Thursday, 16 May 2013

Birchbox Favourites #1

Have decided to start a mini series every now and again about my favourite products i get in my monthly subscription to birch box. If they truly catch my eye and i love them they will get a mention - it's not that i don't like everything else in the box but everyone's allowed a favourite product right.

This is from April's birchbox and it's all about skin care. First up is -

Weleda skin food - This was a very generous sized 10ml and with this a little really does go a long way. It's used for dry and rough skin. Formulated with plant extracts traditionally used to soothe the skin. I actually used this on my facial area and it applied fantastically and worked wonders for my skin (the reason Victoria Beckham uses it). I absolutely love the scent of this, it's got a floral almost fruity scent to it. This is a reasonable £5.95 for 30ml and can be bought here at the birchbox e-shop. It's also worth mentioning that through out May 30% of all sales made in the e-shop go to a breast cancer charity also every friend who signs up through a referral link they will donate a extra £5.00 towards the charity. Here's mine if you wish to do so  Next up is -  Natio gentle foaming facial cleaner - The best part of this is a little really does go a long way, again a decent sized sample of 20ml. You only really needed two pea sized amounts of this and it didn't foam that well but i can't help but love it. It was really soft and gentle on the skin and left it feeling really smooth and cleansed. Made with sandalwood, shea butter, calendula, rosewood, jojoba and lemon it's a mixure of fantastic ingredients. The main smell i think is sandalwood but i might not be spot on for me personally it's hard to describe the scent. I think i used this up in around 2/3 weeks using it everyday and night. I really want to purchase this again sometime i was going to use my birchbox points but unfortunately it's unavailable in the e-shop but i'm pretty sure if you want to purchase then google and it will pop up somewhere. I believe it's around the £10 mark but if you look around you might walk away with a great little bargain. The joys of amazon, etc.  

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