Friday, 14 June 2013

Walk For Whales Raffle

I know more then anyone just how hard it is to raise money for charity. I really credit them who do it for a living and some people think they are getting hounded by people trying to get you to sign up to a monthly plan to help the selected charity but it's all for good reason. Of course we can't do it for almost all charities unfortunately especially when times are hard, everything's expensive and wages barely go up a few pence when everything else does by loads. But to help a charity every now and again is a great thing whether it's a people's charity or one for animals. Over at PeachPowxo here Tamsyn is doing a walk for whales. She's got a lovely raffle on to raise money for this great cause and it would be fantastic if your able to sponsor her too. There's a great selection of goodies available and it's only £2 a ticket. I believe her target is £100 so let's get together and help make a difference and support Tamsyn on this journey.

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