Thursday 28 February 2013

Birthday Challenge

Three week's on Monday coming i will be turning 22, eckk!! I will be holding a birthday give-away around my birthday and have already purchased the goodies and i am super excited to be having my second give-away. I have only tried two of the products that's in this give-away and i am super jealous about the rest that some lucky devil will be trying them before me. Has a birthday treat from you guys, i would love nothing more then to maybe rise my followers to the 100 mark. So let's call this The Birthday Challenge. I challenge you to help me by spreading the word if i get to the 100 mark i will open my give-away earlier then planned if not well you will after wait until nearer to my birthday ;)

I just want to say in advance this will be a UK give-away due to the nature of the products that are being sent out. Royal mail have recently changed guidelines for international delivery and a few of my products can't be taken. I really want to do a international delivery sometime but them high delivery charges kinda stop me too. Hope you understand, sorry.


  1. Hey, I tweeted and blogged your link too, can't wait for the giveaway, xxx.

    1. Thank you. I was just about to delete this post lol. I was thinking to myself omg i look like i begging for followers but in reality i don't care how many have but it would be nice to get to 100 followers though :) xx


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