Saturday 16 March 2013

Confession Of A Girl On A Spending Ban #2

Still going strong people well i had a little slip and purchased a lipstick and nail polish from fragrance direct when ordering my brother some aftershave for his birthday it was too tempting but it cost me only £2.98 altogether which isn't that bad. Apart from that have also bought two Rimmel matte powders in peach glow these are an essential in my make up routine so i guess thats allowed. I have been on a ban since beginning of January and have got until end of April to go. The fact have won competitions, had valentines day and mothers day as truly helped. I do have a birthday coming up on 25th and i know i will be receiving money, does my spending ban count when it comes to my birthday and spending the cash because the way i see is its not my own someones gave me money to treat myself and i am eyeing up some Barry M polishes. Also today i counted my polishes after taking a photo of my entire make up/polish collection and found i have 165 polishes. What? I haven't a clue how it happened but it has this is christmas presents and other occasions plus competitions over time have probably only bought about 30 myself. So after my birthday spree of Barry M polishes i vow not to buy anymore for a while at least. Are you on a spending ban? How you getting on. Much love kate xx

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