Sunday, 22 September 2013

We're The Millers | Review

We're the millers. Seeing Jennifer Aniston, like you've never seen her before, or at least I haven't. Jennifer Aniston, tends to go for roles, that are very romantic/comedy. Whilst this has got romance in, (very little may I add). It's full of laugh out loud comedy moments, that will have you leaving the cinema on a high - as in laughter, not anything off drug dealer, David Clark aka Jason Sudeikis. Having a drug dealer, a stripper, a virgin and a runaway pretend to be the miller family, when in reality they aren't even related at all, going on a vacation to Mexico, in a RV, to pick up drugs for David's scheming so-called friend, who is all out to only benefit from the whole thing, himself, is a disaster waiting to happen. Along the way they pick up, mother, father, sister, brother habits with a little un-mother, father, sister, brother habit's too that will have you, chuckling in your seat. This in fact does have some similarities, too the film RV that stars Robin Williams, but with many twists. I don't want to give to much away, but it's definitely a must for all you comedy film fanatics, and fans of the four main actors/actresses in this film including, Emma Roberts (Wild Child) or Will Poulter (The Chronicles of Narnia). I loved it and recommend it to you all.

Tomorrow I'm going along for a exclusive preview of Girls Most Likely so expect that review coming soon. UK release 27th September 2013.

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