Monday 30 September 2013

Manicure Monday #1 | NOTD's

And the long nails are back - I don't think I've ever had them so long in my life. 

First nail of the day is silvery lilac the photo truly doesn't do it any justice but it does have a a slight lilac tone to it in certain lights. Not very summery but will look great in the winter with some glitter. 

Second nail of the day is Teal. I'm so in love with this gorgeous shade, not very summer but I didn't care when I saw this in the Barry M collection I had to wear it because it's utterly gorgeous. Of course not one to forget a little sparkle my go to polish Diamond Glitter was layered over the top. I love Diamond Glitter and I put it on top of everything, I will have to purchase this when it runs out. 

All three £2.99 each.

(Please note: I actually wrote this post ages ago I'm talking maybe early June)

Sunday 29 September 2013

Book Review #4

Long Time Coming by Edie Claire - Joy has grown up hating her best friends then boyfriend after she was tragically killed in a accident she did nothing but blame him. Believing herself into thinking he was drink driving. She moved out of town and tried to forget what happened but it all comes rushing back to her after she decides to move back home to be by her ill dad's side and help her mum look after him. She's the new towns vet, her friends ex is now a man and the towns doctor that most of the women fancy. Thing's around her home life are weird and she doesn't know if someone is out to get her or she's being spooked by her best friends presence. Truth is Joy has feelings for the handsome town doctor and him her, but Joy feel's very guilty for it. Score 10/10 - I really loved this read it was really lovely. Yes it was about guilt, but also about a presence who wanted romance to happen. Love, loss and moving on as well as forgiving others is what makes this a really good read. I'd of loved to have read on after it finished, with Idea's for a second series of this book popping up in my head. Free.
The Job Offer by Eleanor Webb is a lovely summer read. Unemployed anne is returning to seattle to attend a interview for her dream job and stay a few weeks for the summer at her parents motel that is up the coast. She didn't expect to bump into ben young teen years crush who is around for his sisters wedding which will take place at her parents bed and breakfast. Neither did she expect to end up pretending to be engaged which leads to a summer romance, landing her dream job then find Ben is in fact her boss which ends with things going down hill from there. Score 10/10 - I really love this book it's the perfect summer read and really romantic which I love. Free.
I'm not going to go to much into this book because I have a lot to say about it. I actually liked this book, it was a really nice summer romance however it didn't take long for them to get to know one another in and out of the bedroom. The main character Amelia is quite a tomboy more into everything her romantic interest Craig is rather then girly thing's such has painting her nails etc etc. However the characters are likeable but Amelia seems to be too perfect, she can do everything there is absolutely no fault in her. She does however not have the perfect life, she's had her problems adding this makes the book more enjoyable because nobodies life is completely perfect. My only problem with this read is spelling mistakes and sentences in places not making sense. I'm not going to go on about grammar and what not because I can't talk because it's truly not my strong point. Score 7/10. Free.

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Saturday 28 September 2013

You Beauty Balance Me Box

Image taken from Google Images.

Aren't fans of Balance Me, in for a treat. This month You Beauty Discovery present a limited edition Balance Me beauty box jam packed with decent sized Balance Me products for just £19.95. Inside, are 7 products worth a massive £100 plus a £10 voucher to spend on the Balance Me website at And one lucky winner will get a golden styled ticket, which entitles you, to spend £500 on the Balance Me website. 

What you will get:

Rose Otto body wash 100ml
Super Moisturising hand cream 50ml
cleanse and smooth face balm 40ml
Moisture-rich face cream 20ml
Facial expression filler 15ml
Wonder eye cream 10ml
Radiance face oil 10ml

On sale now! Buy here.

With Love
Kate x 

Friday 27 September 2013

Girls Most Likely | Review - & Giveaway

On Monday I attended the Girls Most Likely preview with Charles Worthington and Woman & Home Magazine. It was a cinema experience like no other, from walking a mini red carpet, posing for photos with the Charles Worthington backdrop behind us, me holding a fake golden globe. Once seated we were greeted by a bag with goodies in - this being a welcome surprise but one I thoroughly enjoyed! 

Inside were a selection of Charles Worthington goodies, samples and vouchers. A bag of popcorn and this months Woman & Home magazine.

Girls Most Likely Imogene (Kristen Wiig) a failed writer, who goes from being in high places to a suspected mental break down, fake over dose gone wrong, sectioned then having to live with her mother (who she never see's) due to the hospital being over-filled. Back home she finds, her mother loved up with someone much younger then her, a brother as strange as ever and her bedroom rented out to a man. Whilst back home, she learns about herself, who she can rely on, who her true friends are (certainly not the ones back in New York) and betrayal. Through-out all the drama, including being held hostage. This film never stops being just what it is, a comedy. Nothing within the film is at all taken seriously, which makes it feel quite mock in places. Especially when being held hostage, yet having the urge to laugh due to them not taking it seriously which makes it seem like it's bad acting - I guess it is a non-serious comedy film. Must just be me! I know this film is full of good actresses/actors so it must be the way the films wrote. I did however find myself falling a little bit in love with Lee (Darren Criss) who plays Blaine and Kirks Boyfriend in Glee - yes he his straight in real life! I did find it funny though. Score 6/10 - I wouldn't purchase this on DVD.

Coming to a cinema near you today.

Much Love
Kate x 

Meg's Budget Boutique Body Shop Giveaway - here. Confessions of a secret shopper Christmas beauty advent calendar here. Good Luck x

Thursday 26 September 2013

The Autumn TAG

I was tagged to do the Autumn Tag by Charlotte over at Makeup by Candlelight (check out her blog). 
Thank you Charlotte!

1.  What's your most favourite thing about autumn? I love days when it's cold but the sun is out and everyone's wrapped up lovely and warm. It's lovely to see the crisp autumn leaves fallen in all sorts of shades.

2. What's your favourite drink? Can't beat a hot chocolate, with cream and marshmallow.  

3. What's your favourite scent/candle? Vanilla is such a lovely autumn/winter scent.

4. What's your best lipstick? Not so much a lipstick but I can't get enough of my Korres lip butter in Rose.

5. What's your go to moisturizer? Cheap and cheerful - Nivea soft.

6. What's your go to colors for the eyes? I like a mixture of shades, gold, bronze usually a little metallic and shimmery. However there's a few times in the last few weeks, I've reached for some darker tones for a beautiful smokey eye.

7.  What's your favourite singer/band to listen to? I'm loving Avicii at the moment (wake me up), Jason Derulo and lately I've been listening to Black Eyed Peas.

8. What's your favourite outfit to wear? (e.g. boots and scarf combo)? I'm a very casual girl and love my jeans. Reaching for the ankle boots and leather jacket.

10. What's your favourite place to be? No place like home, on the sofa just chilling in front of the telly with a cup of tea. Or writing.

I am going to tag just the two (it's all I have time for right now)

Much Love
Kate x 

Wednesday 25 September 2013

StyleLux Blackhead Killer Facemask | Review*

Image Source: StyleLux

I took some photos and they've been misplaced - I can't find them on my laptop anywhere. Sorry about that.

The StyleLux blackhead killer is a peel off face mask. According to StyleLux online, 'you apply like any facial mask - and then peel your pimples away!'. As blackhead killer dries it sucks the pimples, to remove all the bad bacteria out of your skin. It also removes dead cells, from the surface of you skin, once peeled away. 

Blackhead killer is made with all-natural herbal ingredients. So if facial masks tend to sting or result in a burning sensation, this face mask is for you. It didn't irritate me at all. 

My Thoughts

This facial mask can seem pricey at £14.95 but each sachet contains 10ml of product and you get five sachets. That works out at around just £2.99 each which is a decent price. 
The product it's self is a thick black, almost putty type feel but applies beautifully and thickly making it easy to remove. Please note; if it doesn't remove in places and does stick to the face, this is due to being wet still. 
I found the mask was easy enough to remove. It was almost like pulling cling film/a thin layer of skin off your face. It wasn't painful at all. I don't tend to suffer from blackheads, though the occasional (a lot lately) of acne. I didn't notice a huge difference, however I found my acne to have cleared up in places. This I think the result of a good face mask (blackhead), cleanser, toner and facial oil. I already want to try it again this time out of the bath. Who doesn't like a facial mask in the bath? I found steamy wet air prevented it from drying properly (especially second time round) first time it peeled off magnificently apart from a few places cracks around the nose, etc. Facial area is feeling a lot smoother which I'm happy about, plus usual dryness seems to be gone and I feel my healthy complexion is almost back, apart from the odd spot. You can take a look and buy here

I thought I'd introduce, what is available to purchase from StyleLux with a wishlist of goodies I'd love.

Image Source: StyleLux. Collage made by me.

Hair extensions - dark brown #2. I haven't tried hair extensions before and these are only £44.95 for 45cm (£10 more for 55cm). Which is a fair price for real human hair. I have long hair already, but no harm in having even longer hair.

Luxurious nail starter kit. I never go to the salon, to get my nails done and tend to them myself. Thanks to my excessive nail polish collection, (yes I'm a addict) I don't feel the need, but it would be nice to have a professional look every now and again. With this kit it's a perfect chance to save costs and do it yourself. And it's a bargain at just £44.95 and comes with everything you need for a professional looking french manicure. 

Next up is this watch, it's set in diamond inspired stones and really gives that bling effect (but not to much) there's a colour to suit everyone with five shades to choose from. And because there only £4.95, you could walk away with them all for a good bargain. I wouldn't mind having all five - greedy! 

Whats more is it's free delivery on all orders over £10.00 which isn't hard to spend. 

With Love ♥
Kate x

* PR sample sent for review.

Tuesday 24 September 2013

The Body Shop Exclusive

Right now at Body Shop you can choose one of four 30ml hand creams for free. All you have to do is download/print the voucher from here. Ends 26th of September (only three days left) - be quick. These are worth £5.00 each.

I decided to go with the Almond hand and nail cream. When I went instore I found another offer to be on which included a free love your body, body shop (advantage) card. All you have to do is spend £5 or more. So I picked up a little something to put away for my sister for Christmas. 

The card lasts a year, but the benefits are endless. Including invites to events, 10% extra off all year round, gifts on your birthday and on the back are eight stamps to tick off. At four you get a £5 gift and at eight a gift worth £10.00. I make a few orders a year so this couldn't have come at a better time. Especially with Christmas coming up. You can see more here. I believe this offer is in store only and I'm unsure when it ends. 

With Love ♥
Kate x

Sunday 22 September 2013

We're The Millers | Review

We're the millers. Seeing Jennifer Aniston, like you've never seen her before, or at least I haven't. Jennifer Aniston, tends to go for roles, that are very romantic/comedy. Whilst this has got romance in, (very little may I add). It's full of laugh out loud comedy moments, that will have you leaving the cinema on a high - as in laughter, not anything off drug dealer, David Clark aka Jason Sudeikis. Having a drug dealer, a stripper, a virgin and a runaway pretend to be the miller family, when in reality they aren't even related at all, going on a vacation to Mexico, in a RV, to pick up drugs for David's scheming so-called friend, who is all out to only benefit from the whole thing, himself, is a disaster waiting to happen. Along the way they pick up, mother, father, sister, brother habits with a little un-mother, father, sister, brother habit's too that will have you, chuckling in your seat. This in fact does have some similarities, too the film RV that stars Robin Williams, but with many twists. I don't want to give to much away, but it's definitely a must for all you comedy film fanatics, and fans of the four main actors/actresses in this film including, Emma Roberts (Wild Child) or Will Poulter (The Chronicles of Narnia). I loved it and recommend it to you all.

Tomorrow I'm going along for a exclusive preview of Girls Most Likely so expect that review coming soon. UK release 27th September 2013.

Saturday 21 September 2013

New Name, New Look. Same URL.

On Thursday I came to the decision to change my blogs URL/Name and I did. It's day two and it's been a bit of a nightmare in all honesty. (Never change your URL if you've be blogging for quite a while!). I thought my blog would benefit from this positive change, but it didn't, not one little bit. I'm not the biggest tech person and didn't realize that all my previous posts would end up broken due to the link being now non-existent. Thankfully nobody took my old URL, phew! And I've now taken the decision to go back, to that name only via URL for convenience. I've taken a lot of time, and effort, on each blog post and really don't want to lose the work or any of you guys which seems to have happened. I'm praying now I've done this, this post will at least show up in the new feed, argh!

I came to the decision to make major changes, because I felt it was time. I've been blogging for over a year now and I love it, just like I did the first time I wrote a post. I like to think, I've improved significantly, since then. Anyways I know that I'm one of the quieter blogs, but the fact I get views and someone actually reading what I have to say is what keeps me doing this, and the fact, I really love it - such a good hobby. I know, that people can find having a lot of different topics on a blog really annoying, but in all honesty I don't have time for several blogs, with my life, so I keep everything in one little place. I hope you all don't mind? The reason for my change in URL was the fact it had Beauty-UK in. I feel like even though there is a lot of beauty, mainly beauty there is a lot more to my blog then just beauty. I also wanted something that reflected me within the name. So despite having a list, of different names the size of my arm I settled upon A British Sparkle or British Sparkle (this wasn't on the list) because every other name had already been taken. British because it's my nationality and sparkle because I couldn't ditch Sparkle Dust fully, I love anything sparkly and like to think my personality (despite my shyness, so once you get to know me) sparkles throughout lol. I wanted to add a touch of British Sparkle to the web.

The contents will stay the same, beauty, occasional lifestyle and fashion posts, plus book and film reviews.

The look - I've gone back to basics (simple is more. Right?) I may add things, along time.
I really hope you like the new name (I hope it grows on you) and the new look.

Much Love ♥
Kate x

Twitter is now @ABritishSparkle - Bloglovin' and everything else hasn't change and neither as the email address.

Thursday 19 September 2013

Korres Lip Butter Stick V's Pot | Review

Recently I got my hands on the Korres lip butter in the shade pomegranate if you managed to read my previous post another small haul you'll have seen how long I've been waiting to get my mits on it. Now I've tried and tested bought the pot and stick I've decided to put them both head to head. 

The pot is quite small, the appeal to it is it's really cute and I'm a sucker for anything tiny and cute and will buy it alone just for that reason. Of course I've seen this in swatches and fell in love with the shade straight away. It's a pinky coral shade in the pot but to achieve this shade you need a lot of product and it seems it was only achievable anywhere but on the lips. I just couldn't get the pretty shade to be the colour I saw in the pot and on swatches. Yet wiping my lip brush with a tissue the colour showed up beautifully but that's no good on just a tissue and not on the lips. I instead was left with a sheer pink shade which wasn't at all that noticeable despite using a good amount of product. The bad thing about the pot too is it's not very practical unless you have a lip brush and short nails. Long nails spell disaster for this and a ruined messy looking pot. I however can't fault how buttery it is and how moisturising it is on the lips making it perfect for winter wear when you want to give your lips a little TLC. The Koress lip butter stick is a whole different story, it's pratical, you can push more product up with the twist end without making a mess and the coverage is amazing. It's not as buttery as the pot but it's still moisturising. You don't need a lot of product unlike the pot and coverage is fantastic in one layer yet buildable for a more bolder lip. 

My final verdict is the Korres lip butter sticks are better and more convenient then the pot. And I'll go for the sticks rather then the pots in the future. Both are £8.00 each. I just wish Korres would release the Pomegranate shade is stick format because I'll then get the coverage I want from this gorgeous pinky coral shade.

I have a blog sale if anyone's interested (nothing has been sold yet). All brand new, still in the packet items mainly from Kardashian Beauty - cheaper then in the shops. If you purchase more then one item and quote Sparkle Dust via email I'll knock 10% off. Shop here

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Monday 16 September 2013

Another Small Haul

Korres lip butter in Pomegranate from Feel Unique. Was on sale for £6.40 and also had extra 10% off code when I purchased it. (The price is back up the usual £8.00 on looking but that's subject to change between now of typing and when it get's publish. - could well be on offer again) Feel Unique have free delivery on all orders. Purchase here. My mum bought me this for a treat. I've wanted this shade for absolutely ages, even before I got the rose stick from Korres using my Birchbox points unfortunately at the time pomegranate wasn't in stock. Review coming soon.

Boots Botanics Organic Facial Oil. This is usually £9.99 but at time of purchasing it's only £6.66 - I swear I only paid £6.30ish for this though. Again another treat of my mama, using her Boots advantage card. So a possible freebie at my mums expense! I've spoken a few times about my breakouts on my blog. When I'm using a decent facial oil my breakout tends to go completely or look controlled with only a few minor spots. I've never bought a facial oil before but got send quite a smelly one to review a while ago which is almost up plus the occasional sample sized ones from beauty boxes. (Which I've also now cancelled) so it was time to purchase one. My spots at the moment are totally out of control like its the worse breakout I've ever had I look about fourteen with this breakout lol.  I wash twice a day once in the morning and before bed washing my make up off along with that I think the essential oils my skin craves are also going down the sink. I'm really hoping the botanics organic facial oil helps along with restoring my natural glow I am looking a little pasty. Unfortunately a lot of facial oils are quite expensive and I found this oil to be the biggest yet the cheapest but at 9.99 for 25ml it's a still expensive but I reckon a little will go a long way due to the pump inside. I'll explain more in a review. But a girls got to pay what a girl needs to pay to zap these spots away FOR GOOD! Hopefully. Boots here.

I also bought two Rimmel Matte powders (again) This is one of them products I've been purchase for a very long time and I will never stop purchasing it. I just love this product so much! Whilst I'm going through these now a days like there's no tomorrow whilst the Superdrug promotion of buy one get one half price is on I took advantage and bought two. £3.99 each.

I also bought two books from The Works - yes I know I own a Kindle. These were only £1.99 each or three for £5.00. I only had four pound in change and was reluctant to take my piece of plastic from my purse. These two novels look great. Cupcakes of Carrington's - came out 2013 (sequel coming November) and Manhattan - came out 2011. I of course looked on my Kindle amazon shop to check the price of these when I returned home to find one was £5.49 and the other £3.49. So I grabbed a bargain or two there. 
 I have been such a book worm at late so expect a hell of a lot of book reviews (I have several posts with 2/3 book reviews each. So expect to see these in the near future with a lot more book reviews needing to be typed up in the near future once read).

Once again remember to enter Meg;s Budget Boutique giveaway here.

 Prices are subject to change whether it's higher or lower and my prices are what I paid at time of purchase then typing it up. Publishing may not happen until a few weeks after writing up.

Sunday 15 September 2013

Book Review #3

The fallen star series is made up of six books altogether. Four are the from the fallen star and two are the fallen soul series but are all linked. - Gemma and her partner Alex together make the fallen star, this is the conclusion in the series what see's them fight evil, save loved one's and try and get their happily ever after. Score 8/10 - I really liked the series Fantasy novels are my firm favourite reads but the ending for me personally was a little disappointing I would of liked to have it to have gone more in depth about what happened next rather then what was wrote. Paid For.
The Rock Star's Daughter is about 15 year old Taylor who doesn't have anything to do with her rock star dad who only pay's for her boarding school fee's. Rather then her mum taking care of her, it seem's Taylor is the parent in there relationship however they are very close. Taylor's father only come's into her life when her mum tragically passes away from a drug overdose. It really is a inside into the life of a daughter whose father is famous and that not everything is a bed of roses. The book contains drugs, alcohol, love and loss. It also see's Taylor falling in love with Jake who end's up being very different to who she thinks he his. Score 8/10. Free.
Love's Dance By Marianne Robery is about a woman named Jaina who has left her fiance and escaped abroad to live with her brother in New Zealand. Jaina as a thing for dance but a injury left her unable to do it has a career. She does however do make up for the stars and finds herself working on the set medical drama called doctors life. She finds a friendship amongst one of new zealands hottest stars colin. However she tries her best to try and hate him but can't and gradually find's herself falling for him, even though everyone thinks he's gay. Score 9/10 - I've found myself thinking about this book ever since finishing it the fact I have just tells me how good I think it is. I really think it's very heart warming but with a health issue which really spreads the message. Free.

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Saturday 14 September 2013

I am a Winner | Rimmel #StayMatteChallenge

I was absolutely ecstatic when I received an email off Rimmel asking me to help them by taking part in the #StayMatteChallenge. Has a blogger, like most I love speaking about the latest new releases and if I get to try and experiment for free before hand that's a bonus! The stay matte mousse foundation was given out to 1000 people with 100 of them being chose to feature on the Rimmel website but also to win a Glam retro goodie bag. I didn't think for a second I'd end up being one of the winners. I was very much over the moon and feel very fortunate to have been choose again (in case you don't know this is the second time I've reviewed a product for Rimmel and the first time I was 1/10 winner of 500 who reviewed, yipee!) I'd like to say a HUGE thanks to Rimmel.

The glam retro goodie bag is inspired very much on the advert for scandaleyes retro glam mascara. If you've seen the advert you'll find it to be a very retro almost modern day monochrome inspired look. My goodies came in a clear grab bag with the Rimmel logo on. And this is what I got;

Scandaleyes retro glam mascara 001 Black - £6.99 here.
60 seconds polish in Silver Bullet & Black Out - £3.69 each here.
Scandaleyes thick & thin eyeliner in Black - £5.49 here.
Scandaleyes eye shadow paint in Mercury Silver - £4.99 here.

You can purchase all from Boot's & Superdrug. Boot's do have buy 1 get 1 half price along the cosmetics line whilst Superdrug have the same deal but just on Rimmel. The stay matte mousse foundation is available at both stores for £5.99 - try it you won't be disappointed!

Thursday 12 September 2013

Kardashian Beauty I Watercolor & Cabana Glow Swatches

A while ago I got my hands on these 5/6 limited edition Kardashian Beauty (Khroma) PDQ summer Watercolor nail lacquer after I won a massive £900 worth of Khroma cosmetics. Inside were five summery shades Pool - a shimmery turquoise, Stroke - a burnt sunset orange, High Drive - a bright barbie pink, Glide - hot pink and Race - Vibrant Red. Missing is the shade Float which is beautiful pastel mint green. Update; After looking through my collection I found Float turns out it didn't have the watercolor sticker on.

There's a shade here for everyone from cool, light pastels, to warmer vibrant shades. You could definitely hop into Autumn with Stroke and race. All are cremes yet I find pool lack in creaminess and out of the five this was more sheer but buildable for a more creamy, glossy coverage. All six available in the Watercolor collection are free from toluene, formaldehyde, camphor, and DBP. These are more creamy then glossy (unlike Barry M's Gelly Hi-shines) but are still nice enough and leave a pleasant finish. Above are three layers of polish - however you could have less layers depending on the thickness you apply. These swatches are without a top coat too. You can purchase four of the shades at Feel unique here for £8.95 each.

 I also got two of the Cabana Collection in shades Afterglow - a pearly neutral creamy shade and Gold Coast - a shimmer metallic silver with purple/pink tones. I found Afterglow was quite sheer and needed a few more coats then the two that I needed with Gold coast, however afterglow was more creamier then Gold Coast. The Cabana collection are also free of toluene, formaldehyde, camphor, and DBP. And some of the collection can be found at Feel unique also for £8.95 each here.

Both collections claim to be Long wearing, ultra glossy and chip resistant nail colour glides on evenly for a
truly professional looking finish.

What do you think? Have you manage to try either of the collections?

Meg's Budget Boutique Giveaway

Meg Budget Boutique has gone Body Shop mad in this insanely amazing giveaway. 
Get your hands on all this; 

Image taken from Meg's Budget Boutique and edited by me.

Enter here to be in with a chance of winning this incredible prize! Good Luck x

Wednesday 11 September 2013

Wedding Vow Renewal Outfit & Nails

The weekend just gone I went to a wedding vow renewal in Newcastle to help celebrate 25 years of marriage. This being the silver wedding anniversary I opted for a theme on my look of silver/grey with a little bit of navy and some sparkle (of course). 

I'm sorry for the photo. I didn't manage to get one with just myself. Yes I cut my head off lol.
I wore a Madam Rage dress. I don't think this available anymore has I bought it last year. But the clothes are to die for and so cheap. Check them out here. I think the dress I bought was just £10.00. This dress actually as some silver stud type detailing on the vest type sleeve (sorry I didn't get a photo).

My Dolly ballet pumps are from New Look. I've had these for a good few months so they may or may not be available to purchase anymore.

Clutch was bought for just £4 from Matalan. I can't even remember exactly when I bought this but it wasn't anymore then a year ago. 

Cardigan from George. And Tights (you can purchase them in most clothing stores)

My jewellery were simple white gold hoops along with a crystal hand set bracelet which you can purchase from Warren James here. And right now it's just £24.50. It's a gorgeous bracelet so girly and sparkly. Sorry once again i didn't take photo's of my jewellery. 

My Nails

I left my make-up neutral, with browns and shimmery golds. My usual wake me up foundation from Rimmel and Matte powder. Bronzer to add colour to my cheeks and a swipe of the Korres lip butter in Rose.

Monday 9 September 2013

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones | Review

Hi girls, guys. Whatever sex is reading this post. I hope you all had a lovely weekend?.
Sorry I haven't post anything in a good few days. I've been rather busy lately. So hectic, I've not kept up with exercise or wrote anything significant in my novel (except made a few changes. I might just one day complete it. I hope!). So I'm hoping to get into a good routine where I have time to do what I need to do. Writing, keeping up with an exercise routine, blogging more, whilst juggling home life. The weekend just gone I went to Newcastle for the weekend which has totally taken it out of me. I celebrated a lovely 25 years of marriage. They renewed their vows and it was a lovely service.  

I was also bought a fantastic treat by my mum the Korres lip butter in pomegranate - which came today I've wanted it for ages even before I got the Korres rose stick from Birchbox e-shop (Pomegranate was unavailable. This was purchase from Feel unique in the sale and with free delivery on all orders its well worth a purchase) and I also was a winner of the Rimmel stay matte challenge and will be receiving a goodie bag any day - expect reviews. This is the second product I've reviewed for Rimmel and won both times. I'll go into more detail when I do a post on what I got. But I'm majorly excited and very thankful to both my mum and Rimmel for some exciting new stuff.

Today I went to see The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones with my sister for some quality sister time. We got there before it opened and were the only one's in the cinema watching it, (everyone went back to school today) which was nice. I manage to find a deal for my local cinema for two tickets and large popcorn for only £9.00 - complete bargain when you think of how expensive it is to go to the cinema now a days. Now I've wanted to watch this film since I saw the trailer advertised on the last installment Twilight so quite a long time. I'm such a fantasy fanatic and love Harry Potter, Twilight, The host and Beautiful Creatures plus fantasy novels are amongst my favourites. Now Mortal Instruments is a 7/8 book series and even though I've not had chance to read the books yet (it will set me back a good £40 downloading them to my kindle) I hope to in the future. After watching the trailer I became a crazy looney rabbiting on about it just like I did with Beautiful Creatures and will with Fifty Shades and Fallen.

When her mother disappears, Clary Fray learns that she descends from a line of warriors who protect our world from demons. She joins forces with others like her and heads into a dangerous alternate New York called Downworld.

When I saw the trailer I was so excited to watch this film. And the film didn't disappoint. I'm not going to go to much into it because it's fairly new. I don't want to ruin the surprise with any spoilers. But if you like Twilight, The host or Beautiful Creatures you will LOVE this. I think it might be even better then all three and I really love the three films mentioned so that's saying something. Yes this does have romance, some comedy lines but it's quirky, comes with story lines that you don't expect to happen, it's not full on romantic and is quite the action packed fantasy film and the graphics are fabulous. I recommend you go see this so much. Score 10/10. One for the DVD purchase list and I can't wait for the next chapter in The Mortal Instrument series.

Thursday 5 September 2013

Book Review #2

Kindle Reads.

The third in the crossfire series. Sylvia Day has created her very own Christian Grey (fifty shades) in the likes of Gideon Cross. The character is more deeper, darker and dangerous then Christian and the plots different but similar in some aspects. 

 This took me just a week to read and I couldn't put it down when I found time to read. The plot thickened in the world of Gideon and Eva. Gideon will do anything to protect Eva - I mean ANYTHING including murder and he does just that making sure she isn't in danger in anyway. Gideon risks in his whole life to protect Eva but with his wealth and fortune he's able to get away with it. In this novel Eva and Gideon try to get past their troubles and the past whilst falling more and more in love everyday. 

This isn't the last novel in the crossfire series, there's a fourth on the way and I can't help but think it's going to be more drama and heartbreak and maybe even the sound of tiny pitter patter feet. The book's are really good I'm a sucker for any kind of lovely dovey romance. This does have some rude parts like Fifty shades but not so much on that erotic level. If you love fifty shades then you'll love this. (Fact: Fifty Shades will be released 1st of August 2014. The crossfire series will be released on the TV I believe sometime in the future)

This is Katie Price' eighth novel I think. I've lost count despite having all of them in books except this because I now have a kindle. This cost me £7.99 to download to kindle which I feel for a kindle price is a little pricey but that's her name lol. Again like all the Katie Price books I couldn't put it down because I just love the novels with the sunshine making an appearance it was the perfect time to sit in the yard and just read. It took me 24 hours and that wasn't constant so I'd say seven hours maybe less - I didn't count. 

 Like all Katie Price' novel this was a insight into the celebrity life. This one had a bit of a twist to previous reads. Like all celebs you see, you feel you want their life because they have wealth, fortune all the latest stuff but not everything is always what it looks it's now always a bed of roses. Liberty is a single mum to her three year old toddler Brooke she fell pregnant at 18 and Brooke' dad isn't interested. Whilst juggling motherhood whilst living with her mum Liberty tries to earn a living working at a Italian restaurant whilst trying to make it as a model/actress she's not auditioned for any roles since before Brooke was born and she feels life isn't going anywhere that's until she meets the handsome American born Cory Who is dining with some friends and an ex girlfriend. He's over here on a gap year and he just can't keep his eyes off Brooke. It isn't long before Brooke and Cory fill their relationship gaps and become a item. With Cory moving to the UK, struggling for money and letting his parents down he gives up there dream for him to be a lawyer whilst pursuing his own to be an artist, that goes quite belly up whilst he works none stop to pay his rent. Things are going great for Liberty when she get's a perfume ad campaign and a director shows an interest in her for a big crime series in the USA. With Cory and Brooke drifting apart but there love for one another growing stronger their careers take them in different paths people in there life's sabotage their plans of being together and they go in opposite directions settling with other people but they never truly forget one anothers love for each other and after a brief encounter several years later things go from being good to bad again. He's the one is about knowing someones the love of your life, but ending up going in another direction despite your love for that person. If you truly love someone you'll find a way back to that person know matter what whether it's two months down the line or several years.

I really love this book like all of Katie's novels I couldn't put it down hence why it took only 24hrs to read. If you like celebrity related stuff and a inside into a celebrities life where everything is anything but perfect then you'll like this too. Plus romance everyone loves romance.

Book covers taken from Google.