Monday 14 September 2015

Turkey & Coming Home Haul

 Hey guys... So it seems I'm back with another haul today. If you've been up-to-date with my blog you'll of seen I recently went to Turkey. I picked up a few bits and pieces whilst I were there, and since being back I seemed to have done a tiny bit of shopping.

 One of the first things I bought were these Estella Bartlett bracelets. I only had the intentions of getting the Dream Big one (star), but they had an offer on of £5 off if you bought 2 so I picked up Live as You Dream bracelet too. These were £10 each and I paid £15 with the £5 off for 2, however, these are £15 each on the John Lewis website. Thank goodness for Thomas Cook on-flight prices. 

This anklet came about strangely. My sandals attracted one of the locals when the glistening sunshine hit the diamante's on them and she asked to buy them. Of course they weren't for sale, the ground was unbearable to touch in the heat and there was noway I was walking back to the hotel shoeless. Before I knew it I had anklets tied round both my ankles, my bum was being slapped 3 times and being told how gorgeous I was before I walked away with this bad boy. An anklet isn't something I've ever thought of wearing before, but it looked amazing with my sandals and I was happy to help this local out.

 Some people come home with magnets and I seem to come home with water-globes. I've been fortunate enough to go away 3 times in 10 months and over that 10 months I've collected 3. This time I went for a shipwreck with turtles attached to them, and it only cost 10tl. I also fell in love with the elephants in store, unfortunately, they came in a set of 7 and I originally just wanted the 1. Me and my Mum decided to put towards them (20tl altogether) and buy the set and I came away with 3 - I'd of loved all of them but I just don't have the space for 7.

I picked up these two little ornaments for only 5tl each. I thought both the bowl and tealight holder were so cute, quirky and different, plus how pretty does it look when completely lit up.

 On to my 'coming home' haul... I picked up these Limited Edition sharpie pens for just £7. Not bad going considering you get 28 pens inside. These were from Tesco with an RRP of £20. I love back to school stationary, though I'm way past that part of my life.

I got these printed off within the week of me arriving back home from Turkey. I've not had any photo's printed since New York, so I was well overdue and ended up getting over 200 printed and that was me limiting myself. My place of choice, to print, is Snapfish or any of it's partners. I just find they are the cheapest places to go to and they do a fabulous job. I will continue to use them for many years to come. 

 I fell in love with this bag when I was on holiday in Turkey and was almost tempted to buy them there and then, but I waited and it paid off because they were still at sale price. At a bargain price of £7 each I just had to get 2. I got a pop of colour in mint green and the classic monochrome of back and white. They are quite small in size but surprisingly roomy and I can fit my day to day stuff in no problem.

I picked up a couple of bits for my Brothers Birthday and I wasn't far off the delivery charge and despite the fact I would of spent less paying for delivery I decided to spend it on books instead. It's not that I need another book with the vast amount of untouched books gathering on my bookshelf, but I do still have a list of one's I want. The only one I wanted this time was You're The One That I Want by Giovanna Fletcher. I only picked up Undertaking Love by Kat French because the reviews were good and it was only £2. I've never read anything from either author so I'm happy to introduce some newbies into my life.


  1. Wow you got a bargain with the bracelets, I love the star one xx
    Glossy Boutique

  2. i've read great things about Giovanna's book, might pick it up :)

  3. Great haul and love the bags.

  4. i love those dainty bracelets! i need to start printing my holiday photos off too, looking at them on a computer is just not the same as flipping through a photo album xo
    natasha // eyebrows, inc.


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