Tuesday 30 July 2013

Collective Haul

  • Rimmel London Nail Rescue - I'm such a nail polish addict and tend to paint my nails three, maybe four times a week. It never occurred to me the damage I was doing to my nails, until they became weak and kept breaking. I read somewhere that you should leave at least one week a month free of nail painting. Anyways I researched some nail products and along side a cuticle cream I've been using this nail rescue. It's been a week and half since I last painted my nails, and I'm still going strong. I've been using this since Friday and really starting to notice a difference. It's a two week treatment. I did my research and someone say's this is a great dupe for O.P.I original nail envy which retails for £18.65. This was less the a fiver so is definitely worth ago. I'm going to be doing a nail damage bringing them back to life sort of post next Friday when the treatment finishes so watch out for that.
  • Amie spring cooling clay face mask - one word finally! I've wanted this since February and only the other day did I finally get my hands on it. Want to know how popular and hard it is to come by, it's not even available on the Amie website, not online at Boot's and not even in store. I searched high and low for this with no luck. You can however get your hands on three 10ml satchets for £1.50 which will give you about three applications depending on how thickly you apply it. I've expressed my love for this mask on many occasions since getting samples in my she said beauty box last year. I finally found it on amazon with a company called Beauty Naturals for less the £5 and 99p postage which isn't bad at all for 75ml worth of product. They actually have there own website here. This is sure to be a popular website amongst beauty lovers with brands such has organic surge. I'm so happy with this mask I'm just dying to try more from amie. 
  • Sandals - It's July, half way through summer and all I want is a freakin' pair of sandals. Do any stores have them? Barely! Seriously why is A/W13 out in July then you find sandals on the shelves come end of winter. Primark, no. New look, no. H&M, bit of a waste of time. Now I'd happily shop online if my shoe size wasn't different in different stores but they are unfortunately. Anyways I came pass this pair in a store called Deichmann. Not sure how many stores this company has but I was running out of shops. This pair isn't what I had in mind but when they catched the light I quickly fell in love and paid for them. And for only £17.99 not a bad price at all. There so comfy.
  • Primark - My name's Kate and I'm addicted to any kind of sock. When ever I go primark I always leave with a pair of socks, or two, or three or six. In fact only thing I ever buy from primark are socks, or slipper socks. Pj's occasionally and sunnies. I saw these and put them on the counter whilst my other half was paying for what goods my sister bought. For only £1.50 each I couldn't resist. 
  • If you've been following my blog for a while you'll know I have a passion for writing stories. It all started in primary when my class had to do a story for our English work, this is when my passion for fantasy started and I wrote my little piece of magic. I ended up winning Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban and quite possibly a gold certificate. Anyways I'm currently writing a story (I've taken a little break to refresh my mind, think up more idea's) I'm going away real soon and I thought what better way to write up new Idea's then in new surroundings so I bought a notepad not the smallest but it will fit in my blog which I'll now have glued to my side just for this reason. It's lovely with beautiful ombre animal print. And was only £2.00 at Asda. 
  • Cadbury dairy milk limited edition for summer strawberries and creme - I blame Laura for this purchase, hehe. Only Joking if your from the 'M' family you'll be born a chocoholic. Reasons for my trip to Cadburys world next month, yes I'll travel two and half hours to step into chocolate heaven. (A review will come) I'm the girl who steals all the orange and strawberry cremes from the roses/quality streets at christmas. So when I saw this on Laura's blog I just had to have it too. I've not tried it yet, but maybe I'll do a little piece below a post when I have. £1 Asda.
  • Red Or Dead Glasses £99 - Specsavers (coming Tuesday so took photo off website)
It's also my little boys birthday soon so we picked up a few items that we ordered online, where I treated my daughter to a few new tops and a pair of new shoes. I just love her new shoes they have a vintage feel. Only £5.00 from George, asda (we are fortunate enough to have a full-sized shop in our home town just for george)
They have a trainer type pump bottom.

 Too cute! Buy them here

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Sunday 28 July 2013

Hop Into Summer With These Trendy Summer Nail Shades.

 I miss my long nails *sobs* I had a bit of a bad break and my nails looked ridiculous not being around the same length so I took the decision to cut them I had to cut them real short. Now I think back to my biting nails days and wonder what the hell I was thinking! You'll see on some posts my nails are shorter this is the reason and my posts have ended up being mixed up a little via some photos being older then others.

This is Reign In Spain a beautiful mixture between a coral pastel gone neon. I got this in my Birch Box in June and this exclusive to birchbox polish is available in four shades. Don't get me wrong the polish is beautiful once you get full coverage the application can be some what of a nightmare with streaks and to get a good coverage you need a quite a few coats. But the end results are worth it right?.

One Perfect Coral I got in my very cheap really good value exclusive Latest in Beauty Glamour edit box. How perfect, bold and vibrant is this polish I'm literally in love just looking back at this photo. I can't believe I've only wore it this one time *runs to get the nail remover out*. The application was really good, I love creamy polishes that give great coverage. I think this probably has a top coat on which is why it's got a real beautiful shine. Think looking at these photos as made me want this to be my summer staple polish.

Thursday 25 July 2013

Competition Update

Hi girls so has you all know, I have two giveaways running. This is still the case but there's been a few slight changes on entering you only need to enter to tweet about it once now. Also you don't have to enter the Firmoo giveaway to enter my 1st blogs birthday giveaway now either. I have also extended the giveaway due to lack of interest plus I'm going to be going away and wanted the giveaway to run in that duration.

Now available is all above which will come in a beauty pouch. Except the exclusive to Birchbox color club polish which won't fit in the pouch but will still be part of the prize. I've also decided to throw in a really fab surprise but you'll have to be in it to win it then you'll see what it is once the winners announced and received their prize. The rules can be found here along side where you can enter too.

Nothing's changed on this one but I thought I'd give you a reminder due to it ending in a week. I'd love for you to enter which you can do here. The good news is this one is international (Check T&C to see if delivery is available to your country)

I'd really love for people to enter my giveaways. 
Good Luck!

Wednesday 24 July 2013

MUA Mosaic Bronzer In Sunkissed Glow

I'm such a lover of Makeup Academy (MUA) and I don't think affordable cheaper brands can beat them when it comes to quality. I've had this for ages now because I love nothing more then having a natural looking sunkissed glow to my cheeks. This gives a subtle glow but is buildable too. And I really like the product but not as a whole, I am a paley and I definitely found some of the shades to be a little too dark for my skin tone even with a tan I think some shades are too dark. I've put a butterfly on the section I've used with the shades I like. I reckon they should do a Mosaic Bronzer Sunkissed glow 2 (keep the original going still) but have the shades that I've put a butterfly on, so there's something for us paleys in the sunkissed group I definitely prefer a bronzer to a blush if I'm honest. However for £2.50 it's worth the risk of purchase to see if it suits you I got it in the 50% off sale (Told you I've had it ages). You can purchase it here.

Tuesday 23 July 2013

Touch Of Magic Lip Paint | Barry M

When I saw this popping up on almost everyone's blog around the blogging community I knew I wanted it straight away. I've never heard of anything such as a magical lipstick which was completely misleading to the eye, green yet turns a beautiful shade of pink on the lips. It was quite the novelty and one I was willing to part with my cash for. I was however pleased to see I had enough Boot's points available to purchase this as a treat. This lipstick is totally unique to every individual going a shade of different pinks depending on your skin tone. It's well worth the £4.49 and is waterproof on the lips making it really hard to come off it's almost like a lip stain and is really moisturising too. On me it's not too bright so it can be worn for both day and night.

My fringe has had a trim since this photo. Also I'm so done with spending bans, I can never follow them. However I don't actually spend a lot of money when I do so they seems no point to these spending bans. But I will be cutting back now I have almost a store full of bath products and nail polish.

Friday 19 July 2013

Kardashian Beauty Win & My Make-up Collection

Back in May I was fortunate enough to win a Kardashian Beauty or Khroma competition which included some Kardashian acrylic drawers and Khroma make up worth 1000 euros. There was a few problems which is why it took so long, no fault of the company but they were very lovely in keeping me informed with the progress and offering me some limited edition summer 2013 items in way of apologising for the delay. Finally today it turned up on my door step, quite literally because I was out at the time and they left it on the door step at the front door which is kinda bad when I live on a busy road they also didn't post a note so I had know idea until my partner looked out the window and so it there. It wasn't hid away and it was in a huge box so it was very noticeable and we didn't spot it until students were walking home from school. Thankfully it was all in one piece and I have my goodies safely in my room. I thought I'd share what came in pictures. You can also purchase the products at Kardashian Beauty Europe and now at feelunique.


The nail lacquer with the funky white and gold sticker on are limited edition summer 2013 shades these are watercolours and cabana glow. I also got a limited edition lip plumping shimmer gloss. I'm extra excited to try the 24k face priming mask.
I got one hell of a lot of lip and eye products including four new mascara's and four in mini form perfect for popping in your handbag or packing away for your travels.


This is two hours later when I'd finally sorted all my make up out and got it stored. Only around three quarters of my polish would fit in the top compartment so some went in the bottom section and rest is stored in boxes they came in and a box I bought especially for my polish.

And there you have it. I feel so fortunate to have won and I can't stop looking at it which is sad but it's so nice to have some really great storage to store my make up in and some new bits and bobs. I'm really looking forward to properly opening them and having a play around but I really think I should use some of my older stuff up first before opening the newbies. I can't wait to share them in depth with you. You can click on each photo to enlarge if you want a better view.

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My Big Night In

When I found out about the Money Supermarket big night in, I knew I had to take part and it couldn't of come at a better time because I already had a big night in with my sister planned for that weekend. It didn't go quite to plan though due to Money Supermarkets big night in being overwhelmed with people wanting to take part I unfortunately didn't get chose. I say unfortunately due to the fact I would of saved a wad of cash but not one to be left disappointed my big night in was planned and it went ahead anyways and I thought had do a post too. I however didn't spend £50.00 I spent just short of £40.00 and look at all the goodies I got. I'm more of a stay in with a dvd rather then a going out on the town kinda girl or I like going for a meal. So my boyfriend and son was away for the weekend and me and sister rather indulged on the E numbers and sugar.

Pizza Hawaiian (Large Asda £3.50)
Beautiful Creatures (£11.00)
Warm Bodies (£10.00)
Sweets (£5.00)
Pringles (£1.00)
Drinks (£8.00)
Total around £38.50

With blogging a HUGE thing we buy is beauty products, nail polish, face masks etc. You can have a fantastic night in with a great pamper using products you already have rather then a day at a spa. A hot bubbly bath, a face mask and a glass or two of wine. Mani's/Pedi etc etc. Usually stuff you already have that you will find somewhere in your home.

Dvd's - Look on amazon you don't have to purchase new ones get some golden oldies for a few pound and the great news is you can watch them over and over again. I already own hundreds of Dvd's so I have a fab collection to choose from which is why my dvd's of choice were brand new. I'm an addict and have several I want to purchase that aren't even out yet. But wait a few months and they will be cheaper too at least by half. 

Sweets - Everyone likes to have some sugar rush on a night in these munchies last us four days except the tub of sweets I finished them just the other day over two weeks since our big night in. Therefore me and my sister had a HUGE long weekend in.You don't have to spend a fortune just go to your local B&N homestore so cheap.

A big night in doesn't have involve drink but I thought a treat wouldn't go a miss. I didn't get anything that would result in me being drunk because I have responsibilities. This ended up being two nights worth.

We had a great night and so can you. If you search on amazon for some old school stuff you can get up to 4-6 dvd's for the price I paid for two just make sure you get them with free postage. When I say golden oldies I don't mean literally I'm on about she's the man, John tucker must die and more. Have a night in and see how much you can save rather then a night out. You could get board games which you can use time and time again, cd's to make it a real party.

Wednesday 17 July 2013

Motel Rocks Street Team | Style In Vintage

This weeks street team task is style in vintage. This task is inspired by Motel Rocks new collection of vintage pieces which you can check out here. I decided to go with the 90's being a 90's kid it only seemed fair I was reunited with childhood fashion choices that were around at the time.

From Motel Rocks I chose:

I remember the 90's being an array of bold neon shades and fun prints, crop tops and leggings, jelly shoes, over-sized jumpers/tee's, tye dye and lots of denim. Has a 90's kid I look back at fashion and just think "O.M.G mum what am I wearing?" But now I realise I was actually in fashionable clothes for the 90's owning a check circle skirt almost identical to the one Motel Rocks is selling today. I ran around with my beloved blue bubble bag, with a pack of spice girls photo's I bought at my dad's paper shop. Feeding my tammigotchi everytime it beeped and seeing if my alien toy had a baby yet (they never did I'm still wondering whether that's was a rumour lol) and wishing my furby would shut up even though I thought it was the coolest thing ever and having lots of hours of fun playing with my flashing yo-yo. Them were the days of backstreet boys and bewitched!!

I chose this Katy check circle skirt, due to owning one just like it, I teamed it with over the knee socks because there such a cute 90's touch. The Andy crop blouse was a instant choice, very simple yet with the added collar print gives it some edge plus I remember the vintage fabric buttons and you just don't seem the around today and they go nicely with the vintage feel. It was either chucky vintage shoes or jellies and even though as a 90's kids my mum probably put me in socks and sandals I'm so past that phrase and will leave it to the majority of British men (sorry hehe). The accessories are again a lovely vintage feel touch, and the earrings are just fun and quirky and go perfectly with 90's vintage fashion. 

Remember you can get an extra 20% off with my code katem. The sale ends soon (this weekend)
 Happy Shopping!


Barry M Series #4 - Gelly Hi-shine Nail Paint | Greenberry & Grapefruit Plus Liquorice Confetti

I wasn't sure about the Barry M Gelly Hi-shine nail paints a few months ago but since using these two newbies my minds totally changed. Yes they are a little streaky on first, most likely second coat but after the third and being left with full coverage the polish shades and final look, are beautiful. These shades are absolutely gorgeous for summer. Greenberry is a off blue sort of green - turquoise shade. Kinda minty which I love for summer and grapefruit is a hot pink again perfect for summer. Using a monster bundle dotting tool I created the dots using Models Own snow white. (Sorry about the mess, I didn't clean around the nail before taking these photos)

Same nail look but with Liquorice confetti. 

Tuesday 16 July 2013

Money Supermarket Bucket List Update

Hi guys just a little Money Supermarket bucket list update. I've been informed that the bucket list isn't far off 50 entries which means as soon as they hit the 50 entries mark the prize will doubled to £2000. How amazing is that, a lot of money to make your dreams come true no matter how big or small. Create your own today and help the winner get a £2000 prize it could be you. Enter here good Luck xxx

Saturday 13 July 2013

BirchBox UK July 2013 | Jet Set

This months Birchbox is themed Jet Set. Included in the box are some of the most popular products from places including Australia, France and The USA. Jam packed with sample/travel sized products which will be perfect for taking on your summer breaks away. 

Now I was a little worried about this months box because I've seen three spoiler posts pop up on My Google reader of some girls I follow not one to obviously like surprises I had a look again lol. Now I don't want this to put off people from signing up because the box I saw was fantastic especially for people who've signed up recently or want to sign up. Three of the products included were ones I'd already received in previous boxes. When I got mine today I was pleasantly surprised and really liked everything I got and there's some really good choices perfect for taking on holiday and mine will be coming with me when I go away next month. So excited I had to post it straight away as I usually do with my BirchBox hence why I'm on on the laptop again despite spending all morning putting ten posts into drafts (yes you heard that right TEN) and I've still got at least four to type up not including this one. I was also surprised because they have yet to make an announcement to say the boxes have all been dispatched and also because I haven't yet got an email either but I'm not bothered because I'm happy as Larry and the weathers helping my mood too.

Feel free to enlarge photo by click on it to get a better view.
Blanc Cachemire 
Creme De Jour Protectrice | £54.75 
BirchBox says; A lightweight moisturising cream that's loved by the BBx Paris team (and the UK one, they say) This is a decent 15ml size and perfect to fit in my new beauty bag for my break away and should be used after cleansing. It's a gentle approach to anti-aging with 100% natural ingredients that should give tighter and firmer skin. Can't quite pin point the fragrance but it's almost a light floral scent.

Nougat London
Nurturing Hand Cream | £20.00
BirchBox says; A divinely scented, super-rich formula practically made for air travel. This is a small-ish sample but big enough to take for a travel essential for hand moisuturising touch ups. I received this in Cherry Blossom and the tube smells amazing never mind the insides which is just has good. A little goes a long way so this will be perfect for traveling when your luggage needs to be light. 

Carole Franckrimer
Fluide Fraicheur Phyto-Hydrant | £47.25
BirchBox says; A fragrant hydrating primer fluid that's perfect for your carry-on and holiday. This is again a decent 10ml sample. It's not your typical primer either or at least not like the one I had. It's a creamy moisturising primer which is perfect because I tend to moisturise rather then use a primer which gives me a smooth, even skin tone on my facial area perfect for applying make-up. Word of warning this does take a lot of pumping action (sorry) to get this product out but it does eventually - I hope you have some muscles haha. Really looking forward to using this (This is was available in last months box but I didn't get it and I really want it - Happy days).

theBalm Cosmetics
InStain Long Wearing Powder Staining Blush | £21.50
BirchBox says; A silky powder that fits all complexions, blends seamlessly stays all day. Have never heard of anything like this before the fact it's a staining blush obviously means a little will go along way. This is a tiny sample, but also one of the cutest and the packaging is so pretty. I got the shade Swiss Dot which a coral shade which I prefer to pink blush.

Dead Sea Spa Magik
Silky Smooth Body Lotion | £7.70
BirchBox says; Mineral-rich Dead Sea extracts and mud moisturise for smooth skin. This is a very decent 25ml and I'm really looking forward to using this and seeing the results and seeing if my skin is soft and supple like it claims it will be. It smells really nice too.

The Chia Co | Liferstyle Extra
Shots | £4.79
BirchBox says; Bonafide superfood, packed with health-boosting omega 3, protein and more. I'm always happy to give superfoods packed with lots of nutritional value ago. Not only are they healthy there also filling unlike most unhealthy foods. I'll probably eat this with yogurt.

Next month BirchBox are teaming with InStyle this is one exciting collaboration, one that I look forward to seeing. Don't miss it, sign up today here. Subscription is £10.00 a month plus £2.95 postage and you can cancel anytime, there's also packages available which make great presents for loved ones. Doing so will give you the chance to collect BirchBox points entitling to you to free treats in there online e-shop.

Blog Giveaway Win

Hi everyone it's weekend yay. Despite the long week it's been lovely so we can't complain right and today is suppose to reach high's of 32 degree's. It's going to be a hot one, so if you can make the most of it. I haven't much planned for today except a clean up and some chilling out and I'd thought I'd type some posts up ready to publish in the future, my daughter was ill the other day when I settled down to do it so it ended up going out the window. Tomorrow I'm take a journey up to Bolton Abbey again, I can't think of anywhere more perfect (nearby) to go in this lovely weather. We will be joined by other members of the family and will be having a delicious BBQ/Picnic up by the river. Along with my new nieces who are thriving after coming premature.

Anyways my whole reason for being here is because last week I won my first blog giveaway and what a treat I was in store for because the prizes were amazing. Tamsyn from peachpowxo (please check her blog out) put together a fantastic selection of goodies that would get the winner summer ready. This giveaway was for all good purposes because Tamsyn like myself was doing a walk for charity walk for wales. This originally was a raffle, but I sponsored her way before she set the raffle up and she very kindly allowed me to enter little did I expect to win. The rules did change so anyone can enter and then could sponsor as they wish, I didn't have to think twice to sponsor Tamsyn because now I've done something meaningful for a charity I know just how hard it is to get sponsors and how much work and dedication is put into getting sponsors from people who work tiredly everyday to get sponsors from members of the public whether it's for people or animals many charities, even companies like zoo's really rely on the public's support to donate know matter how small.

What I won

  • Models Own nail polishes in Indian Ocean, Coral Reef and Mermaid Tears. I'm such a huge fan of Models Own nail polishes and I was happy to see these three in the giveaway. I already own Indian Ocean and it's my favourite from the Beetlejuice collection, already I've gone through at least half of the one I own so I'm glad to have this as a back up. Indian Ocean is a sheer shade and for full coverage it takes quite a lot of layers but it looks great as a top coat over the top of a less sheer shade and really gives a beautiful multi-toned shade which isn't to heavy. The other two I don't own so I was happy to get some new shades, Coral Reef is a beautiful Coral shade (Duh!) and will look great for summer, Mermaid Tears is a newbie and I can't wait to layer this over a great shade.
  • All my goodies came nice and snug in this pastel striped beauty bag. I was talking to my sister yesterday about how much I need a bigger beauty bag that will store bits and bobs in for my break away. I already have a travel wash bag but it's not got a lot of width to it so it won't fit everything in so this is perfect to bring along with me on my travels.
  • Vaseline (HUGE fan I own way to many tubs of these, I got eight one Christmas), Palmers cocoa butter formula (I have a dry patch on back of my leg right at the bottom just above my foot, I haven't a clue what it is, it's only in the last year it's appeared it can be ever so itchy at times so this will be great to relieve it from itchiness and dryness. It actually disappeared then appeared again three weeks ago), Sanctuary Spa time reversal face mask (I don't have a huge collection of masks because I usually get irritated by them, there's only a selected few I can use which I've mentioned before I've not tried this exact one but I've tried a sanctuary spa one before and I didn't get any irritation), Boots Smooth Care Exfoliating Mitt (I've never tried these before so I'm looking forward to giving them ago). 
  • Powder Puff Fluffy Stuff Candle (I've never been one for candles, I like them I just never purchase any so this one may just convince me too in the future. Everytime I go Tesco's I'm tempted to buy some of the Jelly Bean candles so I may just go ahead and do that one day. This smells gorgeous and I'm really looking forward to having a soak in the bath with this lit. TopShop cross studs (I've never owned anything like these before, I'm a real hoops girl. I do really like these so I'm looking forward to accessorizing these with an outfit in the near future), Body Shop cocoa butter body scrub (I don't think I need anymore bath stuff I have so much but this a added bonus and will do a treat, I'm really loving scrubs at the minute), Finally some Primark long, volume eyelashes. 
  Tamsyn really spoilt the winner (me) with the selection and there are great choices. Really looking forward to having a play around with everything and a huge pamper. The note was a really cute touch thanks again Tamsyn ♥

Thursday 11 July 2013

Holiday Habits Infographic With Money Supermaket

I love nothing more then finding out about what people have got up to on holiday. Holiday posts are amongst one of my favourite to read and probably because I'm nosey but it also gives a real inside into where to visit in the future. I along with 100 other bloggers teamed up with Money Supermarket to bring a holiday habits infographic to let others know how we prepare in every aspect possible for our holidays. Below you will find all the data which will give a view into the average Brits' holiday including before we go and whilst we're on the holiday plus a Women vs Men section with what each sex finds annoying about one another. If you have a holiday booked remember to book your travel insurance before you go.

Image source: MoneySupermarket Travel Insurance

  If you could choose anyone to be your ideal holiday companion man or woman. Who would you choose? Not sure about Johnny Depp myself I'm more of a Josh Duhamel, Channing Tatum, Jesse Metcalfe kinda gal.

Crown And Glory Hair Piece

 Before Easter I won a competition with In Love With Fashion this included a dress of choice and a hair piece from Crown And Glory and the other month I finally received my hair piece due to lack of communication someone forgot to mention I'd won a hair piece. It all worked out perfectly because the original piece I wanted wasn't available on the in love with fashion website and then when I mentioned I'd not yet received the prize it was, yay. I chose this purple rain crown has seen on Perrie from Little Mix. This retails for only £12.00 which is a complete bargain because each one is hand made. Mine came with butterflies and ombre flowers attached and is a really beautiful piece. I think it's perfect for festivals and holidays. Behind is a ribbon attached so you can extend the band according to head size. All the pieces are really unique - hair pieces are very in so I would recommend checking out their website here.

I just want to apologize for my absence. I don't have an excuse really no lavish holiday planned for this girl. My posts really have slacked over the past few weeks to a month or so. I am dedicated more then ever to bringing my readers/viewers something enjoyable to read. I have been here mainly in the back ground popping in and out, and I've had posts in drafts for weeks so I've not really dedicated anytime to typing any up (trust me I have a lot to write) but when you live in the UK and get some sunshine you need to make the most of it. Plus I've been spending time with my family, etc. I will be typing posts up soon and in advance I will be taking two weeks completely out in August to enjoy more family time but I will pop posts up in my absence but most likely won't be commenting on my blog to peoples post neither will I be commenting on people's blog posts either but don't think I'm being ignorant I have been reading them. Also I've had some trouble with my phone and even though it's been reset it's still driving me round the bend which is where I usually do my blogging from with commenting etc. Not posts. I hope your enjoying your summer and remember to please enter my international giveaway to get fashion ready with statement glasses whether it's sunnies or prescription. I also have my 1 year blog birthday giveaway going on so please check it out.

Monday 8 July 2013

Barry M Series #3 - Nail Paint | Denim

NOTD: This is one of the original Nail Paints that retail for £2.99. I love that this is called Denim because it's very much a Denim jeans coloured shade. It does have flicks of glitter throughout which makes it very unique. I really liked this shade and out of all of them I was instantly drawn to this one. It's very pretty. 

Remember to enter my giveaways tabs on the right.

Thursday 4 July 2013

Budget Bucket List

So Money Supermarket have once again got an amazing competition on. This time it's a budget bucket list, if 50 or more people enter the prize of £1000 will be doubled not to mention the four runners who will win £50 each all you have to do is a post on your blog two things you want to do before you die - one budget and one extravagant. Check it out here.


Write a book - This isn't expensive in fact it costs very little but it does take a lot of time but I believe if you want something so bad and put a lot of effort into something it can happen know matter what. This is a huge ambition of mine and is a career path I'd love to take. If I can write and publish a book it would be a dream come true. I hope to make my dream a reality all I have to do is believe in myself along with a lot of hard work and one day with the right team around me to help my novel and me, maybe if possibly it just might be on a shelf in WHSmith or on amazon one day to download to kindle. 


New York - I think anyone who reads my blog will know just how much I'm dying to go to New York. Is it possible to fall in love with a city you've never been too? Of course it is. I have truly fallen in love with this city and this is my biggest dream ever. I've wanted to go for as long as I can remember. I want to climb up the statue of liberty, sight see round new york, walk through central park, see a musical on broadway, relive the moment of walking through the streets where many of my much loved films were shot, eat amazing food, shop on fifth avenue and most importantly pay my respects at the memorial where 9/11 happened. 

Of course I have so many dreams, ambitions and goals these are what I've dreamed of for a long time. Of course there's other countries I want to visit I'd travel the world if I could. I also want to buy a house, get married and make sure my children have a great education and the best life I can possibly give them.

Who I've kindly asked if they'd like to take part.

Motel Rocks | Swimming In Style

So my first Motel Rocks street team challenge is Swimming In Style. I've chose the peridot halterneck swimsuit which comes in a beautiful forest pink. I chose this because I love the glamour of this 50's inspired swimsuit, it comes with a classic cut leg which is really classy and stylish. I don't know about you but everything Motel Rocks release' completely stands out from the crowd and this swimsuit doesn't disappoint. It's a stunning print of different shades with a girly pink, a splash of dark which really adds some edge to it. I love pink's and greens together and these Jelly type shoes really work with the trendy neon bag. Bright and bold is perfect for summer. Accessories are toned down a little to let the swimsuit do all the talking. Aviator sunnies are hot this season and this stunning crown is the beautiful pop down to the beach accessory.

I'd love to be in with a chance to win this swimsuit, I think I've wrote above why I love it. Girly with a edgy twist, very stylish and classy with it's classic cut leg and completely different to anything I've ever come across or owned swimsuit wise. Winning this will mean I'm swimming looking stylish this summer and have me standing out from the crowd in this unique piece of fashion. You can also get your hands on it here with my 20% off code.

Motel Peridot Halterneck Swimsuit in Pink Forest Print - See more at:
Motel Peridot Halterneck Swimsuit in Pink Forest Print - See more at:

Motel Rocks Street Team

Hi everyone, so I've some exciting news I'm officially part of Motel Rocks Street Team. I will now be taking part in tasks and what not which is really exciting. I've seen a few tasks and these are usually a collage - well we all know how much I love doing these.

I don't own much Motel Rocks at the moment, but I will add to my collection with time - I barely buy myself any fashion items which is really bad considering how much I love clothes this is what happens when you have kids lol. I wanted to get involved with the Motel Rocks street team to add more fashion into my blog, I love the fashion pieces from motel rocks and the quirkiness of each piece. Very individual and most importantly unique which I believe what fashion is all about.

Now I'm part of the team I have a exclusive offer/code to share with my readers of 20% off. All you have to do is enter katem in the discount/voucher box via payment. I also have a motel rocks button on the tab at the right. Right now Motel Rocks summer sale has began so now's the time to treat yourself to a little something, you also get £10 credit when you sign up to the newsletter which you can put towards whatever you buy this also includes free delivery and free returns if it didn't fit. You can't get better then that. Shop here.

Happy Shopping

My first task will be up in a few hours.

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Also check out Glamour Magazine this month get free Balance Me goodies. I got Limited Edition shine on tinted lip salve in sheer raspberry.

Tuesday 2 July 2013

Collective Haul | Organic Surge & The Body Shop

 The other day I was having one of my usual daily looks on Google reader and came across a post about Organic Surge and how they have a sale on. I'm very familiar with Organic Surge I've seen them on numerous blogs whether that individual as bought something from them or in a beauty box. I personally have never tried the brand so when I saw the word sale and then a code for free delivery I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try the brand. I didn't really need any skincare essentials or bath products so I kept it to a minimum and only spent £3.00 however both of my items together are worth at full price just short of £12.00.

What I got -
Blissful Daily Moisturiser.
This is for normal to combination skin, my skin's normal but will fit in perfectly with my skincare routine if it becomes a little dry. I thought this would be a great little alternative and a change to my usual Nivea soft cream but it will be sometime before I use it due to the fact I've only just opened a new tub of the Nivea cream. This at full price costs £8.49 however I paid just £2.12.

Lemon & Honey Happy Soap
Soap isn't something I really need I've three in my bathroom yet to be used but for a value of £3.50 and in the sale for just 88p I thought it will go in my collection ready to be used in time. This doesn't have any chemical overload and cleanses, nourishes and moisturises the skin plus as a natural fragrance. I love the scent of lemon it's beautiful whilst being really fresh, honey is also a natural remedy for adult acne I'm not someone who gets adult acne but the odd breakout which I've suffered a lot recently makes me go into melt down. I didn't get spots as a teen so I think I'm getting my share now.

The Body Shop

I knew a sale had started when I got an email but resisted the temptation and didn't even go on the body shop website. The I saw Laura's haul and truly couldn't believe the bargains she managed to pick up but I didn't look online but once again managed to resist the temptation. Then I got another email from body shop saying they were 40% off and it was the last day. So I had a sneaky look and couldn't resist making an order. Not only were they 40% off they were also a sale - sale prices and an extra 40% off on top of that plus free delivery with spends over a fiver I certainly wasn't going to say no. I didn't need any of this stuff which is really bad so I thought I'd do a summer essentials skin/bodycare/haircare kit for my mini break next month. I had a few issues but it was technical fault not body shops and it all worked out better then I thought in the end including getting the vanilla bliss body polish which I thought had gone out of stock and wasn't coming.
What I got -

Vitamin E Moisture Mask & Tea Tree Face Mask
I've tried the tea tree face mask before and really enjoyed how fresh it made my skin feel and it lasts a good 2/3 goes. I still really wanted the amie cooling clay mask though. I decided to try a new sachet of the vitamin E moisture mask for a change. 90p each RRP £1.50

The body shop threw in a little extra and freebie of Rainforest moisture hair butter. Which I also got in my hair kit (see below) this may be put in my current giveaway along with another sachet I put in that I got free with my organic surge order of the same cream I also purchased.

Rainforest Moisture - for dry hair.
This kit was just £4.00 with 40% off I paid just £2.40. My hair isn't dry at all but I'd like it to have a little more moisture hence why I bought this kit. It came with 60ml shampoo and conditioner and a decent sized tub of hair butter - I'm really intrigued by this because I've never come across a hair butter before. It also came with a detangle comb. These are made with no silicone, no colourants and no parabens. The sizes are really decent for the price and will be great to take on my travels next month.

Coconut Shower Gel/Cream
I only paid £1.80 for this decent 400ml size and I'm so glad I did. It smells divine it's literally holiday scent in a bottle. I love the smell of heavenly sun creams that have a coconut scent and this is exactly that.

Vanilla Bliss Body Polish
After getting a vanilla shower gel from body shop at Christmas and quickly falling in love with the scent as soon as I saw this in the sale section I knew I had to have it. This one I believe is from the Christmas releases and is now out of stock however it was on sale for £5.00 with 40% off I paid just £3.00. When I thought I wasn't getting this in my order I was gutted to say the least but it did turn up, yay. And for a decent size of 200ml it's safe to say I definitely scored a bargain.

Sweet Lemon Soap
I love zesty lemon scents so I had to have this I paid £1.20 with 40% off and really can't wait to use it. Of course this is now my 5th maybe 6th unopened soap so I've a lot to get through before I use this. Unless this is my mini break soap I take with it might just be.
All in all I'm extremely pleased with my collective haul from Organic Surge & The Body Shop I only paid £10.20 for my Body Shop order so with this haul together I paid just £13.20 with free delivery on both orders. The body shop still as it's sale on, I'm not sure about organic surge.

Have you recently bought anything at bargain prices in the sales?

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