delivery and a gift worth £10.00. I will get my hands on them muslin cloths, can only hope there in store. Note: I've now picked up a Muslin cloth.

Offers are subject to change and may do so by the time I publish this post. There always on so look online at The Body Shop. Happy Shopping x

Monday 16 December 2013

Barry M - Red Glitter | Manicure Monday #11

You may of seen last weeks Manicure Monday - if not you can here. I spoke about red glitter and how I happened to favour this one over the one in comparison. I know glitter can be like marmite, you either love it or you hate it - I LOVE IT!

I used red glitter for the base, then used snow white from models own to create my first ever snowflake and some snow drops. I did this using nail brushes and dotting tools from my bundle monster set.

Friday 13 December 2013

Fashion Friday - Madam Rage | Getting Ready For Christmas

Please enter my Christmas giveaway to win a 90ml bottle of Lacoste touch of pink perfume link
Worth £50.00 - UK only - ends 19.12

I love Madam Rage clothing and have bought a good quality dress from them before for just £10.00. The prices are really cheap considering the quality and attention to detail. It's even better when you get the clothes at sale prices, that's a time I really look forward too.

This is a perfect contender for the Christmas season, though it's black the attention to detail with the gold metallic trim makes it perfect for Christmas glam. The detail is almost a gold leaf/teardrop look and you can wear it with tights too.

 We don't all like to get dressed up at Christmas, though I do majority of the time I find Christmas is a time to chill out, get merry and eat lots of food so if you want to sit in your onesie like I did last year then why not? Madam rage have a great selection of more casual pieces that will look great for a casual Christmas look, like this jumper. Tartan is very much in right now and I've seen it all over the high street so you'll be surprised this tartan skater skirt only costs £10.00. Tartan really reminds me of Christmas and I think it will look great with this cream chunky over-sized jumper.

 How gorgeous is this? It's bright and fun and the attention to detail is gorgeous. The black lace goes from high neck to around the middle of the back and really adds a lot over all to the dress.

Nothing says Christmas like white, gold and glitter. The more expensive of the three but well worth the money in my eyes. 

This is not a sponsored post. Images taken from Madam Rage.

Wednesday 11 December 2013

Foodie For Christmas

 I love food, more so at Christmas when you can indulge in lots of treats, a mince pie or two. Boots every year do a lovely selection of gifts for all you foodies out there, that are reasonably priced and look lovely for show or on the table. I put together a selection of my favourite bits and pieces for them looking forward to a selection of foodie gifts that are available from Boots and in the 3 for 2 - which is always a bonus!

I love the vintage collection of baking essentials from Rosies Pantry, that includes this duo of cake tins and gorgeous matching cake stand. I'd love to get my hands on the cake tins - I like baking every now and again and don't have any suitable storage facilities for cakes/buns and for only £8.00 it's quite the bargain.

I'm very much a tea drinker (very British) and love this set also from Boots. Both sets are from the brand Twinings and come together with two cups, a tray and a good amount of Twinings tea. The other comes with matching design ceramic tea pot and another good amount of Twinings tea. Both are in the 3 for 2 offer and there's other Twinings products available to buy.

If your a starbucks fan you'll love the selection of treats from Boots. Including this Starbucks hot cocoa duo, including; two ceramic mugs, 2 sachets of hot chocolate and 4 milk chocolate coins.

I love this little set from the Jamie Oliver range, it comes set with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and duo of small bowls. I am a huge lover of balsamic vinegar, especially on top of Bruschetta; delicious.

Next up is this gorgeous little hamper from John Lewis; Hotel Chocolat - the Christmas collection. Chocoholic right here! It's the perfect gift for all you chocolate lovers. Inside is a caramel and cookie wreath, Christmas mess chocolates, sparkling milk chocolate stars, the all mine collection, little chocolate caramel angels and Christmas mini selection.

Next up are a selection of hampers. This is definitely the greatest gift of all for a foodie, a lovely selection of different foods and spreads that you can really indulge in. There's lots a round the web with so much variety and you can get them depending on your tastes or household number. It's easy enough to create one yourself with a variety of different treats that the person/family your sending it to will like. I'm not sure if it works out cheaper or not but then again it depends where you shop.

I love the gifts on 'not on the high street' so much choice and most are very personal. They have a great selection of different foods and this cheese selection is fantastic, with different flavours and a trio of chutney this is fab for those of you who prefer cheese to desert.

And last up is another tea set again from John Lewis, this ones slightly more expensive with prices ranging from £35 - £75, but the attention to detail is gorgeous and it's one tea set I wouldn't mind owning.

Images taken from selected stores mentioned in this post.

Monday 9 December 2013

Barry M vs Kardashian Beauty | Manicure Monday #10

Sorry about the quality of photo's I took them early morning when it was dark.
I found in my collection of nail lacquer that I owned two shades very similar. One from Barry M in 'red glitter' coming to a cheap £2.99 and one from Khroma (Kardashian Beauty) in ' spark' which is a more expensive £8.95. I used both last night before favouring one over the other. I found both were very similar in shade with spark being ever so slightly darker. Barry M's red glitter I found to be thinner in comparison to spark which had a thick consistency. With Khroma you need three coats for full coverage with 2/3 for the Barry M nail polish - I used the Barry M one last night and only needed 2 coats. Because spark is a thicker consistency it's harder to work with and I found at times got a little bit glupey in places especially when layering over a coat of the polish. 

Even though the Khroma polish is bigger, it's only by 1ml. I do like the Khroma polish and best way to work with it, is to make sure the first coat is completely dry, which sometimes take some time due to being thicker and applying it quite thinly may help too. I do however prefer the cheaper alternative from Barry M, the polish is thinner which makes it easier to work with and it applies with a better coverage too.

Saturday 7 December 2013

Merry Blogmas & Competition

Getting into the Christmas Spirit, You have the chance to own a 90ml bottle of the classic Lacoste scent touch of pink. All you have to do is click on the tab at the right with the Lacoste picture and enter via the Rafflecopter then I will pick a winner at random using

Hi everyone, hope you've had a wonderful start to the weekend? I was such a bad blogger yesterday, I forgot to post my Fashion Friday post, me with the help of selected stores giving you inspiration for party wear on the count down to Christmas and New Year. This post scheduled for yesterday will now be live next Friday. I've been having some rather ridiculous early mornings over the last few weeks, which unfortunately have seen my falling asleep way to early; like last night for example, falling asleep on and off from 8pm. I had in my head that I needed to publish the post, it just didn't happen. 

Today I thought I'd bring you a very short and sweet 'blogmas' post, showing you my tree that I have put up - by myself may I add, also quite early for me! 

I am quite traditional at Christmas and it's always been a family tradition to have a fairy on top of the tree, rather then a star. Many people do have a fairy but I like to say it's a tradition I've grown up with and will continue to do. My grandma and grandad have unfortunately passed now and though Christmas is an enjoyable time and we make the most of laughter, joy and many happy returns it's most unfortunate that I and many others can not enjoy that day with them special ones who have now passed. Growing up I remember several little birds, mainly robin's dotted amongst dainty glass baubles on my grandparents real Christmas tree, when I moved into my own place and bought a tree, I bought a few too. Then I went to Botany Bay which is a cute little mill store and went a bit bird mad on the top floor where all the Christmas deco is and picked up lots of pink feathery birds (all different) that are sparkly with glitter and sequins. It reminds me a lot of my grandparents and it's like a piece of them being with me around the festivities.

I also picked up this glade candle yesterday at Tesco's. I've bought one before for my mum with her beauty pamper birthday bag and oh my is it heaven. The honey and chocolate work wonders to bring this relaxing almost subtle vanilla aroma. It's not over powering and it's not to sickly sweet either, but it fills the room with a gorgeous scent. I had this on last night for a few hours in the bath and after whilst watching a bit of tv before passing out on the sofa and I could still smell it all morning despite not being lit. And for £2.00 it's well the worth the money. It comes in a beautiful glass decorated with golden, creamy pattern that's quite christmasy. I've really got into candles at late, thanks to a win I won. I don't own a large collection of candles, though I have quite a few that are for decoration purposes dotted around the house. But when this runs out I'll be definitely going to the shops to buy another.

Thursday 5 December 2013

Small Haul | Boots & The Body Shop

 Please enter my Christmas Giveaway to win a 90ml bottle of Lacoste touch of pink link 
worth £50.00 - UK only - ends 15/12
I managed to collect a good amount of Boots points due to Christmas shopping recently and thought I'd treat myself. Boots have recently started selling Sleek and I've heard a lot about the brand but never tried them plus I've been really wanting a more neutral palette. Sleek are really affordable and I wanted something inexpensive, so it was a winner in my eyes.

This is the 'oh so special' palette £7.99 as 12 shades that are mostly matte and some shimmers. A stunning palette with pretty neutral and pink shades and some perfect for a smokey eyed look, this will take you from day to night. Included in the offer with selected Sleek products is a free lipstick in 'Russian Roulette' worth £4.99 this is a stunning matte dark red perfect for winter. Not bad for some freebies.

I also got a few products from The Body Shop, I received a card in last months Glamour Magazine that would either have £3, £15 or £100 it was no brainer that mine would have £3 off but it's better then nothing.

I really love the Vanilla Bliss range and got this shower gel last year, I also bought the scrub in a sale back in July which I'm still yet to use. The shower gel is just £4.00 for 250ml which I technically only got for £1.00 and also this heart soap which is also from the Vanilla Bliss range for just £2.50. I've had a small one before from the shea range and really liked it. It foams well and makes my skin feel really soft, really glad to have got a large one this time.