Tuesday 30 July 2013

Collective Haul

  • Rimmel London Nail Rescue - I'm such a nail polish addict and tend to paint my nails three, maybe four times a week. It never occurred to me the damage I was doing to my nails, until they became weak and kept breaking. I read somewhere that you should leave at least one week a month free of nail painting. Anyways I researched some nail products and along side a cuticle cream I've been using this nail rescue. It's been a week and half since I last painted my nails, and I'm still going strong. I've been using this since Friday and really starting to notice a difference. It's a two week treatment. I did my research and someone say's this is a great dupe for O.P.I original nail envy which retails for £18.65. This was less the a fiver so is definitely worth ago. I'm going to be doing a nail damage bringing them back to life sort of post next Friday when the treatment finishes so watch out for that.
  • Amie spring cooling clay face mask - one word finally! I've wanted this since February and only the other day did I finally get my hands on it. Want to know how popular and hard it is to come by, it's not even available on the Amie website, not online at Boot's and not even in store. I searched high and low for this with no luck. You can however get your hands on three 10ml satchets for £1.50 which will give you about three applications depending on how thickly you apply it. I've expressed my love for this mask on many occasions since getting samples in my she said beauty box last year. I finally found it on amazon with a company called Beauty Naturals for less the £5 and 99p postage which isn't bad at all for 75ml worth of product. They actually have there own website here. This is sure to be a popular website amongst beauty lovers with brands such has organic surge. I'm so happy with this mask I'm just dying to try more from amie. 
  • Sandals - It's July, half way through summer and all I want is a freakin' pair of sandals. Do any stores have them? Barely! Seriously why is A/W13 out in July then you find sandals on the shelves come end of winter. Primark, no. New look, no. H&M, bit of a waste of time. Now I'd happily shop online if my shoe size wasn't different in different stores but they are unfortunately. Anyways I came pass this pair in a store called Deichmann. Not sure how many stores this company has but I was running out of shops. This pair isn't what I had in mind but when they catched the light I quickly fell in love and paid for them. And for only £17.99 not a bad price at all. There so comfy.
  • Primark - My name's Kate and I'm addicted to any kind of sock. When ever I go primark I always leave with a pair of socks, or two, or three or six. In fact only thing I ever buy from primark are socks, or slipper socks. Pj's occasionally and sunnies. I saw these and put them on the counter whilst my other half was paying for what goods my sister bought. For only £1.50 each I couldn't resist. 
  • If you've been following my blog for a while you'll know I have a passion for writing stories. It all started in primary when my class had to do a story for our English work, this is when my passion for fantasy started and I wrote my little piece of magic. I ended up winning Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban and quite possibly a gold certificate. Anyways I'm currently writing a story (I've taken a little break to refresh my mind, think up more idea's) I'm going away real soon and I thought what better way to write up new Idea's then in new surroundings so I bought a notepad not the smallest but it will fit in my blog which I'll now have glued to my side just for this reason. It's lovely with beautiful ombre animal print. And was only £2.00 at Asda. 
  • Cadbury dairy milk limited edition for summer strawberries and creme - I blame Laura for this purchase, hehe. Only Joking if your from the 'M' family you'll be born a chocoholic. Reasons for my trip to Cadburys world next month, yes I'll travel two and half hours to step into chocolate heaven. (A review will come) I'm the girl who steals all the orange and strawberry cremes from the roses/quality streets at christmas. So when I saw this on Laura's blog I just had to have it too. I've not tried it yet, but maybe I'll do a little piece below a post when I have. £1 Asda.
  • Red Or Dead Glasses £99 - Specsavers (coming Tuesday so took photo off website)
It's also my little boys birthday soon so we picked up a few items that we ordered online, where I treated my daughter to a few new tops and a pair of new shoes. I just love her new shoes they have a vintage feel. Only £5.00 from George, asda (we are fortunate enough to have a full-sized shop in our home town just for george)
They have a trainer type pump bottom.

 Too cute! Buy them here

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  1. The sandals are lovely. I'm glad you finally found the face mask in a tube! I might purchase the rimmel nail rescue as I'm always complaining about my nails breaking, xoxo.

    1. Me too :D yes you should try it I'm going to review it in a week or so I've not had chance to do it today like I planned. Xx


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