Saturday 8 December 2012

Winner Of My Give-Away

Thank you for all the people who took the time to take part in my Give Away, it feels like it's been going on for ages but finally the end has come and i have a winner. a Rafflecopter giveaway Nicole was selected at random by rafflecopter. I did try to email you but unfortunately it's failed. Therefore i would appreciate you emailing me at and we will take it from there. You have until tomorrow at midnight else a new winner will be selected. Thank you for entering and Congratulations. Look out for more Give-Aways in the future and remember to enter it could well be you. Much Love


  1. Omg yay I have emailed you xoxxo

  2. Congrats to the winner! xoxo.

  3. Congrats!


  4. How was the x factor? Looking forward to your post, xoxo.

    1. It was so amazing. If you watched it i was behind caroline flack when she did atheinterviews. I was sat at top of steps weren't on cam due to everyone wanting to be on. If they had to kept seated may have seen a glimpse lol. I will write a post got a few pics too not great quality everyone was jumping about, acts were here there and everywhere and with the lighting it kinda impossible. I started writing it today but gave up was on my phone. Hardly got any net left think its due too having blog and downloading loads of pics for my christmas posts usually it lasts. Still two weeks to go until top up but will try do it soon, or at my mums when i go up. Can't upload pics from my phone either for some weird reason. However today i renewed a new contract to give me loads more net yippee only £3 more and get a extra 10gb so get 15gb now woo was paying £15 for 5gb so to get 15gb for £18 is a bit of a bargain. Xx

    2. No I didn't catch it, aww them busy bodies pushing you away. Everyone's so desperate for their 15 minutes of fame lol. I remember going to an event with my friends and they didn't know what it was gonna be exactly about, turned out to be a religious event and the camera man zoomed on them together and then just zoomed on me by myself, I was embarrassed seeing myself on the screen as it was in Westham's football stadium lol. I'm glad you enjoyed it though, a nice break for you! Good news about your contract too, xoxo.


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