Thursday, 18 September 2014

Knowsley Safari Park | Our Day Out

 A British Sparkle seemed to have turned over a new leaf at the moment, it very much seems to be goodbye beauty hello lifestyle, personal posts. I've really enjoyed sharing with you what me and the children have been up to over the Summer holiday's and hopefully giving you some inspiration to visit these wonderful places yourself. I hope you have enjoyed reading them just as much as I've enjoyed writing them. Now the holiday's are completely over, and I have a little more spare time, I'm going to pay more attention to my blog and even more attention to you. I've not so much neglected my blog and definitely have been paying attention to it in the back ground still, just writing a little less. I'd like to say I'll be writing more posts, but I won't, not because I don't want to but because there's just not enough hours in the day. I've been putting idea's together to write a novel and I want to start concentrating on that, with that blogging does take a little back seat but it's never far from my thoughts and I shall be posting at least 10 posts a month, if not more, when I can. Like blogging, writing stories is very much a big hobby and something I'm deeply passionate about - something I've done all my life - but don't fear beauty is here and I have some beauty related posts planned in the very near future, a few days away in fact.

 This trip out was originally for my son's birthday, living in England thing's don't always go to plan and with weekends we we're able to go the heavens opened. Roll forward at least four weekends and it's September, and my daughters birthday, which resulted in this being her treat instead. I'm always looking around for little, or big savings we can make for day trips, and so on. One website I absolutely love - and use a lot - is Deal Monster. Deal Monster is a money saving website that allows you to make savings, practically everywhere and anywhere in the country. They have deals for the cinema, day's out, spa's and even three course meals. We got a ticket for Knowsley Safari Park, based in Merseyside and made a really great saving of £30.00. £30.00 off for a family ticket was an amazing deal that I took advantage of, after all, it's not cheap to go out as a family now a days. 

The safari park it's self is a drive by, you drive round the park viewing animals from your car. You can go round as many times as you like, we went round twice and second time round I'm pretty sure my partner wish he hadn't. The monkey's, the cheeky little monkey's that decided to swipe our back window wiper - bear in mind going through the monkey's is optional. They were many animals to look out for, unfortunately they were two sets of animals we'd of liked to have seen but they were well and truly hidden away. After viewing the animals you can park your car up for a picnic and walk round to see more of the animals in the park. They had different shows on, birds, seals and so on. They have a few rides with an added extra cost to go on any. There's a few little cafe's and a gift shop. It was a lovely, sunny day, and a little hot in the car but the children had an exceptional time and really enjoyed seeing the animals. My daughter bought Peppa and George from the gift shop for £10.00 each (a little on the pricey side), my son got a little car with trailer on for £7.00 and I got a bookmark for £2.00. There's a lot of variety in the gift shop, though somethings are pricier then others - typical for these types of places - there's something affordable for everyone, hence the bookmark. 

Let me in!
I couldn't resist!

 After visiting Knowsley Safari Park we took a cheeky trip to Blackpool for some fish and chips. We also went for a walk along the beach and enjoyed the sunset after a long day.

Such a beautiful day :)

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