Sunday 15 September 2013

Book Review #3

The fallen star series is made up of six books altogether. Four are the from the fallen star and two are the fallen soul series but are all linked. - Gemma and her partner Alex together make the fallen star, this is the conclusion in the series what see's them fight evil, save loved one's and try and get their happily ever after. Score 8/10 - I really liked the series Fantasy novels are my firm favourite reads but the ending for me personally was a little disappointing I would of liked to have it to have gone more in depth about what happened next rather then what was wrote. Paid For.
The Rock Star's Daughter is about 15 year old Taylor who doesn't have anything to do with her rock star dad who only pay's for her boarding school fee's. Rather then her mum taking care of her, it seem's Taylor is the parent in there relationship however they are very close. Taylor's father only come's into her life when her mum tragically passes away from a drug overdose. It really is a inside into the life of a daughter whose father is famous and that not everything is a bed of roses. The book contains drugs, alcohol, love and loss. It also see's Taylor falling in love with Jake who end's up being very different to who she thinks he his. Score 8/10. Free.
Love's Dance By Marianne Robery is about a woman named Jaina who has left her fiance and escaped abroad to live with her brother in New Zealand. Jaina as a thing for dance but a injury left her unable to do it has a career. She does however do make up for the stars and finds herself working on the set medical drama called doctors life. She finds a friendship amongst one of new zealands hottest stars colin. However she tries her best to try and hate him but can't and gradually find's herself falling for him, even though everyone thinks he's gay. Score 9/10 - I've found myself thinking about this book ever since finishing it the fact I have just tells me how good I think it is. I really think it's very heart warming but with a health issue which really spreads the message. Free.

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