Thursday, 11 September 2014

Lifestyle: Day trip to Scarborough

 This particular day we woke up and had planned to go to Southport. Typically, this was the day it decided the heavens were going to open, cancelling our trip to Southport with the downpour set for the day. So, we got in the car and drove to the sunshine that awaited us on the East coast up in Scarborough, almost 3 hours away from out home. The thing's we do for a little bit of sunshine in the UK, or maybe that's just us!

I can't remember a time when I visited Scarborough so I wasn't expecting much with it being a place I'd not ever thought about visiting. Once there I couldn't get over the fact I'd not visited sooner. Scarborough is so picturesque and beautiful. There's so much stunning scenery with a mixture of country side, sand and sea. They were families playing on the beach, children with ice cream round their faces, everyone seemed jolly and were enjoying the last week of the Summer holidays. If my partner hadn't of had work the next day we would definitely have stayed the night and enjoyed two days there instead of one. We made the most of the time we got and thoroughly enjoyed it. On parking the car we walked up to Scarborough Caste - more ruin then castle - and had a wander round. From here the views were breathtakingly beautiful and I got some beautiful shots that did end up ruined by swarms of fly's. We then drove to the coast, walking along the beach ice cream in hand and enjoyed the scenery. 

Oh, hi swarm of fly's!

It was such a fun, filled, family day out and I loved every second of it. The views from the castle were magical - I love look round castles, especially ones that have furniture in. I'm nosy like that. The weather was definitely on our side and despite being clouded over in places and a getting about two minutes worth of spitting it was a scorcher.

If you've visited Scarborough which places would you recommend visiting whilst there? I'm really wanting to go again and do some more exploring.

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