Monday, 8 September 2014

I ♥ Makeup | All Day & Night Eyeliner Pencils - Review

I heart Makeup the sister brand of Makeup Revolution have recently released some newbies, again. I was fortunate enough to be sent a surprise delivery containing the entire collection of All Day & Night eyeliner pencils.

 The collection contains six pencils in various shades. The last laugh (gold), channeling my inner (bronze), dangerous games (silver), stars come out (black with shimmer), one sin to many (black) and lustful ways (green).

I Heart Makeup claim the All Day & Night eyeliner pencils are smudge proof. Offer a perfect line with intense pigment. Soft and creamy to apply. Long wear. Luxurious formula with a texture that allows you to blend. 

The all day & night eyeliners offer a soft formula that's easy to work with. On creating swatches outside in the sunshine I was left with two broken pencils. The formula is quite soft and can end in a messy result if pressed to hard or left in warm heats. For this reason I really thought I weren't going to get a long with these but I judged to harshly, because honestly, they are a really great product. These are incredibly pigmented. They are very long lasting - I tried to wash these off with water and got no where fast. My tip is to use a baby wipe if wanting to remove in a hurry. The great thing is you can use these smudged out from the top lash line or all over the lid for a pop of colour. I find these are easier to smudge using my finger rather then with a makeup brush. My only problem with these is the fact you can't roll up more product. So, if you've accidentally pressed on to hard and it's broke then you have to put it in the bin - which is gutting for myself who broke two. Silly Kate.. Silly Kate!! Now, I am a huge fan of Dangerous Games and really was gutted that it broke when I was doing it a swatch, so I may of sharpened it. This did give me more product and sharpened nicely but I must warn they aren't suppose to be sharpened. Again, Silly Kate!

These are available to purchase for just £1.99 - link.

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PR sample sent for review purposes. 


  1. your blog is the cutest! love it, love the name and the design layout too! :)

    1. Aww thank you Lauren. Took a lot of work, I'm no professional but there's loads of great tutorials online. I think I'm in a place where I'm happy and content with it. I use to change it every few weeks but it's been like this for months and I've vowed not to change anything until the end of the year. It tends to take me a full day when I get going. To much of a perfectionist x

  2. Oh no, it's a pity they broke but they pigmentation looks amazing! I'm always impressed by what I see with Makeup Rev!

    Corinne x

    1. I think it was a mixture of taking photo's outside in the heat and then pressing on hard. I've read a few reviews all positive. The pigmentation is incredible x

  3. Hello! Pretty blog you have here. Would you like to follow each other? Let me know at my blog. Keep in touch.

    Shikin Kikin |

  4. I love them so much, I can't believe how smooth and long lasting they are - I love them xx

    Gemma |

    1. They're incredible. I did swatches and struggled to wash them off, love the lasting power. The pigment is incredible too x

  5. These look gorgeous and for this price too - amazing! I need to hunt them down xx


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