Friday 15 March 2013


This a competition that's not be missed. are offering us bloggers the chance to create a outfit for Casual wear, Party wear and holiday wear. The catch is all three outfit wears have to be under £200.00. There will be three runner up prizes one from each category who will win £200.00 then a overall winner who will get £1000.00 to spend on your favourite pieces for a spring/summer wardrobe. I am really excited, because i love getting involved in fashion competitions where you can create an outfit/collage. Click here to find out more information about this awesome competition that Money Super Market as brought us.

 1. New Look - Black Stud Strap Slouch Biker Boots £27.99
 2. Miss Selfridge - Lace biker jacket £39.00
 4. Accessorize - Hoxton Neon Satchel £25.00
5. New Look - Black leopard face longline vest £14.99

Total Cost - £161.97

1. Ax Paris - Lace kick out skater dress £40.00
4. Talullah Tu - Mint stone feather hinged ring £18.00
5. Boots - Dainty Doll its my party £12.50
6. Tallulah Tu - Gold bow crystal stud earrings £10.00

Total cost - £139.49

2. Dorothy Perkins - White bling t-bar sandals £18.00
3. Accessorize - Paradise Vintage Weekender  £39.00
4. Accessorize - Diamante Detail Rimless Sunglasses  £15.00 
5. Accessorize - Summer Garden Cluster Pony £6.00
7. LittleWoods - Resort Crochet Swimsuit £30.00 
8. Talullah Tu - Pearl Crystal Bow Bracelet Set £16.00

Total cost -  £159.99

Some of the pieces i have chose are on offer at the moment so prices vary. All Pieces are currently priced at full price on my blog.
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  1. Oh good luck, I can't be bothered lol. Just to let you know I sneaked a peek at my survey page on Birchbox and I'm receiving the same as you, disappointed no beauty blender brush but still great items. Maybe the other box will have the blender, anyway have a fab weekend even with the rainy weather, xx.

    1. I don't hold much hope there's so many entering and i can imagine their outfit choices are amazing, i did it mainly for fun cause i love putting outfits together and hoping i will win the lottery and go on a mini spree. I hardly ever treat myself to clothes my wardrobes like two years old and mainly full of summer stuff. I can see why you can't be bothered took me from 4pm until 8 to find some pieces i loved good job my bf was off work. #Dedication lol. Enjoy yours too i am sorting out my make up out with the old. My bf and mum insist i take pictures of everything out to show them. Theres not that much i need to buy some storage for my make up/polishes no room :(

    2. Can't imagine them giving you two of same box. Bit mean why they promised you two as long as you signed up. X

  2. I keep my make up in old beauty boxes and I have some make up cases lol. Good luck with the competition, spending that amount of time you deserve to win lol, xx.

    1. I do the same. Beauty boxes are good for storing pieces of make up. Aww thanks hopefully fingers crossed xx


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