Saturday 9 February 2013

What I Have Been Reading #2

I can't stop reading people, i am officially a book worm. Have always loved books, but since the Kindle was given to me for Christmas my love for books is on a whole other level. I downloaded five books the other day, two were free and i read a four book series in three days then i noticed there was another series out that was linked and downloaded that to which i read in less then 24 hours. The books were that good and are what i am going to be reviewing for you today. 

By Jessica Sorensen

  • The Fallen Star
  • The Underworld
  • The Vision
  • The Promise

I am going to write my review based on all the novels 1-4.

For 18 year old Gemma, life as never been normal. Until recently she had been incapable of feeling any emotions. That was until one day a blast from the past Alex, came by her home and watched her whilst she lay sleeping. Of course Gemma doesn't know who Alex is and believes the first time she see's him is at her school on is first day. Gemma is instantly attracted to this gorgeous new guy but so is half the girls in her class. With her emotions suddenly appearing she starts to feel this spark igniting everytime she's near Alex and the monsters that have been appearing in her nightmares have crossed over into real life. 
Suddenly stuff that doesn't usually exist does, as Gemma is soon to find out. She find's her life turning into a chaotic mess with her world falling apart. Learning secrets she never knew existed which turns into a matter of life or death. Alex seems to hate her but wants to help her too, leaving her confused, vulnerable and emotional. 

Gemma learns the secrets and it's worse then she thought, she's a fallen star possessed with a powerful power that Stephan (Alex' dad) is trying to steal. As well as many other powers she possesses making her incredibly strong. Many people want to steal her soul, little does she know her soul is shared by one other Alex, the guy who seems to hate her. Gemma need's answers and there is only one person she can turn to her Mum. But she's in the underworld working as a slave for the Queen who is very dark and dangerous. She knows she's so powerful she can die and come back alive giving her another chance to defeat the man trying to end the world. Time is ticking out as she tries to save the world, try to live as normal as possible whilst making friends, losing friends and her new possible romance with Alex, despite the mood swings he seems to carry and the thought of romance between them being kind of forbidden. But he can't resist Gemma, just as she can't him. Especially since when they were kid's they made a blood promise that will connect them FOREVER. 

Gemma die's and thinks Stephan as won, little does she know she's so powerful she can come back to life.
Can Gemma save the world? Can Alex and her go on to live a happy ever after. 

I am not going to say much about the ending and in between bits. Because i hate to ruin what will happen, if you do decided to read these books. I love a good fantasy and this is for you Twilight/Fallen/HarryPotter/BeautifulCreatures fanatics. If these were made into films, which fingers crossed they do - I will be watching. These are fantastically wrote and a really good read. The book's to download are fallen star (free) other three are (79p each).

If you don't want to be told what happens next don't read the next review.

The Lost Soul - £1.99 to download.

This is the next book in the fallen star series after the fallen star.
There's to be a new one released this year.

The fallen stars been destroyed and Gemma is back alive because one soul can never die without the other (Alex') that she's connected too. Gemma thinks thing's are back to normal, she can live a normal life now that Stephan and the monsters from her nightmares are dead. But life is never what it seems. Where ever Gemma is trouble will always be, she's powerful and one of the Queens wants her soul, and takes over it so she can get the lost souls of the dead over to the world. All Gemma wants it to free her dad from is own mind where he's trapped, but being controlled by evil is never simple. And Alex changes and ends up going missing, leaving Gemma to discover secrets she would much rather forget.

Jessica is a really good writer and this book is just like the other four in the series. Fabulous. I can't wait for the next release to find out what happens. 

I am currently reading Beautiful Creatures which is set to be released in the cinema on wednesday 13th and i am super excited. I am only half way through, review will be coming soon.

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