Sunday 31 March 2013

Happy Easter | NOTD

Happy Easter people. I have seen these egg shell inspired nails everywhere and even though i did them over a week before Easter i just thought what better day to show them. Others tend to use plain dotty effect in black from Loreal Paris, but mine have a bit of a difference because they have pink sequins in. For the effect i used Barry M Jewel glitter nail paint in Ruby. For the base i used Ice Cream Sundae Collection from Models Own. I also think the pastel shades are slightly more vibrant then what have seen around.

Hope you have a egg-cellent Easter weekend.

Friday 29 March 2013

MeMeMe & AX Paris Competition

Be in with a chance of winning £100 worth of MeMeMe goodies and 2 Ax Paris dresses of your choice simply by going to MeMeMe' facebook page here and clicking the competition tab. Competition ends 5th April 2013.

Good Luck x

Barry M - Foil Effect

This is another of the wins from my Beautiful Creatures prize. This is Barry M's Nail Effects Foil in Silver also available is gold which i also have and purple which looks amazing. The foil effects was easy enough to apply and needs around 2/3 coats. I found the polish to be streaky, not streaky in a bad way. Streaky in a foil effect way if you look at metals/foils you see these have slight lines through them. It's hard to explain really but if you enlarge the picture and take a closer look at my nail you may know what i mean. I really like this polish it's different and unique to anything have ever owned, i would never have gone for this polish if had of gone out to buy it but just goes to show you should never judge something by it's colour. I think silver is a lovely colour for winter and gold being perfect for Christmas time with a touch of red. These both will look really lovely apart of some fabulous nail art which i cannot do so don't ask lol. I however managed to add some of Models owns Mirrorball Freak out to the tips to jazz it up a little this is £5.00 and Barry M is £3.99. With gold i used Models Own Hed Kandi Ibiza Mix £5.00.

Wednesday 27 March 2013

MUA Power Pout | Broken Hearted Review

Left; without flash - Right; with flash
When i saw the announcement that MUA were coming out with the Power Pout, i got my card out and ordered one straight away. Just the one because i am on a spending ban after all. I settled for broken hearted but after seeing the beautiful swatches i could of easily bought all six shades. These include Justify, Rendezvous, Irreplaceable, Runway, Crazy in love and of course Broken Hearted which can be seen here. The power pout are almost identical too Revlon Just Bitten and Clinique Chubby the difference the price. Their a steal at £3.00 and cheap enough to have all six. Broken Hearted is a beautiful shade of pink and going to be a hit in my make up collection this spring/summer for sure. The power pout clings to the lips in all the right places giving it a silky, glossy finish just like a lip balm but with an amazing intense colour tint. These feel so moisturising on the lips and have a great Peppermint scent just like Revlons Just Bitten. I absolutely love them and can see them being a HUGE hit. Make up academy once again have done it again for me with their amazing quality make up at great prices. To buy click here.

Tuesday 26 March 2013

Models Own | New Release

Models Own are coming out with some fantastic releases this month including the neon polishes and the scented polishes which i find very similar in colour to the Ice Cream sundae collection.

Models Own are now releasing Artstix Duo Polish!

Eight incredible duo polishes that amplify your manicure with a combined colour base coat and special effect top coat!
They've coordinated their bestselling polish colours and most popular nail effects and created EIGHT electrifying combinations. Begin with the PAINT IT! colour base coat and switch to COVER IT! to add a funky finish! Super handy, you can instantly revitalise your nails AND nail polish collection whilst adding another dimension to your manicure.

Priced at just £6 each, the Artstix Duo Polish range will be available exclusively in our worldwide launch at the Models Own Bottleshop on April 6th and online at and in Boots stores nationwide from April 17th

What do you think? I can't wait to get my hands on one of these.


What I Got For My Birthday

Firstly had like to apologise for the quality of these pictures. I took them last night so their not brilliant. They were quickly done, because i am really ill, still am today and i have a temperature. I feel awful. I literally have know energy. Feel free to enlarge the picture by clicking on it.

I was very fortunate to be gifted some beautiful gifts. 

What i got:

Urban Decay Roller Girl Nail Kit
Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow Box 1
Urban Decay Roller Girl Palette
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil Stash

All can be found here.

Skagen Denmark watch

Dainty Doll make up
I'm so pretty eyeliner pencil
Clear Lipgloss
Good Gosh Miss Molly duo mascara/liquid eyeliner
It's My Party Lipstick 
 I also got a cream blush, i ordered this from amazon and despite it being marked as Orange country girl, they send me my girl and it was broken slightly. I am hoping to order orange country girl because it's such a beautiful shade. 

Nail art stamp kit

Motel Rocks dress. The picture doesn't do much justice you can find it in another post here. 

Lindt Lindor chocolates. This is my third box this year. Best chocolate ever.


New Look Voucher

Fiorelli bag can be found here.
I got black but it's also available in two other colours. I absolutely love this bag, it's spacious and as loads of little compartments making it really easy to find stuff. It can be a grab bag or a throw over your body bag.

Five year engagement dvd
Bridesmaids dvd

I got some money and went on a little shopping spree, i wasn't feeling too bad but as the day went on i got worse and worse. 

I bought
The Romantics - Josh Duhamel hmmmm :) 

I bought some 2in1 make up remover

Soap & Glory Scent - Sationalism Gift Set  

Soap & Glory The daily smooth dry skin formular body butter mini 50ml. My plan was to just get the soap & glory trio of scents but it was only £8.50 and there was an offer if you spent over a tenner you got a free tub of soap & glory butter yourself body cream worth £10.50 for 300ml. This is soap & glory's newest product and it smells amazing.
I also got three nail polishes
Barry M Hi Shine gel effect nail polish in lilac
Barry M effect polish in Ridley Road 
and one of the new Models Own Bubblegum neon polishes that you keep in the fridge.

I saved loads of money due to all the offers on 3 for 2 etc.

My brother also ordered me two jumpers from Ax Paris on Sunday so just waiting for them to come. You can find them here and here. 

Have still got some money left and i am unsure how to spend it along with my new look voucher. My boyfriend is taking me Trafford on the 6th of next month on a mini spree.  I am a total DVD addict so he's treating me to some more DVD's because i have a huge list of ones i need to buy and he's getting me some Lush goodies too.

There you have it. I get too spoilt. But really am grateful. I haven't gone into to much detail about anything because i will real soon, in individual posts when i am feeling much better. I promise the pictures will be better too so you can see them properly.

Monday 25 March 2013

Huge Thanks

Just a little message really to say thank you for my birthday wishes and also for the new followers - Good luck in the give away. I would usually take the time to write you an individual message each. But i am really ill - yes on my birthday. Dosed up on paracetomal unfortunately. I am grateful to each and everyone of you. And i will write back to you eventually. Thanks again xxx

Saturday 23 March 2013

It's My Birthday

Arrrgghhh i am 22 today. The year went by extremely fast, too fast. In fact the last five have seemed to have flown by so quickly it's scary. Last year i was surrounded by family, enjoying my 21st birthday meal in a restaurant where i received beautiful gifts and my treasured Barbie (don't ask) and a chorus of the Happy Birthday song sang by a very packed restaurant. The shame!! This time it will be a quieter occasion, mainly taking my kids to the indoor play area and having a mcdonalds treat. I am writing this in advance Tuesday the 19th to be exact due to my broken charger and i know i am going to get spoilt with some beautiful gifts because i know what i am getting. My boyfriends taking me on a shopping spree also on the 6th of April due to us having a busy Easter plus work. Which i am really looking forward too. Being almost 22 i have thought about what have achieved up until now and the direction i want my life to go. And i can't wait in a few years time to take a new direction, face new challenges and start an incredible new journey. I also want to thank anyone who ever took the time to read my blog posts whether your a follower or not, i really appreciate it and so incredibly grateful to you all. Have met some wonderful, inspirational people along the way of my blogging journey and i can't believe how truly talented you all are. Huge thanks to my new followers too and almost at 100 which is great. Remember to follow me via Bloglovin' and Twitter.

A little reminder about my give-away if you haven't already entered. Click 
here. There is also a button on my home page so it's a little easier to find.

I will do a haul because i know how everyone loves seeing what gifts people have received or maybe that's just me being nosey hehe. That will come sometimes this week.

Have a great day 

Friday 22 March 2013

MUA Power Pout | New Release & Swatches

Yesterday Make Up Academy (MUA) released another new product, the Power Pout. These are very similar in style to Revlon Just Bitten and Clinique Chubby stick but at a half/fraction of a price depending on which brand you tend to go with. At just £3.00 each their a definite steal. 

Available in neutral tones to in your face bold's there is a shade to suit everyone. Shades included are -

Justify - Orange
Broken Hearted - Dark pink with maybe a red tint.
Runway - Red
Rendezvous - Nude/Brown
Irreplaceable - Barbie Pink
Crazy In Love - Deep purple

I wrote this before i saw the swatches and i after say the shades are totally different on the lips to how they look on the packet (never judge a product by its cover) highly glossy and some of the shades you can get away with wearing all year round like runway and crazy in love. Rendezvous is the perfect shade for keeping it fresh/neutral and the rest are just perfect for spring/summer.

MUA Power Pout is a lip treatment with colour intensity that relieves dry, cracked lips providing immediate moisturisation. The handy pencil-style applicator provides easy to apply sheer soft lip colour and rolls up for easy use.

These are already available to purchase on MUA website click here. 
And will be available at Superdrug April 10th. Make up academy do international delivery and free delivery for orders over £25 in the UK.

 Click here to keep up to date with mua on facebook.

Confession of a Girl on a spending ban #3. 
I have been quite good with spending on Make up apart from a few necessaries have needed i have only bought a nail polish 99p and a lipstick £1.99 but yesterday when i saw these i purchased Broken Hearted straight away without a second thought paying £2.95 for delivery Opps!!. It's my birthday on Monday and i will be getting money which will result in me going on a bit of a spree and a spree on the 6th of next month. I don't think this counts it's been given to me to treat myself lol. 

Anyways back to the MUA power pout. What do you think? Will you be purchasing any of these beautiful shades. I think crazy in love will be a perfect hit come Autumn/Winter but's it fair similar to a Revlon one i already own. 

Pictures taken from mua facebook however the first picture on this post as been slightly altered by me.

Thursday 21 March 2013

Soap & Glory Cosmetics

 I received the sexy mother pucker lipgloss in my Soap & Glory big kit at Christmas and i was happy to do so. The shade is PunchBowl RRP £9.00.
Have had this shade before and it's a lovely pink, not to light neither to bright making it the perfect shade for day time wear. This creates a weird tingling sensation which is totally normal and does wear off after a little while this is the plumping effect which boosts the volume up 10x. I don't know if i agree with that, but they defiantly had more volume and felt really plump. The only negative is the stickiness, it's quite sticky so if it's a windy day expect to see your hair stuck to your lips. (So not a good look) On the plus side it's a lovely lipgloss and a great shade for the summer even though have been wearing it for most of the winter. Someones got to add colour to these dull days. 

Thick & Fast Mascara RRP £10.00
Have only used this mascara for a swatch because i had a mascara open and then i was given the lastest Rimmel one to review. My collection of mascaras is huge at the minute due to my winnings so i won't be buying any for a while. So i used this for a swatch and i really like it. Thick & Fast is a super volume false lash effect mascara with SUPERFILL False Lash Fillers, SHINE AMPLIFIERS, NOFLAKE24 technology and super-fine no-clumps natural wax film formers. I definitely created volume and made my lashes look longer and thicker. Even though i highly recommend this mascara because it's just fantastic there is one negative the wand size. The wand is quite big, i don't mind on the top lashes because they are long and easier to apply the mascara like any other but on the bottom it's quite scary i just feel with a big wand i will get it all over my face especially when the bottom lashes are extremely little.

Did you know right now if spend £10.00 or more at boots on Soap & Glory you will receive Soap & Glory's Butter Yourself worth £10.50 for free.

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Tuesday 19 March 2013

Sanctuary Thermal Transformation Face Mask

Back with another post of one of the goodies i got in this months Birch Box. The Sanctuary thermal transformation face mask, if you saw my Birch Box post you will know i am a converted Sanctuary fan after buying the big box of goodies in the boxing day sales and how heavenly scented they are.
The thermal face mask comes as a duo of serum and a clay mask. You apply the serum then the clay on top of it which creates a thermal mask, they say thermal their not kidding, this really does heat up. Kind of like magic really, never come across anything like this before. The self-warming product optimises the actions of the encapsulated enzyme to deeply cleanse and refine the skin surface, leaving your skin clear and glowing.

I only got a tiny sachet but a little goes along way and this can be used twice. The serum is quite clear after applying and you can't see it at all, the clay mask is a pretty pale pink but surprisingly this isn't visible to the eye on application either. The scent is rose and not at all strong. It heats up straight away, then the idea is to let it cool down before removing which i did. I found my skin felt deeply cleansed, and fairly clear apart from the odd break out have had these last few months and really really smooth. I just wish it was a bigger sample. 

This is on offer for 3 for 2 in the boots skin care section. 

Birthday Give-away (Closed)

My birthday give-away was scheduled for post on my actual birthday 25th of March. But due to unfortunate events, a broken laptop mains charger i have decided to put it up today instead. I asked my sister if i could borrow her's and she kindly popped round before college and dropped it off. Thank you Georgina. Now have ordered a new adapter but don't know when it will be arriving in the post, so posts won't be guaranteed for the next few days at least. Hopefully i will be able to do at least one, fingers crossed.

Anyways on to the give-away.

To be won is;

Dainty Doll Eyeliner in I'm so pretty (002)
Dainty Doll duo liquid eyeliner/mascara in Good Gosh (001)
Tigi Bed Head mini foxy curls
60 seconds Rimmel London Pulsating & Rose Libertine polish
Make up academy (MUA) lipstick in shade 10

Also have put in some bonus items, nothing special just a couple of sample sachets and a pair of earrings. Earrings are brand new in the packet.

  • The give-away is Uk only, sorry. 
  • You can be any age, but please if your under 16 get parental permission.
  • This give-away is for fellow bloggers, if you make a blog just to sit there doing nothing just for the sake of entering competitions. Please don't waste your time. (I don't want to sound mean but it's for them who have a blog, plus my followers)
  • Please make sure i am able to access your blog, if i can't to check entries this will be instant disqualification. 
  • This competition will be through Rafflecopter.
  • Please leave a link for sharing this blogpost on yours, along with twitter name if you follow, GFC name and email address. Has states via Rafflecopter. 
  • I will not be liable for any broken or missing things in this give-away.
  • Everything was bought with my own money and is in no way a sponsored give-away.

Good Luck. Remember i will check each and every entry so no cheating ;) 

Monday 18 March 2013

Laura Geller Inkwell Waterproof Gel Liner

I got the Laura Geller Inkwell waterproof gel liner in black, inside this months Birch Box. This is worth £12.25 but in the Birch Box e-shop you buy it as a duo for £24.50 the other shade available is purple and you can click here to buy. 

The gel liner comes in a miniature sized pot with a small brush built into the top, which can be tucked a way so it's not visible to the eye. The bottle is quite small but you get a lot of product which will last quite a while because nobody uses a lot of liner anyways. And it's the perfect travel size too. Have never used a gel liner before and i have to say i am really impressed. I applied the liner on my lash line to create a smokey eyed look, on Birch box they recommend using a smokey eyed look using just the liner by blending it away from the lash line and applying an extra coat of mascara for a exaggerated look, i wasn't that daring and opted for eye shadows from a MUA palette instead. I find this is so much easier to use then a liquid liner, especially if you haven't got a steady hand because to be quite frank i haven't when i use a liquid liner it gets everywhere. The brush that comes with this gel liner can achieve both thick and thin lines, and the line applies neatly, professionally and perfectly without any messiness. The Gel Liner is made from a silicon based no-budge formula that creates a luxurious, crease-free finish. I didn't notice any creases and when it came to washing my make-up away at the end of the day despite being waterproof i found it budged quite easily with little staining remaining. It's not overly pigmented on application but this is build-able with a second thin coat. All in all, i would recommend it baring in mind this is the only gel liner i have ever used and got nothing to compare it too.

Saturday 16 March 2013

Confession Of A Girl On A Spending Ban #2

Still going strong people well i had a little slip and purchased a lipstick and nail polish from fragrance direct when ordering my brother some aftershave for his birthday it was too tempting but it cost me only £2.98 altogether which isn't that bad. Apart from that have also bought two Rimmel matte powders in peach glow these are an essential in my make up routine so i guess thats allowed. I have been on a ban since beginning of January and have got until end of April to go. The fact have won competitions, had valentines day and mothers day as truly helped. I do have a birthday coming up on 25th and i know i will be receiving money, does my spending ban count when it comes to my birthday and spending the cash because the way i see is its not my own someones gave me money to treat myself and i am eyeing up some Barry M polishes. Also today i counted my polishes after taking a photo of my entire make up/polish collection and found i have 165 polishes. What? I haven't a clue how it happened but it has this is christmas presents and other occasions plus competitions over time have probably only bought about 30 myself. So after my birthday spree of Barry M polishes i vow not to buy anymore for a while at least. Are you on a spending ban? How you getting on. Much love kate xx

Friday 15 March 2013


This a competition that's not be missed. are offering us bloggers the chance to create a outfit for Casual wear, Party wear and holiday wear. The catch is all three outfit wears have to be under £200.00. There will be three runner up prizes one from each category who will win £200.00 then a overall winner who will get £1000.00 to spend on your favourite pieces for a spring/summer wardrobe. I am really excited, because i love getting involved in fashion competitions where you can create an outfit/collage. Click here to find out more information about this awesome competition that Money Super Market as brought us.

 1. New Look - Black Stud Strap Slouch Biker Boots £27.99
 2. Miss Selfridge - Lace biker jacket £39.00
 4. Accessorize - Hoxton Neon Satchel £25.00
5. New Look - Black leopard face longline vest £14.99

Total Cost - £161.97

1. Ax Paris - Lace kick out skater dress £40.00
4. Talullah Tu - Mint stone feather hinged ring £18.00
5. Boots - Dainty Doll its my party £12.50
6. Tallulah Tu - Gold bow crystal stud earrings £10.00

Total cost - £139.49

2. Dorothy Perkins - White bling t-bar sandals £18.00
3. Accessorize - Paradise Vintage Weekender  £39.00
4. Accessorize - Diamante Detail Rimless Sunglasses  £15.00 
5. Accessorize - Summer Garden Cluster Pony £6.00
7. LittleWoods - Resort Crochet Swimsuit £30.00 
8. Talullah Tu - Pearl Crystal Bow Bracelet Set £16.00

Total cost -  £159.99

Some of the pieces i have chose are on offer at the moment so prices vary. All Pieces are currently priced at full price on my blog.
Click pictures to enlarge.

I am confused about this whole GFC i have just looked on Blogger Buzz and there is absolutely nothing to suggest that GFC will be going on the 1st of July. Which makes me feel as though maybe there's a little rumour going round. If anyone as a link to suggest other wise, i would like to see it. Click here to see what i found. But according to Google information wrote 28th of November 2012 they wrote:

p.s. Those of you with the Google Friend Connect followers gadget can keep using it, if you like. We retired most of Friend Connect earlier this year, but we'll keep it running on Blogger for the foreseeable future.

So in my eyes it look's like panic over. Basically Google are improving the audiences of people who have a blog via Google+ with a new followers gadget that will make your blog grow. Please click the link on the first paragraph to see more. I don't know what this means whether you lose the followers you already have and start from scratch but it's up to you whether you wish to do it or not. However if you are totally unsure due to the rumours, if they are rumours because i haven't seen correct information saying this is the case i would advise you to connect to Bloglovin' or get Twitter to stay in contact with your followers and them in contact with you.

Hope this helps 

Just found more information Google+ improves your audience by letting people share your blog in their circle on google+ there is no need to panic what so ever because your followers will stay and you can have both GFC and Google+ gadget on your blog. More information here.


Thursday 14 March 2013

BirchBox March 2013

Today i got the 3rd UK Birch Box. Have been impressed with all three boxes since Birch Box landed in the UK back in January and feel no need to cancel my subscription at all. I am kinda intrigued by the Glossy Box though. I love getting a little box of beauty products every month, i am quite literally like a kid with a lucky bag. 

Click to enlarge.

 This months box is Role Models

LifeStyle Extra - Lindor heart tin filled with chocolate truffles. This was a cute extra but it being in a heart tin i would of quite liked to have seen this is February's Birch Box especially considering it was Valentines Day that month. I ain't complaining though i absolutely LOVE Lindor chocolate especially these and received a box for mothers day which are almost all gone. Their a melt in your mouth chocolate and so delicious, i can't get enough of them. These cost £2.99 it's not much more for a box where you get more then just the four chocolates but really your paying more for the tin. Which i don't mind as a Lindt Lindor mega fan :)

La Sultane De Saba - Body Lotion with Aragan Oil. Birch Box say; Inspired by ancient beauty rituals of the Orient and Asia, La Sultane de saba's body lotion with rich Argan Oil sinks into skin with ease, leaving a delicate scent. Full-size £26.50 i got a 30ml sample. The smell is such a gorgeous scent, and reminds me of babies. Not the crappy nappy scent the baby shampoos and talc powder scents. I am really looking forward to using this. 

RMK - Cleansing balm. What Birch Box say; This rose-scented balm echoes your mum or grandmother's cold cream as it melts into your skin and becomes a silky liquid that removed even the stubborn make-up with ease. Apply to your skin, emulsify with wet hands, and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Full-size £29 my sample was 25g. People have really complained about this particular product mainly based on the smell and the fact they would of rather seen the beauty blender in their box. I am not doubting the beauty blender isn't one of them products that everyone wants to try, but i don't think it's right to base a product on a smell because the ingredient inside might do a fantastic job to your skin. I don't mind the smell of rose product even if it does smell a bit like your grandma but i am more interested in seeing what this can do to my facial skin. Especially considering how dry it is not to mention the break outs. I swear it's this weather and i wish it would bugger off now it's been to cold for to long.

Laura Geller - Inkwell waterproof gel liner in black. What Birch Box say; This smooth long-wearing gel eyeliner comes with a handy brush that makes it super-easy to apply. Jojoba oil and vitamin E are among the skin-loving ingredients. Full-size £24.50 (I believe i got the full size) I tried this on my arm and it feels really good and quite pigmented. Have never tried a gel liner before so this is quite exciting. I believe Laura Geller is a product from America too.

Yu-Be - Moisturizing skin cream. What Birch Box say; Don't let the primrose colour fool you - this multi-purpose medicated moisturiser is made of tough stuff. A bestseller in Japan since 1957, the comforting camphot scent magically disappears about a minute after application, but leaves you with super-soft skin. Full-size £19.50. I got a super tiny size but enough for a few tiny little patches of skin on various occasions. I am excited to also give this a try due to my dry skin, which it's suppose to be good for. I did have a little dab of it on my arm and i agree it's super soft and disappears almost instantly without a trace into the skin. The smell reminds me of them medical herb shops that are Chinese i can't think of the name but they have a few dotted about the UK. I just wish it was bigger so i could get a better go of it.

Beauty Extra. Sanctuary - 30 day thermal transformation mask. What Birch Box says; The two-step process includes a peptide transformation serum and a thermal rose clay mask - follow the simple steps to reveal glowing, more youthful skin. I have absolutely loads of Sanctuary spa stuff that i got in the christmas sales, it was my first sanctuary spa products and i got the big box and i am really please i did because they smell amazing and i just love bathing/showering in them. Have never tried a mask by them before so i am looking forward to this especially considering have only ever tried one mask that doesn't feel like my skin might melt off due to the burning sensation. This is £27.50 but i got two small sachets so i may get 1 maybe 2 days at a push. 

Molton Brown - Valbonne Fragrance. What Birch Box says; Known for their gorgeous lotion and shower gel scents. Molton Brown's fine fragrance collection is predictable heavenly. Valbonne combines notes of bargamot, dewy orange flower rose, vetiver and leather for a sophisticated scent that will take you from day to night. Full-size £65.00. Woah mega expensive for a scent and i read somewhere that's for 50ml. Have never tried Molton Brown before and had loved to try the lotions and shower gel because i heard a lot of people raving about them but this perfume is not my cup of tea at all. It's quite masculine and i am glad it was only a tiny sample.

What do you think about this months box? Do you subscribe, had love to know what you got. Whether it was the same as mine or you got the beauty blunder. I personally love the contents of my box. Do you think you'll be signing up. Remember Birch Box have their own e-shop where products from each months box are available to buy full-sized.

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Changes Are Being Made - UPDATE

To read more into it click here. Basically in short term Google are scrapping the Google connect aka members who join your blog. This is a bitter blow to huge blogs whom are able to create a living through PR due to how many followers they have, me not being one of them but personally it's a blow to me and i am sure to many other bloggers. I have found through blogging not only am i writing which i am deeply passionate about i also get to dive into the make up quite literally and read some extraordinary reviews whilst getting to know about that individual. I am ever so thankful for all who have taken the time to click that little Google connect button and it's brightened my day seeing it become bigger and meeting new members and i would hate to lose contact or for you to miss what's on my blog or me on yours. Therefore have created a new twitter click here to join, dedicated to this blog. Basically it will have the content/link of whats going on via Sparkle Dust when i do a post and a few little extras when i fancy a ramble, like the normal human does. Plus i don't want you missing out on competitions. Apparently this will change in 10 weeks so please also click the bloglovin' button and she said beauty (this is a free beauty blog to join and you can meet loads of people) If you look in the comments of the blog that have asked you to read more about you will see that someones made a petition if your against this sign it. Many thanks.

P.S Also if you are already following my personal twitter that's completely fine. You can still follow me there but feel free to also follow the twitter dedicated to this blog. 

Just an Update 15.03.13 - The changes will take place on the 1st of July. Have found that you can import all the people YOU follow from Google to Bloglovin' unfortunately the same can't be done for the followers who follow YOUR blog. But spread the word, and try and get each and everyone to get online with Bloglovin' so we all can stay in contact with the wonderful people who followed us via GFC. To stay in contact etc every single person needs to do this on your followers list via Bloglovin'. If you don't wish to then you can also follow this blog via Twitter at @KateSparkleDust.

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer | Apocoliptic

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer is another of the products i was fortunate to win in the Rimmel hamper i received. I got the shade Apocoliptic, this was a change for me because it isn't at all a shade i would of gone for. Apocoliptic is a vibrant deep in your face shade of red/pink, the picture i took of the swatch doesn't really do it much justice but it's so much brighter in person then it looks on the photo and i suggest you have a look around at other peoples swatches too. Rimmel Apocalips isn't exactly brand new anymore and have seen them knocking about on almost everyone's blog for a little while now, and people are raving about them and i know exactly why. Apocalips aren't your typical lipgloss they have waved goodbye to the stickiness and introduced a glossy lipstick sort of feel, it's highly pigmented, feels really moisturising on the lips and it slides on perfectly. However on application i find to be faced with too much product and find myself smudging quite a small dot on my bottom lip and spreading it all over my lips quite like you would with vasaline lip balm, seems a waste using so much product when a little goes along way. The smell isn't absolutely awful it being wearable and you can't smell it when it's applied to the lips it's just on opening it but it does remind me of the paints you use to have at school in art lol. On a positive note the wand is one of the best have seen really soft and not hard like typical lip gloss wands. Despite having a slight problem with this typical shade, i would buy in another shade because over all i do love this product. My mum says i suit this shade but personally i think it's great for a night out just to bright for day time wear and i prefer more neutral tones or lighter shades of red.

There are eight shades available in the Apocalips collection including Apocoliptic. They are -


Celestial (I want this one)
Big Bang
Apocoliptic (One above)

They cost £5.99 each. 3 for 2 on Rimmel products at Superdrug if you want to stock up.
Some lovely swatches here over at Katie's Beauty Blog. Check her out.

What shades do you own, what's your favourite or what shades would you like to get your hands on if you haven't already got it?

Wednesday 13 March 2013

Social Discount Network

I thought I'd give quick mention about one of my favourite websites Social Discount Network. I just can't get enough of this site at the moment. They sell anything and everything at amazing prices - I am talking up to 95% off. Some of the amazing products on their website are mentioned below:

 1. Leggings & Jeggings from Miss Selfridge and Jane Norman for just £5.99 each.
2. Pack of 5 collagen masks only £3.99 including postage RRP is £29.99
3. Crystal Heart shamballa bracelet just £1.99 RRP £39.99
4. Calvin Klein or Hugo Boss boxer shorts £4.99 each
5. Aventure Aragan Oil £1.99 - RRP £17.99

All products change from time to time and come with a count down, so please be quick so you don't miss out and be left disappointed. There are some bargains on there that are not to be missed and some really great beauty products too.

The only small negative is the fact you have to pay individual postage for each product, saying that, you still grab each product less than RRP but all items still come in the same parcel - I guess that's where they make their money to carry on running the company. 

To buy click here.

Happy Shopping

27.01.14 - It's come to my attention that there's a lot of negativity surrounding this company. I'm just a paying customer like the rest of you and only wrote this post after having good experiences with the company. I don't work for SDN but hope you all have some sort of success in terms of refunds or getting what you ordered.

Rimmel Pulsating Polish

Click image to enlarge.

Today i have Rimmel Pulsating polish to show you. As the pictures show it's a hot pink with blue undertones making it multi-coloured in different lights. Pulsating as a lovely shimmer to it, applies easy, around two coats and dry's quickly. I am absolutely in love with the shade of this polish and i think i will be using this a lot over the summer. If i remember correctly i have had a couple of bottles of this before, but that was way before i started my blog. Only fair i show you one of my favourite polishes.

This is available to buy at most stores for around £3.69 and superdrug currently have 3 for 2 on all Rimmel cosmetics.

And into a little secret this polish will be available in my upcoming Birthday Give-away (A new bottle of course, lol). What do you think of this polish?