Monday, 7 July 2014

Bag 4 Flight | Introduction

Summer is upon us and with Summer comes holidays. Bag 4 flight offer the perfect on board hand luggage 
 flight bag, that isn't only flexible and be neatly stored away, but also water resistant. 

 Bag 4 flight is quite big in size and able to be used for hand luggage purposes on 121 of the 127 top airlines. If you're like my Dad and pack lightly for your holidays this could possibly be used for your luggage, saving extra costs on taking a suitcase. It's very spacious and roomy with a width of 34cm and 49cm in height. Inside is a good sized pocket space to fit in your personal items or holiday essentials sun cream, toothbrush etc. There's two areas to access the bag depending on it's purpose which is both very handy and easy. Bag 4 flight is very multipurpose and can be used for a variety of different occasions, weekend away, trip to the beach, even a picnic. So once you've taken clothes out or whatever you decide to pack in it, you can throw a towel in, some suncream, and take a walk down to the beach.

They will in time come in different shades - which I'm happy to hear about - and are able to be designed with brand, design and your logo. For a limited time they're offering free delivery with bags, these cost just £11.99. Buy yours here.

This bag was provided to me for review purposes. 
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