Sunday 30 June 2013

Stay In Contact With Me Via Sparkle Dust - Here's How! & Competition

Google reader will go in less then three hours and I would love for you all to follow me via one of the following Bloglovin' so you can see my posts. Google+ so we can keep in contact. Twitter because it's convenient with a hastag (#) of course there's also GFC but that's a bit touch and go at the minute with nobody really knowing whether it will stay or go or you can click them all.

I'd really appeciate if you could follow me via at least one, mainly Bloglovin' so you can still read my posts easily. Everyone I follow (which is majority of my followers) I will import now one last time to Bloglovin' before it leaves for good.

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Also I have two giveaways going on just a little reminder a Firmoo one here or my blog's 1st birthday giveaway here. To enter my blog 1st birthday giveaway at the moment you need to enter the Firmoo one to unlock more entries.

Good Luck Honeyz

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Friday 28 June 2013

Sparkle Dust' 1st Birthday Giveaway (Closed)

So on the 1st of July it will be Sparkle Dust' first birthday, how exciting. I wanted to do something a little special so thought I'd mark it with a mini giveaway, nothing special just a little something. My reason for doing it early is because I wanted to get it going before Google reader goes. But first I feel as though I should do a little speech.

On the 1st of July 2012 I started my blog, due to my passion of writing. It became clear that my blog would be mainly beauty related, but because I love writing so much I've thrown in fashion, movie/book reviews and more, just general stuff from my life and a few extra's along the way. When I started off I didn't have a clue what made a successful blog, reading others really helped me. When I first started I took photo's off Google to write my post's I didn't think to take my own and I did several posts a day instead of spreading them out. Since then I feel like I've really come along way with Sparkle Dust and from reading I've learned a lot - even my grammer as sort of improved or at least getting there. It's given me the confidence to put pen to paper or finger to keyboard and start writing a novel which is my passion. I'm a year in now and I'm completely dedicated and passionate about Sparkle Dust just as I was the day I started it. Of course I know my blogs one of the most quieter blogs and getting new followers does make me happy but I'm more happier seeing the page views going up in all honesty. But I am ever so grateful for having my followers via GFC, Google+, Bloglovin, Twitter and She Said Beauty plus the people who have taken time out of their life's just to view this blog. I'm so happy to have started my blog and met passionate, unique and beautiful individuals. And I feel I've made two really good blogging friends through my blogging journey. So thank you for being so supportive and here's to the next year. 

The Prize

James Reed Wash Off Tan
Molton Brown Unisex Smelly Sample
Nail Foils
Nail File
Model Co Black Eyeliner
Color Club Exclusive Birchbox Shade
KMS Add Volume Spray 
Vaseline Cocoa Butter

a Rafflecopter giveaway
 Any Questions feel free to comment & good luck.

This is a UK only giveaway however I have a international one up here - please check terms and conditions to see if your country is available for delivery. (And remember to comment with the item you would like to win from the classic section - you MUST comment in the comment box on the post for it to be a valid entry)

Anyone can enter but if your sixteen and under please get permission from a parent.

I won't be held responsible for any missing or stolen items once they've left me to be delivered, nor will I send out replacement items.

This giveaway is for people of the blogging community only, if you don't have a blog please don't enter because your entry will be deleted. If I can't get on your blog to check entries, etc your entry will also be deleted sorry.

Finally don't cheat I will be keeping an eye on all of your entries and checking them. :P

Thursday 27 June 2013

Firmoo International Giveaway - Now Closed

Firmoo is the worlds most popular online eyeglasses store. They've committed themselves in giving their customers the best quality products at affordable prices. And I've teamed up with them to hold a fantastic giveaway. If you want to find our more about Firmoo please click here. Firmoo offer not only prescription glasses but also a huge selection of fashionable eye wear and sunglasses - we all know just how huge eye wear has become in recent years.

(Image taken from Firmoo) Firmoo have now launched their first pair free program for new customers, all you have to do is pay shipping. With a huge selection there's plenty to choose from and you will find something that will suit your needs and style for sure. Click here to find a pair for free today!
 The Prize

Up for grabs is 6 $20 E-vouchers (That's six winners) each to be used from the classic series which can be found here. To enter all you have to do is tell me which pair from the classic series you would like to win - Mandatory

If I get 50 valid entries (To be valid you MUST enter a comment stating the glasses you'd like to win from the classic series and only the classic series) There will be a extra grand prize winner who will win a free pair of glasses of their choice from the classic series including free shipping. 

Of course they'll be the usual entries included to give you even more chances of winning. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
  Remember to leave either a email address or twitter username in the comment section along with your glasses from the classic section. Any questions feel free to ask and good luck.

The vouchers are to be used only on classical series frames and for the purchase of frames only. Shipping is paid separately and isn't valid with the voucher.
The main prize of one pair of glasses of choice from the classic section with free shipping will only happen if 50 people with valid entries participate in this giveaway.
To participate you must comment with the frames you'd like to win from the classic section and from the classic section only this is mandatory and if not completed your entry will not be valid and therefore deleted from this competition.
Anyone is eligible to enter if from the following countries; US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Finland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Italy, England, UAE, Bengal, Argentina, Pakistan, Brazil, Russia, Peru, Mexico, Ukraine and Israel, Oman, Kuwait, Egypt, Qatar, Bahrain, Latvia, Romania, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Czech, Iceland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Korea, South Korean, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mongolia, Indonesia, Poland, Hungary, Turkey and India. To read more on shipping click here.
This giveaway is sponsored by Firmoo and I am in know way responsible for any missing entries or lost prizes. Prizes will come directly from Firmoo themselves.
If you are sixteen or under living in the UK please get permission from a parent. If you are under eighteen and living anywhere outside the united kingdom please get parental permission. The reason the age is different is due to school age.

Wednesday 26 June 2013

The Internship | Movie Review

On Monday night I was fortunate enough to be invited to an exclusive preview of The Internship before it's official UK release on July 2nd. (The poster above is I believe release date in the USA) I'd seen the trailer and thought it looked alright, I wasn't majorly excited it looked funny-ish but how wrong was I once it started.

The internship is about two men who lose their job due to the business they work for going down the drain. They don't have much going for them career or relationship wise, all their good at is sales. Deciding to start from the bottom and make their way up they lie about being students at uni to enroll on a internship at Google. It pulls off - just and their accepted on the internship amongst brainy people who are half their age. Both have to learn about one anothers positives and negatives whilst working has a team with students much younger then them, dishing out advice and sticking to something in hope they come out the other end - getting a dream job and a new career at Google. 

I didn't expect much from the film after seeing the trailer, it looked funny enough but to be honest I'm one of these who laugh at silly stuff, I can sit through Peter Kay and not laugh once not because he's not funny because it's obvious he his - it's just me. Whilst watching this film I can honestly say I have never laughed so much in my life, it's full of the geeky silly stuff that I find hilarious. It's pure comedy genius and completely laugh out loud. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are a match made in comedy heaven and must work together more. I loved seeing the insight into Google it does look really cool if of course that's the real place. I highly recommend this film, watch it you won't be disappointed.

 Of course all opinions are my own and you may feel entirely different.

Tuesday 25 June 2013

OOTD | Casual

Jumper: AxParis - Vest Top: Peacocks
Skinny Jeans: internacionale (old)
Ankle Boots: New Look
Bangles: New Look I think (old)
I've never done a OOTD to boost my fashion posts I thought had better have a go at it. So this is what I wore for a Fathers Day family meal (Sorry it's taken ages to come I've had a few other posts scheduled before this one) 

I went for a casual look. This tends to be my usual everyday wear - jeans, leggings, vest tops, tunic style tops etc etc. I'm a real casual girl.

Monday 24 June 2013

VAT Free | Debenhams

VAT free prices on a selection of beauty & fragrance favourites for 1 week only. Plus free delivery - Happy shopping.

Remember to check out my widget on the right to find even more discount codes and offers at a huge selection of the biggest UK stores and restaurants, etc.

Sunday 23 June 2013

Click & Save With | Yay For Guilt Free Shopping

Are you a typical blogger? Of course you are. A new palette of course you just have to have it, you don't need it you've got loads in your beauty drawer but you just have to have this one because that palette is the latest craze, because everyone's getting it and you don't want to miss out - it's got a gorgeous selection of high pigmented shades. Yes I'm talking about you a typical blogger. 

We often splurge without thinking, want things rather then need it and end up not so much regretting what we've purchased but the bank balance at the end of it. Well now you can save at the click of a button with Love My Vouchers the home of UK voucher codes and the best deals around. Love my vouchers offer a fantastic selection of codes and deals from lots of the UK's biggest stores - yes Boot's is up there. Now you can buy that palette guilt free ;) You can guarantee to find something for everyone including men whether that's saving on electricals, fashion, beauty products or even a fancy meal out. Now's the time to save some, spend some and be happy with your bank balance at the end of it. 

Like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and sign up to their newsletter to get the best deals around and be in with a chance of winning a Ipad mini. For easier access click the love my voucher widget at the right of my blog where you will find deal after deal. 

You can sign up and also help others save money by clicking here. Remember to mention my referal which is just my blogs URL Thank you.

Friday 21 June 2013

Get Festival Ready With ShopStyle

Shopstyle are running a competition for us bloggers. All you have to do is put together a festival inspired outfit up to the value of £200. Well once I saw this competition knocking about I knew I had to enter, we all know how much I love these sort of competitions. They will be one over all winner who will win £1000 and two runners up who will each win £200. You can find out more information here. I believe you can enter if your from the UK, Germany and France with each country having an individual judge. Of course the UK judge is the lovely Natasha and you can find her blog here. Today is the last day to enter so be quick if you want to take part. And if you do remember to follow the instructions has seen on the shopstyle website and leave your link post with each individual judge from the country you are entering from. Each piece of clothing must be from the Shopstyle website. I'd honesty love nothing more then to win, I'm in such desperate need of new clothes it's unreal I've not had a proper shopping spree since before the kids came into my life all I've picked up is a few bits and pieces in four years.

I'm completely in love with everything I chose and I wanted to put fashions I love, with shades I love and some of this seasons biggest trends too. I don't think you can get much festival ready then with the fringed look this is everywhere now and the reason behind my choice of this beautiful cardigan not only that trendy ombre I see going on there too. Bold prints and lots of colour are just gorgeous this satchel is stylish and really classy and will see you straight through festival season and beyond literally. I love the bold printed floral top from ax paris, it's cute, girly and fun seeing you standing out from the crowd. I thought these shorts looked really pretty and very 50's but minimal in print/shade because the top does a lot of talking along with the cardy and you don't want too much going on. I accessorized with on trend aviator glasses and this beautiful flower band from asos (these are perfect for festival season). I love these pink wellies there such a girly fun colour and the added on bow is really cute. My festival look is fun, girly, pink and festival ready.

Good luck to all who enter. And in advance well done to whoever wins. 

Barry M Series #1 - Hi-shine Nail Paint | Prickly Pear

I am loving the beautiful shades that are available in the Gelly Hi-shine nail paints from Barry M. I could of picked quite a few up but was a good girl and settled for just the one which was Prickly Pear and my first ever Gelly polish (Since writing this I have won 103 Barry M Nail Polishes and now got the entire Gelly polish collection). I have seen these everywhere due to the release of the new shades so I thought it was only fair I also tried one and I have to say I was neither disappointed nor were I overly excited by them. Applying them was a bit of a nightmare and was streaky after 3 coats i ended with the results seen in the picture which is what it says on the bottle a hi-shine Gelly quite creamy finish, I did expect them to be more creamier with one coat but this just wasn't the case. The finish results were perfect despite one nail being a little off and having problems which resulted in me removing them. I think the secret is to apply quite thickly obviously not to thick but not a thin cover either. I have seen these on other peoples blogs and they are gorgeous shades and look beautiful once applied to full coverage. I am not 100% sure whether I will purchase another from the Gelly range, due to people having bad experiences with almost instant chipping. Having said that I do love Barry M polishes in the more original collection. These are available on Barry M, Superdrug and Boots for £3.99 each.

Believe it or not I actually wrote this post months ago. Of course I won the entire nail art collection including the gelly polish'. A lot of people are loving these polishes at the moment and their literally flying off the shelves so I think it must be not applying them fantastically. I do love the end results and will definately apply them a little thicker and see if it changes my mind. Have decided to do a Barry M series it's going to be extra large and will include my opinion's or just NOTD. I have two of prickly pear now so this to be my first in my extra large Barry M series. Also my minds totally changed about the Gelly polishes #InLove

Thursday 20 June 2013

Get Summer Ready #3

Fashion: Again prints are HUGE this season and this beautiful maxi dress from boohoo is bang on trend with print and Ombre too. Crop tops are everywhere too and look fabulous paired with a high wasted skirts for summer nights and high wasted shorts for summer days. A way to wear a crop top casually but if the UK weathers a bit rubbish is layering (if it's t-shirt type crop top) you can layer with a vest top underneath. I love this tie dye skirt from Motel Rocks it will look amazing on a night out. Everyone loves a good sarong and this vintage floral one in teal from Debenhams is so girly and will have you looking fantastic on the beach.

Accessories: Accessories are what complete an outfit and with most you can get away with statement pieces. Chunky Jewellery like necklaces are very now but it won't be for everyone so dainty pieces like this Eiffel tower necklace are perfect for them less daring. I like my dainty Jewellery but I'm loving this Owl necklace it's got a stunning pattern which is bright and vibrant. I think bangles are so pretty for summer and you can style them with a few or all of them or in different order there's so many endless possibilities on wearing these. Studs are greats and easy for summer days especially if your doing a lot of activities, there are so many on the high street you can pick them up for next to nothing. I love these big chunky rings, they are very fashionable and there's a style to suit every occasion from night time wear to a summer wedding. How gorgeous is this Bold two toned envelope clutch, very vibrant, fun and perfect for summer. Sunglasses get big every year from ice cream cones, love hearts, your basic style or these on trend Aviator ones which I love. And there's loads to choose from and you can pick them up very cheap from places like Primark or other highstreet alternatives.

Festivals: I love reading magazines when the festival season has started just to see what celebs that have gone are wearing. Usually most outfits are teamed with a mac of some kind and a pair of wellies. But it's usually oozing with people dressed in the latest trends. From fabulous on trend hats, to trendy print backpacks. I love the whole hippy vibe of the festivals and feathers are a big part of that and the feather earrings are perfect for this kind of event. Along with these Crown and headbands from crown and glory, stand out from the crowd with these that just seem to be so huge this year - They look great with beach wear too or a long maxi dress and there's so many styles too choose from. 

Summer 13 hair: Three huge hair trends this summer are beach wave hair, plaits and ombre (dip dyed). For beach wave hair like above you can get the look using Bumbe & Bumble products has seen above. Up-do's are very convenient as seen on Emma Watson and easy enough to do, putting plaits in will create the hair trend, Emma's done just little braids but you create a plait from the top of your hair right round the hair line to create an almost head band type feel. (Check google for more inspiration). And ombre is really up there in the hair trend stakes has seen on Khloe Kardashian it's so pretty and will look great with beach wave hair too and it's easy enough to do and if your on a budget you can pick kits up for less then a tenner.

If for any reason companies don't want their brand on this post please drop me an email and I will remove it immediately. Pictures have been taken from Google and brands seen on the pictures website. 

This is the end of my get summer ready series. If you need help finding the products drop me a comment and I will happily help you out.

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Style Me If You Can | Warehouse

Warehouse right now have a really fantastic competition running at the moment. Style one outfit at a location of your choice with what's available and be in with a chance to win a trip to one of three fashion capitals in the world.

There is also a chance to win a gift card with a value of up to £250.00. I really can't remember the last time I bought a piece of clothing for myself and it would be fantastic to revamp my wardrobe and get some much needed summer clothes. All I ask is that you like this picture by clicking here. You click the facebook logo like via the link. Would really appreciate it and it gives you the opportunity to take part yourself.

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Get Summer Ready #2

I'm really loving this summers fashion there's a huge selection of so many eye grabbing pieces that it's sometimes hard to know where to start. What's HUGE this season is prints - print's are everywhere on the catwalk, at the designer shops and even on the high street. I'm a true high street girl they have some great designer dupes so it's easy to look great at a bargain price.

  • Ombre
  • Animal Prints
  • Cut-outs
  • Neon
  • Studs
  • Pastels
  • Monochrome
  • Tie Dye
  • Prints
  • Metalics
  • Jelly Shoes
  • Bold Shades
  • Fringed Clothing/accessories
 Casual: I'm a great believer that you can take an outfit from day to night - especially if your expected somewhere straight after work. Monochrome is one of them you can wear day or night with only a few pieces being taken away and added. During the day at the office Monochrome can be teamed with tights, heels and a blazer (you can get some really lovely ones now a day's. Bold or pastel shades). Come end of work, remove your tights, let down your hair, then accessorize with the pieces of jewellery you popped in your bag that morning whether it's a chunky necklace or a cute bracelet. 

Summer Casual: In the summer I dress down with shorts and a tee. I think the ombre t-shirt is supercute with a pair of denim shorts and the edgy forever21 sandals. Prints are also perfect for casual wear too and the playsuit is the perfect example - I really think you could get away with wearing this for a summer night too swapping sandals for heels and teaming it with a pretty clutch.

Summer Nights: I love pretty pastels teamed with lace for summer nights, it's pretty, it's fresh and most importantly summery. This pastel lemon playsuit is really pretty and looks really classy at the same time with wedges this will make your leg look really long and never ending. Tie dye is a fun and great look for summer nights with a basic pair of plain heels. Because Tie Dye is such a in your face fashion you don't want to accessorize too much - more so midi dresses / maxi dress.

Accessorize: Accessories are always key to completing outfits, whether it's a bag or a piece of jewellery. I'm loving the range of bags from Paul's Boutique and Zatchels especially the beautiful neon styled bags. The bag from Paul's Boutique doesn't have to much neon to it meaning you can use it more then just at summer plus it's on trend white too I love the little anchor that's been attached and I'm sure you can take it off too for when we go into Autumn the animal print purse goes perfectly with the neon trend. I could of easily of picked more stuff but I had to keep it to a minimum. The bright neon shades from Zatchel are fantastic for summer and you could match one with your summer staple polish with the ice neon collection from models own. Festival season is up on us and the fringed look screams festivals this fringed bag from Dorothy Perkins will look great at any festivals stand out from the crowd with the fringed trend.

Footwear: I'm a lover of shoes (like all girls) usually with a touch of sparkle but there are so many beautiful ones on the high street to choose from. Sandals are huge in summer and Jelly ones are a big hit on the high street (I'm not a fan) instead I've chose these pink Ted Baker shoes that are vibrant fun and come in different shades. I'm also a lover of the metalic shoes also from Ted Baker. I think Boohoo have a great selection of bold coloured shoes at the moment including these ankle boots which are perfect for a summer night out, there really affordable too. There is so many sandals too choose from so expect to find a pair that suit your style.

Don't be afraid to mix and match prints / colours sometimes they work sometimes they don't but fashion is always about taking risks. Two big trends are Ombre and Animal Print the bikini from George really works well so get mixing and matching, get someone to take a photo of you whilst trying different styles then decide if it works well.

Coming this summer is the launch of Bonessi Ballerinas a
London based company who specialize in flats. I couldn't not mention these on my get ready summer post has a lover of flats. They all come in a selection of styles and shades, each pair looks really well made, sophisticated, classy and very stylish. And you can be in with a chance of winning a pair by clicking here. Remember to like their facebook and twitter to keep up to date with the launch date and more.

All pieces of fashion have been taken from each brands website or Google and Bonessi Ballerina shoes from Inez' blog. If for any reason companies don't want their brand on this post please email me and I will remove it.

If you want the links to any of the above feel free too drop me a comment and I will happily help you.These are my individual summer picks.

Saturday 15 June 2013

Get Summer Ready #1

Sometimes people need a helping hand when it comes to getting summer ready and I thought had be that hand. On this picture board (collage) is my summer inspired beauty products. I haven't necessarily tried all the products in the picture however I have tried the brands so I know sort of what to expect. I had so much fun putting this together and doing so I felt a 13 going on 30 moment going on when she's putting the boards together for the magazines. It did take a very long time (I won't tell you how long) but a very, very long time because this is the first in a get summer ready three part series and I hope you like it. You can click the picture allowing it to be enlarged so you can read the small prints easier.

Where ever your going in the summer whether that's abroad or staying on home turf or even having a mini UK break every beauty lover is going to be wearing some make up of some kind whether that's minimal or the normal, foundation, mascara etc etc.

Keeping safe: We are fortunate enough that most make up comes with many benefits including SPF my foundation of choice Rimmel wake me up does and so does Korres lip butter making it perfect for day time wear. But sun protection is important so remember to use sun cream, at the end of the day keep your skin hydrated with body butter and your facial area with Amie's deep cooling clay mask which will make you feel refreshed in 15 minutes. And drink lots of water.

Make up: FashionistA palette by MUA is the perfect palette to pop in your bag coming in two sizes you can pick four shades or six and these include a mixture of eyeshadows, blushers and bronzers perfect for taking it from day to night and keeping packing to a minimum. Make one today to suit your own personal style. Day time is the perfect time to just leave your look to a minimum using just neutral shades come night time it's time to party and you will want them bold statement colours, MUA's lipstain in fruitilicious will keep you going all night without top ups, where has Dainty Dolls it's my party will give you bold statement lips, wear it matte or had the so vain lipgloss for a glossy feel.

Shades: Pastels and neon colours are very in right now and perfect for summer so add some colour to them nails and get summer ready. 

Scent: Smell gorgeous with your favourite signature summer scent. Hugo boss orange is my summer scent of choice for night time and a little spray of soap and glory's mist you madly is just perfect for day. Keeping you smelling beautiful in just one click.

I have used all products except the palette and waterproof mascara. I have used the body butter but in a different scent but coconut is a more summery scent so was my butter of choice. I have used venus shavers but not this exact one. My mum owns two of the nivea travel essentials one I bought, I haven't used all products inside however have used a few. If you want any help finding each product, then give me a comment and I will help you find them :)

All photos taken are from Google, each individual site has brand seen or drug stores. If any company wants me to take down their product email me and I will happily do so. 

Friday 14 June 2013

Birchbox UK | June 2013 - Get Festival Ready!

If you don't want a spoiler before your own box arrives then please don't continue.

Birchbox have recently had a make over as I'm pretty sure most of you know. Gone are the every month pink boxes in place are new, fresh and bold coloured boxes, pinks still there but instead of getting pink every month everyone will get a change in shades each month (I got yellow). A choice of four colours I believe. There's also a make over on the website and most importantly a new logo. With the new make over comes exciting news for Birchbox as they've just gone into France and Spain - So for citizens of them countries who are beauty lovers keep an eye out.

 This months theme is Festival chic. The festival season is almost upon us and these pieces will have you festival ready and raring to go. 

Beauty Protector
Protect & Detangle | Full-size £15.00 
I'm not sure about how much product is in this sample but I don't believe it's full-size however it's a decent travel size product perfect for popping in your bag for a festival. This is a leave in conditioner, a instant detangler, thermal protector, uv protector, seals cuticles, smoothes hair, locks in colour, adds shine, weightless, non-greasy, conditions. It's for all hair types and says it should be used on a daily basis. Festivals are not the most hygienic of places so this is a good product to just give your hair a spray so it gets a little TLC.

Color Club + Birchbox
Wanderlust Collection Nail Polish | Full-size £10.00
Neon is very in now and is fantastic for the summer - fingers crossed we get a decent summer but if not your nails will certainly brighten it up. I got the shade Reign In Spain and it's a lovely neon orange. These polishes are limited edition and made exclusive-to-Birchbox, four shades are available. On the e-shop you can purchase four mini's for just £10 here.
I believe these are worth £2.50 each. The mini's are 7ml which is decent for a mini and also what I got. I'm excited to try this and see if this brands any good.

Classic Face SPF 30 Cucumber | Full-Size £26.00
I got 7ml of product so this is sample size. This is for premature aging as well as sun cream protection for the face. This is from a organic sun care range which most people will love. And it actuallydoes have a scent of cucumber which is very fresh.

Eye Define Eye Pencil | £14.00
I always see ModelCo products for knocked down prices and I'm pretty sure you can find it for less then the £14.00 but never-the-less it's what it's worth. I got this exact product in my Glamour magazine last week and I really don't need two because I've got loads of eyeliners that haven't been used yet so check out my plans for one of these below. (I've not opened either) I like the fact it's got a built in sharpener just makes it a little more convenient especially if your visiting a festival this summer. 
Noble Isle
Bath & Shower Gel | £20.00
This is a decent travel sized product with 30ml in. For a festival it's a fantastic little product I doubt it will suit a bath need but if your lucky enough to get a shower then that will be perfect. This shower gel is inspired by the country the aromas that come off it are quite strong but pleasant enough warm and spicy. 

These cute little postcards were included in this months box with cities New York, Paris, London and Barcelona placed on the front of each one with the tourist attractions.

This month Birchbox very kindly gave everyone a polish to share with a friend. The polish is inside this cute little pastel Birchbox pouch. It will be my blogs first birthday on the 1st of July and I've decided to do a very mini giveaway including this polish and the ModelCo eyeliner which will start on the 1st. I wanted to do something a little special to mark my blogs milestone and even though it's nothing much it's the thought that counts. ;) I'm on a spending ban and saving for what will be an expensive '/summer after all. If you want to enter at the time feel free - more coming on that Soon. 

I think Birchbox have done a good job giving this box a festive vibe and it's great for you festival goers. I however will try a few of these and get back to you on my favourites if I'm loving them and to fill in my survey. But these will go nicely in my travel bag for my UK vaca. Also you may of noticed I didn't do a Birchbox May Favourites. I won't be doing this every month just occasional months when I'm really loving a product so much that I want to purchase it.

Walk For Whales Raffle

I know more then anyone just how hard it is to raise money for charity. I really credit them who do it for a living and some people think they are getting hounded by people trying to get you to sign up to a monthly plan to help the selected charity but it's all for good reason. Of course we can't do it for almost all charities unfortunately especially when times are hard, everything's expensive and wages barely go up a few pence when everything else does by loads. But to help a charity every now and again is a great thing whether it's a people's charity or one for animals. Over at PeachPowxo here Tamsyn is doing a walk for whales. She's got a lovely raffle on to raise money for this great cause and it would be fantastic if your able to sponsor her too. There's a great selection of goodies available and it's only £2 a ticket. I believe her target is £100 so let's get together and help make a difference and support Tamsyn on this journey.

Thursday 13 June 2013

Latest In Beauty | The Glamour Beauty Edit

 Spending ban! What spending ban? Okay I'm still on one and this is the only thing I've bought since starting it three weeks ago. But if I'm going to do an 8 mile midnight walk for charity I deserve a treat, right? Especially in new trainers that haven't been broken into and don't fit me very well that result in a extra large blister. Originally I was going to purchase Beautiful Creatures on DVD (when it's out) and the magic green Barry M lipstick but this box was worth £65 and for only £14.95 including postage and lots of higher end products that I'm just dying to try I could hardly refuse purchase. Looks like the lipstick and DVD are going on a possible wishlist?

This beauty box is one of the best, if not the best box I've ever had and my first from Latest In Beauty. They got together with Glamour magazine and created The Glamour Beauty Edit box inside are a fantastic nine ironic and top selling beauty products. The £14.95 including postage for £65 worth of products were a complete bargain not to be missed. The selection of products is a mix of higher end and high street buys and I'm so excited to try each one out.

So what did I get?

The selection of products available are just perfect for summer too, from the coral shade of polish which will look awesome with a tan, too the neutral shade of stila lippy and the golden black gel liner which will look great for summer nights out. Obviously there's the must have essentials dry shampoo screams festival season and tweezers are a must.

Loreal Paris gel liner in shade 02 Black Gold. Revlon nail polish in shade One Perfect Coral. Stila lip glaze in shade Hisbiscus.

You can purchase the box here. I'd be fast there's only a limited amount and I'm pretty sure their going to sell pretty quickly. If you look online you can purchase majority of the items separately. I'm really impressed with my first purchase from Latest In Beauty it arrived within four days baring in mine I did order on a Sunday and I will purchase from them again. Bare in mind the box isn't a monthly subscription but a one off Latest In Beauty do these from time to time along with sample boxes too. Check them out. Expect reviews on the majority coming soon.

Will you be getting it?

 On now in stores and online is up to 50% off The Body Shop.

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GFC will be going very soon. I'm not that bothered about it going tbh I'm more bothered about the news feed where all your posts show up so I can read them (I had a fault where it went missing for like two weeks due to something on my laptop blocking it. Trust me when I say it's really annoying) On a positive note Bloglovin' is around and seems to be the way forward in terms of reading all my favourite blog's. I'd love for you to follow me via bloglovin' if your following now via GFC so we can keep in contact with each others blogs and especially if you don't want to miss the Sparkle Dust content. If you follow me I will follow you back, I'm not a huge bloglovin' person at the minute and still adjusting to it, but once GFC is gone I will be on there more. Google+ is more or less GFC so I'd appreciate you clicking that too. And I'm always on Twitter @KateSparkleDust. You can find the tabs for GFC and Twitter on the right and Google+ is a short journey to the bottom of this page. I will be importing everyone I follow to my Bloglovin' page later so don't worry followers - I follow the majority of you so you will be making the journey with me to Bloglovin'.

I'd really appreciate it.
Thanks guys

Wednesday 12 June 2013

A HUGE Selection Of Bath Products

  In the Boxing/January day sales i purchased this huge sanctuary boxset from Boots. I had a voucher from Christmas, and along with a few other bits and pieces this was a welcome addition because i was going to buy a really tiny pack of four for a fiver until I got to the checkout and the woman said the big set was going for just a tenner down from forty pounds. I refused at first and walked out the store and then went back and got the huge set. And I'm so glad i did. This came with lots of different goodies including foot creams, body butters, shower scrubs, bath salts, shower gels, bubble bath and body lotion in a lovely box which is displayed in my bathroom and a bonus shower cap which I never use but still. I'd never tried Sanctuary until i got this and i can't believe what i have been missing all this time. I won't go in too, to much detail but each product smells gorgeous, their all the same scent but its such a lovely scent. I can't describe what the scent is but it's gorgeous. If you haven't tried Sanctuary which I'm pretty sure majority have then you must. This is usually £40 in the 3 for 2 at boots Christmas time. I definitely grabbed a bargain.

 Needless to say with all the lush stuff I got, sanctuary and soap and glory I won't be needing anymore bath stuff until christmas at least. I still had loads left from the previous Christmas so I'm building up quite the collection. Again not going to bore you by going into to much detail it's only over six month since Christmas passed and you have probably seen these products countless times. But seriously Soap & Glory products are good enough to eat, never mind the names making you feel like your about to rub food all over your body it's the smell, they don't half smell great. Instead of going into to much detail, I will simply tell you my favourites out of the set. Sugar Crush (yum), Peaches and clean (yummy), Body Milk (delicious, just kidding. Smells divine though) And the sexy mother pucker lip gloss (not for windy days).

More soap and glory spent with birthday money. I wanted the sprays £8.50, then they had butter yourself on offer for free if you spent £10 not going to say no when it's worth £10/11 it's self I spent an extra £2.50 on a travel size of The daily smooth body butter which is for dehydrated dry skin. The body butter smells fabulous, so fruity I will be rubbing this on my arms and legs in the summer. It's got the perfect summer smell to it.
Soap & Glory’s fabulous Girligo this is perfect to put on after putting on the body butter daily smooth, very sexy day spray Mist You Madly this is what I got this for, I love this scent it's lovely, and irresistably amber & floral Glam-A-Lot I find this to be quite a musky scent. This is more night time whilst the other two scream day.

I know it may seem a little weird me showing you my Christmas gifts, but these are two firm favorite brands when it comes to body wash, etc. And you practically use them everyday so what better way to introduce you to bath stuff that I love. And maybe give inspiration for Christmas gifts. Time is going so fast, it will be here again before we know it.

Tuesday 11 June 2013

Barry M | Lash Modelling Mascara

I also got this in the Beautiful Creatures Goodie bag. Lash Modelling extra black mascara. I love the wand it's not too big and there's a small side for bottom lashes as well as a bigger side for the top lashes. The packaging is pretty basic but pretty enough with the floral detailing and fancy lettering. I noticed a bit of length and got more volume but it's a quick drying mascara so there's no time for mistakes spreading the lashes out the reason i have slight gaps between lashes. All in all it's a good mascara.

Have you tried this mascara. What are your thoughts?

Thought had share with you some of my beauty products. I sorted my cupboard out yesterday and it still looks a mess. I think I need some more space that doesn't make it look all cluttered I just don't think I have the space to have something a little special for everything I own beauty wise.