Monday 9 December 2013

Barry M vs Kardashian Beauty | Manicure Monday #10

Sorry about the quality of photo's I took them early morning when it was dark.
I found in my collection of nail lacquer that I owned two shades very similar. One from Barry M in 'red glitter' coming to a cheap £2.99 and one from Khroma (Kardashian Beauty) in ' spark' which is a more expensive £8.95. I used both last night before favouring one over the other. I found both were very similar in shade with spark being ever so slightly darker. Barry M's red glitter I found to be thinner in comparison to spark which had a thick consistency. With Khroma you need three coats for full coverage with 2/3 for the Barry M nail polish - I used the Barry M one last night and only needed 2 coats. Because spark is a thicker consistency it's harder to work with and I found at times got a little bit glupey in places especially when layering over a coat of the polish. 

Even though the Khroma polish is bigger, it's only by 1ml. I do like the Khroma polish and best way to work with it, is to make sure the first coat is completely dry, which sometimes take some time due to being thicker and applying it quite thinly may help too. I do however prefer the cheaper alternative from Barry M, the polish is thinner which makes it easier to work with and it applies with a better coverage too.


  1. Them Barry M polishes are incredible and SO cheap total bargain!
    I love the colour you have perfect for the Christmas season hey :):) Subscribe to win a Lush gift set :)

    1. I love them too. These ones are perfect for Christmas.

      I'll check it out! x

  2. I can't believe the Barry M one looks so much nicer due to the more sparkles! xoxo.

  3. Great review, love the Barry M Glitters! New Follower ♥

    Stevie | Stevie Hearts Makeup

  4. i have that barry m polish and it is really great!all of their glitter polishes rare amazing!:)x


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