Monday 19 August 2013

My Stay-Cation

A few photo's to share with you; Scotland

Such a stunning country. I love photography. We stayed in southerness (I think that's how you spell it) Near Dumfries, at a site with company park dean, we had sea views. We visited many places surrounded by gorgeous nature and enjoyed the scenery and some fantastic walks. We took a trip round this castle which has seen better days but it was such a stunning ruin and really gave me a lot of idea's for my novel. Along with ruin's of this abbey named sweetheart abbey you should google the story because it's such a romantic true story of why this abbey was name sweetheart. We also went to cream o'Galloway and I climbed this huge tower which was very slim to get some photo's the tower was made of wood and was slightly wobbly - I've been before to cream o'galloway before though. Enjoy!


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    1. Hi Meg.

      I accidentally deleted your comment. I'm having trouble with my laptop and the mouse sticking ggrrr!!

      I had a wonderful time, was nice to get away the fact the site was in the middle of no where with no signal gave us time to just have lots of peace and quiet without the normal madness of busy towns etc. These are just a few of the photo's of course but we just enjoyed nature and fresh air walking. Something we don't tend to do on holiday.

      Thanks for reading x

  2. Great photos!

  3. It looks amazing, I love castles, when I was a child we went to places like these, xoxo.

    1. My dad use to take me to a lot of ruins when I was younger too. I love exploring them and it's even more nicer when their in a quite good condition that you can explore upstairs and that. It's hard to believe that we had to go in a cafe where the castle is located whilst a downpour went on outside the skies say otherwise. Weather was weird up scotland lol xx


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