Saturday 26 September 2015

Autumn Boots Wishlist | Jones Bootmaker & Shoetique

 Autumn has officially arrived and the colder weather will soon be starting to settle in and apart from hot chocolate, cosy blankets, log fires, and burning candles an absolute must are some winter boots. Now, I am a huge lover of any type of boot and wear them all year round - I'm a British girl after all and the weather is somewhat unpredictable. I've teamed up with Jonas Bootmaker and Shoetique to create a wish list of some of my favourites and to help you guys get boots ready for the upcoming seasons.

Life Update: Hello... I'm Back!

Morning you lovely lot. In regards to feeling pretty perky I'd say I was on 90%. My brain is clearly in overdrive and I can't sleep so I sit writing this at 3.55am. I did lie in bed for an hour attempting to return to the comfort of my dreams but it seems sleep isn't for me on this lovely Saturday morning. So, in regards to abandoning my blog over the September month, that definitely did happen. I can't believe I've only wrote 4 posts out and we're already on the 26th. There's no excuse for me not spending that much time on A British Sparkle apart from the fact I've just found the days speeding by and my life being more busier and more socially active than usual. Returning to my blog will be a priority come October and I promise now to make much more of an effort - I have so much stuff to review and write about and even that's been pushed to the back of the shelf. I hope you haven't missed me too much but I tell you something, I've certainly missed all of you. 

This weekend will be filled with me writing lots of posts and getting back into the swing of things but for now you can catch me on Instagram @ABritishSparkle (I'm totally obsessed with Instagram at the moment and spend far to much time on it). 

See you soon with lots more posts x

Sunday 20 September 2015

Grey by E L James | Book Review

 I'm sure everyone and their dogs have heard of the Fifty Shades phenomenon by now and if not, where have you been? I'm very much aware it's not to everyone's cup of tea but I absolutely love it. I reviewed the Fifty Shades trilogy such a long time ago now. I believe it's not hugely popular due to the concept of the story, Christian himself and the obvious detailed throughout. Saying that, this is the only book I've actually managed to complete since Spring and I thought it was time my blog was due a book review.

Monday 14 September 2015

Turkey & Coming Home Haul

 Hey guys... So it seems I'm back with another haul today. If you've been up-to-date with my blog you'll of seen I recently went to Turkey. I picked up a few bits and pieces whilst I were there, and since being back I seemed to have done a tiny bit of shopping.

 One of the first things I bought were these Estella Bartlett bracelets. I only had the intentions of getting the Dream Big one (star), but they had an offer on of £5 off if you bought 2 so I picked up Live as You Dream bracelet too. These were £10 each and I paid £15 with the £5 off for 2, however, these are £15 each on the John Lewis website. Thank goodness for Thomas Cook on-flight prices. 

Wednesday 9 September 2015

Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Trio

 Goodness, it feels like so long since I spoke about Makeup Revolution. Wow, I miss those guys. They've had a couple of new releases since my last post about them including; new palettes and launched FaceB4 - a new skincare range. This seems like amazing solution at combating severe acne or spots, and since my skin is forever up and down I hope to pick these up in the near future. Any how, I'm here today to talk about a trio of palettes I've picked up in the last 3/4 months.

Saturday 5 September 2015

My Summer | Lifestyle

 Hello, beautiful people...

It seems the Summers just flown by. There's not been much chance of hitting the beaches, wearing summer dresses and lighting up our barbecues this year. It's been typical, British, Summer time. I actually have no doubt that our Autumn will be filled with hot days that have us wearing shorts and sandals rather than wellies, scarfs and hats. I am, however, looking forward to enjoying hot chocolates, cosy nights in, and movie after movie with a really good book on the side.