Thursday, 4 July 2013

Budget Bucket List

So Money Supermarket have once again got an amazing competition on. This time it's a budget bucket list, if 50 or more people enter the prize of £1000 will be doubled not to mention the four runners who will win £50 each all you have to do is a post on your blog two things you want to do before you die - one budget and one extravagant. Check it out here.


Write a book - This isn't expensive in fact it costs very little but it does take a lot of time but I believe if you want something so bad and put a lot of effort into something it can happen know matter what. This is a huge ambition of mine and is a career path I'd love to take. If I can write and publish a book it would be a dream come true. I hope to make my dream a reality all I have to do is believe in myself along with a lot of hard work and one day with the right team around me to help my novel and me, maybe if possibly it just might be on a shelf in WHSmith or on amazon one day to download to kindle. 


New York - I think anyone who reads my blog will know just how much I'm dying to go to New York. Is it possible to fall in love with a city you've never been too? Of course it is. I have truly fallen in love with this city and this is my biggest dream ever. I've wanted to go for as long as I can remember. I want to climb up the statue of liberty, sight see round new york, walk through central park, see a musical on broadway, relive the moment of walking through the streets where many of my much loved films were shot, eat amazing food, shop on fifth avenue and most importantly pay my respects at the memorial where 9/11 happened. 

Of course I have so many dreams, ambitions and goals these are what I've dreamed of for a long time. Of course there's other countries I want to visit I'd travel the world if I could. I also want to buy a house, get married and make sure my children have a great education and the best life I can possibly give them.

Who I've kindly asked if they'd like to take part.

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