Monday 31 December 2012

Happy New Year

Firstly had like to say sorry for my lack of posts. I know i said had like to get back into blogging slowly but i didn't mean this slow. Has i mentioned on my christmas haul my mum and little boy have been ill, well i ended up ill too but the good news is me and my little man are on the mend, just got coughs and colds and so does my daughter unfortunatly my mum as ended up in hospital and been there since 27th. So have been visiting her because the hospital she's in is out of town. Not really the best start to 2013 but fingers crossed things work out and pick up for my mum eventually. Right now it's not getting any better, we are just waiting and hoping everything turns out okay when she's taken off medication etc. How ever i wish you all, your families and friends best wishes for 2013 . Have a good night, drink lots, be merry and enjoy. Happy New Year. Much love Kate xxx

Thursday 27 December 2012

What I Got For Christmas - Hellooo...

I am back, woo. Have missed writing on my blog so much, but also enjoyed the break and spending time with my family over the festive period. I am going to get slowly back into my posts for now, but will be 100% committed after new year. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, spent quality time with your family, ate lots of food, watched lots of films and got a tiny little bit merry, i know i did. I am firstly going to talk about my Christmas, my mum works night's she went in ill and ended up seeing the out of hours doctor on Christmas day who diagnosed her with a severe chest infection, my little boy is now on day three of being poorly too and barely eating anything. Thankfully my daughter just has a snotty nose fingers crossed it stays that way. But apart from this i had a fantastic Christmas and got so spoilt, boxing day we chilled out removing all the toys from silly packaging with them tied down with bits of wire and plastic and had a bit of play before getting all glamorous and going out for a meal with my family. Now i love nothing more then a good old haul seeing what people have bought or even received for birthdays/Christmas so i thought had do mine too.

 Soap & Glory - Best of All RRP £60 was £27 
Star Buy of The Week

 Lush Twilight Shower Gel - Click Here To Buy. On sale for £4.25 for 250g
Smellies - Unsure whether this is available due to being limited edition for christmas.

 Ginger Bread House, Fairy Wand, Snow Fairy & Fun Bar in pink.
Majority are unavailable to buy due them to being christmas goodies. However the fun bar is online also for £5.00. Snow fairy won't be around for long, it's on sale. The fun bar is available in other colours but the pink one smells divine. Very tutti frutti, so girly and sweet smelling, the snow fairy is also very similar in scent. Highly recommended.
 Star Dust - Gift set. I wanted this so badly because of the pink sparkly star, but i love the products too. The smell is LUSH.

 Only way is essex - nail bling, Sparkly Shoes new look £12.00 spent with some christmas money, clutch £4.00 matalan, kindle charger, Models Own Brushes with pink make up case, is £15 but got for 7.50 in 50% off sale. Brushes are a dream, so soft and lovely on the face i also got a brow/lash comb and some eyeshadow application brushes.
 Kindle, with pink case and light. Vera wang princess night perfume, fantasy bracelet << buy here. RRP £149 bought for £39.50 (Still available for this price, other colours also) And warren james are selling real silver earrings for £1.00 grab them before they go.
 LYDC London purse, Glee season three boxset. Yes i am a gleek. Smarties
 I am a dvd junkie, and with the remaining christmas money i am buying more dvd's. Step up 4 miami heat, Hunger games, The vow (Channing tatum, hmmm ;) Boots voucher.
 Dotting and Brush tools.
 Hugo boss orange perfume 50ml, with body creams, compact mirror and clutch. RRP £60 star buy of the week around £27. Not a nail polish addict i swear lol. Models own boxsets in both mirrorball and ice cream sundae. Hedkandi - Ibiza Mix, Disco Heaven, Balearic Cool. Lilis pink, pink punch. Beetlejuice - Purple Blue, Indian Ocean & Aqua Violet. I also got glitter polishes from models own emerald city and magenta divine. I also got loads of nail art polish, files, gems etc. All models own were bought in 50% off sale like in september for my christmas presents. I look around and find savings for everyone lol.

 Christmas, isn't Christmas without chocolate and of course a selection box off my mum and step dad.

 Compact mirror/brush and cranberry lippie both body shop. Also in my lucky bag i got for christmas from selfridges was a pack of tissues, eyeko skinny mini, blink eyebrow shape, james read wash off tan, dermalogica faily microfoliant.
 Andrea fulerton oopsi varnish clean up and some funky meerkat tweezers.
 FCUK palette with ten eye shadow shades and five lippie's. Also a compact mirror light weight traveling make up.


I also got The Transformers boxset, fancy biscuits to share with my boyfriend and money. So there you have it, picture heavy but could be worse if i did them one by one lol. I will be reviewing a lot of the stuff in posts in the future and will be doing the polishes one by one as i use them so that is something to look forward too. I hope you enjoyed my christmas pressie haul, had love to see your lovely goodies too. If you want more information regarding any products, etc then please let me know. Whether it's where it's from or how much it was i will be more then willing to try and help. 

Also sorry about the pictures, i just put them on floor and snapped away lol.

Tuesday 25 December 2012

Just like to wish

You, my lovely followers and them who stop by my page once again on this exciting day a very merry christmas. May you and your family have a peaceful and enjoyable christmas. Much love kate. P.s Don't get too merry lol xxx Also if you place a order with mua up to the value of £12 you get £20 worth of free make up from famous cosmetics. This is international so give yourself a christmas treat. You have until 27th please check small print. Never heard of famous before but after checking out there site i love what i see. There is also a sale on just google famous cosmetics.

Friday 14 December 2012

Merry Christmas

& A Happy New Year ♥

 My post's i have wrote will be my last for some while. My internet is almost up, it may well already be whilst i write this but i had to give my followers something and even though it won't last for however long i am gone. At least it's a little something from me too you. I will see you all after Christmas because that's when it tops up again. Fortunately i am getting 10gb more then i have now, yay. I always planned to take a break because Christmas is coming and i want to spend time with my children, boyfriend and family now. So have got everything i needed to out the way and i will be doing loads more post with all my new goodies i receive at Christmas. Despite not writing on my blog, i will still pop by read your blogs, write comments and do a few mini posts with special offers if i see any from my phone. 

I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas & a happy new year just in case i don't post anything before new year.

Much Love

To companies who do read this. Sparkle Dust is PR Friendly - If you wish to get in contact please do at

If you have any suggestions i would love to hear them and will look else where (my mums) for internet. 

She Said Beauty - December 2012

Has most of you will know She Said Beauty will not be distributing anymore boxes. December will be there last box and if you were lucky enough to collect enough points you would get one complimentary box also. Unfortunately i wasn't but they gave me advice to join there recommended beauty box Jolie Box and also a promo code to get a trio of lovely make up goodies too. I jumped at the chance to try another box which won't be until January and see how it goes. I have to say i will miss She Said Beauty, i truly enjoyed getting my box from them every month and the contents of each and every box. I am not 100% sure another box could take there place, they had excellent customer service but i will give Jolie box a chance. I loved what i got this month in my she said beauty box - I haven't used any of them but two so bare with me any i use i will do an individual post in the future. Everytime i do a post on the she said beauty box i always write it in one but it never seems to all fit and messes up again. Any how on to the box. 
This is what was available and below is what i got.

 Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover - £4.99 for 75ml (Full size)
Have used this and i love it, has a nail polish lover i can't believe have never used it before. People are always raving about it but i just didn't realize it would be as good has it is. It as a lovely scent of red fruit and vanilla which is unusual for a nail polish remover. And it's so easy to use, all you do is dip your finger in, twist round and because it's sponged inside you don't even need any cotton wool. Which is great.
 Xmas Treats - Jing Whole Leaf Tea Bags £5.40 for 15 or £30 for 100. What expensive tea bags. Yet to try but i am a tea lover usually tetley but will see.
 Another xmas treat, the amie spring clean cooling clay mask, have had this in a previous box and i am so happy to see it again. Every mask have tried leaves my face with a burning sensation apart from this one. I actually loved how cool and soft it made my face feel. This is worth £1.50 for 15ml - full size is £4.95 for 75ml.

Orico - superico vitamin rich face oil - £28.00 for 30ml i got 10ml.

 Doctor Duve Antu Aging & firming eye cream - £115.00 for 30ml.
An expensive eye cream, one i would never purchase due to the amount and me only being 21 yet it's nice to try something high end.
 Anti-aging & clarifying face cream £129.00 for 50ml.
Again another expensive cream, happy to try this when it's such a high end cream.

Another polish, i love polish. This is full size at only £1.25 for 12ml such a bargain. I am very familiar with technic and own a few polishes from there brand, some better then others. This is a really high pigmented lovely polish you only need 1/2 layers depending on how thick you apply it. It's such a lovely purple with tones of brown throughout. Perfect for the festive season on wards.

Very happy with my contents.

Mua Haul #2

Since discovering MUA i went a little crazy and have bought quite a bit. Stuff i probably didn't need but couldn't resist at such affordable prices and quality to match top brands, why wouldn't i have a splurge. I haven't tried them all properly yet but have done a few swatches on my arm that i would like to share with you.

The Artiste Collection

From top line left to right.

6 Marbled Eyeshadow
Pistachio, Mocca, Ice, Grape, Chocolate and Cookie.

 I love how MUA have started naming there shades, it makes it more exciting and nicer then just the usual shade 1 and so on. Like all MUA palettes and eye shadows there highly pigmented and truly beautiful shades. Have tried Cookie on so far and i am really impressed as always it's such a stunning golden brown. I find some of the shades to be quite metallic like which is great for night time. I got this free on the MUA website when i spent over £6.00 and it's also available free in selected superdrug stores when you spend over £6.00 too. The case as always is modern and quite simple but i find this to be thick and more sturdy then other cases, which i prefer. 

The bottom line from left to right is 2 Blushes, 1 bronzer and 1 highlighter.

Pink sparkle, primrose, Bronzed, Shimmer Kiss.

Have wore primrose and it's a beautiful blusher and gives me colour without it being too much. The highlighter is quite creamy. 

£6.00 on it's own

Extreme Felt Liner 

I love Smokey eyes so much at the moment and after seeing a tutorial on MUA's blog i knew i had to buy this to try and create the same look. This is a felt tip with a thin end but depending on how hard you apply the product can come out thick. The more you apply the darker it goes. When have experimented more with this i will defiantly do a post.

Only £2.00

Intense glitter eye pencils in silver and black

These are only £1.00 each, and each have particles of glitter in each of them with sharpeners at the end to sharpen the pencil. The black is highly pigmented the silver not so much so will need a few layers. There are many colour's available and could even be used has eye shadow, i can't wait to play around with these some more.

Now have got another two polishes, another magnet one Piccadilly circus this is a circle effect and a lovely glitter polish, the colour is gray but has purple undertones. I am still getting use to the magnet and i find it a bit of a struggle but once picked up properly it will be easy enough. 

I also purchased another mystical polish i really liked the last one i got in sea horse and decided to get jelly fish. This is a lovely purple filled with glitter, with two to three layers the coverage is perfect. I have no complains its such a stunning colour and easy to apply.

There you have it. To buy from MUA click here.

Have you seen the new Fur-effect nails from MUA available in 5 colour's. I can't wait to try these.