Thursday 19 September 2013

Korres Lip Butter Stick V's Pot | Review

Recently I got my hands on the Korres lip butter in the shade pomegranate if you managed to read my previous post another small haul you'll have seen how long I've been waiting to get my mits on it. Now I've tried and tested bought the pot and stick I've decided to put them both head to head. 

The pot is quite small, the appeal to it is it's really cute and I'm a sucker for anything tiny and cute and will buy it alone just for that reason. Of course I've seen this in swatches and fell in love with the shade straight away. It's a pinky coral shade in the pot but to achieve this shade you need a lot of product and it seems it was only achievable anywhere but on the lips. I just couldn't get the pretty shade to be the colour I saw in the pot and on swatches. Yet wiping my lip brush with a tissue the colour showed up beautifully but that's no good on just a tissue and not on the lips. I instead was left with a sheer pink shade which wasn't at all that noticeable despite using a good amount of product. The bad thing about the pot too is it's not very practical unless you have a lip brush and short nails. Long nails spell disaster for this and a ruined messy looking pot. I however can't fault how buttery it is and how moisturising it is on the lips making it perfect for winter wear when you want to give your lips a little TLC. The Koress lip butter stick is a whole different story, it's pratical, you can push more product up with the twist end without making a mess and the coverage is amazing. It's not as buttery as the pot but it's still moisturising. You don't need a lot of product unlike the pot and coverage is fantastic in one layer yet buildable for a more bolder lip. 

My final verdict is the Korres lip butter sticks are better and more convenient then the pot. And I'll go for the sticks rather then the pots in the future. Both are £8.00 each. I just wish Korres would release the Pomegranate shade is stick format because I'll then get the coverage I want from this gorgeous pinky coral shade.

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  1. Nice review - I love these lip butters and they make your lips so soft! Xx

    1. Thank you Charlotte. Ditto they are such a lovely lip butter. Very soft and silky! xx

  2. I've wanted one of these for ages. The colour looks so good. I'd be more inclined to get it in the stick format though. Really nice blog :) followed :)

    1. Thank you. You'd be the first to say so I've just had a huge change and the names changed tooYet to make an announcememt. . I'll come by your blog when I'm on laptop hun. Thanks for following x


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