Saturday 10 August 2013

Warm Bodies | Review

I was a very naughty blogger and totally forgot to take photo's of this and considering I forgot to review this I sneakily took it from google images. To prove I do have it you'll see that the DVD is placed on the floor of my big night in post that can be found here.
What's it about?
Warm Bodies is a paranormal romantic comedy with an invasion of zombie's. The zombie's travel in groups looking for others (Human's) to feed on. 'R' the main zombie played by our very own English Nicholas Hoult comes by Julie (Teresa Palmer), her boyfriend and friends waiting ready to attack the zombies. They don't do much of a good job though and after R eats Teresa's boyfriend (including his brain which allows him to get memories from Teresa's boyfriends life) he sets his sight on Teresa herself but something extraordinary happens rather then eat her, he leads her on a journey of discovery that these zombie's aren't at all how they appear. Whilst R does the unthinkable non zombie type thing of protecting Teresa by wiping her own boyfriends blood all over her, to put her natural scent off of the other zombie's. The unlikely duo grow closer forming a very human like bond, until Teresa discovered R ate her boyfriend and things quickly go down hill. Using Teresa's boyfriend's memories R goes on a path to make his way back to the human world to find Teresa. The human world however has been barricaded with huge walls to protect the human's from the zombie's but he manages to find his way. Teresa soon finds these zombie's are different their gaining feelings back and with that bit by bit becoming more and more human and R isn't the only one there's a huge group who are regaining some life. However Teresa's dad isn't finished yet and plans on killing them all. R and Teresa must find a way to stop her dad by proving the zombie's are coming alive by running off and helping the others, but a series of unfortunate events occur when dead skeletons are chasing after them trying to kill Both R and Teresa and the rest of the zombie's from their click (they eat anything with a beating heart and R is on his way to becoming more human like the rest of the zombie's) But will they be a happily ever after. I guess you'll have to watch to find out.

What I think.
 I actually use to hate these sorts of films (first time I watched mummy, I was very young but had nightmares for a few months) however has I've got older I have watched more and more horrors in fact five years ago I use to watch horrors all the time with my partner who fell asleep (thanks for that) I didn't have nightmares but I also still wasn't particularly keen and haven't watched any since. But a few months back I watched this program on channel 4 where a man got brainwashed into think they'd been a apocalypse and the human life had been washed out and in place were zombies, I thought it was hilarious, after that I watched shaun of the dead which was even funnier. So when I saw warm bodies advertised on the last installment of Twilight, first impressions were it looks amazing. I never saw it advertised on the big screen but not long afterwards it was out on Dvd (a few weeks ago actually) and I just knew I had to get it. It's not gruesome at all except when he eats Teresa's boyfriend but I'm so glad I got it I'm a sucker for romance and mixed with some comedy it's just fantastic. I didn't expect to love this film as much as I did, but I do in fact I'd say it was up there with some of my favourites. 


  1. Oh you make this film sound great, I only read your what you think not what happens as I want to watch it lol. I loved the Shaun of the dead, the two main actors make me laugh so much, xoxo.

    1. Sorry about the late reply. In reply to the comment below yes your message did come through. It was very hard to reply of signal I only just managed to publish posts that I had saved in drafts when I managed to get it for a very short time vowing to reply to comments when I'm back which is today. Shaun of the dead is real good and the actors are a match made in heaven for comedy. This film is great you should give it a try :) xx

  2. I made a comment on this post, did you get it hun? xoxo.


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