Thursday 14 March 2013

Changes Are Being Made - UPDATE

To read more into it click here. Basically in short term Google are scrapping the Google connect aka members who join your blog. This is a bitter blow to huge blogs whom are able to create a living through PR due to how many followers they have, me not being one of them but personally it's a blow to me and i am sure to many other bloggers. I have found through blogging not only am i writing which i am deeply passionate about i also get to dive into the make up quite literally and read some extraordinary reviews whilst getting to know about that individual. I am ever so thankful for all who have taken the time to click that little Google connect button and it's brightened my day seeing it become bigger and meeting new members and i would hate to lose contact or for you to miss what's on my blog or me on yours. Therefore have created a new twitter click here to join, dedicated to this blog. Basically it will have the content/link of whats going on via Sparkle Dust when i do a post and a few little extras when i fancy a ramble, like the normal human does. Plus i don't want you missing out on competitions. Apparently this will change in 10 weeks so please also click the bloglovin' button and she said beauty (this is a free beauty blog to join and you can meet loads of people) If you look in the comments of the blog that have asked you to read more about you will see that someones made a petition if your against this sign it. Many thanks.

P.S Also if you are already following my personal twitter that's completely fine. You can still follow me there but feel free to also follow the twitter dedicated to this blog. 

Just an Update 15.03.13 - The changes will take place on the 1st of July. Have found that you can import all the people YOU follow from Google to Bloglovin' unfortunately the same can't be done for the followers who follow YOUR blog. But spread the word, and try and get each and everyone to get online with Bloglovin' so we all can stay in contact with the wonderful people who followed us via GFC. To stay in contact etc every single person needs to do this on your followers list via Bloglovin'. If you don't wish to then you can also follow this blog via Twitter at @KateSparkleDust.


  1. I'm pretty sad about this to be honest being in the same position as you, it's nice to see people joining you in your blogging journey by following you.
    I will definitely have to make a Bloglovin' and dedicate my twitter feed to my blog. I may even do a facebook group too as I've noticed a few people also do this! xx

    1. I know, it's really crap tbh. Loads of people have a facebook/twitter dedicated to their blog but i didn't feel the need to do that especially considering i only have 80 followers i didn't feel my blog was on that high enough level to do that. Hence the reason why i chose to use my personal twitter account in case someone had a query. I don't even use bloglovin' but i will have to now because i want to keep contact with them who have took time out just to press the connect button. It's not hard to do but a lot of people don't press connect and i have quite a few people viewing my blog everyday. I will follow you via bloglovin'/twitter when you get it up and running :) xx

    2. Have decided to delete my new facebook account for this reason i don't feel i have enough followers therefore this blog will only have a dedicated twitter account for now. The facebook one may make an appearance one day. x


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