Thursday 27 October 2016

Where I Have Been & An Exciting Annoucement...

Me and My Stepdad.

Sometimes it's hard to find the balance between life and the thing's you are passionate about, the thing's you wish you had the time for but seem to have taken a huge back seat from, aka blogging. I've explained before why I've taken such a drastic step back from blogging and although I'm still finding myself waiting to take that huge step forward and come back to it, I thought it was time I also explained what's been going on and let you know the in's and out's of why I'm still not around with my exciting announcement. 
Trying to balance life and the thing's you are passionate about is never easy. It's less than 12 months since things in my personal life changed drastically, and although it may seem like a long time for life to get back on track and move forward it's been hardly any time at all. I'm not going to pretend and say it's been easy because it hasn't and there's still times now where I find it difficult and unsettling. Although I have adjusted to those changes, I think everyone can have their moments where they seem to question certain things and  themselves - I certainly do. 

Because I'm relying on myself the majority of the time to get thing's done I find myself exhausted by the end of the day. Parenting is a difficult task and although the most rewarding, it's not always easy when one of those children has special needs and the other one's attitude resembles that of a teenager. We have lots of fun together, but it's obviously very time-consuming and anytime I could have for me and blogging is taken up by theory (I'm learning to drive), spending time with the little one's and doing things like homework, etc. 

And this is where things are going to get even crazier.... 

 I'm pregnant!!!

 I don't want to go into too much detail because hopefully, I'm going to be doing pregnancy related posts very soon. Just a quick run by to let you know everything's going swimmingly, I am more tired than usual and I'll be due early Spring of next year.

I hope you are all well and hopefully you'll see me real soon with another post.

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  1. Aw congratulations hunny! So happy for you, this would be such an exciting time in your life!
    Can't wait to read up on your upcoming pregnancy posts.
    Holly :) x |


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