Monday, 18 March 2013

Laura Geller Inkwell Waterproof Gel Liner

I got the Laura Geller Inkwell waterproof gel liner in black, inside this months Birch Box. This is worth £12.25 but in the Birch Box e-shop you buy it as a duo for £24.50 the other shade available is purple and you can click here to buy. 

The gel liner comes in a miniature sized pot with a small brush built into the top, which can be tucked a way so it's not visible to the eye. The bottle is quite small but you get a lot of product which will last quite a while because nobody uses a lot of liner anyways. And it's the perfect travel size too. Have never used a gel liner before and i have to say i am really impressed. I applied the liner on my lash line to create a smokey eyed look, on Birch box they recommend using a smokey eyed look using just the liner by blending it away from the lash line and applying an extra coat of mascara for a exaggerated look, i wasn't that daring and opted for eye shadows from a MUA palette instead. I find this is so much easier to use then a liquid liner, especially if you haven't got a steady hand because to be quite frank i haven't when i use a liquid liner it gets everywhere. The brush that comes with this gel liner can achieve both thick and thin lines, and the line applies neatly, professionally and perfectly without any messiness. The Gel Liner is made from a silicon based no-budge formula that creates a luxurious, crease-free finish. I didn't notice any creases and when it came to washing my make-up away at the end of the day despite being waterproof i found it budged quite easily with little staining remaining. It's not overly pigmented on application but this is build-able with a second thin coat. All in all, i would recommend it baring in mind this is the only gel liner i have ever used and got nothing to compare it too.

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