Friday 31 May 2013

#beautyandthebeach2 competition

I'm back with another Travel Supermarket competition. This time beauty and the beach 2 if you want to enter then do so here. Three winners will be chosen from three categories this includes holiday hair, nails and make-up who will each win a fabulous £500 each and one overall winner who will win a fantastic £1500. I have decided to just enter the holiday nails, the competition ends 5th of June and I just don't have time to put something together in this time especially considering how long it took me to do yesterdays worldwide wardrobe competition - early morning until mid afternoon lol (good job i wasn't doing much). I do however think make up should be kept to a minimum and waterproof mascara is a must have, wavy just got out of sea hair is fantastic all you need is the bumble and bumble spray, and some curling tongs to add a little volume. WARNING - This post will be picture heavy. I have mentioned this look before the first ever time on a previous post but I love this look for holiday and this is for my entry for the competition.

Holiday Nails

Everything you will need for my Holiday 'Ombre' Nails.
First apply a base coat. This will protect your nails from the nail polish you apply with staining. Of course you seal the polish so it lasts longer using it as a top coat if it's a 2 in 1 like mine. Then apply a neutral/white polish you only need one coat - it doesn't matter to much if it's good coverage because you won't see it.
You can do ombre using 2 or more polishes. I have chose these three for my holiday nails - I prefer using three. The shades are Rimmel Baby Bellini, Models Own Lemon Meringue and original Pink Punch. And are the polishes that will create your ombre effect or mine if you want to copy this holiday inspired look.
Then get a make-up sponge and cut it to your nail size. This is usually about half then you can save the other half for another time.
First up is Rimmel baby bellini. You apply a generous amount to the sponge.
Then Models Own pink punch you slightly overlay this over the top of baby bellini but leaving some of baby bellini visible.
Last is Lemon Meringue again you overlay this over the top of pink punch leaving some of pink punch visible this will create your colour fading ombre effect into the next shade.
You need to then start at one side of the nail and press firmly and quickly making your way across the nail until you reach the other side. You have to do this three to four times if your lucky you may get away with two. Bare in mind one generous coat has seen on the sponge will last three fingers to a full hand. It also dries relatively quickly which is always a bonus.

You can leave the ombre nails plain for day and then add glitter for night time. I love ombre nails with this glittery polish. Models Own hedkandi disco heaven. You only need one coat of this and seal with a top coat.
Ombre is a messy thing to do. But it's worth the mess after the final results. Once fully dried you can remove the excess polish using nail polish remover and cotton wool or cotton buds if you have some.

And here are the results. I love it - if I do say so myself. This was my second attempt the first one didn't go to well. I think the shades go together perfectly and they really do remind me of holidays. I think these would be perfect for any exotic paradise destination - they also scream Ibiza at me too. I hope you like.

Five people I've nominated.

Birchbox Haul

Good morning people - I was up early this morning has usual and I'm surprisingly feeling really jolly. The sun's out, the skies are blue and I feel today's going to be a good one. I took a few snaps for you of my town.
How absolutely stunning does this town look today. The photo doesn't do much justice with the sky but it really is sunny with bright baby blue skies lol. Can you believe this is my kitchen/yard view. Looks great from a far. Stunning landscapes.
The reason we are here;
Recently I managed to collect 200 points via Birchbox for every 100 you get £10.00 so i had £20.00 to spend in their e-shop. Yes I'm on a spending ban, but these were technically free so they don't count. I actually bought stuff what was necessary and not just for the fun of it, they were OPI online and that was almost tempting, but i resisted yay.

Today's the last day to sign up and Birchbox will donate £5.00 to charity for every referal.

I got a free sample of the Molton Brown valbonne - not sure whether this was the last sample I got in my birchbox or not because I can't remember the name neither have I had a smell yet. But I wasn't keen, this is actually for both female and male but I found it to be too Masculine for my tastes.

I recently bought Boot's home brand cleanser & toner and have got through it so quickly, there's only about a quarter of the bottle left. With that in mind and a spending ban I purchased the Natio Gentle Skin Toner. I'm really becoming a fan of Natio if you read my blog you will have seen my recent collective haul with another Natio product mention which was also in my april birchbox favourites. This Gentle skin toner has notes of rosewater and chamomile. Pettigrain orange, palmarose and is alcohol-free. On the bottle it claims it's plant-based, refreshes and softens the skin whilst removing any last traces of surface impurities. The blend of essential oils help purify and tighten pores. Also improving skin's 'breathing' process and balancing the skin's natural moisture level. This was a decent 250ml and costs £6.80 in the e-shop. I'm really look forward to using this, so expect a review coming in the upcoming future along with the boot's home brand one.   Next up is Weleda skin food. You will have seen this in my april birchbox favourites. I really love this product, not just because Victoria Beckham uses it even though i kinda like the fact I'm able to use something that she swears by that's inexpensive, so that kind of helps. But the scent is so beautiful and the cream makes me skin feel really moisturised and sink's into my skin really nicely. I got a really decent sized sample in my birchbox that I'm still to use up, a little really goes a long way. Knowing I love this product, it's very important i spent my birchbox points wisely so got a back up. This is a travel size at 30ml but i know for sure it will keep me going for quite sometime and costs less then £6.00. This is actually for rough and dry skin, and even though i don't really have rough or dry skin (only getting dry skin occasionally on my face) i feel it has other benefits. Skin food claim - this a whole body cream for everyday care of dry and rough skin at any age and makes your skin soft and smooth. Apply several times a day with a gentle massage. I actually use this on my facial area, it doesn't create any stinging or burning sensations and it really leaves my skin feeling smooth, soft and generally great. I'm hoping it will help my break-out sort of stop or go away. I haven't been using it every day but every other. At time of writing skin food isn't available to buy in the e-shop.  Lastly is something i hear about a lot. Korres lip butter - I got mine in rose. Now your probably thinking this isn't an essential and why did she purchase it when she's just bought a lip butter from the body shop. Well I had £20.00 in points to spend, it had to be in the £20.00 budget and I couldn't think of anything else to purchase. And i heard raves about Korres lip butters and had been planning on getting a pot in pomegranate which quickly went out of the e-shop. This was the next best shade and a stick which was more convenient in a way. This cost £7.00. I actually heard we are to have a hot-ish summer so with that in mind I wanted to buy something that was minimal on the lips, kept them hydrated and the fact this has SPF 15 in is just perfect. I have tried this and already I want other shades it just feels so lovely on the lips and really glides on. This as such a lovely subtle hint of rose tint to it and is buildable. I'm kind of hoping they get more shades in whether in pots or sticks so i can spend more points on these un-guilty pleasures. At time of writing this korres lip but stick isn't available to buy in the e-shop.  

I have a post coming later today about the raffle - 1 week to enter. Pendleside hospice tab is on the right (please do) If you love my blog I would appreciate if you would nominate my blog for next newcomer at the comopolitan blog awards there's a tab to the right - only a few days left to nominate. Feel free to follow on GFC, Google+, Bloglovin' and Twitter. I'm on she said beauty too. Thank you so much x

Thursday 30 May 2013

#worldwidewardrobe Competition

I am super excited to be taking part in this competition. #worldwidewardrobe from travel supermarket.

Travel supermarket have launched a fantastic competition to combine their love with travel and fashion. They are challenging us bloggers to put together five outfits based on some huge cities around the world. With a budget of £200 per outfit. You can enter all five or just a few. Here is how too Enter.

Destinations include:

  • Sightseeing in Paris
  • Clubbing in Ibiza
  • Shopping in London
  • Cocktails in New York
  • Partying at a full moon party in Thailand

Each category winner will win a dream trip to the destination their outfit was inspired by, plus £200 to buy the outfit - See more at:
 A winner will be selected from each category to win their dream trip plus £200 to spend on that outfit. I hopped at the chance to enter because i absolutely love putting outfits together on a collage and also because my dream is to go to New York and well i love cocktails lol. I won't be entering them all just three places i really want to visit again and my dream destination. 

Total £121.99

I have been to France load's of time's, have even been Disneyland Paris, drove through Paris but have never gone sightseeing in Paris and it's something had love to do one day. I actually watched Monte Carlo yesterday and they were up Eiffel Tower and I said to my sister "I have to do that". My look for Paris sightseeing is very girly, fun and casual, have teamed the dress with flats to keep pain at bay whilst walking around Paris all day. I know french woman have a passion for fashion with prints and jewellery there's so many market stalls with homemade products and one big seller is jewellery especially bracelets. Whenever I go I buy at least one to take home with me. So adding a stack of bracelets was important to me. I couldn't not accessorize the outfit without adding a Beret, very french chic. I also added a satchel, you can wear this two ways, around your body or has a grab bag - it can get in convenient sometimes holding a bag especially with all that shopping (it is Paris after all) so being able to adjust the bag to have less hand luggage is important and you can still look stylish.

Asos - Bag With Side Straps In Colour Block £40.00 (on offer for £32)
Total £179.99

London is one of the most stylish cities in the world so it's important to raise the fashion stakes and be equally as stylish. I have gone for a monochrome look with blacks and whites, this is very fitting with today's trend. The playsuit is very stylish, sophisticated and oozes class and has a fitted gold belt. I didn't want it to be all class and no play so I added a pastel pink blazer to tone down the sophisticated look a little and have it more casual, fun and girly - which shopping is all about. The UK weather is unpredictable so teaming with tights was a must. I decided to go for some ankle boots, I didn't want a huge heel but I wanted some that looked equally as amazing as a pair so them feet don't hurt (it's all about comfort). I fell in love with this bag whilst looking and it just fits so well with the entire outfit the gold padlock goes perfectly with the gold belt. Sunglasses are always a great fashion accessory and Aviator sunnies are well up there in the fashion stakes. I went to London when I was young and I'm just dying to go again sometime.

Ax Paris - Lace Kick Out Skater Dress - £40.00
Debenhams - Silver high heeled peep toe court shoes with diamantee bow from Faith - £55.00 (on offer for £22.00)
 Total £168.00

This is the one I was most excited about the amount of times have mentioned my love of New York and desperately wanting to visit to you people. If I won this trip to New York there's a strong possibility I could cry. Not with sadness but with complete happiness because have wanted to go for as long as i can possibly remember. I hope that one day it happens because it's my dream and even though it's a long way off down to lots of saving that need's to be done to help me achieve that or on the hope that I do win this and I will be closer then ever to achieving this big dream and being the happiest girl in the world - fingers crossed. Anyways the theme is cocktails in New York, cocktail parties are often classy and very sophisticated events. I can't think of anything better that describes classy and very sophisticated then lace, i then added some really classy elegant bow shoes/clutch to give it that really feminine sexy look. Then i went a little bow mad and added matching earrings/bracelet to go with. On my dream trip I would want to look my best, and I think this outfit is so girly and elegant. I think it really works together and will look fabulous having cocktails in New York. Navy and silver = gorgeous.

All prices are full RRP no deductions taken from offers/sales.

Five people I've nominated to do this.

  • sightseeing in Paris
  • clubbing in Ibiza
  • shopping in London
  • cocktails in New York
  • partying at a Full Moon party in Thailand
  • - See more at:

  • sightseeing in Paris
  • clubbing in Ibiza
  • shopping in London
  • cocktails in New York
  • partying at a Full Moon party in Thailand
  • - See more at:
    Here at TravelSupermarket, we have launched a fantastic competition that combines our love of travel with your love of fashion. We are challenging fashion bloggers to put together five outfits to wear in five different destinations enjoying various activities, with a budget of £200 per outfit. - See more at:
    Here at TravelSupermarket, we have launched a fantastic competition that combines our love of travel with your love of fashion. We are challenging fashion bloggers to put together five outfits to wear in five different destinations enjoying various activities, with a budget of £200 per outfit. - See more at:
    Here at TravelSupermarket, we have launched a fantastic competition that combines our love of travel with your love of fashion. We are challenging fashion bloggers to put together five outfits to wear in five different destinations enjoying various activities, with a budget of £200 per outfit. - See more at:
    Here at TravelSupermarket, we have launched a fantastic competition that combines our love of travel with your love of fashion. We are challenging fashion bloggers to put together five outfits to wear in five different destinations enjoying various activities, with a budget of £200 per outfit. - See more at:
    Here at TravelSupermarket, we have launched a fantastic competition that combines our love of travel with your love of fashion. We are challenging fashion bloggers to put together five outfits to wear in five different destinations enjoying various activities, with a budget of £200 per outfit. - See more at:

    Tuesday 28 May 2013

    What's In My Handbag

    I have never done a what's in my handbag post. And what better time to start then with a competition. Money Supermarket are once again giving us bloggers the opportunity to win not 1, not 2 but 3 prizes all Mulberry related. A Mulberry Bayswater shoulder handbag, purse and phone case, in a colour of your choice worth £1000. Also six runners up will win £25 asos vouchers, that have been kindly sponsored by I love my bags but have never owned one over a £100 never mind a few hundred so had love nothing more then to win this, I also love asos. You can enter here

    The design of this bag is Fiorelli. I got this from Debenhams in the blue cross sale for less then £40.00 full price is £49.00 and it's on sale again at the moment with free delivery. It's a black small leather suedette trimmer grab bag, i love that it's got strap so you can wear it round your shoulder when your hands are full etc and it's more convenient. This isn't neither to big nor to small and it's plenty of space for all your bits and bobs plus little pouches and storage areas with zips. 

    Paul Boutique Purse filled with the usual various cards, provisional etc. Two of my most important (money saving) cards are of course Superdrug beauty card and Boots advantage card. Collection points, treating yourself or saving to take huge costs off at Christmas. I need a new bigger purse it doesn't fit all my cards in practically I literally have to empty majority to find the one I need plus it pops open due to the amount of coins in the coin section.

    Body shop lip butter, passport, comb, Odeon cinema ticket, The body shop compact brush/mirror, a pack of tissures, mua power pout, sexy mother pucker lipgloss, a tin of hand cream, two bobbles and some soap and glory body butter.

     I occasionally pop my camera in my bag you never know if you might see a beautiful scene that is a photo op - I have a pretty basic camera Sony cyber-shot. I bring my Kindle with me occasionally too, this i believe is the second one that was released. I didn't think to ask for a kindle HD fire. Keys (I absolutely love Eeyore, huge obsession got few keyrings of nights out and family.) Sunglasses from Primark, my prescription glasses which i didn't photograph because i need new ones these have broke so many times plus the lens are seriously decked and last but not least my phone just a Samsung galaxy ace i could do with a phone had this for quite sometime now (a year and half lol).

    Roll on, deodorant and a pen. I occasionally bring along a pad and my pendleside hospice form for obvious reasons. (If you wish you can sponsor me using the pendleside hospice tab on the right, here you will find more information and there is a raffle)

    So there you have it. Various handbag stuff that's in most girls. I don't tend to bring my make up bag out when i do just a few basics like lip products that occasionally need touch-ups.

    Five people I will refer to enter are:

    Veet Easywax #2 (shorter leg hairs & armpit)*

    You can see my first review of the Veet easywax home kit here. I decided to do a part 2 review on this because my leg hair was longer last time, my hair was relatively longer then I would usually allow it this time but enough to wax and shorter then the first time. Remember I am a Bzzagent and got it free.

    First up I'm going to do the review about the wax on a delicate area - the armpits. Which my sister kindly allowed me to do after growing them for a week. Safe to say she only allowed me to do the one i will explain after the photos. 


    You can see in one go a lot of hair was removed.

    But a lot of hair remained. Think she let herself get a little too hairy lol.
    My sister's experience with the delicate armpit area wasn't great. She say's "It hurt more on the armpit area then it did the leg." It did remove a lot of hair and would probably have removed all of it after a few strips but it hurt my sister so much, she could only bare the pain from one strip. It also bled in that area after i removed the strip.

    My leg - with shorter hair.


    So second time round was a slightly more positive experience. I could officially say I've done this before and knew exactly what to expect. So it was more pain free. I won't go into the product to much, you can pop over to my first post to have a look at that info if you wish. So as planned i did the wax on shorter hair, not to short nor to long due to my sister having better experiences with shorter hair and i can now officially say this product is better on shorter hair for me personally but hey everyone's different. Even though after just the one strip it didn't remove the entire patch of hair, it did remove the majority.

    Will you be buying?

    My raffle ends on the 07.06 (next Friday) please sponsor/enter. More information on the pendleside hospice tab - you can donate worldwide.

    If you love my blog then please vote for me on next newcomer cosmopolitan awards. On the right hand side cosmo tab. Also if you like my blog feel free to click the GFC, Google+, Bloglovin & Twitter tabs. I'm on she said beauty too.

    With code EASYWAX4 entered via the discount code box when purchasing your order you can enjoy an extra 50% off. This product is worth £29.99, right now on amazon uk the product is just £17.99 so you get 50% off that which is less then a tenner and free delivery.

    1. This promotional claim code expires on June 30, 2013 and is specific to a Veet® EasyWax Electrical Roll On Kit and can only be redeemed against this item while stocks last.
    2. This promotional claim code must be redeemed at and cannot be redeemed at,,,, or at Marketplace or at any of's Trusted Partner sites.
    3. The promotional claim code cannot be used to pay for Gift Certificates.
    4. The promotional claim code has no cash redemption value and is not transferable or assignable.
    5. If the order exceeds the amount of the promotional claim code, the balance must be paid by credit or debit card.
    6. Please use the Shopping Basket rather than 1-Click ordering method when paying for an order with the promotional claim code.
    7. Normal terms and conditions of purchase and for using the website apply.
    8. This promotional claim code may not be used along with any other and is limited to one Veet® EasyWax Electrical Roll On Kit per basket per customer.

    Saturday 25 May 2013

    Maybelline & Barry M Nail Polish

    First up is the limited edition Maybelline Color show in polka dots. I got the shade speckled pink, there is a small selection of shades to choose from I mentioned before that I was spoilt for choice and really wanted them all but went for this shade mainly because it was more spring. I was in superdrug half an hour and my mum was getting a little annoyed with spring in mind I made this choice. Nail effects are huge at the moment, I haven't got my hands on loads of the effect polishes but with this being relatively new and limited edition I decided to go for it and for £2.99 you can't go wrong or free in the 3 for 2 however you want to look at it. The polish it's self is quite sheer and needed at least 3/4 coats but depending on where the dotty effect decides to spread you may get away with less. The dotty effect did spread evenly. I quite like the effect the only negative is lasting power, this chipped relatively easy but I suppose if your not doing anything hectic then it will last much longer.

    This one is Barry M black multi-glitter. It's got glitter throughout it comes to a matte finish and applied well in one coat but I finished with an extra coat for better coverage. I did this on Thursday (Saturday 25th now I'm writing this) and only one's chipped ever so slightly. I did add some glittery spots to it from Models own normal glitter polish collection using some dotting tools. This was only £2.99 and can be found in the normal nail paint section.

    There is only a day and half left to enter my raffle. I'm only £24 off raising £100 for Pendleside hospice. That means I only need 12 of you to enter to reach that goal. That's £2.00 a ticket to be in with a chance of winning a selection of cosmetics worth £50 and I will pay postage anywhere in the UK. That mean's your paying just £2.00 for £50 worth of Make-up and helping charity. I am walking 8 miles at midnight this Saturday for this great cause - I would really appreciate your help and support please. Ask friends, ask family - you do NOT need a blog!! And enter using Just Giving and the Pendleside Hospice tab on the right. (It's all done via rafflecopter) Come on people it's not a lot :P

    Collective Haul & Recent Wins

    Don't worry these were bought before my spending ban lol. 

    Maybelline colour show limited edition polka dot in speckled pink.
    The shades in the collection are beautiful i was spoilt for choice and really wanted to walk away with at least three of them but i settle for speckled pink with it being spring this colour seemed more appropriate. £2.99

    Natio gentle foaming facial cleanser. I got a sample of this in my birch box it doesn't foam like i expected it too but it makes my skin feel extra smooth and cleansed. The sample did last around three weeks, after I cut the tube in half to get even more product out. Have never thought to do that before on any products so there's a money saving tip for you unless you already do it of course. This was in the beauty event sale at Debenhams for less then £5.00 with free delivery. I was actually going to purchase this using my Birchbox points when I got to £20.00 worth next month, fortunately yesterday someone clicked my referal link so I made the amount unfortunately this and another product I planned on getting had gone out of stock, I knew about the Natio cleanser going a few weeks ago so was gutted to find the other had gone out of stock too. So I decided to choose two others. So expect a haul coming soon (since it was free, this doesn't class as a part of my spending ban but the things I did get was very responsible and not got for the fun of it. I used my brain first. Look out for more on that coming soon) If you want to join Birchbox click my referal and Birchbox will donate £5.00 to charity all purchases made in the e-shop at birchbox online they will donate a extra 30% and it's free delivery throughout May.

    Rimmel Stay Matte in peach glow. I love this stuff and have been using this exact shade since high school and i have never though about trying another brand. I purchase it about 1/2 times a month. Not only does it create a matte finish this also lightens my foundation slightly. (I get the lightest foundation from the wake me up range and it's still a little too dark but only ever so slightly)

    I usually get the Sally Hansen nail polish remover but i decided to budget and go for something a little cheaper. That's where the Superdrug brand comes in. I think we all no what it does so I'm not even going to go into it lol.

    Finally my freebie in the 3 for 2 offer was a Barry M polish. I didn't get any of the new stuff that's come out recently and went for the black multi-glitter. I don't have any black polishes with a glitter to them and i know it's not exactly spring/summer but i don't care lol.

    On day one of my spending ban i was fortunate enough to win this from a Glamour Magazine competition. The body shop body butter in strawberry. I love my butters but never tried any from the body shop this is 200ml worth £13.00. It smells so good, remember them 5p chewing gums you could get with the juicy center that's exactly what the scents like.

    Yesterday was day two of my spending ban and i won this competition lol. I always win stuff when I'm on spending bans have not won anything since my last spending ban which was about a month ago. This is a Acrylic cosmetics organizer which will be stocked with the Kardashian beauty products worth approx 1000 euros which is around £900. I couldn't believe it they are to choose another winner at 15,000 likes over at their new facebook page here. Good luck if you enter. I can't wait to share with you what comes.

    I would be ever so grateful if people will take a minute to click on the Pendleside hospice on the right and donate towards this fantastic charity this will include the chance to participate in an amazing prize worth £50.00 you can donate via text too. All information can be found on the tab. Also if you love my blog i would love for you to vote for me in the cosmopolitan newcomer blog awards which can be found on the cosmo tab on the right. If you like my blog feel free to click the GFC, Google+, Bloglovin' and Twitter tabs. I'm also on she said beauty.

    I would just like to take the time to express my deepest sympathy to the solider who was taken in very tragic circumstances in Woolwich the other day. Drummer Lee Rigby of the 2nd Battalion the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers who has also serve in Afghanistan, much loved son, brother, husband and father to Jack (2) who will be missed. On the day he was killed he was wearing a help for hero's t-shirt since his death people have put together and set up a facebook page like here to pay your respects. Also the admin behind this set up a Just Giving sit to raise money to Help for Hero's which Lee was obviously very passionate about since then the public (people around the world) have raised over £90,000 via this just giving page here. This is just one page that's going on the Just giving site and the estimate donations that have flooded in since lee's death are nearing 1 Million. If you can donate please do. R.I.P <3 Thoughts are with family, friends and all loved ones. 

    Friday 24 May 2013

    Beautiful Creatures Inspired Make-up (Dedicated too Inez) & Two Reviews

    Firstly had like to give my apologies for my mush being on your screen. I do not take photo's of myself because I'm not a very photogenic person. I take photo's i am NEVER in them. But for months now the wonderful Inez has wanted me too do a make-up look (something else I'm not very good at) and she asked again so i decided to do one for her. During this conversation we actually was speaking about Beautiful Creatures so i thought that would be the look i would aim for. So of course i used mainly Barry M, (due to winning the Beautiful Creatures competition with them and the make up being very much inspired in shades by Beautiful Creatures) some Rimmel and a little Benefit & MUA.

    Make up that was used is:

    • Rimmel - Wake me up foundation in ivory.
    • Rimmel - Matte powder in peach glow.
    • Barry M - Natural dazzle bronzer.
    • Barry M - Eyeshadow in shades E2 (black with shimmer) E4 (purple) and E6 (green). (sorry the photo of my eye's not great - bad lighting)
    • No7 - Stay perfect eyeshadow in innocence for a base.
    • Mascara's - Benefit they're real & Rimmel london lash accelerator endless mascara (yes two lol)
    • Lipgloss - Make up academy doin good lip boom & Barry M Lip gloss wand in toffee.
    I used two different shades of lip products because in majority of the film Lena's look is simple and neutral but in parts of it when the films dark and gloomy there's stages of a dark look which is where the doin good lipstick comes in.

    Benefit ther're real mascara

    I got this free in this month's Elle magazine, I was really excited because have never tried Benefit before and have heard so much about them has a brand all positives. I really like the mascara it lengthened my lashes beautifully ideally i would of preferred more volume wise because i felt they stuck together a little in places. The only negative for me is the wand, the brush is so large considering the size of the pot it being only a mini and i don't dare get it anywhere near my bottom lashes which is why Rimmel mascara came in. This costs £9.00 at most stores that sell Benefit but i go it free.

    Barry M lip gloss wand in toffee

    I really like this it doesn't bring a whole lot of colour to the lips, it's very neutral and glides on really smoothly making it perfect for everyday use. It's not sticky and has quite a glossy feel to it. And the scent is so amazing. The wand is just your average wand.

    Thursday 23 May 2013

    Urban Decay Palettes

    So i got these palettes for my birthday back in march, how super fast did that go. This is the Urban Decay Roller Girl palette. The palette contains four beautifully pigmented eyeshadows three neutral shades verve, suspect and darkhorse. These shades are perfect for creating that smokey eyed more neutral look or a more toned down one depending on what you fancy. Verve and suspect are quite metallic looking with darkhorse being less so. I think woodstock is a great addition to the roller girl palette it's a beautiful pink which is a fun pop of colour and something i wouldn't wear alone but for that pop of colour to create a fun eye look it's perfect. Whiskey is a miniature eyeliner it's very pigmented i personally wouldn't wear it on my lash line but i probably will on my eye lids near the lashes. Crush is a additional bonus to this palette a lovely lipgloss. I didn't find it to be sticky and it really adds that lovely pop of colour to a everyday look and will look great with a more toned down, neutral look with a pop of colour on the lips. This is £14.95 at cheap smells. This is not to big either making it the perfect addition to pop in your travel bag on holiday. I don't know about you but me personally likes to have a really toned down neutral shades whilst on holiday with just a pop of colour on the lips. Keeping it quite simple. The fact it comes with a built in mirror makes it perfect. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous.

    Woodstock is a dark fuchsia pink with a soft frost finish. Very pigmented, super smooth. This is permanently available.

    Verve is a pale, muted taupe brown–like a lighter Mushroom. This is an exclusive shade to this palette.

    Suspect is a muted champagne bronze with a frost finish. This shade was in the Book of Shadows, Vol. III.

    Darkhorse is a dark, sultry bronze shimmered brown. This shade was in the Naked and Feminine palettes.

    I also got this for my birthday for just £19.45 from cheap smells also. Not going to lie when i purchased both these palettes on behalf of my mum they were a little cheaper i think at the time. This fun and as a quite a disco feel to it. With the shiny silver mesh in the middle - very disco ball. It comes in a suede type compact with another built in mirror. Inside are two basic applicators, i haven't used these because i have my own brushes like all girls. It comes with a rainbow of colours including neutral shades and pop colours. This palette is perfect for them who are very adventurous and love colour. The amount of looks you would be able to create with this is fabulous. Have not played around with this one to much. The photos didn't do much justice at the time, but they are more vibrant and bold when applied. This also came with a small travel size Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I haven't even opened this because eyeshadow primers for me i'm a little unsure of, have tried one and i wasn't overly keen but i think i will give it ago again sometime. 

    Fishnet (light purple)
    Honey (gold)
    Ransom (dark purple)
    Graffiti (green)
    Zero (black)
    Peace (turquoise)
    Shag (bronze)
    Scratch (champagne)
    Underground (fawn)