Thursday 29 August 2013

Mini Collective Haul - Birchbox & Beauty Bay.

The good thing about being subscribed to Birchbox isn't only that I get to try new products that I've never tried before and on most occasions never heard of but once you fill in a survey (30 secs of a job) you get Birchbox points. They soon add up and for every 100 points you get £10.00 and then you can start spending. If you want to subscribe to Birchbox feel free to do so here doing so will not just give me 50 points (£5 worth) but also yourself, giving you a great start in collecting them ready to make your first e-shop order. This is my second e-shop order last time I collected £20.00 worth of points this time I managed to get £30 and it really doesn't feel like long ago since I made my first order. I wanted too get a great selection of goodies that varied, but I didn't have a clue what. 

So firstly I settled on Natio gentle foaming facial cleanser. I first got this has a sample in my Birchbox and just loved it, and I guess others did too, because when I went to spend my Birchbox points first time round it was no longer in stock so I ended up getting it from Debenhams. I'm currently using a Balance Me cleanser at the moment and this will be good and a money saver to use when I've used that up.

Next up, The Balms hot mama. I got the swiss dot sample from The Balm in my Birchbox. I was majorly impressed with the pigmentation (full-size £21.50) and the lovely packaging. Hot mama isn't just a blush, it also can be used has a shadow and even an highlighter according to the brand. Very mulch-functional and only costs £12.50. It's a peachy pink with a shimmer of shimmer, I haven't tried it yet but what I hear is it's very subtle but also buildable to enhance the colour. This is so perfect for summer night's to give you healthy glow (I've seen photo's and the shade is a dream)

Yes to cucumber facial Towelettes. These are new to the e-shop and a brand I'm yet to see in the Birchbox however I've heard a little about the brand and it seemed a good idea to try something. Birchbox Breakdown; The Yes To Cucumbers line uses organic cucumbers, packed with rejuvenating vitamins that help cool and soothe the skin. These must-have Facial Towelettes also uses anti-inflammatory green tea extract to improve the general health of the skin, protect against free radical damage and to help rebuild damaged cells. Containing lush moisturising ingredient aloe vera, these oil-free and hypoallergenic towelettes will leave your skin cool but hydrated. For only £4.99 they are inexpensive. 

Balmi are one of them brands I hear about a lot but have never tried. Autumns coming followed by Winter and even though I don't need to stock up on lip products I thought I'd get this anyways. The season for chapped lips is upon us and even though I don't suffer from lip problems EVER I though this would be good to keep them moisturised and looking okay in them cold months. I settled for strawberry because of the pink packaging I did go for Raspberry to begin with then got an email saying that it was in fact out of stock they did issue me with a refund on my points but then very nicely allowed me to receive a different shade after I asked but it came out in a different order hence why I'm only doing this haul now because I only got the Balmi today.

Birchbox are offering some freebies with each order as well as free delivery which is just amazing. They sent out some curlers (£10) and a mirror (£7.50) I already own these because they came in a previous Birchbox so I thought I'd add them to a future giveaway. Then this morning I got a Balmi and what was in my parcel none other then another curler and mirror so I now have three. Not even used the first set yet. So I'm going to give the third set to my mum. So I got £47.50 + the extra £17.50 for the third set of curlers and mirror absolutely free. 

I then treated myself with my own cash to Macadamia Deep Repair Masque it was about £6.66 for 100ml with free delivery from Beauty Bay. I love a good hair masque but I'd never tried Macadamia before so purchase a sample at Fragrance Direct for a few pounds. It last like four times and the sample was a decent 30ml. I really liked this masque and I'm pretty sure I have a review of the sample in my drafts ready to publish sometime. So I won't go into it too much. Buy here
They do have a sample too at beauty bay.

Expect a good few reviews coming soon.

Now I thought had share with you a few photo's of my day at the beach earlier on this week (Tuesday). I don't have a nearby beach within walking distance it's a good 45mins/ an hour away and the nearest one Blackpool, St anne's (round the corner from Blackpool literally the corner of a road). I love the beach but don't get to go too often which is why I go as much as possible when on holiday. I'm really enjoying photography at the moment some shots are better then others. Hope you like. 

Wednesday 28 August 2013

Book Review #1

Carrying on from Beautiful Creatures and Beautiful Darkness, Beautiful Chaos and Beautiful Redemption are next.These novels are Fantasy.

Beautiful Chaos - So along time with the first and second book (mainly the first) Ethan and Lena the two leading characters are brought together through their dreams, Lena also moves to the town where Ethan lives and there relationship starts from there. Beautiful Chaos is a perfect title for a town that ends up chaotic and is unraveling, Ethan and Lena believe they both can save the town. With Ethan losing his marbles they soon come to find they can save the town but that will involve death when the one being two is actually Ethan. The books about sacrificing yourself for the one you love, making arch enemies who then turn out to be one of your closest friends, falling in love, being in love whilst trying to save the world.

Beautiful Redemption - Ethan's died, the worlds falling apart and strange things are happening thing's that show maybe Ethan is still around in spirit in the other world - the afterlife. It soon becomes clear Ethan's death wasn't suppose to happen and that he'd been lied to by the queen of the afterlife. Ethan must work together with Lena by leaving clues to succeed in saving the world. 

These book's took me ages to read like months, I couldn't wait to get to the end to find out what happened which seemed a impossible task with my hectic life but I got there eventually yay. So I heard nothing but good things about the books and especially wanted to read at least the first before the movie came out. I love watching book's come to life with a movie especially if there really good reads. Like Harry Potter and Twilight I was excited to see Beautiful creatures come to life on the big screen but then to find to my horror the plot had been changed dramatically compared to the books was a little disappointing to say the least. Don't get me wrong the film is good and I really hope they re-release in a few years time the fans want an exact version of events in a film not missing characters and what not. Four books later and I'm still moaning about the film not being almost exact to the book because the book's are really good the plots good, it's fantasy which I love, romance duh who doesn't like a bit of romance and unlikely friendships. Can they make another film, it's kinda possible but they won't be anything like the books it's impossible really because so much was left out and changed in the first film. Anyways if you like fantasy you'll love these but they aren't in the league of books such as harry potter or fallen by Lauren Kate (which is coming to the big screen). I'm really looking forward to watching the motel instrument, It's also a fantasy and one best seller book well several and is out now. I haven't had chance to read the books but the film looks right up my street so look out for that peeps.

Last few days to enter my giveaway. Take a look and enter please. Tab on the right >

Images taken from Google. Sorry for the extra long post. 

Sunday 25 August 2013

Nail Aid - Revamp Your Nails

After abusing my nails for month's and month's it was clear to see my nail's had seen better days. I was painting my nails up to three times a week and the damage I did was unbelievable but also clear to see. My nails had gone a yellow shade due to some nail polish despite a base, they were brittle, soft and breaking all the time and I just knew I had to take action. I am a nail biter or was and my excuse to stop biting them was to paint them because at least they looked pretty then and stopped me from biting. I wasn't taking care of my nails like I should be and it's been four weeks since I started my Nail Aid Challenge and in that time I've not bit my nails and managed to have the power to paint them just once. Go me! I first google'd some information about nail damage learning in the process you should take at least a week out a month from painting your nails. Then I went about looking for a treatment after seeing a couple of reviews I settled up-on;

 Rimmel Nail Rescue. This was less then £5.00 at Asda and seems to have run out in most places so I was fortunate to get my hands on this. I didn't fancy paying almost £20 for the OPI nail envy but when I heard this was a good dupe I didn't think twice and for only £5 it wasn't expensive. The treatment is 14 days and you just layer it everyday (that's what I did anyways) It was a good week before I noticed any significant improvements with the nails beginning to harden. The polish does have a pinky tone to it but it isn't to noticeable however the shine is. You can see some slight damage of the nail in the photo above. Along with the polish I occasionally rubbed some of the nail cream over the nail but I mainly used this a few days before I started the polish treatment. You can purchase the cuticle/nail oil cream on Birchbox e-shop I was fortunate enough to get mine inside a previous Birchbox and I love it. A little goes along way and it lasts ages.
Above you will see how my nails looked after the 14 day treatment in this time I didn't paint my nails at all however some people do. Some of the nail rescue did slightly chip over the 14 days but I just topped up the next day by layering another coat. Hence why my nails look a little rigid on top. The pink tone is more noticeable here too. I left the polish on and then painted my nails for the first time in quite a while. 

My nails are now looking great (see photo above - right) this is after the polish is all removed. They are healthier, back to normal in hardness. I haven't seen them like this in a long time and I'm really glad with the help of these two products they are back to there best. I can't recommend both these products enough. You can really see the difference between how better they've got and more importantly started growing again. It's definitely put off painting my nails as much as I use too and will definitely from now on me be taking much needed breaks to let my nails breath. What do you think?

Friday 23 August 2013

Rimmel #StayMatteChallenge Vs Flamingo Land (+ Review)

Flamingo Land

Yesterday I took a trip to Flamingo Land, we were very fortunate that the weather was gorgeous and we thoroughly enjoyed the day. It was quite busy which resulted in long ques for each ride and they took quite sometime of standing around waiting to get on each ride. I for one would recommend you get a fast track when going to the park and maybe even staying for a long weekend so you can get around each ride quicker and really enjoy your time there. The park is huge and for the time we got there to closing it really wasn't enough so I'm going to visit for a long weekend myself in the near future. We did enjoy seeing the animals and I got some really good snaps of them (some you can see above). It just happened we've had this trip planned for a few month and when it came round their was a deal in the paper for 2 for 1 so instead of the usual £60 we'd of had to pay it was only £30 plus we got free lunch included in the deal. It was well worth the visit, and it's not only great for the kids, it's amazing for adults too there really is something for everyone. 

Next up is Harry Potter Studio's next year, so excited.

Wednesday 21 August 2013

Cadbury's World

I've wanted to take a trip to Cadbury's World for quite some time. My mum wanted to more then me and being the almost chocoholic family we are I thought it would be nice for us all to go has a family. I live over two hours away (car journey) from where it's located in Birmingham and that excludes the chaotic traffic especially as you emerge into the city. It took us over five hours driving time to get their and back but for a chocoholic it was totally worth it. I'd just like to mention the #StayMatteChallenge I'm doing was really put to the test, not only had I the joys of dealing with a long car journey, heat, a few tantrums along the day, a bit of stress and lots of walking I'm pleased to say my foundation stayed intact apart from where I have a lovely breakout touched that area a few times which was hardly noticeable, my foundation last from 9am-9pm the lasting power is truly amazing.

Here are some photo's from the day;

Before arriving at Cadbury's World you need to book a set time online. When we arrived I couldn't believe how packed the car park was, once we was inside and had collected out tickets and making out way through doors to the actual screening of the making of Cadbury it was surprisingly quiet. The fact there is booking times online really helps keep the hectic surrounding flowing nicely and not at all over crowded in making your way round the place. The shop was the busiest place for obvious reasons. 

Before entering the screening's etc we were given a couple of bars of chocolate each for free. Inside were tv screens illustrating 3D figures with how the company came to be, this was pretty much it of all of the downstairs floor but it was really good to watch about how Cadbury's came to be. In those day's it was like slave labour and Cadbury's actually built houses for it's employee's in what today is known has Bournville village. After that it was chocolate galore, we weren't allowed to take photo's at this point which showed the workers creating products, packaging etc etc. We got to do some chocolate testing, melting chocolate, drying on the teeth, but some chocolate calorific yummy-ness and more free chocolate. We finally sat down for dinner at 3pm and afterwards made our way over to a section where you could combine your own flavour with more melting chocolate - I chose marshmallow and serious heaven they must make this bar somehow. I ended up feeling ill at this point and was totally put off chocolate for the day. Afterwards we went into a room which showed Cadbury through the ages with chocolate from when it first came to be until today and how the packaging has changed. We came out of the gift shop after the screening's which resulted in more madness with family members scooting in all directions to see what goodies they could purchase. We actually didn't buy much only a few bags of mis-shaped chocolate, I opened mine and I can't see any that's mis-shaped so it must only be ever so slightly but there is strawberry creme's and caramel barrels - chocolate heaven basically. I picked up a chocolate bean keyring that can be seen in the photo's. And there was a fun ride which can also be seen above it kept stopping though not sure if this was due to a fault or just for the camera above to take photo's.

All in all I had a fantastic day, not some placed I'd visit every year or even a few times a year but maybe in five years or so I'll go again. Especially considering the distance. I sort of fell in love with bourneville village and it's cute chocolate box houses. I'd so move to that place. Anyhow I'm off to flamingo land tomorrow which will test my #Staymattechallenge foundation so look out for a post on that. 

Monday 19 August 2013

My Stay-Cation

A few photo's to share with you; Scotland

Such a stunning country. I love photography. We stayed in southerness (I think that's how you spell it) Near Dumfries, at a site with company park dean, we had sea views. We visited many places surrounded by gorgeous nature and enjoyed the scenery and some fantastic walks. We took a trip round this castle which has seen better days but it was such a stunning ruin and really gave me a lot of idea's for my novel. Along with ruin's of this abbey named sweetheart abbey you should google the story because it's such a romantic true story of why this abbey was name sweetheart. We also went to cream o'Galloway and I climbed this huge tower which was very slim to get some photo's the tower was made of wood and was slightly wobbly - I've been before to cream o'galloway before though. Enjoy!

Sunday 18 August 2013

New Rimmel #StayMatteChallenge *

Coming home to find this at the letter box was really the icing on the cake. I'm super excited to try it out and before it even hit's the shop's! I went for the shade Ivory because I use Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation in Ivory has my everyday foundation the shade is a little off for my skin tone but only ever so slightly, it's not even that noticeable when applied plus it's the lightest shade in the Rimmel Wake Me Up collection. For all you paley's out there you'll be pleased to know that the New Stay Matte foundation now has a shade lighter then this one. Now I'm a huge Rimmel fan it's been my go to brand since early high school, when I discovered make up and dabbed into it before becoming fully committed to the stuff at 15 still till this day I use Rimmel. I just love Rimmel and have been really fortunate to take part in Lash Accelerator Endless mascara (at the moment my favourite mascara) review too and winning amazing goodies.

Day 1 - I'm going to share Day 1 via my blog, so you see a good review. To see my thoughts Day 2-7 please find me on Twitter @KateSparkleDust & Follow the #StayMatteChallenge. I have some really fun day trips planned such as Flamingo Land this week which will really test this foundation especially when I'm on thing's like rollercoasters and water rides.

This is a liquid mousse foundation, that claims to be lightweight and have shine control.

I was a little worried about the shade thinking it would be too dark but it's not to bad. I really enjoyed using this foundation on the first day of my challenge, I only wore it for five hours but it last really well apart from my watery eye (I have a problem where I don't blink enough which results in a watery eye - don't ask) it removed a little in the corner of my eye. The foundation is light has it claims to be, light as a feather and spreads evenly for good coverage. A little goes along way so your really getting your money's worth. When putting on your hand it feel's thicker then a normal foundation but it's surprisingly lighter then you think at first look/feel. Unlike most foundations this has a matte finish leaving know greasy texture I still used the Rimmel matte powder in peach glow over the top, it's make up routine but it's not a necessary with Matte mousse foundation. In the picture above you can see the mousse effect. I'm really happy with this foundation and can't recommend it enough and that's just after 1 day. Now to get through 6 more days and see if lasts whilst I face rollercoasters and a day at flamingo land this week. Remember to follow me on twitter @KateSparkleDust and follow the #StayMatteChallenge to see my results whilst checking others out too. 

Saturday 17 August 2013

Birchbox UK | InStyle August 2013

Hi everyone! It feels like forever since I wrote a post, I've published posts but not wrote any for a while so it feel's good to communicate with you all via this post. I've just come back from my stay-cation today and I got loads of posts ready for you to publish whilst I was away unfortunately my signal was dreadful and the few I got to post were when I went out of the village I was staying in to a supermarket or day trip at least a half hour car journey away if not more. But I'm back and my posts will resume has normal. I apologize for my late post with Birchbox (I do like to post first) it actually came on the day I went on holiday after I left. Can you believe they actually dumped my box near a bush in my front yard (I live on a main road where the yard is visible) and didn't even post a note through my letter box! Luckily I knew due to tracking it was on it's way and know exactly what the company are like due to me reading posts about them before and asked my dad to pop up and collect it since I was going to be away for a week. And here it is. This month it's a collab with instyle.
  • Bluemandarines - SkinLife energetic cellular cream | Full-size £35.00  I got 10ml. This is suppose to brighten, refresh and protect skin.
  • Montibel.lo - Gold oil essence | Full-size £22.50. This was a decent 30ml sample and it smells gorgeous too. Argan and amber oils nourish, strengthen and protect while adding shine. Really looking forward to using this on my hair.
  • Gerda Spillmann - Hydro Pearls | Full-size £30.00. I got 10ml. This is a smoothing primer. which ensures your base lasts.
  • LAQA & Co - Lip Pencil | Full-size £14.00. This is quite a mini lip pencil so I'm unsure whether it's full-size or not but it's definitely travel friendly. I got the shade 'ring of fire' which I'm really happy about another shade that is available is a pale pink and I don't think that would suit my skin tone. This is a really nice bold statement red. 
  • Molton Brown - Ylang-Ylang body wash | Full-size is £18.00. This again is a decent sized 30ml. A good size for a weekend away you'd maybe get 2/4 washes out of it depending on how much you use. It smells really lovely. 
  • Lifestyle Extra - Propercorn | 90p. I absolutely love popcorn, I go through stages where I eat a bag a week and then stop for a while. I have this week alone bought three bags, I'd love to say I shared with the family which in all honesty I did but I ate the most and the third bag came back home with me. I'm a huge fan of sweet cinema style popcorn and don't tend to indulge in other flavours so I'm really looking forward to trying the sour cream and chive one I got in this month's box.
  • Beauty Extra - Birchbox gel mask | £10.00. I have never used a gel mask before which is insane to say. I'm glad this was a little extra and I look forward to having a lovely pamper and this will go along side my pamper nicely. 
 I have to say I'm majorly impressed with this months box. A really great selection of products that I'll thoroughly enjoy using. If you want to sign up then please do so here to get the instyle edit box. When you do you'll get £5 (50 points) to spend in the e-shop. The points build up so quickly it's well worth signing up. 

 Over the next few days to a week or so expect reviews from Rimmel stay matte liquid mousse foundation (before it's even hit the shop), book reviews, days out and snaps from my stay-cation plus finally my nail aid post. Please remember to enter my competition tab on the right > feel free to follow me however you wish. Also welcome to my new followers, rest assure I will pop by your blog very soon but right now I'm feeling slightly worn out. Also anyone who comment asking me to follow you, I will 
 come by soon too. Hope your all having a great summer and feeling good.

Friday 16 August 2013

Rimmel BB Cream | Medium

I've found that me and BB cream have a really off relationship. I've tried so many samples of the stuff, all different brands and I just can't get to love it at all. Majority of the BB cream's I've had samples of have been the wrong shade, I found them to be very greasy, not a great flawless coverage which is what I personally like to be left with after applying anything to my face. Had rather just apply a decent moisturiser and then my usual wake me up foundation - I find results this way so much better.

I've had this Rimmel BB Cream for a while now and I find it's the best one I've used so far. It's got nine benefits in one tube - primes, moisturises, minimises pores, conceals, covers, smooths, mattifies, brightens and helps protect. I found this to be more drying to the face, with a matte finish rather then a greasy one. It didn't cling in all the wrong places, but it's hardly a foundation type feel either. I find this to be a little heavier on the skin rather then the feather light foundation feel I'm use too. But it's not a problem. The shade is too dark for my skin, so I've only touched this twice really, one day I wore it all day and I did this swatch on my wrist above when I got it. However I once read a post on someone's blog about her using this shade along side, match perfect foundation which I'm dying to try a sample of because I really don't want to pay for a full bottle and find it doesn't work for me. I used the lightest shade of wake me up and it's still a little to dark for my skin but only ever so slightly. Anyways the BB cream really adds a lovely tint along side the match perfect foundation, giving a lovely glow and a flawless finish.

What are your thoughts on BB cream?

Tuesday 13 August 2013

Barry M Series #6 | NOTD

With the weather being so nice at late (or when I wrote this post depending on when it's published) Taking the photo's in the garden as been a must. Look how blue the sky's are. Here are my shorter nails!

The Polishes I used were Diamond Glitter, Silver Multi Colour and Gelly Papaya Gelly Polish. How gorgeous is Papaya the perfect summer shade.

Gelly £3.99 & Glitters £2.99 each.

Saturday 10 August 2013

Warm Bodies | Review

I was a very naughty blogger and totally forgot to take photo's of this and considering I forgot to review this I sneakily took it from google images. To prove I do have it you'll see that the DVD is placed on the floor of my big night in post that can be found here.
What's it about?
Warm Bodies is a paranormal romantic comedy with an invasion of zombie's. The zombie's travel in groups looking for others (Human's) to feed on. 'R' the main zombie played by our very own English Nicholas Hoult comes by Julie (Teresa Palmer), her boyfriend and friends waiting ready to attack the zombies. They don't do much of a good job though and after R eats Teresa's boyfriend (including his brain which allows him to get memories from Teresa's boyfriends life) he sets his sight on Teresa herself but something extraordinary happens rather then eat her, he leads her on a journey of discovery that these zombie's aren't at all how they appear. Whilst R does the unthinkable non zombie type thing of protecting Teresa by wiping her own boyfriends blood all over her, to put her natural scent off of the other zombie's. The unlikely duo grow closer forming a very human like bond, until Teresa discovered R ate her boyfriend and things quickly go down hill. Using Teresa's boyfriend's memories R goes on a path to make his way back to the human world to find Teresa. The human world however has been barricaded with huge walls to protect the human's from the zombie's but he manages to find his way. Teresa soon finds these zombie's are different their gaining feelings back and with that bit by bit becoming more and more human and R isn't the only one there's a huge group who are regaining some life. However Teresa's dad isn't finished yet and plans on killing them all. R and Teresa must find a way to stop her dad by proving the zombie's are coming alive by running off and helping the others, but a series of unfortunate events occur when dead skeletons are chasing after them trying to kill Both R and Teresa and the rest of the zombie's from their click (they eat anything with a beating heart and R is on his way to becoming more human like the rest of the zombie's) But will they be a happily ever after. I guess you'll have to watch to find out.

What I think.
 I actually use to hate these sorts of films (first time I watched mummy, I was very young but had nightmares for a few months) however has I've got older I have watched more and more horrors in fact five years ago I use to watch horrors all the time with my partner who fell asleep (thanks for that) I didn't have nightmares but I also still wasn't particularly keen and haven't watched any since. But a few months back I watched this program on channel 4 where a man got brainwashed into think they'd been a apocalypse and the human life had been washed out and in place were zombies, I thought it was hilarious, after that I watched shaun of the dead which was even funnier. So when I saw warm bodies advertised on the last installment of Twilight, first impressions were it looks amazing. I never saw it advertised on the big screen but not long afterwards it was out on Dvd (a few weeks ago actually) and I just knew I had to get it. It's not gruesome at all except when he eats Teresa's boyfriend but I'm so glad I got it I'm a sucker for romance and mixed with some comedy it's just fantastic. I didn't expect to love this film as much as I did, but I do in fact I'd say it was up there with some of my favourites. 

Friday 9 August 2013

Barry M Series #5 | Sequin Nail Effects

The sequin nail effect polishes are made up of three different shades pink, white and black. Each one is filled with small sequins the white and pink contain multicolored sequins where as black is just gold. The three polishes are all quite sheer so I decided to find three polishes that matched almost exact to the sequin effect polishes before applying them. The sequin effect nail polishes aren't ones to be layered with numerous coats inside the texture is a gritty sandy effect which spoils it a little because with numerous coats it creates are a clotted feel. And sometimes the sequins aren't spread equally as you'd like. I did however do two coats of the sequin polishes as you can see with the black it's got quite a clotted feel and it's hard to see the gold sequins. The pink isn't as bad but you can still see that clotted almost tacky feel to it the reason behind this is because of the sandy texture inside the polish. I however love the white one, this turned out the best and the texture was the smoothes especially with a coloured base applied before the sequin effect and also with a top coat. I wouldn't have any worries about wearing the white and if you wish to try these then I'd go with the white first. I think it's by far the prettiest too. I think they should re-do the formula without the gritty feel, these will sell better and people would prefer that I think.

£3.99 each

Wednesday 7 August 2013

Birchbox UK

Are you a lover of beauty? Well if your looking at this the chances are that you love it just as much as me. Want a box full of travel and sample sized products with the occasional full-sized product thrown in every month. Then look no further then the one I subscribe too, Birchbox.

This month Birchbox have teamed up with Instyle to bring to us the Instyle Edit box. Inside are five fabulous treats that Instyle love and I'm sure you will too. There's still chance to sign up and you can with my refer link here and that's not all when you click the link you and myself will get 50 point's (£5) to spend in the e-shop, you have to get to 100 point's (£10) to spend any but you get there surprisingly fast though doing the monthly survey's (your thought's on the product's inside your Birchbox). Inside the e-shop is everything you find in your box (full-size) and more. I've already had a really great experience with the e-shop getting three free treat's with my points, with brand's such has Natio and Korres. This month with any purchase you get a free mirror and eyelash curlers so it's well worth signing up. I'm almost at £20.00 again of free point's and would of made more order's if I'd of bothered doing the survey's when I signed up back in December of last year, my bad.

I hope you sign up (Do so above)

Tuesday 6 August 2013

Khroma Beauty Joystick | Sea Coral

I'm a reality TV junkie and up there on the list of reality TV that I watch is Keeping up with the kardashian's. I absolutely love their program, and was thrilled to be chosen has a winner of a prize over at Kardashian Beauty Europe, which included the joystick's. I just want to point out my product is labelled with Khroma but the brand is going through a name change which will be Kardashian Beauty due to legal reason's.

I've barely touched any of the product's I won, vowing to use some older product's up before taking them out of the packet. But buckled when I saw this on a swatch online. So allowing myself one sneak peak of just one product, I of course chose Sea Coral - it made sense with it being summer despite the lack of sunshine at the minute.

Sea Coral is a really warm peachy/orange. In different light's the colour changes dramatically making it the perfect shade for either summer or autumn. It's cool enough for summer, but warm enough for Autumn almost like fallen leaves that are that slight tinge of orange/brown. Unlike other lipstick's this is long, slim and has a real pencil crayon look to it even down to the product inside. Don't let that deceive you though upon application the product it's self is creamy and even though it takes longer to apply then your average lipstick it applies very precise to perfection due to the slimness of the product inside. I found it didn't cling to any dry parts on the lips and is quite creamy as well as moisturising, the glossy feel isn't too much but to make it shine some more I'd recommend adding a clear lipgloss over the top. It also come's with a twisty bottom for even more product.

These are available for purchase at feelunique for £10.95 with free delivery. However only one shade is in stock to purchase from the joystick collection. You can also purchase the rest of the Kardashian beauty products at feel unique or Kardashian Beauty Europe.
Happy Shopping!

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Saturday 3 August 2013

My Beauty Travel Essentials

I'm going away soon and I thought I'd share my beauty travel essentials that I'll be taking with me in pictures. Of course I've not included absolutely everything like toothpaste, floss, shaver and sun cream but they will be coming with me too. 

Barry M - natural dazzle bronzer, Rimmel - wake me up foundation in ivory and Rimmel - matte powder in peach glow. Models Own - brush set. Models Own wonderland polish in southern lights and northern lights (Glitters last longer so perfect for going away). FCUK palette (This is a mixture of dark's and lights with a few bolder shades, perfect for going from day to night). Benefit they're real mascara and Rimmel Lash accelerator endless mascara.
Roll On, Deodorant, Vera Wang - Princess Night and Hugo Boss - Orange.
Natio skin toner, Nivea soft cream, Balance Me facial wash and Blanc Cachemire skin cream. Coconut shower cream/shower gel, Nougat hand cream, Soap and Glory daily smooth body butter, Weleda Skin food. TBS sweet lemon soap, Palmer's cocoa butter formula cream and dead sea magik silk smooth body lotion.
TBS rainforest moisture kit. Batiste dry shampoo, Ojon hairspray and Trevor Sorbie serum.

The good news about beauty boxes is the fact you get loads of smaller luxury sized products perfect for traveling. I wanted to bring a good selection of products with me, a nice mixture of essentials is always good to bring with so you can pick and choose, because most are smaller travel sized items they won't take up a lot of room at all. If you want any links to find each product or prices etc feel free to write a comment and I'll get back to you asap. 

The winner's of my Firmoo giveaway have been announced. When I've received your voucher codes I'll email you asap. But to see if your 1 of 6 lucky winners then take a look here. Also just wanted to tell you about my stay-cation plan's despite my best efforts to get post's ready to do whilst I'm away I've since learned that there won't be a very good signal where I'm going if any at all. So I'm going to try my best to deliver some posts to you but you'll have to bare with me. Apologies for my lack of posts this week too.