Wednesday 5 December 2012

Mua Haul & More

A couple of week's ago i decided to order a couple of products and take full advantage of the 35% off sale MUA were having due to getting 35,000 likes on facebook. Now your wondering why it's taken me so long to blog about my products, i ordered 14.11 and only got them last Tuesday. Now this is quite along time, but MUA had some problem's of there own, a high demand of customers which resulted in there site crashing for at least two days, fortunately whilst everyone was struggling to place an order, i managed to get on and do it. Yet i also happened to be the last one to receive it. A lot of people are complaining about where there delivery is, MUA are overwhelmed with customers and maybe not enough staff to keep ahead of what is now a busy time. Not to mention there 40% off will be starting in the next couple of days to a week. (Where everyone will receive 5 quake polishes free) Now i was going to take advantage of this offer too and had my cart ready until today when i so that MUA had The Artiste Collection available for free with deliveries over £6.00 which comes with six lovely eyeshadows, two powder blushers and a contour shade and highlighter which it's self is worth £6.00. I removed another palette and decided had buy it in the future because i am getting a couple of make up items for christmas and loads of polish and i recently bought four polishes. Three are coming soon which i can't wait to show you and the other is a 2 in 1 base and top coat which i look forward to sharing with you soon. I am wearing it as we speak. So yeah i am a good girl and have ended up getting something for free and spending less even without the 40% off. So proud lol. Anyways these are a few offers coming up like there facebook page to stay update with there upcoming offers. Here are the products -

 The MUA lipboom is a 4 in 1 lipstick & Gloss available to buy from both Superdrug & MUA for only £3.00. These are created with Alexander Burke. They add volume, are glossy, sheer and matte. There are several shades available in the collection, i went for Doin Good. Which is a lovely rosy red shade with a delicious vanilla scent. One side is lipstick and one side is lipgloss. The lipgloss is perfect wear to add some sparkle this Christmas, has it contains high dose of glitter.The lipstick is very matte and high pigmented and looked great on it's own for a day time look or you can add the glitter to take it to night time. I was so excited for this and decided to buy another shade which is the most perfect red but have now decided against this i just think i am to pale to pull it off. Check out MUA's blog for swatches of all shades in the lipboom collection. I have no complaints for this, it's a must have. MUA ship worldwide.

Sorry about the light, your better off trying to look out for the MUA blog to see the swatches, this shade is so much brighter. It's gorgeous, just a shame i can't show you a pic of it's full colour. 

I was so excited to try this out, a polish addict and have never tried magnetic polish until now. I decided whilst buying some goodies to get this and at £3.50 you can't go wrong considering the price of most of the magnetic polishes you can get. I loved this so much have just ordered another one with a different effect. This one is Regent Street and is a lovely shade of purple the patten make's it look like magic coming out of a wand and as a slight sparkle to it. This was my third attempt, the magnet defiantly takes some use to and you do have to get quite close, a steady hand is needed because the magnet cannot touch the nail for obvious reasons. I love the effect though, what do you think?

This is Mystical glitter nail polish in seahorse. It's a lovely brassy gold with flicks of glitter through out, it's not your usual glitter polish where you can feel the glitter particles it's quite creamy and smooth therefore easy to remove. I think this is lovely shade for christmas, once again sorry i didn't manage to get the perfect pictures to show it's fantastic finish. This was only £2.50.

Have wanted a black for a while now, so decided to purchase the MUA one it's not something i will wear often but for a £1.00 i wasn't going to pass it off. There are other stunning shades available for £1.00 in the collection. This is shade 2, and is such a good black polish for it's money it's well pigmented and applies well. I decided to put some gold glitter polish which is glamour glitter from nails inc that you got free in this months glamour magazine. I think it looks fab and really goes well together. Night sky and twinkling star.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Ivory 115

I received last week a very generous sized sample of the new Fit me foundation, all i had to do was fill in a form and it matched my skin tone the best it could. The sample size is 10ml most bottles you buy in the shop are 30ml so i was impressed and have actually been wearing this foundation ever since. It's so light and smells nice, i think i actually prefer this to my current foundation. Even though it's not 100% my skin tone match it's almost close and lighter then what i usually use which for me is a bonus. I am so pale it's hard to find a match and don't think i will ever come near a complete match. This is what the experts say - Introducing our first gel foundation made with no waxes or fillers for coverage that's tailor made for your skin. Our gel formula merges seamlessly with your skin. Skin the way it was meant to be: Fresh, breathing, 100% you.

SPF 18 and available in 18 shades.

Buy here for £7.99

Had like to personally on my blog congratulate Prince William & Princess Kate on the news they are to be parents. I hope Kate get's better soon have to be hospitalized after suffering extremely bad morning sickness. I wish them all the best.

Sorry everything is going in one post it's like my online magazine form lol. Two more mentions to go.

Last night i went to see an exclusive preview after getting some free tickets from VUE cinema's. I think it's out 23rd of December UK. I am a huge fan of Glee and this is on the same level with lots of laugh out loud moments, romance and plenty of comedy. It's such great film, a must watch. I can't wait for the DVD.

And finally is anyone going to the Clothes Show live in Birmingham this weekend? I hope you all have an amazing fashiontastic time. Models Own are to be there for all you polish addicts and have an exclusive nail polish available which will only be at clothes show live for sale and limited edition. It's such a gorgeous glitter, i wish i was going. 

Beautiful, isn't it. Jel of anyone who gets to own this!!

Website of the week - For you BEAUTY L♥VERS.



  1. The MUA magnet nails looks gorgeous! xoxo.

    1. I didn't expect it to be so good considering how cheap it is. My sisters friend paid £14 and there almost identical xx

  2. That magnet nail polish is amazing!!
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    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  3. Oh I am such a MUA convert after trying their nail constellations. Such a good price.


    1. I know such great quality at affordabe prices i am glad i discovered mua xx

  4. Great haul!the magnetic polish looks great!

    Sita xx


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