Wednesday 20 February 2013

Dermalogica UK | Daily Microfoliant & Selfridges Lucky Bag

When i got my lucky bag from Selfridges, back in November/December i was excited. I had seen another girls somewhere in the blogging world and i just thought wow. It looked amazing. Then i saw pictures and heard others complaining about shower caps, pound land type bobbles and tissues, which resulted in me pretty much fearing the worse. My boyfriend purchased my lucky bag for a Christmas present, but i had a sneak peak before hand and we both were slightly underwhelmed by what came. 
Anatomicals hand cream, James Read wash off tan, Dermalogical Uk (Daily Microfoliant and Eyeko skinny mini plus a packet of tissues and a eyebrow shape card which can only be used in certain Selfridges. My nearest is Manchester and not somewhere i go often.

I guess it could of been worse compared to some i saw, but when i compared mine to some of the better one's i couldn't help but feel slightly underwhelmed. I guess it was neither good nor bad. Have used the hand cream and the skinny mini, once or twice. The tan stays unopened for now. 

The product that has really caught my eye, is Demalogical UK | Daily Microfoliant. It wasn't until a few days ago i started using this, after it caught my eye twice once in Birchbox magazine and the other in New magazine in a celeb's beauty must have's. Have used it everyday sometimes twice a day ever since and i am in love with it. I am just shocked i didn't start using it sooner cause have had really dry skin and breakouts at late.

Daily Microfoliant is a exfoliant for all skin conditions and Dermalogica' number one exfoliant. A gentle rice-based exfoliating powder activates with the use of a little water creating a thing creamy white paste. Releasing Papain, Salicylic Acid and Rice Enzymes that micro-exfoliate dead cells, instantly leaving skin smoother and brighter. Formulated without artificial fragrances and colours.

It does have a slight fragrance to it which is a fruity/floral like smell. It's soft and smooth on the skin and most importantly leaves the skin feeling really smooth, extremely mositurised and soft. This has become a real favourite in my everyday routine and i am really happy i got it in my lucky bag. I wouldn't have picked it up if had of been shopping but it's doing my facial skin a world of good and i would defiantly purchase again when i run out. Looking on some reviews a doctor recommend this to one woman, it's that good. A little goes along along way and you see results straight away more or less. 

I am going to use this twice a week from now on because like i said a little goes a long way. With the company recommending you only need half a teaspoon.


  1. I love finding an unloved product and falling in love with it!! heard to many great things about this product!! its great how its doing wonders for your skin xx

    1. Me too. Maybe my unlucky bag turned out to be slightly lucky due to this beauty find xx

  2. I absolutely love Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant! It's one of my staple products ;) How often do they do these bags? Xx

    1. I believe they do them just before christmas. They did them around Christmas 2011 and they were a huge hit but the 2012 wasn'tcas good as the previous year. They did a valentines one you can see whats in it them all being the same for £25. When i looked last week they were still available to buy and it looks way better then the lucky bag with the contents valued at well over £80 it comes with a full sized perfume from a not well known make xx

  3. Great blog I have nominated you for a Liebster award all the details are on my blog post in the link beneath! xx


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