Sunday 25 August 2013

Nail Aid - Revamp Your Nails

After abusing my nails for month's and month's it was clear to see my nail's had seen better days. I was painting my nails up to three times a week and the damage I did was unbelievable but also clear to see. My nails had gone a yellow shade due to some nail polish despite a base, they were brittle, soft and breaking all the time and I just knew I had to take action. I am a nail biter or was and my excuse to stop biting them was to paint them because at least they looked pretty then and stopped me from biting. I wasn't taking care of my nails like I should be and it's been four weeks since I started my Nail Aid Challenge and in that time I've not bit my nails and managed to have the power to paint them just once. Go me! I first google'd some information about nail damage learning in the process you should take at least a week out a month from painting your nails. Then I went about looking for a treatment after seeing a couple of reviews I settled up-on;

 Rimmel Nail Rescue. This was less then £5.00 at Asda and seems to have run out in most places so I was fortunate to get my hands on this. I didn't fancy paying almost £20 for the OPI nail envy but when I heard this was a good dupe I didn't think twice and for only £5 it wasn't expensive. The treatment is 14 days and you just layer it everyday (that's what I did anyways) It was a good week before I noticed any significant improvements with the nails beginning to harden. The polish does have a pinky tone to it but it isn't to noticeable however the shine is. You can see some slight damage of the nail in the photo above. Along with the polish I occasionally rubbed some of the nail cream over the nail but I mainly used this a few days before I started the polish treatment. You can purchase the cuticle/nail oil cream on Birchbox e-shop I was fortunate enough to get mine inside a previous Birchbox and I love it. A little goes along way and it lasts ages.
Above you will see how my nails looked after the 14 day treatment in this time I didn't paint my nails at all however some people do. Some of the nail rescue did slightly chip over the 14 days but I just topped up the next day by layering another coat. Hence why my nails look a little rigid on top. The pink tone is more noticeable here too. I left the polish on and then painted my nails for the first time in quite a while. 

My nails are now looking great (see photo above - right) this is after the polish is all removed. They are healthier, back to normal in hardness. I haven't seen them like this in a long time and I'm really glad with the help of these two products they are back to there best. I can't recommend both these products enough. You can really see the difference between how better they've got and more importantly started growing again. It's definitely put off painting my nails as much as I use too and will definitely from now on me be taking much needed breaks to let my nails breath. What do you think?


  1. I've been waiting for this post! Your nails look nice and healthy, I've been wanting to purchase this but keep on forgetting and I have points I need to spend on my superdrug card. My nails have actually gotten better due to me now taking Well women tablets, xoxo.

    1. I really love this product and I truly recommend it. You should purchase it if need be I love how its changed my nails giving them a almost healthy glow. You can really see the changes xx

  2. Your nails look so healthy! I'm trying Nail Envy at the minute, but I'm kicking myself for not giving this a go first - such a bargain x

    1. I'm majorly impressed with this. I had my doubts because my nails were in such bad condition I literally was in need of a miracle. I'm glad it worked! Maybe once the nail envy is up you can give this a go x


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