Sunday 29 January 2017

Bomb Cosmetics, River Island & Paperchase Haul

I didn't think I'd be purchasing anything that would be enough to create a collective mini haul so soon, but after my Bomb Cosmetics sales order being messed up and getting alternative products and then starting up my blog properly again I ended up with a selection of products that I thought you'd all like to see. A couple of the baths bombs that I got are from the Bomb Cosmetics Christmas range and no longer available, but I'm sure the majority are still available to purchase so I'll be sure to try and link most of what can still be bought alongside everything else in this haul.

Thursday 26 January 2017 | Personalised Gifts For Boys & Girls

When got in contact with me about reviewing one of their books I was super excited. Although not for myself I love a personalised gift and the concept of that in book format makes for a really great keepsake. I chose one of three books, The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home and after making the personalisations that suited my son I decided to choose another book for my daughter and then add a game for them both to share. I just couldn't get one without the other and it's something I'll always feel strongly about unless it was one of their Birthday's. I really love the idea of a gift that brings something exciting and educational and this will make a gift for any occasion or just a general treat. I personally like to make my two a little Valentine's gift pack up and these will be going in them.

Sunday 22 January 2017

Haircare // Free From Frizz Try Me Smoothie Kit - Review

I've had the Free From Frizz Try Me Smoothie Kit for over a month now and although I've not continuously used it over that period of time, I have dipped in and out of using the products inside alongside other shampoo and conditioner. The set is made up of 4 products that are quite small in size and good for taking away in your wash bag for the weekend rather than continuous daily use.

Wednesday 18 January 2017

Pregnancy Update - Third Trimester

 It's been a good few weeks since I entered my third trimester and now that time's ticking and it's not long before we'll be in the single digits on this weekly countdown I thought it was about time I gave an update of where I am and how I'm feeling within this pregnancy since my last update. I've not been updating or sharing the pregnancy with you as much as I'd of liked and apart from getting bigger I've felt relatively the same throughout, although I am feeling a lot more excited about the prospect of being a Mummy to a newborn again and not feeling kinda blue about the whole thing. Pregnancy Reveal and Gender Reveal are clickable links if you want to refresh your memory on my pregnancy so far.

Friday 13 January 2017

Sales & Pre-Christmas Treats Haul

 There's nothing better than some guilt-free shopping, especially when there are numerous sales on and you've recently been gifted gift cards and money at Christmas. I decided to take full advantage of the sales and what was on offer and treat myself and I'm really happy with what I've managed to find.

Monday 9 January 2017

Eyeko Black Magic Mascara Vs Rimmel Scandaleyes Reloaded - Mascara Review

Two of my favourite high street mascara's are the Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless mascara and the Rimmel Wonder'full mascara. Clear to see that my go-to brand for mascara is definitely Rimmel. When my trusty accelerator mascara ran out I decide to use something different from my mascara stash. I picked up Black Magic Mascara from the Eyeko in a recent Latest in Beauty build your own box and since Eyeko is quite the premium mascara brand I thought I'd put it to the test and inform you of my thoughts.

Tuesday 3 January 2017

Collective Haul - Part 2

 I'm back with part 2 of my collective haul. I've enjoyed treating myself to some really nice bargains at late and I'm really looking forward to coming back with another haul of my boxing day sale purchases and pre-Christmas treats. There's no better time to treat yourself than around the Christmas period, especially when everything is super cheap. I recently went to the Christmas markets at Manchester and although I didn't really purchase anything from the stalls that wasn't food related I did manage to pick up a few bits from stores around the city.

Sunday 1 January 2017

Happy New Year ♥

Happy New Year Guys!! Wow, 2016 definitely flew by in a huge blur. It feels like I've hardly had anytime to blink and let myself adjust to life. The last 12-14 months have definitely left me feeling a mixture of emotions and I've adjusted to a lot of change in that time. So much has happened and those adjustments have for sure been hard to deal with at times, but they've also been lots of exciting and good times too. Although the year hasn't exactly ended on the most positive of notes personally, I'm trying to go into 2017 with a positive and optimistc outlook that everything will work itsself out and be alright. It's easier said than done and it's a very daunting experience but I've to take the good with the bad and hope everything works out in my favour and for the best.