Thursday 21 February 2019

Day Date in Manchester - Food, Drink & Entertainment

Manchester is one of my favourite cities to visit for drink, food, entertainment or a big shopping spree. You could easily make a weekend of it and choose from a selection of different hotels in Manchester to stay in. I know the city is a huge choice when it comes to hosting a hen/stag do's, which is where I'll be attending a hen do towards the back end of 2019, and the hotel will definitely come in handy after a day of celebratory drinks.

Recently me and my partner decided to take a trip into Manchester for a day date. We left our daughter with her grandparents and took the train into the city for a mooch around. We had every intention of exploring the city to see what quirky activities we could get up to, and maybe throw a teeny bit of shopping in alongside that. Our main focus points were;