Monday 25 February 2013

Confessions Of A Girl On A Spending Ban

Today i had a bit of an shopping spree online and a few shops not for myself apart from a few Bra's if you really want to know they were half price. My ban is on make-up but march seems to be my expensive time of the year apart from christmas filled with birthdays, mothers day and this year easter. Today i ordered/went to shops and got my mums mothers day items then i went online and ordered my brothers aftershave for is birthday. At Fragrance direct and i was naughty. My confession is i bought a rimmel lipstick £1.99 and rimmel polish 99p. (could be worse but it's stuff i don't need) Have also bought a rimmel matte powder two weeks ago which i always use and needed. Anyways i also have some exciting news last week i won a Barry M competition which was to do with the release of Beautiful Creatures. Has you will know if you read my posts i love the book and the film. The book a bit more and i was one of ten who won cinema tickets to see the film (have already seen it but don't mind seeing it again) Barry M make-up and a poster signed by the cast it will be sent on the i4th of march due to stock check this week. And today i got a email from rimmel saying they loved my review of the mascara and i am one of ten winners who will recieve a rimmel hamper with their latest goodies. There was over 500 people who got the Rimmel Accelerator Endless Mascara i was really happy to be a runner up and it was totally unexpected. I am really looking forward to sharing what i got in upcoming posts and sharing swatches etc. I really don't need to buy any make up due to my birthday coming up also and the multiple make-up comps i won. I think i am doing quite well on this spending ban. I do however have two lip products on my wish list that i may get if i have any birthday money. Anyways peace out and much love xxx


  1. Oh wow congratulations hun!! Can't wait to see your posts, xoxo.

    1. Thank you. I can't wait to get my hands of them xx


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