Friday 10 May 2013

Dainty Doll Haul

 I got a collection of Dainty Doll products for my birthday relatively cheap considering the RRP price. Now Dainty doll is everywhere at the moment, considerably cheap Fragrance Direct (please note a lot of stock is now gone) Amazon and Ebay.

First up is mascara "Good Gosh Miss Molly" - love the name. I haven't used this really only wearing it for this picture, i haven't used the liquid eyeliner at all and most likely won't i don't have a very steady hand. I only paid £1.99 which is a complete bargain the RRP is at least £10 more. Now i firstly have to mention the brush, it's a scary brush. Quite big considering the mascara is quite a mini mascara with the eyeliner being at the other end. I didn't even dare do my bottom lashes. It's not one of my most favourite mascaras i have to say. I did notice length but my eye lashes are spread to far apart for my liking which makes them look a little clumped in places with spaces.

Eyeliner "I'm so pretty". This is a pencil eyeliner and i bought it to use on my eyelid lash line more then at the bottom. I haven't yet but i did apply it to my hand and i found it to be quite a pencil crayon feel and hard which resulted in not a lot of product and me having to press down hard to get good pigmentation on my hand. This will probably change once the pencils worn down a bit and it's easier to apply and play around with. I wish the formula was a little softer. For 99p i'm not complaining but i wouldn't want to pay the full price. I prefer my BeautyUK pencil liner.

How absolutely stunning is this lipstick. Out of the Dainty Doll collection this is one of my favourite products. I have to say the lipstick is a little brighter. This one is "Its my party" and the perfect summer lipstick more night time wear then daytime but that's a personal opinion. It's a little glossy but not extremely and glides on the lips easy enough. This is a bright pink but definitely has some red to it. It comes in a beautiful matte dainty doll bullet styled packaging. There are 8 shades in total in the Dainty Doll lipstick collection from neutrals to bold statement shades. I also got a So Vain lipgloss this is a clear lipgloss and the one lipgloss available in the Dainty Doll collection. It's perfect for slipping over a lipstick to give it a more glossy feel and i actually prefer the lipstick this way. The picture in the top left corner is with gloss and the bottom right one is lipstick alone. Both are/was available at fragrance direct for just £1.99 each. If unavailable remember to check amazon or ebay.

Originally i ordered Orange Country Girl on behalf of my boyfriend off amazon. But i got My Girl and it was broken. Neither me nor my boyfriend checked at the time of receiving it and wrapped it up giving it to me on my birthday. I was a little disappointed i mean it's one thing it being different but for it to be broken too was a let down. I was grateful for my gifts though and my boyfriend ordered me the correct one off ebay and it came in one piece yay. Orange country girl is a cream blush, it's not majorly creamy but you don't need a lot either. I have only done swatches on my finger and a little goes along way. Its fairly pigmented and it's so beautiful. I am almost tempted to never touch it. It's a orange/pink shimmer with specks of gold glitter throughout. My girl is a fair pale pink powder blush. I think you will need a little more then orange country girl to make the colour slightly visible. You buy different shades from fragrance direct for £1.99 mine are from ebay/amazon for £3-£4 including postage.

All in all i think Dainty Doll is a good collection, some products better then others. Bigger boot stores have these however on my recent look online they weren't available the prices are around RRP though. Unsure whether their being discontinued or not. Its great to see a range for us milk bottles lol.
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  1. The shades look lovely on you. The best thing about the liquid eyeliner is that its a really deep black. I hope you enjoy your weekend hun, xoxo.

    1. I was just looking at the picture of my lipstick pout lol. My teeth looking like their really grimey. I can assure you their not it's just the lighting lol xx

  2. I'm just about to try a few of the Dainty Doll blushers which I got from Fragrance Direct. I'm a new follower of yours - found you via Northern Beauty Blogs' bloghop

    Claire x

    1. Thank you but no request came through unfortunately. I added you on google+ but will look at your blog when on laptop. I hope you enjoy your order i love fragrance direct x


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