Wednesday 30 July 2014

Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Foundation | Review

 For me, personally, I have never got on with BB creams, I've tried numerous BB creams from various brands over the years and I've always resembled an orange after application, a greasy one at that. In comes Makeup Revolution to save the day and deliver an amazing range of shades, from super pale to very dark, with many in between, perfect for those who are yellow or pink toned. 

Monday 28 July 2014

My Week in Pictures

Good evening, everyone. It's lovely to be back and writing this post after a week of no writing. Over the last few weeks, I've lacked when it comes to social interaction on my social media platforms, and commenting in general. I'm now back and getting into the swing of things again, especially after a complete week off from writing. I haven't had writers block, I've just been enjoying the sunshine, spending time with my family and preparing posts ready for my return - which is now

Slowly getting into the swing of things with pictures of what I've been up to over the last few weeks, mainly mumsy things, walks, trips to the park, more walks and lots of ice cream.

Ice cream overload / Alliegiant by Veronica Roth - read / St Anne's near Blackpool. / Enjoying nature on my new improved daily fitness walks.

Thursday 24 July 2014

Gosh Holographic Hero

Holographic Hero by Gosh was one of the most anticipated re-releases of it's time when it hopped back on the shelf a few years ago. Though, I believe, most people were left a little disappointed, not only had the polish changed in formula but the holographic look just wasn't the same. I really can't tell you whether that's true or not, I'm just going off what I've read in previous posts on holographic hero.

Sunday 20 July 2014

I ♥ Makeup | I ♥ Sin Palette - Swatch & Review

 I'm back again with yet another I ♥ Makeup post. If you've read my blog a lot this month you'll know it's been full to the brim with plenty from the brand and Makeup Revolution, but I've got so many goodies that I want to share with you that they'll be plenty more coming your way. Since the brands have taken the beauty world by storm at late I'm sure you won't mind. Today, I'm here with the I ♥ Heart Sin palette.

Thursday 17 July 2014

Nail Art Stickers | Review

I've always had a real interest in nail art that's on various sites around the web and especially on a few bloggers, one Nail to Rule Them all and Brit Nails. I like to say I've improved with time but I'm certainly not the best at nail art and when I crave perfection, I get all shaky and that's a recipe for disaster it's self, which is why I bought some nail art stickers from Boots using a voucher I got for my birthday, and what a waste of money that was.

Monday 14 July 2014

I ♥ Makeup | Go! to the City - Swatch Post

 Yesterday I introduced the newly released Fast Love palette by new brand I ♥ Makeup, if you didn't see it you can here. Apart from the theme palettes they also released various other palettes in different shapes and sizes, one being Go! to the City. Go! to the city is part of the Go! collection. There's four palette's to choose from. These retail for £6.49 each.

Sunday 13 July 2014

I ♥ Makeup | Fast Love Palette

 Makeup Revolution's sister brand I ♥ Makeup have done it again with some amazing NEW releases. Apart from my beloved palettes being just some of the newbies, I ♥ Makeup have really concentrated on contouring and getting important features looking amazing with the new releases. There's bronzers, definition palettes, brow palettes and so much more.

Blingtasia's Pretty Pitcher

 Blingtasia are a company who bling up your glassware with lots of sparkle, they do plenty of different glasses, including home accessories in a selection of different colours. They have frames, glass vases, cocktail fish bowls and so on. You can take a look at their website here.

Thursday 10 July 2014

Summer Lovin' Tag 2014

 Yesterday I was on Youtube and came across the Summer lovin' tag on Fleur from Fleur DeForce, I really enjoyed watching the tag and thought I'd bring it along to my blog, and join in. I've kept the majority of the questions the same but changed a few and added some different ones. I shall let you know what the original questions were, and hopefully you'll also join in.

Favourite Summer lipstick? Not necessarily a Summer shade but definitely the lipstick I've been reaching for over the last few months. Urban Decay's Fiend is from the revolution lipstick range, and a tube full of complete creamy goodness. I see myself wearing this straight from Spring, all the way through Summer, and straight into Autumn/Winter. I love it so much. You can see my full review here.

Monday 7 July 2014

Bag 4 Flight | Introduction

Summer is upon us and with Summer comes holidays. Bag 4 flight offer the perfect on board hand luggage 
 flight bag, that isn't only flexible and be neatly stored away, but also water resistant. 

Saturday 5 July 2014

Makeup Revolution & I ♥ Makeup │Wishlist

 Please enter my giveaway to win a charm bracelet of your choice from a selection here!

Not going to lie I'm absolutely loving Makeup Revolution right now, I mean whats not to like? Great quality, fantastic affordable prices, a selection of, well everything. Makeup Revolution have taken the beauty world by storm in the last few months they've been around and even introduced sister brand  I ♥ Makeup, which of course will be part of this post too. In my eyes they can do no wrong, well except releasing new releases again and again. I have a list the size of probably both my arms and despite trying to erase it, I just can't! Now this would be great if I didn't spend just short of £850 paying the remainder of my holiday off yesterday, but a holiday benefits all of my family, whilst makeup just benefits me and my daughter who is asking for lipstick on on a daily basis - just like her mummy! Introducing my pretty big wishlist...

Thursday 3 July 2014

Abilu Creations Giveaway | Win A Charm Bracelet - CLOSED ♡

Hey everyone, so a rather exciting blog post today, a giveaway! The 1st of July marked my blog being two years old and this giveaway has been in the making for sometime and just happen to tie with my 2 years of blogging, so what better way to celebrate then with some lovely jewellery by Abilu Creations. 

Wednesday 2 July 2014

Chester Zoo & Blogging 2 Years On...

 Hey, my little sparkles, yesterday marked two years since I started blogging and I am so beyond grateful to those who take the time out to read anything I've got to say. Through out those two years I've learned so much. 1. That numbers are irrelevant and if you enjoy something then carry on, and 2. Stay true to yourself and your blog, don't compare yourself to others you are your own unique self. I do have a giveaway that is merging with my blog birthday and was suppose to go live yesterday but it's sponsored and I'm waiting back on an email to see whether that is UK only or international, so keep a look out for that.

Chester Zoo

Tuesday 1 July 2014

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick | Fiend

When I started using this I was a little unsure if it would live up to my huge expectations, it seems the UD revolution lipsticks are much loved amongst bloggers. I found on first application the product was a little stringy between my lips especially in the corner of my mouth, I did however carry on wearing this lipstick, it did happen on a further few occasions but after much use it seemed to completely disappear, thankfully.