Thursday 28 February 2013

Birthday Challenge

Three week's on Monday coming i will be turning 22, eckk!! I will be holding a birthday give-away around my birthday and have already purchased the goodies and i am super excited to be having my second give-away. I have only tried two of the products that's in this give-away and i am super jealous about the rest that some lucky devil will be trying them before me. Has a birthday treat from you guys, i would love nothing more then to maybe rise my followers to the 100 mark. So let's call this The Birthday Challenge. I challenge you to help me by spreading the word if i get to the 100 mark i will open my give-away earlier then planned if not well you will after wait until nearer to my birthday ;)

I just want to say in advance this will be a UK give-away due to the nature of the products that are being sent out. Royal mail have recently changed guidelines for international delivery and a few of my products can't be taken. I really want to do a international delivery sometime but them high delivery charges kinda stop me too. Hope you understand, sorry.

Wednesday 27 February 2013

Rimmel Haul

Your on a spending ban because you own way to much make-up and what happens you win not one but two make-up related competition's from Rimmel and Barry M. First up is Rimmel which i surprisingly received from the postie yesterday morning, it came really quick because it was only Monday, i found out i was one of ten runner-ups from the lash accelerator endless mascara review. They enjoyed my review which also came has a surprise to me, because it was my first and i was 1/500 to receive the mascara quite an achievement i would say. Anyways they said via email i would get a hamper of their latest products, which i was super excited about because i haven't managed to get my hands on any of Rimmel' new releases due to my spending ban despite buying two Rimmel products via fragrance direct *slaps hand* but they weren't new and was 99p and £1.99. (Also they have a Kate Moss Rimmel lipstick on fragrance direct, only available in two shades which i ended up passing because they were a bit neutral/brown for my tastes. But only £1.99 if anyone's interested)

I got six products in a cool shiny pink envelope.

Rimmel 9-in-1 BB Cream in medium also available in a light shade.
Click here to buy for £6.99. I don't tend to like BB cream's but i haven't tried the Rimmel one therefore will give this ago. I did a swatch on my arm and i am bit unsure about the shade at the moment because i am really pale. But i will give it ago on my face and find out. It's defiantly not as greasy as the others have tried so Rimmel may just change my mind about BB cream's.

Rimmel Exaggerate Undercover Shadow Primer
Click here to buy for £4.99 now £3.99 save £1.

Rimmel Cocktail Colour in a flash. Baby Bellini 110
Click here to buy for £3.99 available in two other shades.
I have wanted this colour since it came out. I did do a swatch but have decided due to doing it late last night the picture isn't that great and it's on my phone. Look out for a review coming soon.

Rimmel Apocalips in 303 Apocaliptic
Click here to buy for £5.99. Also available in seven other shades.
I have wanted to get my hands on one of these since they came out not this shade but two others. I actually tried a swatch of both the colours i were going to get and decided one was way to bright for my skin tone well Apocaliptic is brighter then the one i decided i wasn't going to buy. Have tried this on and all i can say is wow. Review coming real soon.

Rimmel Scandaleyes shadow stick in 002 Bulletproof Beige
Available in four other shades.
Click here to buy for £5.99 now £4.99 save £1.

Rimmel Scandaleyes waterproof kohl liner in nude.
Available in seven other shades. 
Click here to buy for £3.99

There you have it. I haven't gone into to much detail because i want to have a real play with them and review them real soon. 
Over all i love what i received a lovely selection of different products. I wouldn't necessarily have chose the shades but it's nice to get something different that you wouldn't usually go for. Thanks Rimmel.

Tuesday 26 February 2013

How To Get £10 Credit With Motel Rocks!!

Yesterday evening via Motel Rocks on facebook they announced a give-away to anyone willing to sign up to Motel Rocks. All you after do is sign up and then update the Motel Rock preferences aka the newsletter to receive has you desire. For example if you like offers tick offers and so on. It's that simple and easy and just for doing so they send you a code for £10 credit which is a great way to introduce yourself to the brand or just purchase a new dress, etc if you have already purchase clothes from there before. I decided the £10 was a great way to introduce myself to Motel rocks, i love the clothes them being very edgy and quirky and have looked at them before now but not had the spare cash to really spoil myself, with my birthday coming up in the next few weeks i asked my boyfriend along side the £10 voucher whether he would want to purchase a dress for me and he said yes. I chose something i wouldn't necessarily purchase, something completely different to what had usually wear and it's black you may think this is a safe option but the material is velvet and full of sequins and a bodycon ekkk!!

To buy click here. This dress is only £20 and with the code i paid just £10 a absolute bargain. There is other £20 dresses available in the collection.

Motel Bliss Sequin Panel Bodycon Dress in Black Velvet 

Black velvet panelled mini dress with low cut back. Figure sculpting gemetric panels accentuate a small waist with dazzling sequin embellishment in contrast to the soft velvet. Featuring sleeveless styling, light shoulder padding for structure, low v back and mini length skirt. This figure hugging stretch-velvet dress will shine throughout the festive season! This Motel dress does the work for you so keep it simple and wear with black heels and bare legs, for a outfit that speaks volumes.

I don't tend to go for bodycon's because have had two kids. I am not the most confident person in the world. Better start doing some sits ups lol. I was fortunate enough to be one of 10,000 prize winners with Motel Rocks. I won a voucher for another £10.00 off but when i spend £40.00. I reckon i will take this offer up with my Birthday cash at the end of march.


Monday 25 February 2013

Confessions Of A Girl On A Spending Ban

Today i had a bit of an shopping spree online and a few shops not for myself apart from a few Bra's if you really want to know they were half price. My ban is on make-up but march seems to be my expensive time of the year apart from christmas filled with birthdays, mothers day and this year easter. Today i ordered/went to shops and got my mums mothers day items then i went online and ordered my brothers aftershave for is birthday. At Fragrance direct and i was naughty. My confession is i bought a rimmel lipstick £1.99 and rimmel polish 99p. (could be worse but it's stuff i don't need) Have also bought a rimmel matte powder two weeks ago which i always use and needed. Anyways i also have some exciting news last week i won a Barry M competition which was to do with the release of Beautiful Creatures. Has you will know if you read my posts i love the book and the film. The book a bit more and i was one of ten who won cinema tickets to see the film (have already seen it but don't mind seeing it again) Barry M make-up and a poster signed by the cast it will be sent on the i4th of march due to stock check this week. And today i got a email from rimmel saying they loved my review of the mascara and i am one of ten winners who will recieve a rimmel hamper with their latest goodies. There was over 500 people who got the Rimmel Accelerator Endless Mascara i was really happy to be a runner up and it was totally unexpected. I am really looking forward to sharing what i got in upcoming posts and sharing swatches etc. I really don't need to buy any make up due to my birthday coming up also and the multiple make-up comps i won. I think i am doing quite well on this spending ban. I do however have two lip products on my wish list that i may get if i have any birthday money. Anyways peace out and much love xxx

Saturday 23 February 2013

Urban Decay Bargains

I am currently on a spending ban until almost the end of April and so far i am doing really well with the only make-up purchase being some Rimmel matte powder which i ran out of, has a user of this product everyday it was a must have. Anyways in four weeks on Monday i turn 22 (i feel really old, lol) and i have a long list of goodies had love that are the size of my arm literally, there was no make up on there with the majority of my list being DVDs if you saw my 32 facts about me you would know i am quite the DVD junkie. Well yesterday i was browsing a few pages and i came across some really cheap make up, i always come across cheap make up because i know what sites to look at. But this being the much loved Urban Decay. I don't own any Urban Decay, because has a mum of two i can't justify spending £30+ on one palette, don't get me wrong had love to if i could, but i just can't had feel dead guilty. I usually opt for cheaper brands or drugstore brands such as MUA (which is fantastic quality at really cheap prices) or Rimmel, etc. I prefer getting good quality products and more for my money in other words. Anyways getting back to the point Urban Decay, i came across some make-up at some prices that i couldn't pass. So me being on my spending ban text my mum and told her and then i ordered them using her piece of plastic. I LOVE YOU MUM FOREVER LOL (obvs). Don't worry i am not a spoilt brat this is my birthday present along with a bag i got from Debenhams, maybe a touch spoilt. And here is what i ordered.

Click picture to enlarge.

Urban Decay RollerGirl Palette RRP £25.00 Paid £13.49
Urban Decay Rollergirl Eyeshadow Palette contains four eyeshadows, minature lipgloss, and miniature eyeliner. These include: Woodstock, Verve, Suspect, Darkhorse, Crush, and Whiskey.
Woodstock is a dark fuchsia pink with a soft frost finish. Very pigmented, super smooth. This is permanently available.
Verve is a pale, muted taupe brown–like a lighter Mushroom. This is an exclusive shade to this palette.
Suspect is a muted champagne bronze with a frost finish. This shade was in the Book of Shadows, Vol. III.
Darkhorse is a dark, sultry bronze shimmered brown. This shade was in the Naked and Feminine palettes.
Crush is a semi-sheer magenta pink. It’s almost like magenta met bubblegum pink, and then they had a lovechild. This is permanently available.
Whiskey is a medium-dark, warm-toned brown. This shade was originally available with the Naked palette and is currently available as part of an eyeliner duo (with Flipside)
Click here to buy.

Urban Decay RollerGirl Nail Kit RRP £20.00 Paid £11.90

Our 70's inspired nail kit includes all the sexy, shimmering hues and shocking brights that put an exclamation point on your fingertips. Formulated without toluene, formaldehyde, or DBP, our polish lets your breathe easy! These are miniature.

Set Includes 6 Polishes:

Woodstock 5ml
Fame 5ml
Miss T 5ml
Love Train 5ml
Xanadu 5ml
Super Freak 5ml
Click here  to buy.

Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow Box 1 RRP £27.00 Paid £14.98

The new and improved Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow Box includes nine velvety, pigment-rich Deluxe Eyeshadows - from bold brights to classic neutrals. Plus there's also a travel size Eyeshadow Primer Potion - allowing you to create more vibrant and lasting colour on the move and as there's no creasing, it's sure to get anyone who hasn't tried it addicted! The gorgeous compact is wrapped in luxe purple suede (faux, of course), and features a window of irresistibly touchable shiny silver mesh.

The Deluxe Eye Shadows are:
Fishnet (light purple)
Honey (gold)
Ransom (dark purple)
Graffiti (green)
Zero (black)
Peace (turquoise)
Shag (bronze)
Scratch (champagne)
Underground (fawn) 
Click here  to buy.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil Stash RRP £28.00 Paid £15.94

For your inner artist: Urban Decay has created a set of pocket-sized 24/7 Shadow Eye Pencils that make it easy to line, shade and smudge like a pro (in shades that inspire addiction). It’s like a box of ridiculously chic crayons…for your eyes.

5 travel-sized 24/7 Shadow Eye Pencils are packed in a shade assortment that lets you play boldly with colour or create softly smudged effects. You get all the creamy, waterproof, vibrant colour of the 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils in a fat shape that’s super-versatile: use the wide side of the pencil to shadow larger areas with ease or use the thin tip to line your eyes. This set makes achieving dramatic washes of colour and precise lines SO EASY, in hues that run the gamut from soft and shimmery to deep and bright. The range of looks you can create with this set is endless and once you start using it, you wont be able to live without it. Juju, a frosted taupe, is brand new and only available in this set! Plus each pencil barrel is colour-matched so it’s easier to grab exactly what you’re looking for in the depths of your handbag.

This kit will change the lives of lazy shadow appliers and wannabe make up artists who can now achieve flawlessly shaded and/or lined eyes. Give it to yourself or a friend or break it up into mini gifts. 
These are travel sized but there's not much difference in size compared to the full sized eye pencils.
Click here to buy.

The total paid was £56.31 with free delivery from CheapSmells. Click on the link to find more Urban Decay products then what is available to see in the picture above. There is also Fragrance Direct that do Urban Decay a few pounds cheaper but you after pay for delivery. Had recommend you check out the both to compare prices and see what's available because there's a few different bits. I compared both but would of had to order from two to get what i needed and to save money and it would of only been just over a pound anyways. I will bring the swatches after my birthday obviously. Happy Shopping.

Friday 22 February 2013


E-tail webstores on facebook, are running a competition to win £187.00 worth of stuff including - 1x Tallulah tu clutch 1x Tallulah tu ring 1x Jelly belly gift box 3x o'clock watches. Enter now ends in six days. Good luck.

Wednesday 20 February 2013

Dermalogica UK | Daily Microfoliant & Selfridges Lucky Bag

When i got my lucky bag from Selfridges, back in November/December i was excited. I had seen another girls somewhere in the blogging world and i just thought wow. It looked amazing. Then i saw pictures and heard others complaining about shower caps, pound land type bobbles and tissues, which resulted in me pretty much fearing the worse. My boyfriend purchased my lucky bag for a Christmas present, but i had a sneak peak before hand and we both were slightly underwhelmed by what came. 
Anatomicals hand cream, James Read wash off tan, Dermalogical Uk (Daily Microfoliant and Eyeko skinny mini plus a packet of tissues and a eyebrow shape card which can only be used in certain Selfridges. My nearest is Manchester and not somewhere i go often.

I guess it could of been worse compared to some i saw, but when i compared mine to some of the better one's i couldn't help but feel slightly underwhelmed. I guess it was neither good nor bad. Have used the hand cream and the skinny mini, once or twice. The tan stays unopened for now. 

The product that has really caught my eye, is Demalogical UK | Daily Microfoliant. It wasn't until a few days ago i started using this, after it caught my eye twice once in Birchbox magazine and the other in New magazine in a celeb's beauty must have's. Have used it everyday sometimes twice a day ever since and i am in love with it. I am just shocked i didn't start using it sooner cause have had really dry skin and breakouts at late.

Daily Microfoliant is a exfoliant for all skin conditions and Dermalogica' number one exfoliant. A gentle rice-based exfoliating powder activates with the use of a little water creating a thing creamy white paste. Releasing Papain, Salicylic Acid and Rice Enzymes that micro-exfoliate dead cells, instantly leaving skin smoother and brighter. Formulated without artificial fragrances and colours.

It does have a slight fragrance to it which is a fruity/floral like smell. It's soft and smooth on the skin and most importantly leaves the skin feeling really smooth, extremely mositurised and soft. This has become a real favourite in my everyday routine and i am really happy i got it in my lucky bag. I wouldn't have picked it up if had of been shopping but it's doing my facial skin a world of good and i would defiantly purchase again when i run out. Looking on some reviews a doctor recommend this to one woman, it's that good. A little goes along along way and you see results straight away more or less. 

I am going to use this twice a week from now on because like i said a little goes a long way. With the company recommending you only need half a teaspoon.

MAC *Spoiler*

This is probably one of the most exciting make-up collaborations, i have ever heard of. Following the massive success of her River Island show at LFW Rihanna has announced that she has teamed up with MAC. This isn’t a one off collection either, Rhianna has been named as ‘Creative Partner‘ for the brand and will be bringing four new collections to 2013 known as RiRi ♥ [Hearts].

The star product from the collection is going to be RiRi woo. Rihanna is taking on beauty favourite MAC lipstick Ruby Woo. RiRi Woo will be sold with all four collections. The summer collection will also include two other lipsticks, Lustre Drops and a powder blush duo. The autumn/winter collection will include four lipsticks, a Lip Glass version of RiRi Woo, two multi-shade eye shadow palettes and false eyelashes. The 2013 Christmas collections will introduce another ten items including nail polish, a makeup bag and more lipsticks.

RiRi woo will be released 4th/5th of May in Brooklyn.
 Which is will collide with her Diamonds tour. They will be a MAC pop-up shop on the first night to introduce the line to her fans. RiRi Woo will be sold at all of Rihanna’s concerts and online. The summer collection will be sold online and the autumn/winter and Christmas collections will be sold in store.

I don't know about you but i am really excited for this line and i can predict it will be a HUGE hit.

Information taken from She Said Beauty.


Tuesday 19 February 2013

Website Of The Week

Naturisimo is a great huge beauty website with organic cosmetics.

  • Skincare
  • Make-Up
  • Body
  • Hair
  • Fragrance
  • Health
  • Family
  • Men Products
  • Gifts
  • And samples

You can try before you buy by purchasing mini samples for a reasonable price. That's not all Free delivery worldwide.

To shop or to have a look at Naturismo have a look here. 

Monday 18 February 2013

Birchbox | February 2013

Joliebox is the new Birchbox and last month they released the UK's first Birchbox which you can view here if you wish. I was impressed with two of the products from the entire box and i am still yet to use at least one or two of the products yet because they haven't exactly tickled my fancy. For the last few months (since my She Said Beauty days) have been telling my boyfriend i am going to cancel my beauty box subscription completely and then Birchbox in partnership with She Said Beauty had an amazing offer and instead of cancelling i kinda made a new monthly subscription to a completely different beauty box, opps!!. Every month it's the same "I thought you were cancelling your beauty box" from my boyfriend. I can't bring myself to cancel it, i quite look forward to receiving my beauty box every month. I feel like a kid with a lucky bag and have never had a mega bad box just a few products that have been way to small.

This month's Birchbox is labelled London Fashion Week. And with all the fashion show's going on not just in London but around the world what a perfect way to get the subscribers to sort of join in then with a products that are available behind the scenes. This month's box is one of the reason's i can't bring myself to cancel because it's freakin' amazing.

I just after point out how much i LOVE this picture because of the light. I mean come on it's got a sun beam in it and everything. And yes it's still a bit cold, but the sun being out is just the cherry on top. Click picture to enlarge.

This months box comes in it's regular pink bag and Birchbox. And it's regular monthly mini magazine. And an incredible four, what seems to be full sized products, a pair of eyelash curlers and just one sachet. Woo for February Birchbox.

The sachet is a lifestyle extra. EBOOST | Natural Energy Booster
Full-size (20 pkts) £20.99. This is a energy boosting drink, packed with vitamins, minerals and super-nutrients. This is a all-natural orange flavour add the contents to a glass and add water then drink.

Beauty Extra | Eyelash curler £10.00
These are Birchbox very own eyelash curlers and are available to buy from the e-shop. Have never owned a pair of eyelash curlers before but what better way to try some. These are the price i pay monthly for Birchbox excluding P&P.

Gerda Spillmann | Bio Fond Cream Foundation
Birchbox say this light, creamy base foundation is easy to apply, offers great coverage and sets to a powder finish. It's also used on movie sets. Full-size is £20.00. I  got this in a cute easy travel compact with a mirror and sponge. The colour i received was Praline /01. I got 4.5g - 0.16oz. I am unsure whether this is full-sized. I am also unsure whether the shade will suit my skin tone, i am quite pale.

Vichy | Thermal Spa Water (Limited Edition)
Birchbox says - Soothing and regenerating, this multi-purpose product is naturally enriched with 15 minerals and 13 trace elements. It can be used as a toner, to set make-up or as a refreshing boost. Full-size is £7.00 i received 50ml. Whether this is full-size or not 50ml is a pretty good sample-size. 

Nick Chavez Beverly Hills | Plump N'thick Leave-in Thickening Mist
Birchbox says - Get visible volume with this light but powerful leave-in treatment from Nick Chavez. Just spritz onto towel-dried hair before styling. Full-size £13.90. This again is 59ml so a brilliant size.

Korres | Guava Shower Gel
Birchbox says - The sweet, sophisticated scent of this moisturising shower gel will invigorate you, while wheat proteins and aloe vera cleanse and hydrate your skin. Absolutely divine. Full-size £8.00. This is also 50ml. Can never have to many shower gels in my eyes.
There you have it February's Birchbox. I am unsure whether the sizes are sample sizes or full sizes but in my opinion they look like full sized products and if there not well let's just say the best sample sizes ever. I am mega impressed with this months box, have never tried any of these products before and really can't wait to dig deep and have fun trying the products. I have truly got my money's worth this month. What do you think of this months Birchbox?

To sign up go to Birchbox click here.
£10.00 a month plus £2.95 P&P. 3 month+ subscriptions are also available which work out cheaper in the long run. With a monthly subscription you can cancel anytime, with others you can't. If you want to purchase any of the above products you can buy then at the Birchbox e-shop.

Saturday 16 February 2013

What I Got For Valentine's Day.

I love seeing what people received for special occasions like Birthday's, Christmas or even Valentine's Day. Here is what i got off my other half for Valentine's.

A single red rose.

A bunch of flowers.
Lindt Lindor chocolates. (Best chocolates ever)

Lush - Heart of gold set.

This came with five full size products 

  • From Dusk Til Dawn
  • Rock Star
  • French Kiss Bubble Bar
  • The comforter Bubble Bar
  • Sex Bomb
 Read more here.

We also went for a lovely meal, i ate way to much and ended up going to bed feeling ill. But i feel great now. Hope you equally had a fantastic day and if you have partners got spoilt.

Beautiful Creatures - Book/Movie

I after say i am pretty new to the Beautiful Creatures series and didn't know the book existed until i saw the movie trailer on the TV. I love fantasy novels and the movies have know exception with me being a huge Twilight and Harry Potter fan. I just knew i had to watch Beautiful Creatures when it was released on the big screen but first i had to read the book.

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl is the first book in a four part series which include Beautiful Darkness, Beautiful Chaos and Beautiful Redemption.

The book is wrote beautifully as though Ethan is writing it.
There were no surprises in Gatlin County.
We were pretty much the epicenter of the middle of nowhere.
At least, that's what I thought.
Turns out, I couldn't have been more wrong.
There was a curse.
There was a girl.
And in the end, there was a grave.

Lena Duchannes is unlike anyone the small Southern town of Gatlin has ever seen, and she's struggling to conceal her power and a curse that has haunted her family for generations. But even within the overgrown gardens, murky swamps and crumbling graveyards of the forgotten South, a secret cannot stay hidden forever.

Ethan Wate, who has been counting the months until he can escape from Gatlin, is haunted by dreams of a beautiful girl he has never met. When Lena moves into the town's oldest and most infamous plantation, Ethan is inexplicably drawn to her and determined to uncover the connection between them.

In a town with no surprises, one secret could change everything.

Another recommended read from me. Once you read the first, you will want to read the second, third and fourth novels to this magical tale.

*Movie review below may show spoilers*
 When i read a book, whats happening seems to come alive inside my head and when i read Beautiful Creatures that is exactly what happened, i had huge expectations for the film and even though i thoroughly enjoyed it and i recommend everyone takes time out of their day to day life's to go and watch it i did walk away slightly disappointed. The film in comparison to the book was changed a lot. Don't get me wrong there was Ethan a normal southern country lad, Lena the caster girl whose life may change forever and the love story which makes the whole movie. But when you put the book and movie and compare. A lot of the books been changed and missed out, some parts happened differently and a few characters are missing. There was know funeral for her uncle (which starts in the second book) and the film after he's died states 6 months later. Which see's Ethan's memory wiped from him having no memory of him ever dating Lena and him going off to college and then he stops get out the car shouts Lena, which Lena hears then it ends. It just ENDS like that. The fact is despite the film being completely different from the book i really did love the film. And will buy it on DVD when it's released. In reality i just didn't want it to end. I understand they after make changes, it's a 600 page book and a 2 hour film. Since there's four books, i really am hoping there's a second film but there seems to be no word on a second film as yet. So if anyone as any information about this please let me know. Everyone's comparing it to Twilight, this is a silly comparison. There nothing alike. Not all fantasies are the same, this is unique and completely different. The graphics were amazing, really realistic which i loved.

There you go, i hope you go and watch it the more people who do the more likely a second will be released and i think Beautiful Creatures fans really want that, i know i do. I am going to carry on reading the four book series, i am only a few chapters in on the second one, which is so unlike me but the books are a lot longer then what i have been reading lately. I will let you all know how i get on with them.

If your going to watch it, enjoy.
If you have watched it, what did you think?

Friday 15 February 2013

Models Own - NEW POLISH

I absolutely love Models Own, i am forever blogging about them. And they have gone and done it again, released five new polishes. This is where i go arrgghhh spending ban, but thankfully i have a birthday before my spending ban is over, woo. And these five polishes are not to be missed. 
The five polishes are going to be part of the new ICE NEON collection and this is what Models Own had to say on facebook and the fab new ice neon collection.

NEW! The ICE NEON collection! The only way to keep fluoro really bright is to KEEP IT COLD! We've packed this collection in specially-designed frosted bottles that you should keep refrigerated to protect the intense fluoro colour from fading. These on-trend neon shades bring summer alive with fluoro flavour, bold and bright.

Available exclusively in our Bottleshop (Westfield London, White City) on March 9th, online at from March 20th (pre-order from March 1st for guaranteed March 20th UK delivery) and in Boots stores nationwide from March 22nd.

And here they are.

Click picture to enlarge.

I am super excited for these. The fact they are to be kept in the fridge for one makes them sound exciting. Saves you grabbing for the biscuits because we will be grabbing these instead for sure. These babies are sure to be a big hit this year with the colours following the huge neon trend just in time for summer. They remind me of ice lollies and summer for sure. The colours are very vibrant and cool. I am particularly excited for the pink and the yellow. Even though yellow isn't usually a colour i would reach for, i can't help but the love the summer vibes coming off it. They don't have any names yet but that's something to look forward too.

What do you think? Will you be reaching for this once it hits the stores. 
Leave a comment, had love to know your thoughts!!


Thursday 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Whether your in a relationship or single, valentine's day is a time for everyone whether your on a date with your other half or having a movie night with your best friends. Whatever your doing enjoy it. I have got slightly spoilt with flowers, a single red rose, chocolate and my beloved lush goodies that i had on my lush valentines post. Its a heart shaped box with five valentine products in. I wish you a good day, Happy valentine's much love Kate

Wednesday 13 February 2013


This is my first nail of the week (NOTW) today i have two for you instead of the usual one you see in the blogging world. One is my nail look that i am wearing right now and the other is a Valentine's Day inspired nail look i did at the end of last week. 

This is my nail look at the moment. 

I used -

Beth's Blue
Indian Ocean
Southern Lights

All by Models Own each polish is £5.00 each.

Beth's blue is a lovely creamy pastel shade from the ice cream sundae collection. I used this on each nail before applying southern lights from the wonderland collection on one nail this is a bluey/purple polish with different coloured glitters through out. I also applied Indian ocean from the Beetlejuice collection as a second to last top coat on each nail. Indian ocean is a very sheer polish and alone takes a lot of coats to create full coverage. This goes perfectly with Beth's blue creating a lovely shimmery sparkly look on top with hints of multi-tonal shades. Indian ocean is sheer blue with soft pink undertones. You can make out the pink undertones on my little finger in the picture above. Topping Indian ocean with different shades of polish is the way forward for me, it's become one of my favourite polishes, doing this will make sure it lasts longer then it would using alone.

My valentine's day inspired look.

I used -

Lili's Pink 
Northern Lights

Again by Models Own
I also used a white nail art polish and nail star gems from a different company.

I wanted to create valentine's day look that was more soft and girly yet fun. I decided Lili's pink from champagne collection was the perfect shade it's a soft, pastel pink shade with shimmery glitters through out. I wanted more sparkle so i added Northern Lights from the wonderland collection, this is a pink polish with different coloured glitters through out. I wanted to give this nail look a touch of sparkle. On the thumb i added painted a heart using a white nail art polish (I am not good at nail art) and used Northern lights to fill in the heart. I then added a couple of starts to jazz it up a little.

I hope you like my two nail looks.

MUA Furry Nails

After caviar, leather and concrete, furry nails are the hottest trend for 2013. With the likes of Blake Lively having a soft and velvety manicure for her own wedding day. Not so long ago MUA (Make up academy) launched the fur-effect look in five different colours Fluffy Bobbin, Boo Boo Fluff, Fluff & Cuddles, Fluff & Puff and Fuzzy Fluff for only £3.00 it's a bargain not to be missed. I was lucky enough to get my hands on Fluffy Bobbin, Fluff & Cuddles and Fuzzy Fluff.

To see other swatches and colours in the fur-effect range please check out MUA's blog here.

To apply - 

First of all make sure the nail is clear of any polish. Apply your usual clear base, then apply a coloured nail polish it can be MUA or any other brand. Preferably a polish that matches the fur because this will make the look better if it does go slightly patchy it will be less noticeable. Apply the fur then pat down so the fur sticks to the polish then blow away the access fur. You can collect the fur up putting it in the little pot to use again another day. 

I was in a rush and didn't use the right polish for each individual colour.

The little finger is really patchy, this is what happens it you don't get it right.

You don't after do the entire nail. Why not create some patterns or have some furry nail tips. 

What i think -

  • The nail fur is a good invention, it's fun, quirky and different. But it is time consuming.
  • I advise when applying (One nail at a time) to do it quickly to stop it from drying it needs to be really wet and not dry in the slightest. Using tweezers this will build up the fur and get a better coverage. Also press down on the fur so it sticks well if you don't your results will be like my little finger.
  • I did get patches on a few occasions despite pressing down, i solved this by painting over the patch. The fur did stick to my brush a touch but it solved the problem lol. I advise you to purchase a cheap nail painting brush especially for the fur-effect in case this happens. Painting over the fur actually didn't ruin it but i wouldn't advise you t0 paint over the fur that's got a good coverage.
  • The pot, inside is a piece of plastic stuck in place with some tiny holes to let the product out. Make up academy please get rid. This is what makes fur-effect time consuming. And i would of been there until Christmas. But in the end i ended up looking like a murderer with a very sharp kitchen knife stabbing the hell out of it to break it so i could remove it. Best thing i ever did until i tried to put the lid on and i dropped it which resulted in a huge mess. I did try a normal cutlery knife, a screwdriver and even a folk without any luck.
  • If you are buying nail fur for the hope of wearing it for a few days don't bother. Fur-effect is best used for a family occasion or a night out. You will only get hours out of this. The fur is fine when getting wet it dries back to it's normal furriness. But if you like to use products such as hand soap (normal, everyday) or hand creams then this will make the fur go matted which is not a cool look.
  • All in all, i will wear again. Not a product i will personally use everyday or even every week but each to their own. More for occasions like a night out or a meal, etc. I would consider buying a different colour if one was released that suited my taste but i won't be purchasing these colours again after have ran out. Not that i don't like them it's just nice to try something different and i won't be reaching for them everyday or every few days like i would a nail polish.

Monday 11 February 2013

Liebster Award Nomination

I was very kindly nominated for the Liebster award by glamfortan. Thank you so much.

Here are the rules;

1. Link back to the person who nominated you
2. Write 11 random facts about yourself
3. Answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you.
4. Come up with 11 questions to ask the 11 people you nominate

Yesterday i wrote 32 facts about me read here.
I think considering my 32 facts about me was only done yesterday, it seems pretty pointless me telling you again. So pick your eleven or if your feeling extra nosey you can read all 32 ;)

These eleven question's were selected by glamfortan

1. What Superpower would you have? Invisibility would be pretty cool.
2. Do you like to cook? Had love to learn a bit more and get cooking better home cooked meals. At the moment i am a touch lazy in the kitchen.
3. Ever done a DIY project before? Is decorating DIY? I wouldn't trust myself with a hammer lol.
4. Favourite Tv shows? Reality TV. Emmerdale and corrie.
5. Favourite Beauty Product? Rimmel matte powder.
6. Most expensive thing you've bought? My sofa was more expensive then the car lol.
7. Mac or Pc? Old school PC
8. Long or short hair? Long
9. Best memory that you have? Hanging with my old friends after school around our estate. I see none of them anymore but i still think of them all and miss them like crazy. Fun times that will go unforgotten for the rest of my life.
10. What is something that you've always wanted to do? New York, baby!!
11. Your stuck on a deserted island what THREE beauty product do you take with you?
Moisturizer, nail polish, a BEAUTY magazine ;) pass the time.
I nominate my eleven newest followers. All my followers deserve it, but this is just to say thank you for taking the time to click the follow button. Unfortunately i can't get on some of your blogs, however if you see this. Feel free to copy this and take part. If your unsure whether your one of the new eleven followers, look on the followers box and from the first people you see to number eleven your a lucky person whose been nominated. Well done.
My eleven Questions.
  1. What is your current destination in the world right now?
  2. What product could you possibly not live without?
  3. What is your favourite movie?
  4. Who is your biggest celeb crush?
  5. Where do you see yourself in five years time?
  6. If you could visit one place. Where would it be?
  7. What's your favourite memory?
  8. Night out or night in?
  9. Favourite make up brand right now?
  10. What's your favourite book?
  11. What is your favourite Nail polish, ever?
     If you have already got this award. Had love to hear your answers to the question's in the comment below. Or if your not the lucky eleven feel free to answer them below anyways. Thanks again :)