Sunday 28 July 2013

Hop Into Summer With These Trendy Summer Nail Shades.

 I miss my long nails *sobs* I had a bit of a bad break and my nails looked ridiculous not being around the same length so I took the decision to cut them I had to cut them real short. Now I think back to my biting nails days and wonder what the hell I was thinking! You'll see on some posts my nails are shorter this is the reason and my posts have ended up being mixed up a little via some photos being older then others.

This is Reign In Spain a beautiful mixture between a coral pastel gone neon. I got this in my Birch Box in June and this exclusive to birchbox polish is available in four shades. Don't get me wrong the polish is beautiful once you get full coverage the application can be some what of a nightmare with streaks and to get a good coverage you need a quite a few coats. But the end results are worth it right?.

One Perfect Coral I got in my very cheap really good value exclusive Latest in Beauty Glamour edit box. How perfect, bold and vibrant is this polish I'm literally in love just looking back at this photo. I can't believe I've only wore it this one time *runs to get the nail remover out*. The application was really good, I love creamy polishes that give great coverage. I think this probably has a top coat on which is why it's got a real beautiful shine. Think looking at these photos as made me want this to be my summer staple polish.


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