Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Motel Rocks Street Team | Style In Vintage

This weeks street team task is style in vintage. This task is inspired by Motel Rocks new collection of vintage pieces which you can check out here. I decided to go with the 90's being a 90's kid it only seemed fair I was reunited with childhood fashion choices that were around at the time.

From Motel Rocks I chose:

I remember the 90's being an array of bold neon shades and fun prints, crop tops and leggings, jelly shoes, over-sized jumpers/tee's, tye dye and lots of denim. Has a 90's kid I look back at fashion and just think "O.M.G mum what am I wearing?" But now I realise I was actually in fashionable clothes for the 90's owning a check circle skirt almost identical to the one Motel Rocks is selling today. I ran around with my beloved blue bubble bag, with a pack of spice girls photo's I bought at my dad's paper shop. Feeding my tammigotchi everytime it beeped and seeing if my alien toy had a baby yet (they never did I'm still wondering whether that's was a rumour lol) and wishing my furby would shut up even though I thought it was the coolest thing ever and having lots of hours of fun playing with my flashing yo-yo. Them were the days of backstreet boys and bewitched!!

I chose this Katy check circle skirt, due to owning one just like it, I teamed it with over the knee socks because there such a cute 90's touch. The Andy crop blouse was a instant choice, very simple yet with the added collar print gives it some edge plus I remember the vintage fabric buttons and you just don't seem the around today and they go nicely with the vintage feel. It was either chucky vintage shoes or jellies and even though as a 90's kids my mum probably put me in socks and sandals I'm so past that phrase and will leave it to the majority of British men (sorry hehe). The accessories are again a lovely vintage feel touch, and the earrings are just fun and quirky and go perfectly with 90's vintage fashion. 

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 Happy Shopping!


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