Sunday 29 July 2012

Loreal Paris Elvive Nutri-Gloss Crystal Sparkling Shampoo & Conditioner

I was fairly Surprised to Receive this through the post as i wasn't expecting it at all, turns out it was another win from the many competitions that i enter that i just happened to completely forget about.

I was so happy though because it basically meant another hair beauty product to write about on my wall, i love trying new things especially when there free, because its a guilt free treat. Especially with having two kids. So i decided to use them this morning, instead of my usual tresemme. So this is what it says in the title Loreal Paris Nutri-Gloss Crystal Sparkling shampoo and conditioner which is a sixty second saviour intensive conditioner. I was very excited when i put the amount i needed into my hand as it had glitter in and i love anything that is glittery and sparkle so it does have little crystals in it. As it says in the name. Which i thought was pretty cool lol.

The shiny things that look like glitter are the crystals in the shampoo. If you can see.

The shampoo and conditioner i received was for fine to normal, dull hair. Which was fantastic as mine is pretty fine. After shampooing and conditioning my hair and dabbing it with the towel, i could smell the shampoo, it's not a very strong smell and it's not got a certain smell to it that i can describe, but it's likeable. If i am honest the smell could of been slightly stronger, because there is nothing nicer then your hair catching the wind and being able to smell the loveliness of the shampoo as it whiffs around. It was tangle free which was good as sometimes your hair can be a touch knotted after washing it. After drying it with a hairdryer this is when i really noticed the results of my hair wash and it was fantastic. It was like going to the salon and getting your hair washed sort of feel which is not what you always get at home even with some of the best shampoos out there, i am completely impressed. My hair smells amazing and is very soft and salon like. And my hair feels and looks really healthy, I can't find anything negative about it and i will most defiantly buy more in the future when i run out as it's well worth the money at the shop even though i was lucky enough to win these gorgeous must have shampoos. My locks are now all glossy :) The shampoo for 400ml from boots is £3.89 and the conditioner for 200ml is £4.99 from boots but currently on offer with a third off the price for £3.33.

Friday 27 July 2012

Kristen Stewart Scandle

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson

I love nothing more then peaking into the lives of celebs and seeing what it's like in the world of celeb. Like most of the public the information i read can sometimes be misleading as majority of the media are just looking for a story. I was kinda shocked when i came across the news that Kristen Stewart had cheated on her twilight co star and boyfriend Robert Pattinson, with none other then the director of Snow white and the huntsman Rupert Sanders a married man and father of two children. As much as cheating is wrong people do make mistakes, yes this is a big one. She is young and hopefully she will learn from it, if she doesn't then she doesn't deserve any forgiveness at all. I find it weird that someone in the public eye who is having an affair kisses him so publicly despite her relationship with rob being so private. Kristen is a huge star all over the world, it's as though she wanted to be caught. With the last installment of Twilight - Breaking Dawn Part 2 to still be screened in November of this year, there is going to be lots of publicity surrounding the film with film premiers which Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are both due to attend. So i wonder what will go on with that. There are some Crazy fans taking the all thing to heart, i think they just both need to be left alone to come to terms with whats happened. Especially Rob. As there fans all we can do is support them, they may even still get back together and work threw it. I guess only time will tell. x

Thursday 26 July 2012

Skater Dress

I was lucky enough to once again win this stunning Floral Crotchet Waist Skater Dress From Fuse Fashion Network 
Fuse Fashion Network are a retailer who have there own space in places such as Debenham's and Boundary Mill, etc. Find your nearest store here 

They do clothes from the likes of AX paris, Madam Rage, Apricot and so much more. (Some of these makes can also be found in newlook) 

The dress i won is AX Paris  which as you all no i love ax paris. The dress is floral and skater which is very this season. It's got a crotchet cut out which is just above the belly button. I am glad i won this as it's great to wear for the summer, baring in mind i am a uk girl and i am not getting the summer i wish for. This is going to be packed in my suitcase so i can enjoy it when i actually see some sun, sea and sand. This is originally priced at £25.00 but there is a sale on the ax paris website and it's down to £18.99 which is a absolute bargain. So now is the time to have a good shopping spree, especially if you are going on holiday because they have some amazing stuff. I can never fault ax paris clothing because there stuff is good value, out of this world and gorgeous.

I also got this lovely fuse fashion network bag with my dress inside it, i say lovely as it makes a change to the usual plastic bag that you usually get and just gets ripped up opening. Of course my dress came in a bag inside this but it was nice to get this extra gift as i wasn't expecting it. It's pretty basic, a plain black canvas with the departments logo on it. It will come in useful to store some stuff in. I found myself storing all my nail equipment in it last week.

Friday 20 July 2012

licorice inspired nails

I did my nails hot pink and silver and i was a bit bored so i decided to add colours including white, purple and black. When i finished i added a clear coat and admired them as i quite like them. Ignore that the stripe is not quite straight lol. And all i can think of is licorice, they remind me of a bad of licorice bassets allsorts which are one of my fav sweets. I used the nail varnishes from my gone mad post and also a silver nail varnish that's not included in there. I love the effect especially stripes at the moment.

Charlie co. Shoes

I am just loving the Charlie co. Shoes  Website, I don't yet own anything from there range, but i can't help but admire there collection of shoes, dresses, bags, accessories and kids stuff. I am such a girly girl and love anything that sparkles that's where the inspiration from my name came. Like them on facebook and twitter as they run competitions also. There range stands out at me because it's different to what you can buy on the high street and so unique and it's nice to be different and that's what you get with charlie co. shoes. Defiantly check them out and get spending you won't regret it there stuff is awesome. Not to mention a lot of effort as gone into there products as it's all done by hand. They deserve some credit and that's why i wrote this post. Love them <3

Ohhh so Nivea

As i said i would i decided to Get the Nivea Soft in a bigger tub after trying my samples, it's been around a week now and i have never been so impressed with a body cream before. I only use it to my face and my skin is super soft. This is just my fav at the moment i love love love it, it was on offer at boots for £3.01 the original price is £6.02. I find sometimes boots can be a bit more expensive then the supermarket, but it makes it more worth while if you have a advantage card as you can save points and build them up buying free goodies when you have enough. Either way if you do go into boots and it's not on offer i wouldn't buy it as it's alot cheaper at the supermarket, for example at tescos without it being on offer it costs around £3.70 all the time. I forgot i actually got a voucher with my sample so could of made a further saving, not that i am bothered this Nivea soft is so good i didn't mind paying the bit i could of saved.
Whilst i was at boot's i went in to buy some more Nivea Visage Natural Beauty Face Wash, it's just my luck that everytime i go to buy something it's not in the shop lol. Luckily i decided on a alternative Which was from Nivea Visage range again. It's a daily essentials gentle cleansing cream wash. I haven't used it yet, as i still have a bit of the natural beauty left to use but when i do i will update this status. If your wondering why i have two, it was two for £4.00 at boot's which was a really good bargain as there suppose to be around £3.70 each, so now is the time to buy.

So i thought i would update this - 03.08.12
Finally got round to using my new daily essentials gentle cleansing cream wash, because my other one ran out. And i love it, it's even better then the natural beauty face wash which i didn't think was possible. It's so creamy and soft against my skin and it smells gorgeous. I will be sticking to this one in the future i think unless i try new products which i probably will. Such a good but for being two for £4.00.

Wednesday 18 July 2012

She Said Beauty

Look what i received this Morning, my very first She Said Beauty Box I was so excited to open it and i was far from disappointed when i did. I am currently on a monthly subscription for £9.00 a month plus £2.95 P+P. They are also subscriptions for three months for £27.00 plus £2.95 P+P, six months £54.00 plus £2.95 P+P and a year which currently as 15% off normal price is £108.00 down to £91.80  plus P+P of £2.95. Obviously the longer the subscription you choose the more money your going to save in the long run. As it was my first time i chose to go for the monthly option, to see what it was like as i can cancel at any time unlike the rest. I am going to upload some pictures of the items i found in my she said beauty box of goodies. And i was so impressed as the items i found were a lot more expensive then what i paid for the box as a whole.

 The packaging was excellent and pretty, it came in a pink parcel box and then inside was another box as you can see and then wrapped in pink tissue with a lovely pink ribbon.

 I was so happy with my goodies, some were samples and some were full size which is great for sampling before going out and buying the full size if i like what i get.
I love this file, usually i hate them as the file feel makes me cringe when buffing my nails. But this surprisingly didn't. The shape is very unusual as the ones i have had bought and come across are usually straight and this really does do the curve your nail should have. Giving it a natural shape. This is defiantly my best beauty buy of July's beauty box. I recommend you all go buy one :)

I used this yesterday as i was fairly impressed, i don't usually use Bronzer/Blusher as part of my daily make up routine so this was really a first timer for me. I know miners isn't a well known make up brand, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't try them because this was just as good as a well known make up brand. These currently sell at £4.99 online on the miners official website. The colours are very soft and natural and blend in really well, i am very pale so baring in mind the lightest colour foundation is an ivory on the wake me up section with rimmel, which is still not very light but its the best foundation i have tried i  use a peach glow matte powder as well to lighten it. I like that it isn't noticeable like some blushes and blends right in to my normal make up. I think being able to see it slightly it the whole point but considering i don't usually use a blusher as part of my routine i thought it was really good.

Its a small sample but you get a lot out of it, i used it once and i no that i am going to get a lot more then a few uses out of it. I am only going to test it on my face once again as i think for a all body thing it is to small to see the effects and at least it will last a while as well. I can honestly say i do not like the smell, i find it very sickly like one of them horrible house sprays you can get. Some are nice others aren't. But at least the cream does the job, it's a nice little moisturiser and my skin feels really soft. I can't see myself using it often as a day cream maybe now and again as the smell isn't very nice to me so i defiantly won't be buying it. I feel as though if your going to have something like this you need to tolerate the smell. Enough about the smell anyways, you can always test it for yourself as your opinion maybe different to mine. Its £12.99 for 50ml on Layla D's Natural beauty. Layla D - Natural Beauty

So tonight i used this Anti-Aging prep and polish exfoliant anti-age cream, i won't be buying anytime soon as i am only 21 i like to think i am very youthful still and not needing the anti-aging treatment as of yet lol. When i put it on it was quite tingly, as it as exfoliating ball things in it's what i always expect. I thought personally the sample was too small as i like to be able to try something for a few days especially a cream, i did the circulating movement after putting it on then swilled it off with water and the sensation i felt after drying my face was so surreal it literally felt like my face was frozen as though i had put my entire head in a bucket full of ice cube lol. I think i may buy it when i am a little older, but i would after try some other anti-aging creams before hand, to compare.

I found this to very thick, maybe to thick for my liking. I need to experiment some more with it. But it does what it should do, the colours very bold so you can tell it's on. A very good beauty buy.

If your into beauty products like me, i think this is a fantastic way to test out new beauty products as well as find thing's with a label you have never heard of. I Haven't looked to much into what i got as of yet, but when i do i will for sure give a full report on each individual thing. I am already looking forward to next months :) There are more products then this available for July's box, they choose for you but it makes it even more fun as it's a great surprise. So everyone's is different unfortunately you won't be able to get July's box as they sold out so if you subscribe now you will get august box. If your interested please follow this link this invites you to join if you wish to do so as well as look into it some more. You have nothing to lose especially for less then £12 a month including P+P go, go, go :) Enjoy x

Tuesday 17 July 2012

Nivea Soft

I recently ordered some clothes for my sister from asos and these little Nivea soft samples were in the parcel when they arrived. So i thought i would try them out and write a post. I prefer being able to try a little tester before purchasing as in recent years, my skin as been super sensitive, for the last couple of months i have been trying Nivea products and i can feel the changes within my skin already. This is a all over body cream, but i choose to just use it on my face. As it was a small sample i wanted to benefit from it so wanted to use a small area on my body. I am very pleased with the product, it's not at all oily like some creams can be and smooths right over the skin, leaving it super soft. I put it on before bed and leave it on all night and it drys into the skin. I had a few spots and spots are just a no no  and i even found they went. I am so happy with my sample i think i am going to buy myself a tub, it's defiantly a beauty must have. For 300ml it's usually £6.02 at boots but is half price at the moment for only £3.01 so now is the time to buy.

Tuesday 10 July 2012

Went A Bit Mad!!!

Today i went really mad and bought not one but sixteen nail varnishes. The boyfriend was not impressed lol (Suppose to be saving for a holiday) But i couldn't resist, especially with the prices.

(Sorry about the picture it won't go other way lol)
So i got these all from bodycare in blackburn. Technic aren't the biggest label of make up and personally i haven't tried there make up products but the nail varnishes are fantastic and so cheap. I bought the bigger one's for 99p each and the smaller ones came in packets of three for £1.49/£1.99. (Insure due to sister stealing the receipt but it's one of them) Still whatever the price that is still a bargain so i couldn't resist getting all six colours in two packs of three. I have painted my nails since buying them to test them out and i am very pleased with my purchases, the brushes on the white, gold, purple, pink, black and silver are small enough to do some patterns but not small enough to do very fine details so i defiantly would recommend buying the rio professional nail art. The bigger bottles of technic polish glittery pink and glittery blue are more of a top coat, i bought these not knowing that so i was slightly disappointed as it doesn't say top coat on the bottle, but there nice enough to use as a glittery top coat so i will get my use out of them. 

After buying my ten new nail polishes from bodycare, i went and did a food shop at asda then went to B&N for some bits. I so these at bargain prices also and couldn't resist the temptation after buying the rimmel cracking top coat i wanted to buy some other colours, there not rimmel just a cheap version of them. I used the hot pink colour on one nail and i was completely disappointed, the cracking didn't work, it was sticky and clumpy and i won't be buying it again. I got the same product in two other colours, i haven't used them yet but i don't have high hopes. These ones were also £1.49 each, i defiantly wouldn't recommend them but if you do decided to purchase i hope you have better look then me. I also bought some thin pens, they say thin but there not that thin they were also 99p i got them in hot pink, pink and a black, there not to bad but the brush is a bit thicker then i would of liked.

So my thoughts are i will go to body care again for my nail varnishes with technic but will never purchase again from B&N for nail varnishes, and for any patterns buying rio professional nail art is the way forward. Will be asking for more for christmas from that range, as i promised my boyfriend i won't be buying no more for the year. Something i probably won't stick to hehe, too addicted!!

Still i decided to show you some of the new nail varnish on my nails, i couldn't decide on anything so just did loads of mixed up styles therefore i could test my new nail varnishes. 

Sorry about the glitter all over the skin it's from one of the glitter top coats.

Sunday 8 July 2012

Beautiful Blogger Award

1. Thank the person that nominated you and link to their blog 
I would like to thank Becky for nominating me, it was very thoughtful of her considering i am only just starting out and just getting the hang of it. You should all take time to check out her page, it's such a amazing blog and shes my blog inspiration.

2. Tell us how the idea of making a blog popped up and what makes you continue it?
I actually so Becky's and it sounded fun, so i decided why not. Got nothing to lose. I have also wanted to do something like this for ages, i had looked into it but not fully gone all the way, Becky's page is what motivated me into starting my own. I continue to do it, because it gives me something to do if i have some spare time, i also enjoy writing in general so that keeps me going.

3. Describe a usual day in your life 
Well i am a mum of two, a boy and a girl. And they are literally my whole life, i live and breath them. At the moment i devote my life to bringing them up, so i am a stay at home mum. My boyfriend works to support us, i am fortunate to be able to stay at home and watch them grow, won't be long before there at school and i go out to work myself because there growing so fast. I love my little family.

4. The Best Collaboration With a blogger
Only been a blogger for around a week, so i haven't done this before. But it sounds fun.
5. The worst collaboration with a blogger
Same as above.

6. Describe what having a blog means to you
I really enjoy doing my blog and giving my opinion on products that come into my life, not just make up, anything fashion, jewellery even books. I only wish i had started it sooner. I love interacting with other people and seeing there opinions on products as it really does help me try out new things. I don't have many followers as yet, but i hope in the future that changes and people take a liking to my blog. I always tell myself you start small before you get big. So i have hope :)

7. Nominate 5 other bloggers
This isn't hard, i am going to nominate no other then my friend Becky
she nominated me and i want to return the favor as well as let her no how completely fantastic her blog is. I love reading her thoughts on the latest beauty products and more. She is the only person i am willing to nominate at the moment as i am a blog newbie and she's the only blog i have took actual interest in. I hope next time if i am nominated i can choose five, first i after look threw and find some amazing bloggers to follow. I have seen some amazing ones but i only flicked threw so i hope to be able to add some of you in the future. 

Nivea Radiance boosting daily scrub.

About a month ago, i was looking everywhere for Soap & Glory Face Soap & Clarity Foaming Face Wash as that's what i usually use to wash my face. I was pleased to see the 3for2 offer on at boot's with a load of beauty products the foaming face wash being one of them, wasn't so pleased to see the product i wanted wasn't in stock neither in store or online, yet  it's know surprise since the product is so good. My skin was going dry so i didn't have a choice but to look for an alternative product, so decided on Nivea natural beauty radiance boosting daily scrub £4.99 from boots and i am so pleased with my purchase. After a week my dry patches were gone, my skin was smooth and the price is a fantastic. I smells lovely too which is a bonus. I will defiantly purchase again in the future as it does exactly what it says on the bottle and more leaving me with a lovely glow.

Tresor Paris

I am really loving the collection of Jewellery available at Tresor Paris, there very bright and colorful and all the celebs are wearing them. I was fortunate to win mine, i also won some union jack earrings and i am very pleased. The one i am wearing is Remalard for £149. To be in with a chance of winning one of these beautiful bracelets, like there page on facebook they quite frequently have competitions running. They have so many great items on there page i could buy loads. (Sorry about blurred pic) Also please watch out for fakes as there are a lot being sold!!

Friday 6 July 2012

Rimmel - Crack Your colour - Crazy topcoat

Yesterday i were in Tesco's buying my make up and i was pleased to see the 3for2 deal was on Rimmel Products. I was reading through a avon catalog the other day and came across a cracking crazy top coat and i was pretty impressed with the results i saw on the model. And really wanted to buy it so when i so the 3for2 in tesco's and so this i couldn't resist the temptation and bought it. I tried it on a hot pink and it came out pretty good i was really impressed. So last night i painted my nails red and put the rimmel crack your color crazy top coat in black graffiti. I love it but i am also unsure of it, if that makes any sense lol, there is also three other colors available so i think i might try and silver next time and see how i feel with a different color. It's a good top coat, does everything it says it does as you can tell in the picture. Will i use it often, probably not. Will i buy in this color again, i don't think so. Going to take some definite getting use to i reckon. It's £3.99 it most stores.

I love the zebra print look, but i also like to experiment with colors. So on the first picture i used Technic silver nail polish its quite a big bottle and it was only about £1.49 which was a total bargain and it comes with glitter to sprink on your nails. I got it from a beauty shop in blackburn, it sells some real beauty bargains but i am unsure of it's full name as i have had this polish for quite a while. In fact it's running out which i am totally gutted about as it's a really good nail varnish. I used Rio professional nail art in pastel colors for the stripes.

The second picture i created the look again, but stuck to minimum colors i used as you can see in the picture beauty uk hot pink. I have explained before that beauty uk are selling a set of three for £5.99 all different colored pinks i am going over this again as there doing it for a great cause, £1 from each sale will be donated to cancer charity so i urge you to buy them there fantastic colors and are really great nail varnishes. They want to be able to raise £50,000 in a year and need your help to do so. I again used the rio professional nail art in silver to create the stripes. I love the effect :)

She Said Beauty Box

So today i subscribed to a beauty website called she said beauty which sends out boxes full of beauty products for just £9.00 a month plus £2.95 P+P (This is on available to uk & ireland) You can cancel anytime. I am going to be writing my blogs on these boxes as well as products i buy from the shop or are lucky enough to win. If you want to subscribe please click on the link Thanks.

Machester Fashion Week 2012

I was lucky enough to bag some freebie tickets to Manchester Fashion week for the MissGuided  catwalk shoot for the day, i took my sister as we had a fantastic time, seeing the latest trends hit the catwalk and shopping round manchester well they prepared the next catwalk shoot. It was the first manchester fashion week ever and it was a great experience as it was also my first time at a fashion show.

We were lucky to meet Kieron Richardson who plays Ste Hay in Hollyoaks.

 I also thought i would share with you my videos i managed to take, there only shot on a phone so there not brilliant. Enjoy x



I am a typical girl and stock up on magazines every week. I love to read about the latest fashion's the celeb worlds and real life. My Fav magazines are New, Closer and Reveal and i also buy a real life one which is called pick me up. Every week. So i was quite happy to sign up to have my say in pick me up readers column and it was quite a surprise to see myself in the magazine. Which for any girl is a dream come true. On facebook i am always more then happy to share my thoughts on certain thing's going on in the world with closer and reveal and have found myself in there magazine several times, i find it so cool cause i am a major geek lol. I couldn't help but take some photos of my say so because it doesn't happy often so i thought i would share that with you. It's pretty easy to do if you want to take part by liking there page on facebook and commenting on the stuff they put up.